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  1. Family huge OU fans. Setting up a visit there. CB to them from OU 247 guy. Supposedly Callahan put in a prediction for N.
  2. I wanted to throw WR in there but felt like I'd just be throwing a dart at the board. Handful of names would fit the bill there. Don't see the new Poly DL kid hanging around but not sure he'll transfer before fall camp. Can't see Butler leaving. He seemed to turn the corner, in multiple ways, and is set for major PT in 2023 if he can keep progressing.
  3. I believe it on Lynum. He's the type of kid you want progressing his early years, it's more just a testament to how much/well Fisher is stocking that room. Lynum, along with Clark, are guys I'm rooting for but also wonder if they have the natural talent to beat out the Hill's, Buford's, Brown's, Newsome's, Williams'. Yeah he's been medically cleared a time or two and hit some setbacks. Wishing him the best though!
  4. Plenty of options yet. DB: NPG, Johnson, Lynum, Wright (health) OLine: Conn, Lynn LB: Malcom, Snodgrass....neither probably likely RB: Stepp
  5. I believe the schools had something like 2-3 days to have them formally into the portal. At Nebraska that would be caught and reported by the media within hours. However, at Illinois there is a chance there isn't quite the media focus and it was missed/not reported till now. Or it was reported and we are just now seeing another report of it. Or I could be completely wrong on how long the school has to formal enter them.
  6. So not immediately eligible? We should an interesting long-term piece with a RS in 2022. But we need to win in 2022.
  7. Yeah just saw its supposedly a done deal with a "massive" NIL deal.
  8. Jordan Addison in the portal. Every program in the nation will be after him, hopefully Whip can be Mickey's foot in the door.
  9. So there's a 55% chance that there is a 98% chance that he is N?
  10. He didn't go through spring practice fwiw.
  11. Time to find out if we want to be a big boy in the NIL world.
  12. Without looking it up I'd estimate the Omaha Metro to be about 3x the Lincoln "Metro".
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