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  1. We canceled his OV for this week as we are full at TE.
  2. Have to think there is some pressure there with Bianco on his way.
  3. Getting Kanak'd.... again.
  4. 247 guy who covers Florida says Miami OV next weekend and OhioSt the following. Does plan to commit in July.
  5. Reminds me of Eric Burrell a little bit. Another northeast DB that we lost to Wisky and it seemed like he started 1000 games for them.
  6. Sounds like they are taking at least 4 WR's this class between what they plan to lose to draft and lost to transfers.
  7. Except the part that if he gets a commitable offer from them he won't be our guy.
  8. Has a meeting with Day today after working out for OhioSt yesterday, I got a bad feeling.
  9. I apologize, I read it wrong.
  10. So he made a top that didn't include us while he's on his OV here?
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