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  1. I think this is the best I have heard it described. Trev is in a tough spot and you are likely correct with the direction he will go.
  2. There are only so many arguments to both sides... regardless of anyone's opinions, it is pretty obvious Scott is coaching for his job the remainder of this season. I believe this thread has run it's course until we see more on the field.
  3. Nebraska actually decided to pass on this kid. He is trending down during his senior season. He didn't gain the anticipated size and his play has just been "ok" this year. Regarding recruiting, I think people are making way too big of a deal about this class. It is going to be a very small class so there really is no way to be ranked highly. Our coaches are travelling to recruit this week for the first time in 2 years. It was bound to be a class that came together late. I think the quality of recruits we get will really be decided by the on field performance over the next 4 to maybe 5 games.
  4. That's a good question. I honestly get the feeling Trev is going to give Scott another year regardless but I could be wrong. If we finish poorly, I'm concerned we lose key people to the portal and struggle to finish out the recruiting cycle. I am still excited as well but a repeat of last Saturday would tone it down quite a bit.
  5. If we really go 1-3, I really hope the win is against Iowa. Would be fitting... we fire our 2nd coach in 10 years after a win against them.
  6. I wouldn't bet on it but I think we absolutely can. We get 2 very winnable games at home and one winnable game on the road. However unlikely, it is possible so fits into the "can". We have shown we are capable of competing with good teams. I think it is reasonable to think that, with an extra week of prep, we can beat Purdue at home. It would be a win against a ranked team that could be a spark. I don't hold out much hope against Ohio State but will watch and hope for the upset. Who knows, maybe the weather will be absolutely crap and it ends up being a low scoring game where anything can happen? Then we get another bye week to game plan for Wisconsin. Win that one and we are 5-6... guessing the boys would be pretty excited and motivated for Iowa. Tons of ifs, hopes, and assumptions but yes, I believe we can. It's now or never for this staff imo.
  7. That's my point. 20 people voted for 0 but they don't really believe that, they are just reacting emotionally and having a bit of a temper tantrum lol. Guessing Vegas would set the over under at 2 as well.
  8. So honest question- If Nebraska wins 3 of their next 4 and makes a bowl game, would you be in favor of making a coaching change?
  9. That may be true for a % of the board but I still believe the majority on here, and huskers fans in general, are still pulling for Scott to turn it around. To the 20+ forum members that voted we go 0-4, anyone willing to put a bet on that? I don't really believe any on here believe that but, if so, I'll offer 2-1 odds...
  10. I'm an optimist but also a realist. I'm sad because it currently looks likely that Frost has a very steep uphill battle to keep his job. Pretty unlikely that we turn this around this season. That said, I still enjoy watching the games and still hold out hope that we win 3 of the last 4, make a bowl game, and win to finish 7-5. If we do that, Illinois and Minnesota will be all but forgotten to the optimistic crowd. The national narrative would be very positive and we could have an off season debating whether we win 8 or 10 next year. However unlikely, it is possible so I'll hold out hope. If that hope is ruined, I'll do my best to embrace whatever happens next.
  11. And Riley is still trying to figure out how to create an account
  12. I'm not sure going with the home town guy is the right thing to do if we have a coaching change this year? I'm thinking true CEO type who places extreme value on getting the best assistants in the country. Maybe Zac fits that description? I'm not familiar with his coaching.
  13. My words - "Adrian is plenty good to win when he isn't asked to carry the entire offense alone". I can't control how others perceive them but in no way did I state he was perfect. He is good enough to win games when the rest of the team does their part - specifically the O Line. Saying the Oline has it's problems is different than stating they are THE problem, which they are. You obviously are not seeing that as the glaring issue on the team.
  14. It is definitely their offensive strategy- you may be right. The reason I consider Minnesota more difficult is their ability to remain balanced and have 2 NFL caliber guys running routes. Defense is constantly conflicted so we left them in 1 on 1 situations too often. If Purdue can run the ball well enough, it may be more of the same. I would like to think our rested up defense will be able to perform though. Purdue is averaging 15.75 points per game over the last 4 and will be coming off 2 physical games against Iowa and Wisconsin. We should win... but we all know how that has turned out this year.
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