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  1. This one will be interesting (although probably not for us), PSU usually handpicks who they want from Lackawanna each year... they'll have some competition here.
  2. OhioSt will be in the mix too, imo.
  3. Big class for Dline recruiting imo. Only have taken 4 high school recruits last two class and head into next year with 7 Jr/Sr. Really preferred we would of taken 3 high school prospects in 2020 class, but we whiffed on a few. Can't afford to again.
  4. Sounds like he's got a bunch of non-committable offers, ours included. I'd prefer to keep it that way.
  5. Transferred out of Miami Northwestern. Visiting A&M again this weekend. Looking to visit us and Tennessee. Don't see us being in the mix at the final bell.
  6. We've told him he has an offer on both sides. Right now he prefers D, I think that's where it's coming from.
  7. Staff loves him, I think he does. Was one of the first 2021 guys Frost went and saw in Nov.
  8. Watch for Spring Game fireworks here imo.
  9. Fidone's dad all but committed in that interview with Fong. Was very pro- Nebraska.
  10. Hasn't heard from us since Christmas, other programs are getting involved.
  11. Decomitted from Ole Miss, on FSU visit today.
  12. Two pretty important weekends coming up with 2021 kids on campus next couple weekends. Be nice to have a full staff in place. If we are making a splash hire might be good to announce today or tomorrow so the place is "buzzing" Friday when they get here.
  13. Sounds like that's his top 2 right now.
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