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  1. Wandale with a cryptic tweet about 3-4 hours ago about life being too short. Anyone know the story?
  2. Good. All centers and QBs should have antibodies before they can play.
  3. Have we had any covid posiive players recently? I know there were a few in the beginning
  4. Recommendations for a headset with a mic? Cheap as possible. I need to record training on Google Meet. My new work computer doesn’t have a mic or a camera, so I bought a cheap camera. Works fine for picture, but audio quality is not good. I’m hoping I can use the camera but override the mic with something of higher quality. 

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    2. krc1995


      I don’t think my voice carries much and want to eliminate background noise. I’m not sure how to mirror my computer screen for the recording- using the google product like screenomatic or something- and I need a document camera/ which I guess can be my camera but then they will not have my face, just the remnants of my super sweet voice.  

    3. Enhance


      Have you looked at the free version of Zoom? You may be limited in length (last I checked, free version only allowed for maybe 45 minutes of incremental use) but it can do a whole recording of your voice + screen. Another option would be if you have Quicktime on your computer - I know the Mac version allows for screen recording.

    4. dubsker


      I got you.  Corsair Void Elite Surround.  Single USB input, pretty good background noise reduction, comfortable enough to wear for a long time, and a pretty good price point.

  5. I’m sure they didn’t have a plan in place. Rob Manfield must be hating life. Just like every other CEO in the world. the Marlins should forfeit. Even if MLB can limp through to the end, the results will be invalid. Maybe they should wait until October and have a huge tournament ala travel ball style.
  6. I can’t fault MLB for trying. But when entire teams go down it makes the season meaningless. Even when the team sucks, like Miami. Pretty good template for what CFB will through. Only it will be more difficult to herd 100 football players than a mlb roster.
  7. I thought it might be a good opportunity for cusp guys. Except for the very exceptional (trout), it’s a thin line between high double A and an everyday roster guy in the league. Maybe not so much for pitchers, but for position players it is. I know people in the Mets organization. Agent is trying to salvage Cespedes reputation and career options by saying it’s Covid. The best thing that could happen to his career is that he actually tests positive. he’s a team cancer.
  8. Nah. Hates the Mets. Used it as an opportunity. Dude just didn’t show up
  9. Absolutely nothing to do with Covid.
  10. It’s not really that bad from my perspective. 29/11000 this week. 20 of them just happen to be on one team that made a stupid decision. at least they’re getting tested.
  11. Yep. we had a supervisor die yesterday and a school secretary last week. Got their attention pretty quick.
  12. And we’re delayed. One week from starting and we’ve been pushed back until September.
  13. Thank you. we are planning as if we’re going to open. We have to. However we have to have a contingency plan available within 2 weeks to seamlessly shift to virtual. Add in procedures for determining compensatory education for all Sped and 504 students, and then actually designing a compensatory program and it’s a planning nightmare. Parents were given a completely virtual option and 4000 of them took it. About 30.% The district has to pay for chrome books and WiFi hotspots for all. We have Cares Act money but not sure how far that’s going to go. The chrome books are now delayed in delivery.
  14. I’m from York, but live near Lafayette now so I’ve kept a close eye on Masry. Watched him at a Dukes football game a few years ago, and he looked huge. Of course that’s compared to normal high school students. Watched him last fall and thought he looked small. He only played on ST I think. I know the family well. I’ve never met Masry, but through the grapevine I was told he was pretty lonely. It’s been a year since so maybe he’s adjusted. and what the hell with the Cajuns? They’re good. How did that happen?
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