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  1. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Spring Practice Notes

    thanks thats caleb tannor right?
  2. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Spring Practice Notes

    is andrew bunch still around? i thought he transferred out
  3. Lord, get this man some help...


    1. Moiraine


      I don't think he has good people in his life that know him well, vice versa. I know he's had a lot of support, but my understanding is that was mostly from Cowboys people who were mostly concerned with him not being a waste of $.

  4. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    if its even 1/10th of this, no thanks. i can't handle virtue signaling by the supposed self-righteous. especially when only part of the story is known. its deplorable.
  5. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Some of the virtue signaling here is way out of control. I know you all were angels when you were 15.
  6. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    how do you know this are you a lawyer?
  7. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I hope he has already contacted a lawyer. I would think, if charges are filed, they would have to prove that he actually hit the button and sent the text. Seems like an ahole move but I would have no problem with suspending him for a few games and making it a learning experience.
  8. congrats to slauson.  dude ended up having nice nfl career despite going thru a dark era of husker football.

  9. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Do we need top 5 classes to be successful?

    good coaching and player development are higher priorities in my opinion. once you maximize those then you can start to worry about if your talent is good enough. wisconsin is a good example. they get a ton out of their kids, have a good system in place as far as offensive and defensive coaching/strategy, but they are always a little limited talent-wise. if i was them i would really be trying to figure out how to up the talent level in certain areas to take it to the next level.
  10. onlyHskrfaninIL


    There is a much easier solution. Add a week and make the playoffs 6 or 8 teams. Its basically the BCS in a playoff format.
  11. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Tangent Thread - Bad Fans Edition

    added to what? why do you care?
  12. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Tangent Thread - Bad Fans Edition

    wasn't there a coaching change? not really the same thing
  13. the thing for the kids is nice. the wave thing where you put your hands over your head is super lame.
  14. onlyHskrfaninIL

    Tangent Thread - Bad Fans Edition

    cool story. i think you're a tool for telling someone not to share their opinion on a message board.