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  1. And the year Nebraska turned the corner... GBR
  2. They don't play a game until September 26th so they will hold regular practices for almost 6 weeks. Don't teams typically only get 3-4 weeks of practice?
  3. I assumed most would understand. Of course strict rules on distancing and contact would have to be followed but there is no reason procedures couldn't be put in place to protect staff, faculty, etc. I would agree completely. Playing football or not won't change this. I would argue that football will make the lives of these players safer than if they were left on their own.
  4. Guy is clearly meeting the criteria for the thread - don't miss the red print!
  5. I understand and agree to a point. Maryland's coaching staff was found to be negligent. There have been numerous other cases where it just happened- freak accident.
  6. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-52076856 https://www.businessinsider.com/exercise-may-help-prevent-a-deadly-coronavirus-complication-2020-4 https://www.acsm.org/blog-detail/acsm-blog/2020/03/30/exercise-immunity-covid-19-pandemic There is a lot more information out there but in general, people in better shape handle this virus better. It is a broad statement supported by just about every medical professional out there.
  7. The support staff and faculty can wear PPE. These kids are already the leading age group getting and passing the virus along so their families are at risk regardless of football. Whether we have football or not, many of these kids are going to get the virus. At least with football their life will have some structure and they will be motivated to stay covid free. I can tell you the average kid in america right now isn't afraid of this.
  8. He still is a pro athlete. I agree, the Eduardo Rodriguez case is concerning. However should we stop a sport based on rare cases? If you say yes, consider this - There have been 30 heat-related college football player deaths from 2000 to 2018 according to the American Council on Science and Health. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/boy-14-collapses-and-dies-after-overheating-at-football-practice/328874#:~:text=According to the Center for,Council on Science and Health. There were many more cases through youth and high school football and even more in other sports. Should we stop all workouts and games anytime the temperature reaches a certain point?
  9. I disagree. You wouldn't judge any group based on someone who is just joining that group. Ask any prior college athlete - there is a massive jump in conditioning at the collegiate level. I was a D1college baseball pitcher. I thought I was in good shape prior to my first day of practice. I was very wrong. It took me 5 weeks before I started to even feel comfortable working out at that level. Individual health plays a huge role in how bad this virus impacts a person.
  10. 6'4", 325 pound freshman. Kid is arguably not in the greatest shape just based on pictures. He is obviously overweight and hasn't been through college workouts. He is an outlier in that he did have to go to the ER but is not admitted. His mom is speculating about further issues but what parent wouldn't right now. She is understandably scared. As a parent I would be. I wish the kid the best but I don't believe he fits the typical stereotype of a college athlete in the best shape of his life. My point is this case shouldn't be the gleaming example that college athletes are in danger. The reports coming out of all the other schools, like Illinois, are consistently saying their athletes are experiencing mild to no symptoms when positive.
  11. The face shield may be uncomfortable for some but under the circumstances it makes complete sense. The more we can limit player to player spread, the higher the likelihood we get to play a season.
  12. I was being sarcastic lol. Your over the top hypotheticals are things nobody can answer. All of us have our opinion. My opinion is that our conversation is no longer adding to this discussion.
  13. Kansas, please elaborate. I'm not sure everyone here really understands. Maybe include a few more examples and a couple more paragraphs on your opinion. If the entire league plays, one school won't be singled out regardless of what happens.
  14. Branno/Kansas45, you guys couldn't find an example of anything severe Covid related in a college athlete. If there was a case out there, the media would be all over it right now. Everything you guys state regarding football, or any other college sports, is hypothetical. I have no idea if we will have a season. But I think we should based on the current data, or lack of, that college athletes aren't severely impacted.
  15. We simply so not know when/if we will get any bad disease. We can't stop society because something bad might happen. Faculty are very capable of wearing PPE. Our elementary and high school faculty will be wearing PPE in 2 weeks when schools reopen. According to the WHO - Covid-19 is classified as severe when the infected person requires hospitalization and oxygen support. If there is no confirmed cases of severe infections in college athletes. How is this a compromise of student athletes safety? If the situation changes, I propose we re-evaluate.
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