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  1. Nebraska was ahead 35-14 with 4 minutes to go in the game. We also had numerous backups in the game at the time they scored the last touchdown to make the game appear closer than it was. That is drastically different than being in a position to lose to BC or VT that year for Miami.
  2. It would seem to me that Scott is holding them accountable. But just because you hold people accountable doesn't mean that the entire group automatically falls in line. There will always be some that push the limits or step over the boundaries laid before them. Good coaches just handle those issues faster and try to create a culture where some of the team actually begins to hold their peers accountable. That takes time...
  3. I can't believe this thread is still going. Some on here still like the guy, most do not. Could care less what position he holds or where it's at as long as it has nothing to do with Nebraska.
  4. Need to remember the expectations withing the fan base at the time for Nebraska. Anything short of playing for the championship was considered a failure. We were spoiled.
  5. There were also several contract extensions announced but I didn't see Walters listed. Did he previously receive one?
  6. No Iowa in those rankings... kind of surprising. A lot of other have them ranked mid teens and USA Today has them at #10. In all ESPN, The Athletic, CBS, Athlon and USA today have them ranked anywhere from 10-23rd.
  7. Especially here at home. Still irks me thinking about Miami having a home game for that one.
  8. The lore of that season was the guts TO had against Miami on the final play. It was a great year but even had they won it wouldn't belong in the same conversation with 95 Nebraska in my opinion. The Big 8 wasn't that strong that year nationally and we had a few close games against just ok teams. For instance, a 14-10 victory over an 8-4 Oklahoma State and 28-21 over 8-4 Oklahoma. Our offense was pretty sensational that year though. My favorite, 69-19 over Colorado.
  9. Roundball isn't Thurston? Now I'm really getting confused...
  10. Sorry for this guys- Ok Thurston, I'm bored. How do you propose we do this ritual.
  11. I agree with Landlord to a point but to me the only real difference is that LSU went through the playoff. Looking at teams with winning records, 2 of those for LSU this year were Utah State and Georgia Southern. Oklahoma is not in there with a winning record for Nebraska after a 24-24 tie with top 20 ranked Texas. We beat them 37-0. They were not a great team that year but to me much better competition than Georgia Southern- especially once the rivalry is factored in. When you figure # of games into the equation, it looks more even. LSU had several games scheduled against low quality opponents. NU only had Pacific. Add a couple patsies into the equation for NU in 95... % of LSU's games against top 10 competition = 33% % of Nebraska's games against top 10 competition = 33% Average margin of victory; LSU = 26.5 NU = 38 Closest game LSU = 3 point victory NU = 14 point victory (was 28-7 before meaningless touchdown in garbage time) There are a ton more stats to list but cherry picking further doesn't convince anyone. LSU had a great season that deserves serious accolades. But they weren't on the level that 95 Nebraska was. Deep down i'm guessing that every Nebraska fan that year felt like we could beat anyone in the nation in 95. I know for a fact LSU fans did not feel that way this year.
  12. 3 years maximum. 1- See past two recruiting cycles. 2- Level playing field for all coaches- not applicable to this argument. 3- Chemistry between player and coaches looks pretty dang good with Scott's guys so far. 4- 2009 wasn't relevant? Suh up for the Heisman? Nebraska is still a powerhouse brand and will remain so into the foreseeable future. 5- 1 excellent player and 5 really good ones. Refer to recent recruiting- they are there but inexperienced. 6- Have you been on campus recently? We aren't as diverse as some but there is plenty of variety. 7- It all depends on where you come from... Lincoln has a lot going on and driving to Omaha is similar to driving across many major US cities. Try to get from one side of Miami to the other faster than you can drive from UNL to downtown Omaha... Have you been to Tuscaloosa or Clemson? 8- Same for all teams involved... Level playing field. 9- We have one of the lowest unemployment rates nationally. Jobs are here for those with motivation. 10- We aren't cursed, we have made a couple bad decisions.
  13. We would all be rich if we could look into the future. Burrow landed in the right place at the right time, period. I have serious doubts that he would have had this perfect storm of a season on any other roster. As a college football fan, we should all sit back and enjoy the show because it is really rare that a player/team/staff comes together the way LSU did this year. I'm really glad that, as a fan of college football, I was able to see this happen without being mad at something. What a year- congrats Joe.
  14. I saw where a Pats fan was suggesting that Belichick should be giving Brady more designed QB runs. It made me think of this thread. It's not Scott's ability. It's the OL/RB ability that's in question to pull off plays like you are discussing. Go back and watch some of those games- we did try to run at times like you are saying but were very inconsistent. Against Purdue, we ran it 35 times for a whopping 128 yards. We were/are missing a few of the guys in the trenches to pull off what you are discussing. Telling to Scott to run it up the gut would likely have worked about as well as asking Brady to run on 3rd and 8.
  15. Aren't all of those games available on youtube? A digital version wouldn't we worth anything to me. The DVD would be ok to have in event the internet/cable/satellite service of choice happened to be out.
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