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  1. Hilltop

    ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Iowa (Game 12) **

    Looks like the rain is going to hold off until well after the game is over. The forecast is now saying cloudy, 46F, and 12-15MPH south winds. Pretty nice weather for a late November game.
  2. Hilltop

    ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Iowa (Game 12) **

    At home with good weather I would like our chances. On the road in the wind and the rain... Scary game.
  3. Hilltop

    Bowl Eligibility

    Thanks. Gives me a better reason to watch football tomorrow night.
  4. Impressive overcoming really bad officiating and a solid opponent. I'm excited for this season. Loved the bench contribution and the seniors stepping up when needed. Really could be a special year.
  5. The weather looks rough for the game - cold and windy. That didn't seem to bother us much last weekend but the Illinois defense was bad. I'm betting the combination of weather and much better opponent defensively will slow us down a bit. I still think we get ours... NU27 MSU 23
  6. Hilltop

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    I have since talked to several students- high school and college. They loved the look.
  7. Hilltop

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    In person they looked great to 4 of us at the game yesterday (section 18). The numbers were easy to read from a distance and they just had a cool look from the stands. Better than many from the past imo.
  8. Row D is ok but 3-10 between the 40s is my favorite. If your willing to pay the money those would be my first choice. There are a lot of restaurant and bar options in the Hay Market within easy walking distance of the stadium. My boss and I like Buzzard Billy's for Cajun food before cold weather games.
  9. Hilltop

    I've Got a Fever...

    Bloody may bar Was just cancelled... Sorry all. Um job is safe for a week. Blame it on my wife
  10. Hilltop

    Bowl Eligibility

    After the sacrifice this coaching staff made by staying for the bowl game and working insane hours, you would think ucf would have been more cooperative in a situation like this. Not like he would change his mind. Thanks for posting that article... I missed it.
  11. Hilltop

    Ohio State Spread

    Meyer has only lost ONE game after a bye week. I do think we cover but I don't like or chances to win. That said, his press conference didn't have the feel of a confident guy... Maybe he is due for another "health problem". If he loses this game he will need some bs excuse.
  12. Hilltop

    Bethune-Cookman Week Pressers

    Love listening to Mario. Sure hope we can hang on to him as this team progresses. I think we all know he is going to start getting some pretty good offers.
  13. Get the score comfortable and get our key players out so we don't have an injury to someone we really need down the stretch. This is the game where everyone, including the water boy should get on the field.
  14. Hilltop

    tOSU Gametime

    It gets a touch expensive lol. Maybe I need to start a fund if it works against OSU.
  15. Hilltop

    tOSU Gametime

    Back on topic... 11am game time is amazing if you plan well. I have 4 pounds of bacon, 6 heads of lettuce, a case of tomatoes, several loafs of Texas toast, 4 gallons of vodka, a lot of my wife's special bloody mary mix, and a variety of other bloody mary additions. We are setting up a BLT bloody mary bar in the man cave for 25 of my closest friends. Huskers haven't lost once when we have done this through the years. Sure hope we can steal one that morning to keep the streak going!