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  1. Didn’t he ask to be Riley’s DC? And Riley just kind of said “Nah”
  2. So what your saying is he loves Chinander more than Nebraska?
  3. This staff is no longer new. Maybe someone can gift the entire staff highlight reels of 2019 B10 play so they can get a jump on developing a new routine.
  4. I completely agree with everything also, hearing people excusing performance due to the players not being Frosts’s recruits AND then saying how much we underestimated losing Morgan, Zig, etc. which were not Frost recruits.
  5. I guess that's just the way I roll. I want the whole package- someone that's a good coach and respectable. Plus, he was going to die on the sidelines.
  6. Is it funny how no one says "I wish we hadn't fired Bo." But I will, I'm glad Bo is no longer in Lincoln
  7. Yeah- this one doesn't hurt near as bad as I thought it would. Hats off to them, love the effort and they deserved it.
  8. Wrap up just a couple of those tackles and we win this one. I just don't understand why it takes contact from four different players to bring down one RB or baby faced QB? This would appear to me to be an easy fix.
  9. Coach Frost is our future. But sometimes I wonder how a Riley team would have performed these two years. Just being honest. At least he managed to win some of the close ones
  10. Poor football IQ by the players. Poor coaching IQ by the coaches. No desire by either side
  11. This staff bought into their own hype. The crap we're seeing week by week isn't poor, or good, practices, poor half time speeches or any other BS- it's whatever crap they're teaching them in March, April, and July. You can't fix the fundamentals during the season, you teach them in the off-season.
  12. Our expectations were way too high and that's why teams still get overly excited when they beat us. Frost is doing a terrible job, but we don't have enough rope to make any coaching changes for a long time so I hope he has the ability to adapt.
  13. I remember the officer. I typed out an entire response and then an ad took over and I lost it.
  14. Walk in with arrogance and disrespect. Start the first drive with an unsportsmanlike like. Spit and gouge eyes. Could be an incredibly bonding experience for our guys.
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