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  1. 9 over times?!? Lol. And a low scoring game to boot. Lol.
  2. Coming out of the half……time-out!
  3. 2014- bo, I guess. what an unusual path to the NFL.
  4. Just saw this on Reddit. Is that our sad horse head Johnny Stanton?
  5. I cannot wrap my head around losing to Illinois and Minny, but then looking valiant against ranked opponents. is he spending to much time prepping for teams we have little chance of winning and ignoring the games we should win? Is the 11:00 am start time in the road and the teams lack of preparation an the early start time? Which invalidates the noble OU effort. Is it the weird weekly rotation of running backs and WR? Do we not have a base offense? Trickery and effort for the good teams and then lethargy for the week one. Is this our offense? the answer is probably yes, but the inconsistency is brutal. The answer must really most lie with the poor line play.
  6. I assume the older generation of coaches was hands off with this culture thing. But that was when guys could be “corrected” by their older teammates. And I could be wrong too, but Frost seems so stubborn on this culture thing that if a player doesn’t fit perfectly in his culture box then on a milk carton he goes. But I thought we were culturally trending in a good direction. I really like this team. I think we are athletically as good as almost anyone, but the inconsistency is killing me.
  7. Or Runaway Lane https://youtu.be/AVRCKWm4stE
  8. And have we never been betrayed by our native sons?
  9. I still don’t know what our offensive identity is. Run Martinez into the ground apparently. Why can’t they just run 2nd half offense from the the Michigan game? That was as good of play calling and execution that I’ve seen. At least in a while. And I mean brilliant up to the waning witching minutes of the game . Then it predictably sputters in Frost like fashion.
  10. Radio speculation before the Michigan game suggested something was definitely wrong.(what do they know). I saw him with his helmet on the sidelines of the Minnie game and thought he looked fine ( what do I know). he does have a significant underbite. Might affect his jaw action.
  11. I remember one entire season where 50% of the snaps went over his head or off to the side. Let’s not forget what he’s had to endure
  12. It surely do. the couple of option plays didn’t look like he had his normal vigor either.
  13. Agree, The tough ones play hurt, but it seems playing hurt or injured is a reoccurring theme with AM, spanning he and Frost’s entire tenure. if AM can’t scramble, he is almost worthless. Heart the size of a mountain though. A coach should look out for the welfare of his players
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