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  1. Don't believe he's visited anyone but us recently, that's usually good news.
  2. 247 guys saying commit news this happening this weekend. EDIT: Marquis Black
  3. One of his best friends (Jalen Suggs) is likely headed to Zaga to play bball, that is contributing to this interest.
  4. Obviously Coach T is reading my posts on here..... In all seriousness, this is great news!
  5. That's a great point of view from a Husker fan....
  6. Don't think there will be much fending to be done.
  7. We are still pushing hard here. Us and UCLA at top, UCLA OV in Nov. BYU ther 3rd team.
  8. I hope Gunnerson can stay at OLB, we need edge rushers in a bad way. I think we are both seeing the picture at DE the same, we need roughly 3 bodies new bodies this class to have ready in a couple years. My concern comes from we only have two legit DE targets right now and one is heavily favored to stay West. The sky isn't falling for me by any means, I just continue to wait for new names to pop up and so far they aren't. Joe Moore was mentioned a couple wks ago, wonder if he's still in play.
  9. I wondered if he'd take the Stille route. I think that would be like ripping the bandaid off one hole (OLB) to fix another.... unless you hit it big at OLB this class.
  10. Rogers, Wildeman, Robinson, Newsome correct? I wouldn't be surprised if Rogers pr Robinson was mainly an NT. We need bodies there next year. We only took two Dline guys each of last two years once you factor in Piper and Banks moving. We need bodies.
  11. I remain cautiously worried about DE.
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