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  1. Hate grammar. Explain to me why it’s not Carl Jr’s? Unless Carl is the name of a big hamburger restaurant and the Jr’s are miniature versions? Ruth’s Chris is also odd.
  2. Bo is excellent, until he’s not. Then he’s the titanic. He wasn’t in Baton Rouge long and he was only an assistant to boot.
  3. people always complaining about our assistants not having enough passion. Might have been the one that got away.
  4. krc1995

    Kudos to SF

    Mickey Joseph’s rumored to be OC or at least Co-Oc of LSU so I don’t think he was ever a viable candidate, even for he did want to come to Lincoln, which I don’t think he did.
  5. krc1995

    Kudos to SF

    Lol but I was joking anyway. This purge is different. I think Mr SmoothMoos figured out how to do these necessary upgrades without tipping off the Twitter Universe. And I think Frost did it right by bringing in guys he trusted in the initial phase of the rebuild.
  6. krc1995

    Kudos to SF

    If purging assistants is a predictor of a fired coach, then in won’t be long. It’s a message board. Get over it.
  7. krc1995

    Kudos to SF

    No, other HC’s purging assistants. But I think you knew that.
  8. krc1995

    Kudos to SF

    We’ve seen this script before, but I am hesitantly optimistic.
  9. So where’s Eddie George? He better be in the top 25
  10. We killed that Iran dude with a drone. The two mostly likely have nothing to do with each other, but creepy timing.
  11. Anyone see a pack of drones out their windows this week? Some weird stuff going in the York area. 

  12. Ok, I know you’re joking, but TO had a team with an established culture and giving LP several passes wasn’t going to ruin anything culturally. But Frost giving Mo more leash could have very likely ruined the staff’s credibility with the team. Talented for sure, and maybe a more established team could absorbed Mo eccentric and unpredictable behavior, but he’s not for us at this time. And also, do long leashes ever work? Phillips, Gregory come to mind. They were eventually given the boot anyway.
  13. What is it with these Cally kids and pot? And yes I know he graduated from a TX high school. It feels like a higher percentage of our California recruits get cited for pot then other recruits and then either they don’t see the field at all or they bug out early. Ok, so maybe the only other one I can think of is Keyshawn Jr., but it feels like there’s more.
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