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  1. MissSt, UCLA and Oregon offered in last few days.
  2. Farmer is far ahead of Sullivan. Both are pure safeties though, so not much connection to Newsome.
  3. Moderate deal, imo. I thought Nixon had a chance to give us some go. Newsome was going to provide solid depth as #3/#4 CB and ST.
  4. Lot of smoke that Will Nixon tore his ACL and Quinten Newsome broke his leg.
  5. Walked around Wisconsin and OhioSt campuses last week to get a feel for things. Really liked Wisconsin and thinks OhioSt is close to offering. Going to do the same thing with Neb and Iowa next week. Has 5 teams he's focused on but doesn't want to announce them. Prefers to take visits in fall, but if he finds the right fit he'll commit before season. Him and Fidone would be a crazy good class, this kid is going to get a large rating bump.
  6. Sam Jackson, Albert Regis, D'Marion Alexander, and Tamarion Crumpley.
  7. Don't look now but Minny's had four de-commitments in the last month.
  8. Auburn, Mizzou and Neb at the top.
  9. The Iowa transfer that is arguably a better talent and won't cost us a scholarship in this smaller class.
  10. It's happening. Schaefer said we were no longer in the picture and Trieu switched his CB to ASU. Best of luck to Mbow, we just stumbled into a much better deal.
  11. I'd been on the fence for awhile, but today's news put me over the edge. The numbers game points to other positions needing it more.
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