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  1. The tournament board says final 1-1? I don't have enough service to watch...
  2. I tend to see it your way as well. I believe we are headed for 2 super conferences down the road.
  3. Worth the few minutes to watch this video... classic https://twitter.com/Hassel_Chris/status/1649501745549135884?t=cAeMulKnwT4w1O2jbFLfmg&s=01
  4. Not saying using a fullback won't work, especially here, but there are only about 20 teams left in the FBS that use one. It isn't like Frost was being a unique and that position, or lack of one, had no bearing on our terrible defensive and special teams play that accounted for so many of the losses. One could argue it would have gotten us a couple extra first downs on drives where we really needed one but with our horrendous line play I tend to think it wouldn't have mattered at all.
  5. The concept has been used by numerous coaches in the past. It isn't like we are copying what Deon is doing. Here is just one example. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/23/sports/ncaafootball/uniform-number-virginia-notre-dame-michigan.html
  6. A blackshirt is just another color of jersey.... Players absolutely care what their number is. I have seen fist fights over a number before at the high school level. Will it serve as good motivation? Who knows but I like the effort and attention to detail.
  7. I tend to think of QBs like Sims as being able to make up for some deficiencies in the running game and on the offensive line. Of course all QBs would be better with a solid rushing attack but I would rather have a dual threat at QB if I have concerns with my line.
  8. I agree that the injury plays a major role. However, Sims athletic ability makes him legit competition to take the starting spot even if CT is healthy - which he won't be during spring.
  9. Reality is almost always in the middle. Thompson is capable of being a decent, middle of the road, QB with a decent supporting cast. However, I personally think this thread dies fairly quickly after the spring because it will become apparent that he isn't going to be the guy under center in August.
  10. Understood -I wasn't patting myself on the back and was genuinely curious if I was missing something. "We played offensively in the exact ballpark we had for much of the season" - This is way off though - we averaged 67.9 points per game prior to the Iowa game. It was even lower if you remove the non-conference games. We over achieved on offense while holding Iowa well below their points average at home. I get it, captain obvious stuff, but obviously some people like yourselves didn't notice how tall of a task it was. I was honestly surprised we pulled it off.
  11. Not sure why people are finding this funny? We scored over 80 and played amazing defense. Seems like it was a pretty solid prediction.
  12. Nope - we needed to beat Michigan State and win at least 2 in the tourney to get anywhere close to the field of 64. Our only shot to make the tourney is to win it all. I honestly don't think we are a lock yet for the NIT. We are still ranked in the 90s... I think we need to beat Minny and at minimum have a good showing against Maryland to be considered.
  13. I get that. Nobody performs well without a great team effort. I just feel he gets left out of a lot of discussions. He had a great game yesterday and really stepped up on a few occasions when we really needed him. I am excited about the youth on the team but I'm afraid it will be another "rebuild" next year losing Walker, Griesel, and possibly Tominaga.
  14. It was a good win. Griesel is the unsung hero imo. He shot the ball really well and played amazing defense. We are going to miss him next year. Up next- beat Minnesota to guarantee a winning record on the season.
  15. We better find some serious offense to beat them at home. In their last 9 games at home they scored 112, 92, 81, 86, 93, 81, 93, 91, and 106. Nebraska has only scored 80 or more 3 times all year. We will need to do it again on Sunday, and play amazing defense, to have a shot.
  16. Nebraska went 5-2 in February and damaged several NCAA resumes in the process. Your conspiracy theory is false.
  17. Any idea why none of the men yet?
  18. You meant 8 conference wins, right? Pretty fun seeing them playing better than we all expected.
  19. I would agree it is Collin's to lose. With only one home game remaining and games at Illinois, Maryland, and Rutgers, It's not unrealistic to see them losing 3 of the last 4. When playing at home Maryland is 14-1, Illinois is 12-2, and Rutgers is 13-3. Can Nebraska win out and then pick up a couple wins in the tournament? Probably not but if that happens, and NW drop 3 of their last 4 and fizzles in the tournament, I think Fred gets it with roughly equal conference wins. Lot of IFs but still possible.
  20. Bit of a stretch. He did sit Sam after a decent game but they were intending to redshirt him. In general Fred has almost tried to ride the hot hand to much in years past. He is safe through next season for sure. He might win big ten coach of the year if they can finish strong.
  21. It's a fine line for him I'm sure. Would you rather be a healthy second string senior or take a chance to push it to hold the starting job? This spring is going to be pretty important as we transition to the new system. Missing spring would, imo, significantly lower his chances for being QB1 on August 31st.
  22. He was fun to watch - hope he can have a few more games like this the rest of the way.
  23. Was just replying to what you asked... "The NFL limits the number of players that can be on an active roster. Why can’t a college team?" The limits are a fallacy. Basically the NFL can have their 53 on any given day but have an unlimited number to pull from once you consider their practice squad, free agents, etc. Colleges do have limits currently but I'm not sure it makes any sense. I say that because their reasoning is to level the playing field to prevent team A from hoarding players to prevent team B from having them. Now that transfers and NIL are allowed, the limits don't really matter imo. Kids aren't locked in to any given school so you will rarely see great players ride the bench for 2-3 years waiting for their opportunity. Let Alabama waste a gob of money if they want to offer 150 scholarships. 75% of those kids will transfer in the first 18 months.
  24. An NFL roster is full of guys ready to play at every position. A college roster, at any given time, might have some % injured, and another large % in major developmental stages. Every NFL team has way more than their limited # on the active roster. They can pull players up from their practice squad at the drop of a hat when they have a need. They are limited but it is similar to a college travel roster type of limitation.
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