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  1. UCLA 247 guys said they 85% confident he'll be a Bruin.
  2. Any chances this wraps up in next 36 hours or is this a Feb deal? Feb would worry me because that's when the big dogs will be chasing "best available". UF, LSU, UGA, etc make this a different game.
  3. There was an interview with Bretz where he touched it in. He basically said he's not pushing AD at all, that we'd love to have him but he's got to make the best decision for himself.
  4. Could be right, but I think KJ will get there and tell him it's fine.
  5. Wearing Iowa stuff to Johnson's signing and tweeting about it, I think they'll rejoin the picture. I prefer Helms.
  6. I'd go the portal route if we miss on Savea.
  7. Saw they pulled Burkhalter from Oregon at OLB. Loved his film.
  8. Saw Sommerville signed with them, that helps. However, Arden Walker was silently committed to them this past weekend and signed to Mizzou today per reports.
  9. Yes imo, because it's the same thing that happened with multiple left coast/poly prospects last year. I actually think TT is a heckuva coach. What he's got out of Rogers, TRob, DDaniels and the jump from Stille has been remarkable. 2020 Daniels and Stille are night and day better than 2019. Not sure I agree with your other 3 names you listed Newsome (hasn't played), Green (hasn't done anything when has played and role was cut as season went on), Payne (plays OLB with Dawson). I also believe TT could be/is a strong recruiter with good ties. However, I am no
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