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  1. 247 already has him rated way higher than Rivals at 87. National 247 guy said this morning that he could move even higher.
  2. The hype around Genetone seems to be bigger from fans. But Stenger is the better prospect to coaches/recruiting services if offers, ratings, etc are any indication. Stenger: P5 offers from KSU and Neb. Rated 87 3star by 247 (higher than Appleget). Allen Treiu stopped the the 247 board and said based on the film he's seen that rating could be going up. Genetone: No P5 offers, he camped at a lot of P5 schools too (KU, WashSt, Neb, KState, etc). No rating by 247. I also wonder if Genetone isn't closer to 5'11 than 6'1. * I wish we could get Genetone on board in some fashion. Maybe the Issac Gifford 1-year walk on offer. Couldn't play that game with Stenger when he has P5 offers.
  3. Coincidently his potential scholly may have just been taken.
  4. He has the opportunity to walk on.
  5. It was being reported last weekend that the visit was off, so not really last second.
  6. O: Allen gets a TD D: Henrich racks up a bunch of tackles.
  7. Hopefully everyone..... O: Allen with a TD D: a non-senior DB with a pick
  8. O: AMart. Stats wise he has owned Illinois, does it again but without the turnovers. D: CTB with a turnover.
  9. Wait we are mad about a kid that is 6-1 190lbs going into his Jr year of HS?
  10. Duke predictions coming. Some talk he's already verbally committed to em.
  11. Announcing 8/21. Some think Duke has slight edge.
  12. Yeah, still not use to this COVID roster where Hutmacher, Black, Robinson, Newsom all have 4-5 left in the program if they wish.
  13. No true dline guys? Bold move if so.
  14. Ho'ohuli working with OLB in today's media videos again, becoming more safe to say he's probably moved there.
  15. Don't think he'll be returning soon. Sounds like a surgery happened and he's in an arm brace/sling still.
  16. 247 guys are ready to jump him up, they just are waiting on film since he didn't do any camps.
  17. Yeah, that's what I meant. Bad wording by me.
  18. Following his "top schools" from Feb to now it appears his committable offers are dwindling.
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