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  1. Agree. That game is going to be tougher than many thought.
  2. On our way to the game. Anyone heard who is pitching?
  3. Lol, you just might be right. We have to win tonight to make the 7 seed a possibility. GBR
  4. I think you put Matt, Fred, and John in a room and ask them their opinion on who should be hired.
  5. I know we had a lot of eyes watching the year we went undefeated in the regular season only to lose to TAMU in Kansas City. Not sure if it was more than Sunday though.
  6. I only want to face Oklahoma and Tennessee in the post season if we, and either one of them, have earned the right to play each other for something meaningful. Pre-conference season won't mean anything to me other than we added an unnecessary challenge to our already difficult 9 game conference schedule.
  7. Wish they didn't play in the middle of the day. Would have liked to watch that one. GBR!
  8. I also would say the blowout loss to Indiana, at home, should seal the deal. Minnesota coach had a good year but it doesn't compare to Fred's.
  9. They beat us there and we beat them at home by a larger margin. Unless Minnesota makes a run in the tournament, I think it's Fred's to lose. The game there has no bearing imo because we blew them out at home. Those are a wash at worst.
  10. This was my take as well. We went into half time cold and came out cold. 3 points from 16 consecutive possession's will put anyone in a huge hole. We played a little sloppy and deserved to lose imo. The refs didn't do us any favors but they surely didn't cost us the game.
  11. Agree. Need to tighten up defense a bit.
  12. Another solid production by the program/students. I hope they continue to make these and other similar videos.
  13. Nebraska just moved into 4th place with Wisconsin's loss tonight. Ours to lose now.
  14. Looking at the potential opponents, at this point I agree I would rather we were either a 7 or a 10. 10 in Omaha would be pretty cool...
  15. 2-1 doesn't tell the whole story imo. They beat Purdue and beat Michigan State on the road. Their loss was at Minnesota and they put 79 points on the board in a game that was basically even after Minn got a hot start. Bottom line, Ohio State will be a tough road game.
  16. We hold the head to head tie breaker with Northwestern as long as Purdue wins the #1 seed. https://btn.com/big-ten-basketball-tiebreakers/ We will also hold the tie breaker against Wisconsin if Purdue can beat them at home the last game of the regular season. As mentioned, we also win the tie breaker against Michigan State due to head to head. We just need to win enough to get in a position to tie and we get the double bye.
  17. I think it should be an open window from the time a kid finishes his Junior year indefinitely. Leave a clause that they are allowed to back out in the event of a head coach or position coach change happens at the school they are committed to.
  18. Nice win but we have to solve the really long slumps if we expext to compete at the next level. That said it feels like everyone in the B1G is doing it. Illinois really blew it earlier.
  19. Guessing the gamblers are just playing the numbers. Nebraska is tied for second to last in road performances in the B1G and until they prove them wrong, the money is going to go against them on the road. I do think this is a very winnable game for Nebraska. Hopefully they come out with the energy they need to pull off a W.
  20. Meh, I don't really care. I DVR games and watch on a time delay so I fast forward through all the BS anyway.
  21. So funny seeing a group of Nebraska fans complaining about too many meaningless bowl games. To each their own but I'm guessing the majority of our fan base would be pretty happy if we make it to one of those next year.
  22. I get your point but I just don't think there will be that many situations where it happens. Common opponents in that scenario above don't apply since each teams loss is to the same common opponent, Ohio State. Out of conference record would be considered as well in the winning %. Assuming all had undefeated out of conference schedules, the team that actually got picked to play in the conference championship would be at a disadvantage because the other 2 would be an automatic shoe in for the 12 team playoff at 11-1.
  23. I would assume they treat it similar to the way they have inside a division. The main difference is not cross divisional but rather common opponents, etc.
  24. You get to my age, you will call them kids. We have always had tie breakers in place in the event teams finish with the same record.
  25. Now that most of the kids on those teams will be receiving pay, I don't mind the 17 games. Won't be easy but at least they get something out of it financially.
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