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  1. Let's wait and see how the year turns out. I'm guessing if Wisconsin goes 0-3 over the next few weeks, or worse, has to cancel games, their fan base will be perfectly fine with their *. We have a long ways to go...
  2. Because of late start date, no fans, no non-conference games, massive amounts of cancelled & postponed games, it doesn't count towards eligibility, riots, Karens, Murder Hornets, Trump, Biden, Asteroids etc... you know, it's not even close to F#@$ing normal.
  3. It is so nice to see that from such a young guy. I think he may end up being the kind of player you can form your defense around. Casey is going to be special.
  4. So 11 or 13? Who verifies the tests? Balances and checks? From my perspective, teams could just pick and choose who they play but maybe I'm missing some details. Hope so...
  5. *Good height with an accurate arm? The guy has thrown one pass in 3 years that travelled less than 5 yards. *Mobile enough? Did you even look at his high school rushing totals? Less than 100 yards in 3 years. *First game jitters will be there - crowd or not. *I agree, he should know the system. Not having run that system in practice until yesterday will make it almost impossible to run said system smoothly though. *He has a quick release...smh. What QB out there doesn't have that in his profile. If you watched their game last week, Mertz had to go through progressions
  6. Guessing they are trying to keep us guessing but there is a lot of smoke so guessing there is fire. Regardless, we are preparing for a pro style QB. 4th string guy is 6'5" and reportedly throws good. He was a couple state championships in high school and put up some pretty solid stats.
  7. Since their starter was injured pre-season, I'm guessing the 4th string QB (3rd string after the starter went down) has spent at least some time running the 2s. I would agree though that he hasn't had much for meaningful reps. Blitz often...
  8. Frost is an extremely analytical guy so I would be very surprised if those, along with every other measurable, weren't being tracked. Even at the high school level, pancake blocks are a tracked stat for most teams.
  9. I can't seem to find any tweets confirming anything other than their third string wasn't at practice. Makes complete sense he wouldn't be there due to contact tracing. If it happens to be true, we better handle business Saturday.
  10. Wow, I'm not sure that would even be visible to the naked eye smh. Have to really slow the video down. 2nd receiver from the top does move a split second early. Refs were looking hard for calls imo.
  11. 3/4 of American's are gasping for breath from all the quarantine weight that was put on.
  12. I have not seen that age class listed specifically. The over rate listed here is .016% https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/states/nebraska/nebraska.htm Assuming Nebraska's data is similar to other states, the majority of the deaths would be in the elderly age classes, similar to Covid.
  13. Red Denver and Knapplc are right, current data is more convincing. State of Nebraska cases as of 10/25/2020 -https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/ece0db09da4d4ca68252c3967aa1e9dd 9,200 cases of people 0-19 years old. 1 total death (documented underlying conditions) = .010% death rate 19,700 cases of people 20-34 years old. 10 total deaths (some documented underlying) = .050% death rate Both are close to the CDC averages for flu deaths. Also of note, a large % of cases in these age ranges go completely unreported as the people never get sick enough to justify a
  14. https://247sports.com/Article/Wisconsin-Badgers-football-Nebraska-game-status-positive-COVID-19-tests-will-be-played--153669853/ Their coach's comments are somewhat reassuring. He doesn't seem to indicate there is any kind of widespread issue.
  15. I think NW and Wisconsin looked very similar. They both beat up on a crappy team but both showed flaws. I think Nebraska is a better team than either of them, if we eliminate some of the mistakes. Athlete to athlete, I don't see anyone on either roster that is better than what we have.
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