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  1. I don’t understand the point being made here.
  2. Thank you. No one understood the efficacy of a cloth mask in preventing the spread from a sock person. All mask related guidance was about protecting the wearer, which still holds true today. No one had any idea about asymptomatic carriers back in Jan/Feb. Mocking the CDC and WHO over that would be like mocking doctors from the 1800s for not using penicillin. We wear masks to protect others if we’re sick. That’s why it’s important to practice social distancing and stay at home as much as possible. Most people act like they’re in a hazmat suit when wearing these masks, and do things that bring their effectiveness to near 0.
  3. The problem with stats is that they make it easy to hide reality. Let’s say this guess (because it is just that, an estimate not actual statistics) that 20 million Americans contracted COVID-19 is accurate. While yes that brings the death rate down to .5%, you have to remember that equates to 120k actual dead people. 20 million is roughly 10% of the US population. Which means we’ve only seen 10% of the deaths. If we don’t stop the spread we’re talking 1.2 million deaths. .5% is a very large number of deaths for any disease, especially one that spreads as quickly and easily as COVID-19. This is not the flu.
  4. I believe that this opinion and the actions of those that hold it are the reason we won't have college football.
  5. I'd be pretty happy with this. 1. We made it to a bowl game 2. We've never played in this bowl game before 3. Haven't played FSU in quite a while.
  6. And there is the attack on my intelligence.
  7. This is the attitude of a person that doesn’t care if millions die as long as they can get a haircut and go bowling.
  8. My father in law that lives in Kearney was diagnosed with covid19 symptoms but couldn’t get tested because there weren’t enough tests. The most likely answer is the numbers are under reported, just like they are nationwide.
  9. The idea that our current situation is just the MSM blowing it out of proportion as “fear porn” is laughable and merits no discussion. I’m not going to waste my time having a conversation with someone who is irrational.
  10. The press was censored and didn't report that there was a pandemic (which is why it's called the Spanish Flu, their newspapers were the first to break the silence). There were multiple waves, with the virus spreading all the way to 1920, and upwards of a million people died in the US (up to 50 million world wide). But they played football. Maybe we instead of looking to the 1918 pandemic as a sign of what we SHOULD do, we should learn from our mistakes and try to do better.
  11. I was basically scanning what you wrote, and got to this part and realized there was nothing I could say that you wouldn't just hand wave away. I then re-read the parts above it more carefully and laughed. So thanks for that.
  12. There is a major difference between a risk that cannot be taken away from the game (injuries) vs. something that can be easily avoided (waiting until a vaccine is available before resuming play). While it would really suck, I would understand it if we didn't have a 2020-2021 season. In my opinion, anyone that advocates for playing this season - without widespread testing and vaccines - is essentially deciding that their entertainment is more important than player health. The argument that players have a choice is bulls#!t though. If there is a season, they effectively are given no choice. Just like workers are given no choice if their employer reopens. You could always just quit football and lose your scholarship if you don't want to possibly die to a preventable disease is not a good argument to make.
  13. I understand that it's not the most common outcome, but it can happen. When we're asking some young men to put themselves at risk of it for our entertainment it's an important thing to remember.
  14. It's really hard to recover from what could be permanent organ damage, regardless of your age or health.
  15. The idea that we shouldn’t take this seriously because it only affects old people is an attitude that is going to get even more than the already 80+ thousand people killed. Yes, it’s a very dangerous take.
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