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  1. I agree 100. Chinander did this last year. Come out aggressive then went conservative. The defensive game plan was the biggest problem last week imo
  2. You've got real locker room issues if you are giving this speech. The defense has its issues but I dont think this is directed at them. I'm just hoping to get to 6 wins and get to a bowl. I would love to see am extra month of practice for the young olinemen
  3. These NFL refs worse than john o Neil's crew....they got money on the packers

  4. This is retarded and has nothing to do with winning games
  5. My concern is that he's ruuning a pac 12 offense and a pac 12 defense in a conference that is the total opposite
  6. maybe, but i dont think so. Something has seemed 'off' with this team and i frequently find myself wondering if something is going on in the locker room between players or with coaches.
  7. I agree. If Scott wants to continue to call plays and go cheap on o coordinator he needs to go out and get a legitimate d coordinator
  8. a few years after they decide to stop being a soft finesse football team
  9. And he'll stick in base defense all game because he's afraid to bring help
  10. From what I saw they looked they had no idea how to handle the 3 or 4 plays minny ran all over them with all game
  11. If you recall the oline was terrible last year until they fired bum conrad and put farmer at center. I dont think ppl realize how much of a difference it makes having a center that knows what they are doing. After that zig took off.
  12. He is objectively bad. The problem tho is that he cant run block.
  13. Here's the thing....Alex Davis is a 3rd down pass rush specialist ONLY. I mean I'm no expert
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