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  1. Wyo and Decoy, we all know some players are going to get it and be quarantined. They will recover quickly, just like 99.99% of all kids their age, and be back on the field in a week. It actually would be a benefit for the majority of a team to have it and heal pre-season. I know, the .01% will get really sick. More college age football players will likely be seriously injured or killed in automobile accidents or from riots than Covid-19. Seriously guys, go outside. The fresh air feels great.
  2. Because it's pretty hard to participate in 7v7 unless you were where the other 13 guys were. I think that's everything in regards to the conversation. No issue at all with people not staying in Lincoln but to participate, as mentioned above, it would be necessary.
  3. It was bound to happen, a player tested positive, but nobody panicked and the sky didn't fall. Football is happening in 99 days... GBR
  4. I think it made sense that Vedral transferred when he did - nothing negative on Frost or the Huskers. I did take it for granted that he would likely be the number one QB there going into fall since I thought his main competition would be Johnny Lanagan (50.3% comp 4/9 td to int ratio) but in reality it looks like it may be Peyton Powell, the transfer out of Baylor. If he is eligible, he has a real shot to win the job. The kid was recruited hard by big programs, including Ohio State, and is a 4 star guy with 4 years of eligibility remaining. The only other guy in the room, Art Sitkowski, passed the ball well in his two games last year (44/68) but he isn't the mobile guy they are looking for. Hope Vedral wins it but it's no guarantee.
  5. I hadn't really given this much thought but I think you are right. Communication on the field will be almost equal for both teams at most locations if attendance is reduced by 50%+. Will stadiums create artificial sound?
  6. I agree with you guys completely. I just felt posting the link went along with the nature of this thread. The job is AM's to lose.
  7. Reading through the twitter feeds - I'm not sure Nebraska fans are doing our team any favors. Some people are just plain rude. The young man hasn't even announced his intentions to do anything yet and people are really giving him a hard time. smh
  8. https://www.sportsbettingdime.com/news/ncaaf/adrian-martinez-heisman-odds-improve-may-2020/
  9. 101 days... Case numbers are dropping and optimism is rising. A normal start to the season feels almost certain at this point. https://www.sportsbettingdime.com/news/ncaaf/odds-improve-2020-season-beginning-by-september-4th/
  10. I understand your point of view. I choose to celebrate the lives lost. I choose to be happy about the freedoms we have that were earned at the ultimate cost to so many. My grandfather fought for our country and my dad did two tours in Vietnam. Neither are with me today but I know how they felt and feel I honor them when I say happy. To each their own. Mavric, my apologies this has gotten so off topic. I do feel the sentiments here are really applicable to football this fall. People feel pretty strongly for the side they believe. I personally would love to attend a game if the stands are open. Sure hope that happens. GBR
  11. I understand you and a few others on this site are very concerned. You are all free to stay in hiding. That's the beauty of our country... You are free to live scared if you so choose. I do care about all lives but I feel strongly that our free country was not built on fear. I am glad to take risks with my life in order to enjoy all the freedoms provided us by all the soldiers who fought for our right to do so. A good percentage of our country is showing they feel similarly. Happy memorial day.
  12. You do realize that numbers being posted in many states are from people who died with covid-19 and not necessarily from it. Washington state just admitted they even have several gun shot victims who are counted in the totals. It is terrible that people have died... Happens to us all eventually. May as well live it up until that day comes.
  13. I would agree completely. Which means that many more people have had this without serious negative effects. All the percentages are bs and most people are figuring that out. Time for life to resume...
  14. Guy, for the record, I am a minority. I'm not being racist, just stating facts. I also work an essential job so you can stay safe and sound at home. The demographics are telling the story just about everywhere. Yes, all races are catching it but it's very disproportionate to minorities. Most on here are intelligent enough to understand why. The bottom line is we aren't stopping this virus. Most of us will catch it eventually. Modern medicine and intelligence will help the vast majority of us make it through just fine. May as well get back to living.... And football!
  15. To you dooms day opinions, why has Nebraska's daily case count gone down since easing restrictions? Most of us with a positive frame of mind are purely looking at what is actually happing. Our cases are going down. Hospital capacity is still ok.
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