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  1. They can write all they want but OSU is a winning program. Nebraska is not. He's a 5 star QB. I can't even be mad at him.
  2. Musically I'm sure some still do but everyone who was there definitely heard the hate speech calling for more violence at comrade drump's 'presidential rally' yesterday. Trump's base thinks nothing of it and in fact I'm pretty sure some were thrilled to hear that kind of talk. Just what this country needs right now......
  3. Ted Nugent at Trump’s rally in Austin Texas yesterday…
  4. Let's be honest. Coaching or lack thereof has played a part also.
  5. Yeah that was a great ending with the walk off. 2nd time in the tourney NU came from behind. OSU's pitcher had pitched every inning in both of their games. No relievers at all. Just her. Crazy.
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