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  1. krc1995

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    That 93 game was COLD drank the cider from some random fans and puked on the west side steps Most fun away game for me 2016 Wisconsin. They really are like us and great party town or 2000 Notre Dane Most fun home game- 2001 Notre Dame. One of my dads final games to attend. Shelly Smith was my sister’s freshman roommate and she was doing sideline reporting for ESPN. She came up to his seat and sat and talked with him. He was actually blushing and loved every minute of the extra attention. She was glammed out and dressed to the nines and like he said “And i thought you were just a redhead from Pender” FWIW- Shelly never graduated from college and I think she only completed her Freshman year
  2. krc1995

    4 Huskers ticketed for hosting large party

    This actual makes me feel proud! Drunkin dubauchery is a rite of passage.
  3. krc1995

    Most Popular Huskers of the 21st Century?

    True. “Mention” might be more appropriate. An interesting follow throughout his lengthy career
  4. krc1995

    Most Popular Huskers of the 21st Century?

    Prince, Suh, Ameer, Rex, Lavonte honorable mention Alex Herery, Richie Incognito, Randy Gregory, T. mart
  5. 2013. My Dallas based flight crew put my family and maybe 50 other people on a flight from Lafayette La to Dallas knowing full well that there was significant weather pending and that all of our connecting flights would be canceled. But left we did The weather moved in much faster than anticipated and the 50 minute flight turned into about six hours of hell. While in the air, tornados touched down at the Dallas airport and of course we couldn’t land, so we fly in a square for some time and we land somewhere, like Abilene and sit for hours. Take off, get up for awhile, and then the announcement comes from the c$%kpit that we are going back to Abilene because we’re effin almost out of gas. Get back up in the air and fly through a bunch of black clouds and it is the most turbulent thing I’ve ever been through. My son was 7 and I was nauseous for him. He handled well, but looked at me when the plane was rocking like a shrimp boat in the gulf and slammed the window shut. Talk about helpless landed. An hour to disbark. Connecting flight to Omaha missed and we can’t reschedule until Sunday(it’s thursday) no rental cars available and the only hotel room was a 20-30 cab ride, but of course they refuse to get our luggage. We stayed in the hotel and were able to get a rental car to drive our humble selves home picking up our luggage at the Lafayette airport the worst part- that trip was to see my daughter graduate from UNO and we couldn’t make it
  6. Watch your scam emails. The one I received today from an Apple impersonator almost got me. 

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    2. macroboy


      I only open sketchy emails on work computers.

    3. VectorVictor


      @macroboy and people wonder why HuskerBoard gets banned on workplace networks. :D

    4. macroboy


      "I shouldn't open this attachment but the IT people are dicks"


  7. krc1995

    Stupid Fan!!

    I think Reid took care of it. lol I remember several games as a youngin that fans threw oranges after beating Oklahoma. One year a state patrolman was seriously injured by one. I'm pretty sure that snowballs and oranges don't hit with the same impact, but throwing objects in a stadium (unless your Mahomes) is probably not a good idea.
  8. krc1995

    Harrison Beck

    Did he share some years with Richie Incignito? That should have been nuclear.
  9. krc1995

    Harrison Beck

  10. krc1995

    Harrison Beck

    In 2017 he had a three year old. Frederick Beauregard Beck
  11. krc1995

    Harrison Beck

    We should offer his son. He's five but I don't want Texas to get him
  12. And meanwhile it’s been 45 days since the last Husker football game. 

    1. ZRod


      Is it September yet?

  13. krc1995

    Husker Football Recruiting Class of 2019

    Lovin’ the preclusion statement. Lol Just say it. I hate it when people act apologetic but really aren’t
  14. krc1995

    S Noa Pola-Gates [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    for real. Since people on right here on this board knew Frost was going to be hired before even Frost knew, you would think someone would have "insider" info.
  15. krc1995

    Husker Football Recruiting Class of 2019

    Welcome home son!