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  1. Was just replying to what you asked... "The NFL limits the number of players that can be on an active roster. Why can’t a college team?" The limits are a fallacy. Basically the NFL can have their 53 on any given day but have an unlimited number to pull from once you consider their practice squad, free agents, etc. Colleges do have limits currently but I'm not sure it makes any sense. I say that because their reasoning is to level the playing field to prevent team A from hoarding players to prevent team B from having them. Now that transfers and NIL are allowed, the limits don't really matter imo. Kids aren't locked in to any given school so you will rarely see great players ride the bench for 2-3 years waiting for their opportunity. Let Alabama waste a gob of money if they want to offer 150 scholarships. 75% of those kids will transfer in the first 18 months.
  2. An NFL roster is full of guys ready to play at every position. A college roster, at any given time, might have some % injured, and another large % in major developmental stages. Every NFL team has way more than their limited # on the active roster. They can pull players up from their practice squad at the drop of a hat when they have a need. They are limited but it is similar to a college travel roster type of limitation.
  3. Meh, shameful is a pretty strong word. The family was invited to numerous functions and celebrations of their son's life through the Husker program. It wasn't like they were ignored.
  4. Of course- nobody was claiming that. We are discussing scholarship limits and how it pertains to the Huskers currently being way over limit. The reality is we can keep 105 guys if we want to- just need the 1890 to pay the additional 20 guys tuition instead of UNL. The schools with deep enough pockets are already selectively recruiting the borderline 2-3 star guys who would maybe get a scholarship at a lesser school and trying to talk them into NIL tuition deals to come as a walk on. This isn't happening everywhere yet but it will be standard within the next few years.
  5. Plenty of examples- Some directly reference paying tuition https://www.si.com/college/2021/08/12/byu-football-nil-deal-walk-on-tuition-built-bar https://www.wibw.com/2022/04/17/k-state-athletes-surprised-with-paid-off-tuition/ While others just pay the whole team, including walk on players https://businessofcollegesports.com/name-image-likeness/texas-tech-footballs-matador-club-partnership-continues-trend-of-team-wide-nil-deals/
  6. I never said they were meaningless - I said they are meaning less than they previously did due to NIL. In other words, the scholarship cap doesn't matter nearly as much as it previously did because schools have a way to get tuition paid for their walk on players. This is already happening at many schools. The school is allowed to pay 85 directly but then the collectives can pay the tuition of an additional 20 making the cap pointless really.
  7. Adding scholarships, imo, would do nothing. Scholarships are meaning less and less these days due to NIL. As this progresses you will see more and more kids remain on teams as walk on players who are getting their tuition paid by NIL instead of a traditional scholarship. These additional players really make the cap for each team 105. Preferred walk on has a whole new meaning in today's college football.
  8. To all the college kids out there thinking about what conference to play in, I hope you are watching the Bill's vs Bengals this afternoon. 70s in late October in Tuscaloosa won't prepare you to win in the snow and cold in January.
  9. I tend to side with you on this overall but am torn at times because there are hidden success stories from angles that don't get media attention. In the age of recruiting services, some kids end up getting placed way above their actual abilities. My best friends son was one of them. My friend paid thousands to boost his sons profile. Eventually it worked and he got a great offer (for him). Fast forward a year and both my buddies kid, and the coaches realized it wasn't going to work at that level. He transfers to a lower level and all are happy. No headlines made but it was a very good thing for all involved.
  10. High school kids are a lot easier to impress and love to see their name in headlines. Transfers have expectations and play their cards differently.
  11. Good point. How quickly he recovers from his surgery probably will play into this. If he can't participate in spring ball, to me it is pretty hard to see him as the starter in the fall. Is he going to be content as a second or third sting QB? I doubt it.
  12. I don't think he would need the bag of tricks to recruit at Michigan. Whether he can let that go remains to be seen though. To me he would likely be the best available for them to get if their coach bails for the NFL this late in the game.
  13. Maybe PJ is going to Michigan and his guys know it?
  14. He has 2 seasons as an assistant with the Panthers. Prior to that he was an assistant at Lehigh, and a quality control coach at Baylor. He played for Rhule at Temple before suffering a career ending injury. After the injury he transitioned into a student assistant role at Temple. Nothing negative out there about him. He seems to fit the young energetic mold that Rhule is looking for.
  15. No or he would be going to the draft, not the portal. Yes. He would be a good addition but he isn't some world beater that will immediately fix the line. Those don't exist in the transfer portal.
  16. I agree with you mostly but I keep thinking CT is probably more capable as a runner than he has shown in the previous systems. However, Sims has to be the favorite to start simply because CT will miss all of spring ball while healing from his shoulder surgery. He isn't expected to be 100% until summer.
  17. Pretty sure a percentage of our fan base is going to take issue with most things until some results are shown on the field.
  18. Texas High School coaches recruit. They just have to do it through unconventional means- similar to the way colleges are poaching players off of other teams. 90 hours is likely an exaggeration but 60-70 is probably the norm for the top schools coaches through a good portion of the year.
  19. Many teams go into spring with inflated rosters. NIL also opens the door for more creative ways to keep a larger roster without being over on scholarships. Bottom line is yes, we absolutely have the room and yes, many will leave.
  20. I will be as well. Missing the spring with the new staff will make it tough for him.
  21. Never thought I would say it but this is entertaining lol. Local media guys will be following our thread soon to decode.
  22. I don't think you are wrong and I think Sims is capable of being that guy.
  23. I'm not sure he ever coaches again. Picture him in a living room sitting with a recruit and his parents convincing them he will make their young man a better person... He is a good coach but it was his recruiting prowess that landed him the high profile jobs he has had. That strength is all but gone now.
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