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  1. This is where my numbers don't add up. WR 3 JUCO NT 1 JUCO DE 1 ILB 1-2 OLB 2-3 HS DB - 1 HS DE - 1
  2. If we are bringing him in with the expectation that he's a solid backup, we are in a bad place.
  3. This week last I heard. Realistically we needed him and a similar grad transfer.
  4. This would be very bad, like very bad.
  5. Yes, it could. But Payne isn't. I'm not saying they are wrong, just that they'll change their tune.
  6. Yes, but that is irrelevant to the discussion about taking JUCO's that are late grads.
  7. He could be a backup for Coates, correct. But Aho isn't a backup and we are ok with him being a later grad.
  8. It's really not a big deal, imo. Happens all over the country. Do you feel for the kid, yes.... but it's part of the game.
  9. We've really changed our stance on JUCO's since the staff got here. We want from refusing any non-January enrollees to taking summer enrollees.
  10. Our former players need to pump out some 6-6 290 athletic as hell 5 star legacy sons like elder Epenesa did for Iowa.
  11. That's a pretty well put together 6'6 300.
  12. Think this comes down to a UM vs USC battle.
  13. I know you're just reporting what is being reported Mav, but I don't think we take less than 24 if we close on the right ones.
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