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  1. O: Allen with a TD D: JoJo forces a turnover
  2. O: if I keep picking Mills I have to be right at some point, right? 110yds and 1 td. D: Reimer, seems too easy.
  3. Mills - 112 2tds Dismuke - has an Int
  4. Like the upside here, good get by TT. Now go get Savea and call it good unless another stud wants N.
  5. O: Mills goes for 100+ D: TyRob is disruptive a few times
  6. I soley use the website via my mobile phone. The layout changed and I cannot find where to access my notifications/messages.....


    Any help?

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    2. admo


      Don't listen to them. 


      Mobile DMs are easy to get to.  Just check the freezer.  If you can't find them there, grab a few T-bones and lets go grill! chuckleshuffle

    3. Toe


      @admo I went to the freezer and didn't find any T-bones, I only have these eight pounds of ribeyes. :(

    4. admo


      @Toe That will work too, sounds amazing!  Should I bring a big bucket of fresh potato salad, or just loaded baked potatoes?

  7. Remarkable how well he moves on film given his size, would like this get.
  8. I think we'd be a distant second if USC was more interested. Word from the left coast guys is they really aren't sure how interested USC is right now and it's tough to get a read because in past Simmons has occasionally exaggerated interest level and even offers from "bigger programs".
  9. I think Weaver is Rocky Top bound if they'll take him, us being second fiddle. Tobin isn't deciding till Feb/spring, aka wants more offers. Buckley seems to be looking for an offer he doesn't have. Savea would be a great get and I do think we are setting well. What are your thoughts (Decked & Mav)?
  10. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 we are actually in on are doing just that, Tobin and Buckley.
  11. Can we really afford to be picky with how Dline recruiting is going?.....
  12. Weird situation going on. California obviously postponed the HS season to spring. However, he wanted to play in the fall. His family found a clause/loophole in Georgia that if his parents legally separated he could move to Georgia with one parent and be immediately eligible. So.... his parents legally seperated, his Dad (retired) and him moved to Georgia where he was deemed immediately eligible. But then his parents publicly stated they plan to legally re-marry once the season is over, which led to Georgia reversing their decision and deeming him immediat
  13. Not much. Regional teams are pushing, ND and Clemson sniffing around.
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