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  1. Sallis is far and away #1 on the board. If he wants N he has a spot even if they're 15 scholarships over the limit. But they're going to have more than 1 spot open for next year. It's not me wishing it or saying it blindly. It's just the reality of college basketball.
  2. That's the blessing of Fred's system though- everyone is the same size. Saint is 6'6 200lbs. Guy can probably guard 2-4 once he fills out in college. Nebraska should be offering him a scholarship no matter what happens with Sallis. We've offered plenty of other 2021 SF's in the last few days. Might as well offer the local kid that fits what you want to do.
  3. it feels like there has been a McCaffery at Iowa for like 10 years
  4. Thor is a Senior. That's 1. Arop will be gone after next year. That's 2. Kobe Webster is a 1 year guy. That's 3. I would wager at least 1, if not 2 of: Stevenson, McGowens (if immediately eligible), King (if immediately eligible), Walker, Allen will leave to pursue pro careers overseas. Most of those are transfers, Stevenson will be 23, Walker will be 23, King will be 22, McGowens will be 21. Most people that are good enough by that point begin to explore their professional options. That's 4, possibly 5. And that assumes Banton doesn't go pro (> 0% chance) and Ouedraogo comes back for his Junior season (likely but you hold your breath with foreign born players every year). If I had to guess right now, they're planning for 3 scholarships, understanding 4 could very easily happen this offseason, and need to maintain enough contact with guys that if they have to fill 5 they can. Edit- Yes I know they have a commitment from Keisei. I did not include him in the above "Analysis". So that means planning on 2 more, likely theres 3 more, with 4 more scholarships a possibility.
  5. History tells us we'll be taking between 3-5 kids annually. Saint is an intriguing prospect from an area we're trying to make inroads in who is teammates with our top target in the same class. And he's a legitimate high major talent. It makes no sense why we wouldn't.
  6. I’m going to be very mad if we don’t offer
  7. https://www.ctinsider.com/uconn/nhregister/article/With-2020-recruiting-class-sealed-UConn-15298649.php?cmpid=gsa-nhregister-result&_ga=2.234941314.22894644.1590614075-952476009.1558549699#photo-19462930 UConn beat writer put out an article on their 2021/22 primary targets and Hunter isn’t on it.
  8. For those in the “Fred takes too many transfers” club, decent company to be in:
  9. biggest month in AAU hoops won’t have any coaches (if they’re even playing at all)
  10. Final 3: TTU, Houston, Nebraska
  11. https://phenomhoopreport.com/2022-elijah-perkins-ranney-school-earns-big-offer-from-nebraska/
  12. I would venture they’d make room if he called Abdelmassih and said he wanted N.
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