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  1. Can anyone explain to me the payroll relief act- the 2.2 trillion $ that will be free to most business? I understand the details of who gets what, but not where the money is coming from. I googled it and I guess the money is generated through the issuance of bonds as opposing to printing it but I am trying to understand the long term affects of this. Something about a decrease investment in blue chip stocks will likely result. Don’t understand that at all layman explanation please.
  2. Because LSU takes our castoffs and spins gold with it.
  3. Advice on feeding a 13 year old boy. I may have to give him up. An entire Costco box Of 17 hot pockets in a week. That’s in addition to his normal ration of 5 meals a day. 

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    2. Stumpy1


      My 13 yr old went through a half dozen eggs and a pound of bacon last night.  He makes it himself so I'm not complaining to much.  My wife has to hide her salmon that she buys cause he will eat all of it if she doesn't.  

    3. GSG


      Damn, all those Hot Pockets! You must be going through toilet paper at the same rate! 

    4. NUance


      Ha ha!  Been there done that.  At 13 I could eat a ton of food and stay the same weight.  If I ate 17 hot pocket in a week now I'd gain ten pounds.  lol


  4. This seems so simple. Take all those arena league, or whatever they are, teams and make them an NFL minor. Draft them out of high school. Pay them. Develop them there. Most universities have put multiple millions into their facilities/staff and anyone that chooses to matriculate there should pay their dues.
  5. If this does happen we will have tiger paws all over our back.
  6. At least they know he will never leave for a HC gig
  7. Why go to college at all? Go get paid. I know kids have to be three years out of high school for NFL, but maybe they can go the semi-pro route and get a little jangle while they age up. Let’s see those teams provide the a showcase venue like the colleges do
  8. Good to hear didn’t realize it was opinions of posters. Thought maybe posters were referencing some pay service that everyone seems to be members of these days and there was a definite tone shift in mid October.
  9. Don’t forget about him having to be removed from the Minnesota game for a cardiac event. Dude is mentally and physically impaired.
  10. Agreed. Past his prime. He got trigged and it turned him rancid. The only reason he might do ok at LSU is because of the talent in the state. It’s a lazy man’s dream.
  11. Thanks. Wish him well. He stuck it out during a very tumultuous time in Husker history.
  12. Just read the thread from page 1 and realized that in early October people thought that Lamar Jackson would be a first rounder. What happened on mid October to make his stock plummet?
  13. To have you cite facts from wikipedia
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