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  1. Warrior10

    RB Marvin Scott III

    Wiltfong answered this. It is this saturday around noon (I assume EST). Huh?
  2. Warrior10

    ATH Rishard Densmore

    You do all the work so whatever works for you. Just was looking through what he did at The Opening and noticed his measurables from then.
  3. Warrior10

    ATH Rishard Densmore

    Not that it matters Mav, but appears he measured in at 5'11 not 6'1 this year.
  4. Warrior10

    RB Marvin Scott III

    Like Labor day weekend?
  5. Warrior10

    JUCO DT Jahkeem Green [Nebraska Commit]

    I was on the other side, until I saw him.
  6. Warrior10

    Colorado Tickets

    I'm beginning to get nervous on the scalping market come gameday.
  7. Warrior10

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    Latest message board rumor: Someone talked to his HS coach and he said if he visits here it's a done deal.
  8. Warrior10

    RB Sevion Morrison [Nebraska Commit]

    This is a situation where I love the early signing period. He can't wait till Feb and then leave us hanging. If he doesn't sign in Dec, we'll start recruiting like he isn't signing.
  9. Warrior10

    Who's Next?

    I concur.
  10. Warrior10

    RB Sevion Morrison [Nebraska Commit]

    Realized he might get left in the dust if he tries waiting till Feb for OU offer?
  11. Warrior10

    DE Nusi Malani

    Sounds like OV set. Not sure when, it's a rivals article.
  12. Warrior10

    ILB Rodney Groce, Jr.

    He's liking MissSt.
  13. Warrior10

    Fall Camp Notes

    Deontai with the INT there. But more important note on that play is if you pause it and look who's standing next to Austin.....Jaimes is suited up but is sporting a very big elbow brace.
  14. Warrior10

    OLB Tyler Berrong [USF Commit]

    I agree, it's just a small piece of the puzzle. I'm still surprised by it, as I am with Herbig. I'm not sure we were pushing terribly hard here.