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  1. We went into the season knowing it was conference only. It sucks to lose again but it’s the rules. I’m a little embarrassed that the team is making this spat public. It’s a bad look for us.
  2. The last thing we need is teams forced to play a game when it’s not safe to do so. This conspiracy none sense needs to stop. Covid is spreading through Wisconsin and it’s football team like wildfire. Let’s stop worrying about a damned game and worry more about public health.
  3. The earliest they can practice is 3 days before the game, although it looks like it’s not going to happen either.
  4. If the game gets canceled, it gets canceled. The last thing we should be doing is playing against a team that is currently experiencing an outbreak. We've seen in MLB and NFL that the virus doesn't magically stop being transmitted during a game, and we need to make sure we aren't putting players in danger.
  5. You know every team is guaranteed a bowl right?
  6. Just what we needed. More bad takes.
  7. I don’t like to do what I’m about to do... You should maybe consider picking a new team. Are you really a fan if you don’t support the team through rough patches?
  8. These takes are going to age poorly.
  9. I learned that a lot of posters gave up on this team before the game started. I learned our offense is gonna put up a lot of points this season. I learned our defense is going to be pretty decent, unless they're facing the equivalent of an NFL team. I learned that Big 10 officiating is a ducking joke.
  10. The score is not indicative of the game.
  11. Defense looked pretty good without them and OSU wasn’t pulling punches that drive. Just need to survive the first half.
  12. My hot take from this game: I think there is a chance we play OSU again in the plus one week.
  13. Honestly if it isn’t the right place for him I’d rather he leave than be a cancer in the locker room. Would I prefer the he be a Husker and be happy? Yes. But I think the way it turned out was best for both sides.
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