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  1. As it stands now, not really. If you look at the twelve states that make up that radius, for the most part, the 2021 class has 29 4-star+ recruits. If you look at the 2022 class it has 32 4-star+ recruits, largely related to Missouri's nine in 2022 compared to their three in 2021. If you focus on the six states that we've actually shown the ability to recruit high level talent from (Neb, Colo, SD, Kan, Iowa, Minn) and take out the ones we've shown little/no ability to recruit high level talent from (Okla, Missouri, Wisc, Illinois) the numbers are less in favor of 2022: 2021: 12 4-star+ 2022: 8 4-star+
  2. Not a realistic option as work toward mending/building the Metro relationships.
  3. Teach is probably going through withdrawals from no gamedays in Lnk. Rollins was quoted previously saying Iowa was an offer he really wants.
  4. Carnie would run through every wall between Norris and Memorial Stadium to wear the N. Rollins would be on the basketball court if given the choice.
  5. Yup, this recruitment essentially ends tomorrow one way or another...imo.
  6. Fair warning, i'll lose it if we don't offer him tomorrow...
  7. IF we get a fall schedule announcement I am curious to see if he decides to rejoin his teammates in Lincoln next week.
  8. It was Deyo. However, I consider that rhetoric over because Wisconsin has now offered and is after him. If he's good enough for their 3-4, he's good enough for ours.
  9. I don't get the lack of interest from us in DT Hunter Deyo. Four star teammate of Findone.
  10. I agree, I've been driving that train for awhile now. Was just curious if Mav had some additional goods.
  11. You got some news to share or what?
  12. Would like to see Eli Larson join as a walk-on.
  13. Looks very comfortable in space, that would bode well at OLB....
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