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  1. Nebraska - 41 La Tech - 13 Passing - 202 Rushing - 284
  2. I have been giving this a lot of thought. One reason I give HH the nod is because he is used to winning football games. I know that sounds lazy but the reality is the kid is 21-3 over his last 24 starts. Yes that includes high school but winning is winning. I believe it to be a mentality that has been missing around here for some time. Sims has only won 8 games in 27 starts while throwing 27 interceptions. With that record I find it hard to believe Sims steps on the field expecting to win a game. HH isn't polished, and has a lot to learn, but at least the kid is stepping on the field with a belief he is going to win... that goes a long ways in competition. I would roll with HH while trying to build back some confidence in Sims. As mentioned before, both are probably needed this year. GBR
  3. Decent chance of severe weather in Lincoln but they are on the western edge of the bad stuff- should move out of the area by early evening so worst case the game gets delayed several hours, not days or weeks.
  4. https://sanjeevdatta.com/common-causes-of-negative-attitude/
  5. I like this approach. As was mentioned before, we will likely need both of them, and maybe Purdy, to get through the season.
  6. If our QB play is good, we have a great shot in all remaining games outside of Michigan. That's a huge "if" though. 6-6 feels like the ceiling right now.
  7. No it isn't. We comfortably beat Buffalo in 2021 and North Dakota in 2022 and the fan base had almost identical reactions. I do agree it was a well coached game and am not trying to do anything other than point out that our fan base overreacts to all highs and lows.
  8. Our fan base still overreacts when we play good against a weak opponent. HH played ok but the defense he faced was significantly weaker than Sims faced in the first 2 weeks. That said, I think you have to continue the trial by fire with him until it doesn't work.
  9. Name one in the power 5. What CU has done is unprecedented. Credit where it's due but this is lightning in a bottle that just doesn't happen.
  10. 10am kickoff do suck but for this particular game, I like it. Fans will be juiced up but not like they would be for a later kickoff.
  11. I'll add on to the original post I quoted you on. Here is what you said that I responded to- " Both Colorado and Nebraska have new first year coaches and both had access to the same pool of talent." Show me where Nebraska, or any other team in the nation, had a shot at the two best players on CU's team, because without them, this thread and CU's season would be on a different trajectory.
  12. Lol, what? How is me predicting this will be Rhule's best first year having a defeated opinion. Where did I say I was settled with 2-10 or 1-11?? Go back and read my post again. Here is what I said- "As far as the season being lost if we lose, that is also ridiculous. Even if we lose next week I am guessing 99% of us will still predict this being Rhule's best first year as a coach. 2-10 and 1-11, are the two previous first year records by our current coach." In other words, even if we lose this week, Nebraska is still going to finish better than 2-10 or 1-11. The season is not lost by losing to two power 5 programs, on the road, in the first two games ever coached by this staff. IMO, there would still be a very good opportunity to win 6 or more of the remaining games and still make a bowl game. Those saying the season would be lost are the ones with a defeated opinion.
  13. Lol, forgot we rushed for that many. 354 yards but gave up 380 and had 4 turnovers. With the new running clock rules, I doubt there will ever be another game with over 700 combined rushing yards. To the topic at hand, if we rush for 300 and if we have a clean game, we should win. Lot of ifs though
  14. I tried searching but couldn't find any results. I would be surprised if a Husker team has ever lost when rushing for 300.
  15. I think this rivalry is a good one to keep but, I'm not sure why any of the power 5 teams would schedule anything challenging during the early season once the 12 team playoff starts. Those matchups won't be necessary to receive a vote into the playoffs.
  16. If you are so fed up and mad at those of us who remain objective, why are you here? What are you trying to solve? Everyone here, except the undercover CU fans, were disappointed we didn't win that first game because it is one we should have won. However, overreacting does nothing but cast a negative vibe on the rest of the season for no reason. Most fans here understood that a 6 or 7 win season would be a great step in the right direction. That is still very possible. Maybe we get there and maybe we don't but there is nothing wrong, imo, with being optimistic and calling out the people trying to bring the entire forum down to your negative levels.
  17. This is complete BS and the real problem with so many people's arguments. Do you really think any team had access to their QB? I'm sure the coaches' son was willing to hear offers to play for someone other than his rich father who is making sure the kid has anything and everything. SMH... How about Hunter? Alabama, Georgia, and all the other top programs wanted Hunter but he wanted to play for Sanders and even turned down 7 figure offers to do so. He is being well taken care of, obviously. Everyone, and especially Rhule, did not have access to the two key people making CU look good right now. Without those 2 players, CU gets blown out by TCU and would look like everyone expected- not good. As far as the season being lost if we lose, that is also ridiculous. Even if we lose next week I am guessing 99% of us will still predict this being Rhule's best first year as a coach. 2-10 and 1-11, are the two previous first year records by our current coach. I completely get the disappointment but the temper tantrum overreactions are out of line imo.
  18. Just one player that broke the all time Colorado passing record.
  19. Colorado looks good but the TCU defense looks anemic. From their calls to tackling, not impressive at all. 2nd half will be interesting.
  20. Lot of fans blaming coaching on the 3 and out in the 4th quarter. 1st and 2nd down were RPO options, just like a LOT of other plays in the game where we ran the ball. Sims made the right decision on both of the plays as wide receivers were wide open. If Sims hits on either play, the play calling would have looked great.
  21. Being a football referee is a heck of a lot harder than most people think. I miss a few calls every game that I just flat didn't see. The view on the TV is so much easier than being in the middle of the chaos. I only referee lower level football so I can only imagine how much harder it is at the B1G level. That said, for the amount of money involved in the sport, there should be better referees and more accountability.
  22. With 4 turnovers it doesn't matter if the refs miss a call or two. Also, as was pointed out above, that likely doesn't change the play call by Minnesota or the outcome.
  23. In a lot of ways the game went better than I expected. We were in a position to win a game that few outside of Nebraska gave us much of a chance in. I don't have a lot of hope for the offense but our next 3 games are against much weaker defenses so they, and our coaching staff, will have a chance to make a lot of improvements before we face that level of competition again.
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