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  1. Solid man. Keep it coming in every thread no matter the topic. They will listen sooner or later.
  2. Exactly... but I do think the best team has won more often than not the last 10 years.
  3. Worth the gamble if there are no other available options.
  4. I am optimistic and think we did pretty dang good in the portal this year. The real problem is in your last sentence... Trying to get that many new guys to gel in just a few months is pretty hard, especially when they are joining a team that has struggled to perform in the last few years. Building early confidence will be key imo.
  5. I think it really depends on what happens during the first 8. If we are 6-2 or 7-1 with some confidence, I could see us winning 2 or 3 of those games. If we are struggling, we could easily lose those 4.
  6. Not within the newly defined rules they can't. However we all know that is exactly what is happening.
  7. Double or nothing on actual win total? I'll take 8+...
  8. Fair enough but I would consider this enough for me to not lose... May be a wash in the end like we thought may happen originally as some casino will eventually have them at 6.5 once enough people bet the unders.
  9. https://sportsbook.fanduel.com/navigation/ncaaf?tab=regular-season-wins Win Totals Nebraska Over 7.5 -140 / Under 7.5 +120 I seem to remember a friendly bet... might have to go dig that one up!
  10. Elon would be intriguing to say the least.
  11. I'm personally sick of both parties. It's embarrassing to try to explain to my children why we don't have better candidates running for the most important position in our country and possibly the planet. Money and corruption abound on both sides. Someone above had it right, try to vote for the lesser of two evils... or rather the person who markets themselves as such.
  12. That's where my mind is going. I think we will see high profile "walk-ons" in the future at the top programs.
  13. I would agree he didn't recruit well at Nebraska. I didn't take issue with that at all. However him taking Casey isn't an indication of his poor recruiting as you tried to say. The fact he beat out a pile of other teams, including USC and Auburn, actually is a feather in his recruiting cap. All of that aside, I still think a coaches recruiting ability has as much or more to do with their location and how much the team values them monetarily in this current NIL environment we are in. I'm guessing he ends up recruiting very well at Oregon with the financial backing they have and the proximity to Polynesian recruits. I guess time will tell.
  14. Both of them took high profile transfers soon after arriving to Nebraska. What are you getting at? Every major coach in the country is trying to take good transfers. Some haven't been successful but all are trying.
  15. He got there at the end of December? How is this a slam on his recruiting by taking an experienced portal player that he has already been coaching? I could care less about him but that's a bad take.
  16. He is going there to work with the same line coach he has been with- obviously feels he has been developed. You beat me to it lol
  17. Huh? I think a kid sticking it out at his current school through spring shows he was committed and did everything to earn his spot on the current roster. Post spring if things aren't working out, try to transfer to find the next best option. Not sure how that translates to not being committed to play?
  18. It's not like the coaches made him switch positions. He willingly filled the role because of several key injuries so calling him our starting running back is a stretch. Was he "misused" or was he given opportunities to showcase everything he could do? Go back and listen to some of his interviews from that season - he stated on numerous occasions he wanted to do everything he could do to help the team win. His decision to transfer likely did have some to do with how he was utilized but the elephant in the room was his mom's health and his lack of ability, due to Covid, for him to be able to go home to see his family. Bottom line is I agree it was a good decision. I just disagree with playing the blame game on Frost for trying to get the ball in his hands as often as possible. He was really all we had and he was willing to be that guy for us during that season.
  19. How much will a gallon of gas cost next year? Heck, even next week? We all understand your point but this question doesn't have an answer because it's a moving target. The reality is Nebraska is doing pretty good with NIL but the real question is are we doing enough to eventually compete with the best programs in the country? My guess is not yet but time will tell.
  20. I would agree it looks like he is coming here but there is the possibility that is intentional to try to get more cash from Texas. Hope not...
  21. I think we all know that number will forever be a moving target. Being in the process of raising doesn't mean they will get it or use all of it. Just like with anything, they will spend as little as they can to land the recruits they want.
  22. That's where we don't agree - Florida doesn't need 20 million to compete in the SEC. Just because their coach pulled a number out of his a$$ doesn't make it fact. Your trying to point out that Nebraska sucks in this department but the reality is we have no idea what our "annual pool" is. Should we believe Casey that Nebraska is doing pretty good? “First off, when I first got here they told me — like 17 or 18 different football players had vehicles. That’s unheard of,” Thompsons said on the podcast. “At Texas it was me, Bijan Robinson and one defensive starter — like 3 guys. “Nebraska athletics, there’s like 70 or 80 people across all sports that have either an apartment or a car or they’re getting NIL deals. … You’re gonna make six figures. If you’re a starter here on the football team, you can make over six figures.” https://saturdaytradition.com/nebraska-football/casey-thompson-on-nil-differences-between-nebraska-texas-you-can-make-6-figures-here/
  23. No, I'm saying that anytime millions of dollars are on the table, there is a high likelihood of corruptness. Of course all coaches want a huge balance to offer players.... doesn't mean they will get it. If Napier really needed 10 million, do you think he would ask for that much or shoot higher?
  24. I understand where you are coming from but we know many amounts are being exaggerated. Agents are glad to float ridiculous amounts out there to drive their commissions up on future deals. 17 year old's are also glad to exaggerate amounts in the ego driven society we live in. Writers for the athletic aren't above taking a cut to drive the fees up either. Players are making ridiculous money, there is no doubt. However, published amounts should be taken with a grain of salt.
  25. Hunter49, is that you? Another amazing take.
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