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  1. I believe the schools had something like 2-3 days to have them formally into the portal. At Nebraska that would be caught and reported by the media within hours. However, at Illinois there is a chance there isn't quite the media focus and it was missed/not reported till now. Or it was reported and we are just now seeing another report of it. Or I could be completely wrong on how long the school has to formal enter them.
  2. So not immediately eligible? We should an interesting long-term piece with a RS in 2022. But we need to win in 2022.
  3. Yeah just saw its supposedly a done deal with a "massive" NIL deal.
  4. Jordan Addison in the portal. Every program in the nation will be after him, hopefully Whip can be Mickey's foot in the door.
  5. So there's a 55% chance that there is a 98% chance that he is N?
  6. He didn't go through spring practice fwiw.
  7. Time to find out if we want to be a big boy in the NIL world.
  8. Without looking it up I'd estimate the Omaha Metro to be about 3x the Lincoln "Metro".
  9. 2022: Bell West, Bell West, Omaha Burke, Omaha Central (not sure this one should even count) Other 3: Omaha Westside, Bell West, Omaha Burke
  10. No, just the rumor on 247. I mean he committed sight unseen largely due to TT and now he's gone, I'm not suprised.
  11. I think they'll be alright. The founder of 247, Shannon Terry, is the new founder of On3. They got a couple other high profile guys from 247 and Rivals, like Chad Simmons.
  12. Playing lot tonight as TrFr against Clemson. Ended up at Safety for IowaSt.
  13. Of the guys we have added I am pretty darn impressed. The punter and Hill are homeruns, the kicker seems serviceable, jury is out on Williams. Now that being said we have a lot of holes left to fill.
  14. 247 already has him rated way higher than Rivals at 87. National 247 guy said this morning that he could move even higher.
  15. The hype around Genetone seems to be bigger from fans. But Stenger is the better prospect to coaches/recruiting services if offers, ratings, etc are any indication. Stenger: P5 offers from KSU and Neb. Rated 87 3star by 247 (higher than Appleget). Allen Treiu stopped the the 247 board and said based on the film he's seen that rating could be going up. Genetone: No P5 offers, he camped at a lot of P5 schools too (KU, WashSt, Neb, KState, etc). No rating by 247. I also wonder if Genetone isn't closer to 5'11 than 6'1. * I wish we could get Genetone on board in some fashion. Maybe the Issac Gifford 1-year walk on offer. Couldn't play that game with Stenger when he has P5 offers.
  16. Coincidently his potential scholly may have just been taken.
  17. It was being reported last weekend that the visit was off, so not really last second.
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