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  1. I’m sure he’ll be fine but that’s a pretty tough situation for him. Wonder if Tulane would take him back- they’ve done a great job developing skill players. Spears is a stud.
  2. Huge emphasis in Texas, and we will make it a priority to recruit in-state, including Omaha, very heavily and frequently. Oh, and you can bet that if you have a skill-position offer at this stage, you are a multi-sport athlete likely also in some form of track and field events during the spring
  3. Track guy. This is a very Rhule esque offer. Wants to do both in college. FAST
  4. Player: Jaylen Lloyd Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Westside Position: Athlete Height: 5-10 Weight: 160 Power 5 Offers: Illinois, Nebraska, Texas Tech Visits: 12/4/22 - Junior Day Twitter 247 Composite: On3 Composite: Rivals: 247: On3: ESPN: Hudl
  5. A few more things to add: - Agree with the over-pursuit comment- Purdue ran the same play 5-6 times where they would pull the tackle and guard one way and run backside against the flow of traffic to take advantage of our over-pursuit on defense - We are also fairly undisciplined in our pass rush, often going out of our lanes to try and make a play. Fine line between taking yourself out of the play and making the play- great example of this was the first play of the Fourth Quarter the 3rd and 11 from the Purdue 9- Mathis took himself out of the play rushing too far upfield and AOC stepped right into his vacated lane to fire a dart for the first down - I don’t see what others see with Hausmann (yet) - can probably develop into a good player in the long term but he definitely shouldn’t be on the field in the current state (understand he’s only out there due to injuries) - We are going to need a USC esque roster flip this offseason with the portal. I’m talking 15+ total guys, and it’ll break out something like: 1 QB, 3-4 WR, 1-2 TE, 2-3 OL, 3-4 DL, 1-2 ILB, 2-3 OLB, 3-4 DBs. - I also hated the defensive alignment, especially when we were bringing pressure- felt like we gave way too much room to their WRs and frankly I was shocked we didn’t double 15 on some of the key downs (including the last third down conversion) - People are going to freak about the TOP difference and I get it but Mickey basically said this is the style of game they wanted to play to have a chance to win and they scored 37 points. Will never be mad about efficiently putting up 37 points when we also had two turnovers in the same game. If the D wants off the field, its on them to make tackles in space and force punts
  6. - Trey Palmer may legitimately have a claim as the best WR at NU by the time he’s done here if he stays another year - Lots of missing pieces still on both sides of the ball - Guys mentally are in a different stratosphere than they’ve been in the last few years. NU would have 100% folded down 10-0 in previous years, nice to see the fight even if we’re flawed - Thought we were just a step slow everywhere on defense and it showed big time on some of the near misses on the longer throws AOC was able to make. Need to up overall team speed - Poor tackling will continue and won’t be fixed overnight, although it is getting better than earlier this year - Anthony Grant has somewhat come back to Earth after the hot start, not sure if thats an OL thing or scheme thing or what - Oliver Martin has sneakily emerged as a nice #2 WR the last few weeks - Vokolek has really emerged as a receiving threat in addition to the blocking, he may have a shot at the NFL - Some fans will be mad about TOP but love to celebrate the multiple sub 2 minute TD drives - Most importantly, I’m still having fun watching this team. Get healthy during the idle week next week and see what happens against Illinois. Would love to squeak into a December bowl game if possible.
  7. I will be in the house for this one. One my best friends married into a Rutgers family (big donors, season three for MBB, FB, Wrestling). Can’t wait.
  8. - Learned the post game feeling after a win (especially over a conference opponent) is really really fun and makes you forget about all the things that almost/did/could’ve gone bad during the game - Learned that the kids really responded to the tough love and emotion on the sidelines - Trey Palmer is that dude - Hunter Anthony came in and… did pretty well - We have some talented young defenders in Gunnerson, Butler, Hartzog - Team played loose and fast. Made a ton of mental mistakes (hence the penalties) but i was happy they seemed to shrug it off and continue to play hard - Team has a little bit of backbone after all - Oliver Martin.. can be pretty good when he’s out there - Ervin will have a bigger and bigger role as the season progresses - Whoever picks this thing up in December is gonna have a decent foundation to work with, even if there are some glaring issues
  9. $5M pool for assistants isn’t enough. You need $1.5-$2 for an elite OC and DC each and a then everything else starts at $300 from there
  10. good to see- hopefully it leads to a few additional route opportunities
  11. I really wonder how much the staff (if at all) will be able to rotate in guys like Buckley, Newsom, etc in some of these early games against North Dakota, GA So, NW, etc. They may not truly be “ready” but getting them live snaps early in the season will be critical should someone go down and they have to get plugged in. Can’t have a guy who isn’t ready also have zero snaps total and then all of a sudden we need him to play 30 snaps v Iowa/Wisconsin/Michigan etc. Also would help save some of our top end guys like Robinson and Feist if we can get them off the field earlier in those games than later.
  12. Would be an interesting name but has a crazy history:
  13. I am the best man in a wedding so won’t be able to watch unfortunately. At least I get to play Baltusrol as part of the weekend
  14. Player: Tyler Betsey Hometown: Windsor, CT School: St. Thomas More AAU: NY Rens Position: Forward Height: 6’7 Weight: 175 Major 7 Offers: Nebraska, Iowa, Rutgers, TCU Visits: Twitter: 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: ESPN: Highlights
  15. Player: Jackson McAndrew Hometown: Minneapolis, MN School: Wayzata AAU: Howard Pulley (Nike EYBL) Position: Power Forward Height: 6’8 Weight: 190 Major 7 Offers: Nebraska Visits: Twitter: 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: ESPN: Highlights
  16. Player: Kayvaun Mulready Hometown: Worcester, MA School: Worcester (MA) Academy AAU: Position: Point Guard Height: 6’4 Weight: 210 Major 7 Offers: Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Providence, Wake Forest, Washington Visits: Twitter: 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: ESPN: Highlights
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