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  1. He actually averaged just under 10 yards per completion during that stretch. I follow you and don't fault your stance regarding no excuses- you are entitled. However, AM doesn't deserve 100% of the blame for last years lack of wins. He actually performed pretty well during some stretches in spite of the lack of good play around him. I can tell you this is a popular opinion in the locker room. Very few guys are pointing fingers at the QB.
  2. 93-97 knows all of this - he is still just mad and won't change until we win a championship of some kind.
  3. Take it for what it's worth, the little bit I get from the inside this spring is saying it's a really different feel, and a lot harder competition wise, than the past few years. Some real optimism inside the program that doesn't feel like a team coming off a few bad seasons. They believe they can be very good.
  4. And it's the same drill that NFL Receivers do early in training camp... every year... no matter how many years a guy has been playing. Smh.
  5. I think you will see more as our offensive line play improves. Hard to feel comfortable calling them when the D-line is regularly in our backfield.
  6. I'm hearing it is precautionary and that he is doing good. I'm sure reporters will be all over it first chance they get to talk to Scott so we will hear his official line.
  7. You are correct. He can redshirt this season while playing in up to 4 games. I can really see his career going 2 completely different directions. If Adrian struggles this year, I think he will see opportunities to win the job. If that happens, I could see him playing here through his senior season (if he is as good as we all hope he is). However, if Adrian performs well, and doesn't get injured, I would be surprised to see Logan stay here to burn 2 more years of eligibility while being a backup. I think there is a fair chance we never see him in a starting role.
  8. Smoothers had a long offer list, including Ohio State. He would have had more offers from the other top programs but he committed very early and clearly stated he wasn't going to consider other offers. Would it have been smart to pursue another top QB who would likely transfer or did it make sense to bring in a home state kid at the time Haarberg was offered? To me it makes complete sense to bring Haarberg in at the time they did. He is likely to hang around a year or two longer to provide, at minimum, a solid 3rd string option. When you look around the country, almost all pr
  9. And I'm sure it was a pain for all to deal with. What's your point?
  10. That would be much better... no kick return for touchdown.
  11. That's one way to view it. I think the assistants were so damn busy trying to coach a ton of new people up on everything else they lost focus on it at times. We were green and had very little practice/prep time. I'm guessing the special teams will be much better this year. All of that said, different words sure could have been used.
  12. Perennial bottom feeder? Do you know what the term Perennial means? We are one the all-time winningest programs who is in, what we hope is, the tail end of a 6 year slump...
  13. Most restrictions have been lifted but there is still a 75% occupancy rule in effect for bars and restaurants. They have plenty of recommendations but not too many restrictive rules. Masks are still required in many places. I would guess they will allow 25% capacity to start.
  14. Thanks for posting. I would be happy with any attendance- just get started on the right path. As guy mentions above, would be a great time to work out some of the kinks.
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