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  1. I think you are correct but I'm not sure how much freedom an analyst has. Was he able to get the players he wanted on the field? Did the coaches actually doing the coaching agree with his recommendations? I have a hard time pinning the failures of the season on an analyst- especially during a year that practices were limited. I'm guessing there was maybe a personality conflict or something else that lead to him being fired. Count me in as a guy who would love to see a ST coordinator actually performing the coaching.
  2. Glad you're not calling the shots. This is a work in progress that will still deserve some wiggle room for at least another year. Special teams has been and will always be a work in progress and never truly "fixed". I think we all expect a jump in performance next year but I don't think anyone would be realistic to expect more than 6-8 wins. And the same guys unhappy now will still be unhappy... until we one day win it all again. Then they will still find things to complain about. I actually like that about our fan base most of the time.
  3. I think this really indicates him leaving was much more about family than his utilization. If his priority was to get better touches, there were several schools that could have highlighted his abilities much better than Kentucky within a few hours of home.
  4. Now the dots are starting to connect...lol
  5. #Huskers linebacker Will Honas will be back in 2021 for his fourth season at Nebraska:
  6. They gave up 30+ points twice last year... Same as runner up Ohio State in the same number of games. When you consider the opponents starting field position, that becomes even more impressive imo. The defense, did enough to win all but the Ohio State and Illinois games. I think if the offense didn't look lost against Illinois, the defense would have had us in that one as well.
  7. There are a couple that were highly rated out of high school but no obvious upgrades. The highest ranked dual threat guy is N'Kosi Perry from Miami. He was a highly ranked 4 star out of high school. He doesn't look any better than Logan imo and no real reason to pursue him. If we wanted a pro style guy, Ryan Hilinski looks the part and is the highest ranked QB available right now. Long story short, there are no obvious immediate upgrades in the portal.
  8. That's your contribution? Thread has been dead for a week and that's the best you have?
  9. Having a few beers during the Ohio State beat down?
  10. People can and will spin it anyway they like. I think WR would still be here if he didn't have family medical issues at home. The reality is it stinks for Nebraska but we should all wish him well. He played his a$$ off for Nebraska and was a stand up guy his entire time here.
  11. Couple of running back rumors... one was apparently in Lincoln yesterday- Markese Stepp. #8 RB in the nation coming our of high school in 2018. Currently at USC... and a little smoke that Mills is leaving.
  12. No revenue sports may see an impact- agreed. I don't agree with the arms race though- facilities will still be paramount. 18 year old kids like nice things.
  13. Agree. Your 2 and 3 star kids that normally take 2-3 years to see the field are going to be tough to hold on to.
  14. Seems to be working pretty well for Ohio State in the Big 10.
  15. Here is the real question - Why leave a great team that actually threw him the ball? Something behind the scenes we aren't hearing.
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