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  1. No. They address this yesterday.
  2. Was the wedding the week before? Is this from one of their boards? so if we’d started the year with the rest of the country they probably would have never attended that wedding.
  3. Why don’t we beat them first. Deal with the aftermath later
  4. Out and Covid out are two different things. how many of teams that have had to cancel games, names actual players? Isn’t it usually reported as a number? May not be significant, but it seems odd
  5. So what your saying is they’ll all get better after the election?
  6. So either Mertz himself(plausible) or someone who tested him(lawsuit) leaked does this mean Wiscy has to cancel/postpone 3 games or 21 days worth.
  7. So is the speculation that Wisconsin doesn’t want to play? Is this because of how we looked on Saturday or an available excuse for only having a 4th string QB? and how does anyone know that Mertz is positive? What about confidentiality.
  8. Nah- we lost by 5 td’s on Friday and it’s was regarded as a moral victory and a step in the right direction.
  9. It’s a percentage- either 5 or 7 %. But I thought it was of the entire athletic department
  10. Adding intrigue. I guess we’ll know when we get there. do they have to release a depth chart or is that just for the fans?
  11. My bad. I read Parker Gabriel’s tweet from earlier. I thought it was from tonight
  12. I think it was positive if I’m understanding the tweets. if the university can’t comment, who’s the rat?
  13. Let them play. Promise not to pass rush like normal.
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