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  1. And the conspiracy crowd says... Regardless of your stance, the mid West is living like nothing is happening. And seems to be doing ok. Why?
  2. Knapp, that was pretty offensive to those stuck in wheelchairs. My wife spent a long time in one and it was a heck of a lot bigger deal than wearing a mask. We all get your point though...You feel very strongly about it and are frustrated that everyone isn't listening. Vegas has progressed to betting on actual attendance. I like the odds still that we at least play some form of a season. https://www.si.com/college/bostoncollege/football/vegas-odds-college-football-attendance-covid19-2020-season
  3. It is a hot take. Covid-19 will be solved by herd immunity. How we reach that herd immunity remains to be seen. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/herd-immunity-and-coronavirus/art-20486808 I won't wear a mask forever and neither will most of the free world. Equating that to a handicap is pretty rude to those that are in that position by the way. It would be the end of the world as we know it on this forum - pretty hard to play a sport or do anything very physical with your airway blocked. For what it's worth, I'm in no way against a person wearing a mask temporarily when there is sound medical reasoning behind it.
  4. Are you suggesting that herd immunity isn't the solution? Your a proponent of wearing a mask to slow the spread... forever? Or until a vaccine helps the world's population reach herd immunity?
  5. This is a hot take smh. The fact that 5% of the study group had antibodies suggests that herd immunity is absolutely achievable - they virus would just need to be more widespread or a vaccine would be needed to help the population create antibodies before it could happen.
  6. I would agree and also people's immune systems are a bit stronger during the warm months. I believe that's why death rates aren't climbing as fast as case numbers.
  7. Do you know any college athletes? I do personally know several and can say that they want to play. I know this isn't a representation of all student athletes, but based on my experiences I believe that the majority do want to play.
  8. While I don't agree with many on this thread, I do offer a genuine thank you to guys like Guy who make very intelligent arguments without demeaning anyone else. Some of us could take a lesson, including myself.
  9. I'm friends with a few non athlete Nebraska students who have recently tested positive for it. One had pink eye and no symptoms- apparently that is now a symptom? Another had a mild head ache for a couple days and then nothing. The third was tested out of caution and has had zero symptoms. According to their doctors, this is the norm with kids their age. It just doesn't have much impact on that age class. If it equates to mild to no symptoms for college age athletes, why can't they play a game? As SF said, they have just as good, if not a better, chance of catching this if they don't play.
  10. Well said landlord. As a coach I have seen this countless times through the years.
  11. Agreed, but from a scientific approach, getting a vaccine or catching Covid-19 will accomplish the same. The end result is a person with antibodies.
  12. So why is the entire world busy developing a vaccine? A vaccine is intended to speed up herd immunity. If there is no immune response, there is no chance that a vaccine can even work.
  13. I understand that everyone wants to point to something that works. I'm in that same boat. I just don't see any solution other than herd immunity. None of us wants to see people die unnecessarily but many of us also don't believe in the current strategies. I do think a mask, just about any mask, will slow this down. I however don't believe that will change the end result and I think it may cost our country more in lives, money, and world status by the time it's over. It stinks but it's here to stay. Learn to live with it just like all the other bad things we have grown accustomed to. And let those boys play football - I know they want to.
  14. https://time.com/5813628/china-coronavirus-statistics-wuhan/ I don't believe it has.
  15. https://fortune.com/2020/04/01/china-coronavirus-cases-deaths-total-under-report-cover-up-covid-19/ https://www.bbc.com/news/52311014 https://www.ft.com/content/77eb7a13-cd26-41dd-9642-616708b43673 https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus-testing https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-10/eu-points-finger-at-china-russia-for-covid-19-disinformation No other country has reported quite to the same level we have...
  16. You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is. There was/is absolutely mass fear. Other nations don't have the same media coverage that we do. In reality, we have no idea how Covid-19 is progressing around the world. Covid-19 is similar to the flu albeit more severe. The main difference is nobody had any resistance to it when it showed up. As we as a society start to develop some resistance, this will become less and less deadly to our people.
  17. So where does wearing a mask stop for those of you who believe in it? Do you propose we wear one until the virus is gone? Until we get a "vaccine" that may never be developed? Wearing a mask is something I would be willing to do IF there was an end in sight. If wearing one would in some way stop the virus, I believe we all would. The reality is wearing them won't stop it. It will slow it down, maybe. This is worldwide and will constantly be a part of our society for years to come. I have never been a fan of slowing down the inevitable- lets get this crap over with.... And play some football.
  18. I am with you 84HUSKERLAW. Knapplec are you one of those guys that wants to pull the bandaid off slowly? This is here to stay as part of our life for at least the next few years and likely longer. Other countries have done a better job of slowing it down. However, unless it is eradicated, they will all get it and we will be in a much better place here since the majority of our population will have some resistance to future outbreaks. I would rather fight the fight now for a few months than watch it ruin our economy and society for the next 5 years.
  19. I am paying attention, I just have a very different opinion. I believe a good portion of our media is being paid to narrate a message a certain way from multiple interests. I believe the virus is bad but that we as a society are going to have to learn to live with it. I believe we need to move forward before our economy gets to a point it can't. I believe our societies mental health is going downhill quickly. Imo, this will have a larger effect than the virus will on our overall population. I believe sports, work, and every day life returning would go a long ways towards fixing those problems. Football, and sports in general, returning would mean more to this country than many people understand imo.
  20. Being OK with something is not the same as regulating it by law/rule. A lot of men have fought and died for our freedoms. I stand up for those freedoms- even the ones that I may or may not be ok with personally. I would not support laws preventing gay marriage, flag burning etc. My apologies for the political tone to the post previously. I do believe it relates strongly to the topic but i digress.
  21. A Covid-19 carrier can walk freely in our country without breaking any laws, regardless of your opinions. Covid-19 isn't going to be stopped by a vaccine or more economy crippling mandates. There is a good chance this will be with us for many years and will only be curbed by some herd immunity. People need to adjust as they see fit. As a country we are not capable of continuing the way we have the last several months. Many people realize that and are either courageously or blindly moving forward with their lives. I also believe that much of the message we are being fed is political. I expect a softening of the messages within weeks after the election this fall because even our government, regardless of who wins the election, knows we can't continue this charade. Can football happen this fall. Of course it can but will the party trying to get into office allow it? Time will tell.
  22. I don't believe a persons health is mentioned anywhere in the constitution. If you want to live somewhere that people are told what and when to do something throughout every aspect of their lives, feel free to move to communist country. I know many people who would gladly catch this and move forward if they had the opportunity. Several of them are football players. By the way, as you and Branno have told me in the past, try to stay on topic.
  23. One trend I am really noticing, in general many of us are forming our opinions typically by our local experiences. In rural Nebraska we have next to no active cases, I'm coaching youth baseball, going out to eat, and living pretty dang normal. It's easy to think there will be a normal football season. If you are living in a hotspot, I can understand how opinions would be drastically different. I just spoke to an old friend this morning. He has been forced to work from home for over 3 months. His area has widespread active cases with no sign of it slowing down. He doesn't think there is any chance we play this fall. Regardless of location, I am talking to more and more people who disagree with the society protection methods. I don't believe it's the governments job to protect us from ourselves. Imo, each individual should have the right to make decisions about their own health. By all means, wear a mask, limit exposure time etc if you so choose. To me, that means that individual players should be given the opportunity to choose whether or not to play. Most of these kids want to play football and I believe we should let them play.
  24. There is an awful lot of BS that is having an effect on the topic of this thread. Politics will also have a big influence. I'm not sure if you have noticed, there aren't exactly a lot of sports being played right now to discuss.
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