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  1. Indiana was sure able to on a few drives. Once we went man coverage in the red zone, we allowed a couple pretty dang easy touchdowns. We adjusted and that helped a lot but what you are saying has some merit. However, against teams like Rutgers, we should be ok. Against Purdue, we are going to have to be much better at disguising coverages to be effective.
  2. They have played pretty good defense this year prior to ohio State who tends to make everyone look bad. They honestly didn't perform that bad against them if you look at total yards. Their rush defense has been stout but they have been vulnerable to the pass. That had way more to do with Iowa's defense. They only gained 277 yards total against them.
  3. Light winds, no precipitation and cool temps - perfect night for football. Rutgers is averaging 14.5 points vs anyone not named Wagner (some pretty good defenses in there). Nebraska 27 Rutgers 17 Rushing 128 Passing 252
  4. I like how blunt he is but I'm guessing comments like these are going on opponents poster boards. Probably not doing the team any favors.
  5. With his hand being held he did pretty good. Now that Barry is gone, we are seeing his true capabilities. No thank you.
  6. To me he is a much better candidate than Aranda, Campbell, and several others being talked about. He has successfully turned around 2 programs from the pits to competing for championships.
  7. I think we could hire him cheap but I also think there is a reason no programs picked him up for the 2022 season. I'm not a fan at all. Part of that likely comes from my extreme dislike for BYU. I grew up in Wyoming and played for University of Wyoming. He did do well at BYU but his last 4 years were pretty mediocre by their standards. At Virginia, he has basically been a 500 coach. Nothing to wow at all imo. I sure hope we can do better than him...
  8. I get where you are coming from but I also get where BRB is coming from. I think a better way to ask the question is would your favorite to be the next coach been your favorite 13 months ago? So many people look at what is happening right now instead of looking at the body of work from a coach. Aranda might be awesome. I wouldn't be mad if we hired him but I don't feel any level of comfort because he has such little experience as a head coach. I don't have one coach I would be crazy about but I would like us to hire someone who has shown he can recruit, then develop those recruits, and ultimately win at a high level with the players he recruited. Hiring anyone without those 3 things becomes a gamble we shouldn't take imo.
  9. Agree as long as the new coach isn't coaching in the playoff. Not sure how it would be handled at that point or if that would change the potential new coaches decision.
  10. We are last... Look closer. The teams ranked below have all played one additional game.
  11. I really wasn't very familiar with him but after research I was impressed. Seems like another great offensive mind with quite a few years head coaching experience at smaller schools. With a good DC, I would be on board.
  12. Nebraska 31 Indiana 27 Pass 279 Rush 184
  13. You do realize he took an 11 win team in 2019 and took them directly to a 2 win team, right? Last year was an impressive turn around but people should pump the brakes and realize this was a program winning at a very high level before he took over and he is now winning primarily with Matt Rhule recruits.
  14. It's hard to remember the good things from losses... he did that occasionally since then but mainly in losing efforts so very forgettable.
  15. I call bs on the "plain Jane white bread" bs. Your sideways attempt at bringing race into this is crap. The guy isn't qualified, period. This is coming from a mixed family that had had been associated with the program for 20 years if that matters. He seems like a great guy but he should have to prove it like anyone else in the profession.
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