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  1. krc1995

    The Colorado loss is why we hired Scott Frost

    This was my favorite take from his post game press conference. The Colorado loss may be a blessing. We are not national contenders yet, even if we were 3-0 and nothing conference wise ended with the loss. And yet so much was learned. Win the West, which is a very realistic possibility, roll the dice in conference championship, enjoy a nice bowl game, and recruit some offensive lineman and a kicker.
  2. krc1995

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    I thought Frost looked tired in his post gamer presser, but isn't he an early bird? Thought I remember him saying he's a morning person so 11 pm post game pressers may be in the middle of the night for him.
  3. krc1995

    Offensive Play

    I feel like the coaching break down in Boulder will help us in conference play and really at our stage of redevelopment, conference play is all that matters. Frost seems ready to learn from mistakes
  4. krc1995

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    Are they not doing big red overreaction?
  5. I have a half- but not the fun half
  6. krc1995

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    I learned we have some pretty good guys that I've never heard of :Stailbird, Sullivan
  7. My husband grew up in Vegas. His best friend lived in Tony’s neighborhood. Said he was always out playing or yelling at kids. Just like a real person. Super nice and very approachable
  8. Go to the end zone Ved!
  9. He looks related to the late great Tony Gwynn
  10. Agreed. How do explain Minnesota rolling Ohio State and then us rolling Minnesota for our first win?
  11. Blow out at home and it looks like the majority of the crowd still there
  12. It would be stupid to put caf in now
  13. Didn’t see or hear anything about injury. He strikes me as a kid that periodically gets sent to timeout
  14. The LED lights look awesome.
  15. Tell me what would make you happy?