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  1. Warrior10

    OT Jimmy Fritzsche

    We have told him if he doesn't sign next week his spot is gone. Clemson told him to take his time and OV in Jan.
  2. Warrior10

    DE Ty Robinson

    In home is tonight.
  3. Warrior10

    OLB Brandon Mack [Pittsburgh Commit]

    Used 3 OV's so far. Has 1 scheduled with Ole Miss. Us, Tenn, Louisville trying to get last visit. He's enamoured with the SEC and to some degree the ACC. Don't think we are in the running really.
  4. Warrior10

    OT Jimmy Fritzsche

    They are trending well with Putnam, hopefully Jimmy is his plan B.
  5. Warrior10

    JUCO CB Tony Wallace

    Not worried, at all.
  6. Warrior10

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Didn"t see ADS answered.
  7. Warrior10

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I think we'd forsure take first three, Banks may be odd man out if we get Jackson. Probably depends how other numbers fall, mainly do we get Pola-Gates and have to take cousin? If so, Banks is probably out. Imo. Highly unlikely scenario. Don't think Summerall and Jackson have much connection as they play different positions.
  8. Warrior10

    DE Ty Robinson

    Us and Oregon, leaning to us.
  9. Warrior10

    Who's Next?

    Gotcha. Seems like Jimmy is just going through the formalities to commit.
  10. Warrior10

    Who's Next?

    Think Wallace commits prior to his TCU visit? As of right now I'd put my money on Jimmy Fritzsche.
  11. Warrior10

    CB Tavian Mayo

    Be interesting to see where they have Gates slated.
  12. Warrior10

    CB Myles Bell

    That's fine.
  13. Warrior10

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    As it pertains to good commentary and fun, yes. Update from ASU boards after Herm (ASU) & Tosh (Bama) in homes last night is there is still no clear favorite. Silently committed to Bama in June but made it clear he was going to hear others out. Pros for each school: Bama- Dominant, Db's to league, prestige. ASU- Play early, family can watch. Neb- Trusts staff, potential playing time, NT cousin can join.
  14. Warrior10

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    At least you acknowledge it, tip of the cap.