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  1. MKO

    Carl Pelini

    Sorry if this has been posted, but it appears that FAU fans are really unhappy about hiring Carl. The thread is ripe with Bo and Carl's "highlights" from the TAMU game last year. Personally, I hope Carl has some success down there, but they make some good points.
  2. I'm a UNL grad attending graduate school down here at OKState, so I've been looking forward to this game ever since I knew I was heading here! I've watched a few of OSU's games (when they didn't interfere with Husker games), and I think we match up well with them. Most of their games have been shootouts; it seems like teams have been able to move up and down the field on OSU quite easily. Also, a few of their games have had more turnovers than a bakery (for both teams). As long as NU takes care of the ball, OSU is likely to make some mistakes and give us some short fields. Weeeden has a great arm and good poise and Hunter is a baller, but they haven't really faced a stout defense yet, and they've struggled versus some bad-to-average teams. The T-Boone can get loud and crazy, and it will be homecoming, but the capacity is smaller than Husky stadium, and there better be some red in there to mitigate the noise! That said, 60,000 Oklahomans screaming with their f-in' hillbilly drawls might be too much to handle... Also, if any of you are heading down and have any questions about Stillwater, let me know - I've only been here for a few months, but this town isn't too big.
  3. really feels good about how NU's recruiting is shaping up this offseason

  4. FIFY, Beebes: Not Nebraska, Mr. Beebe. We've got a Super16 Parachute.
  5. Oh sweet lord is this guy for reals?
  6. MKO

    Oklahoma Huskers

    Hey folks I just wanted to say "hi." My wife and I are moving to Stillwater in a few months so I can get my PhD @ OK State. We're moving from Minnesota...so it will be a bit of a change for us. Lookin forward to possibly seeing some of you at some watch parties this season...well, for the next 4 seasons!
  7. MKO

    S Aaryn Bouzos

    Definitely. His video is impressive. He really lays the wood and just explodes to the ball.
  8. MKO

    DT Quincy Russell

    Yea you really cannot blame the kid for this. Too bad, but sometimes life is bigger than football, even in Texas.
  9. General Motors, I think.
  10. I like this one better.
  11. Same with me - I'd sacrifice 10 years of Vikings going under .500 for one Husker national championship. Just don't hurt AD, Suh!
  12. As a Vikings fan, I'm kind of excited. The good news is I'll get to see him play against my team twice a year. The bad news is he'll be playing against my team twice a year.
  13. Thanks for that snippet...it's definitely Bo saying "I just want to say that Nebraska's back and we're here to stay." Compare to this, skip to 1:03.
  14. I found the audio, at least... It sounds like maybe just some audio glitch?? It's not Bo saying that "Nebraska's back and we're hear to stay," is it? (EDIT: I think it might be, but maybe there was some reverb or something that distorted it) Here's the audio replay of the game. Skip to the tunnel walk (1:55:30) to hear it for yourself. The actual comment is at 1:56:30 (Huskers.com audio archives, in case link doesn't work) Nice catch, Canttakeitanymore.
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