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    NFL 2019

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    MLB 2019 Season

    Well it looks like the hunt for Harper is on. The White Sox? Hmm...
  3. Not brought up in conversation but this line definitely crossed my mind at various times during the Mike Riley years.
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    MLB 2019 Season

    The media is going to pick up on any little injury that happens to Darvish. Better get used to it.
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    MLB 2019 Season

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    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach?

    I'm with Enhance. I've always rooted for any Husker sport including basketball but I've definitely been more of a casual fan when it comes to the round ball While no one here in Chicago was thrilled with him as the Bulls head coaching during his run I think it would be a solid hire for Nebraska! His Iowa State teams by the numbers: 2010-11 16-16 Conference (Big 12) rank - 12th 2011-12 23-11 Conference T-3rd (NCAA Division 1 TOURN Round of 32) 2012-13 23-12 Conference T-4th (NCAA Division 1 TOURN Round of 32) 2013-14 28-8 Conference T-3rd (NCAA Division 1 TOURN Sweet Sixteen) 2014-15 25-9 Conference T-2nd (NCAA Division 1 TOURN Round of 64 ) Hoiberg overall college head coaching record: 115-56 (.673)
  7. Man this has been pretty scary. I have family that had to evacuate. Lots of displaced animals too. One confirmed death. Sad. Nebraskan's are in my thoughts today. Nebraska farmer is killed trying to rescue someone in state's worst flooding in 50 years
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    College Basketball 2018-19

    I wasn't expecting this with how many games he sat out with a knee injury. As if his dunks weren't already something to watch. Some of these rebounds. He can out rebound people just standing there flat footed. No need for him to 'run' and jump he just jumps. Man among boys.
  9. suh_fan93

    Tony Tuioti Hired as New DL Coach

    I didn't see a profile for him so I'll just stick this here. If there is actually one feel free to move this there. I believe he was originally offered last May by Austin. 2020 OL from Honolulu HI.
  10. Thought I'd start a general recruiting thread. What's going on with nationally with other players and teams. Rivals 2020 top 10 recruits.
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    College Basketball 2018-19

  12. I just want to know who the screaming girl was every time Nebraska was shooting free throws. Miles just biffed it as he was about to run into the tunnel lol.
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    The Running Back Room

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    OLB Garrett Nelson [Nebraska- Signed LOI]

    Definitely not the intensity in his eyes. No way.
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    Nebraska Pro Day 2019

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    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft