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  1. I’m loving this offensive play calling today.
  2. Download the Fox Sports app. You can stream the game there, and it accepts your Hulu credentials.
  3. BTN on Hulu Live is experiencing an outage. Anyone else affected?
  4. Words have meaning. You can’t say one thing when you mean another. It’s not a difference of opinion, you’re just wrong. To hand wave that away by dismissing me as someone happy with moral victories or someone who doesn’t want this team to win shows you know nothing about me in addition to your fundamental misunderstanding of the English language. Just remember, I’m not the one that bolded a part about being COMPETITIVE and winning then ranted about not winning championships.
  5. Being competitive and winning something meaningful aren’t the same thing. No one here can seriously claim the 09 and 2010 team weren’t competitive. We came 1 extra second from winning a CCG in 2009 against a team that went on to the National Championship game. That’s the definition of competitive.
  6. What’s good for the goose... It would be great if we could review the PI call that gave them the ball at the 2, or the “horsecollar” tackle. How about the “false start” when a NW player was in the neutral zone? The Wildcats were the beneficiaries of some... interesting penalties. I guess this one is Karma?
  7. There is no controversy. Vedral is a great BACKUP, but we have our guy in Martinez.
  8. Imagine a VP Clinton as the tie breaking vote in the Senate, or more importantly a Senate that doesn’t have to worry about facing primary challenges.
  9. The dumpster fire that is our government can be directly linked back to the 12th and 17th Amendments.
  10. Top recruits still go to Michigan and they get embarrassed every year by OSU.
  11. To be honest it is still partially a Riley team and the rest are underclassmen we’re forced to play because of Roley. With a true Sophomore at QB and RB, a true freshman RB/WR, a redshirt freshman playing his first season for center... what do you expect when we play a team that is most likely heading to the playoffs. The sky isn’t falling, Frost is not Riley. There is still a lot of work to be done.
  12. Backup alert. OSU finally replaced their starters.
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