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  1. Take miscarriages. How do you know the vaccine caused them? Apologies again for not the right thread. And never did I suggest you should it “do your research”. What I posted is about believing the first hand report. But I guess if you’re not going to question the legitimacy of reporting data you’re probably already have your mind made up anyway
  2. Reminds me of when my sister backed into a ditch blocking an often used drive. It was raining and muddy and for some reason they had to wait a few days to get it out. Dad put oa sign by the car that read “Kathy Did It”. Lol. Not sure why this conjured that memory.
  3. Not aimed at you, but apparently his post got moved. Before anyone jumps to conclusions about the terrible side affects from the vaccine, look at the poster’s old board name. Might ring a bell for you old timers. of course, this has nothing to do with Spring Practice, but don’t want anyone to be fearful of getting the vaccine.
  4. And that makes sense to me. I think it’s smart to make a contingency plan.
  5. In the back of my mind I think Husker dedicated media people have got to be scared that interest in all things Husker is dwindling. Strong incentive to float something things. Husker sports related industries has made a living for lots of people through the decades. It’s got to be scary for them.
  6. And offensive scheme is one thing, but his in-game coaching is embarrassing. Clock management and general game management. I’m not sure if he understands the game as a whole. Opinions on the previous staffs are all over the place, except for Riley of course, but even Riley understood the in-game gamesmanship. It’s really hard to believe Frost is the son of a long time high school coach.
  7. Last sentence sums up everything about The Frost Philosophy. Better to just just cancel then to re-adjust. Bet we win at least four -six more games in the last three years had he 1)used the strength of what he inherited 2) caved to play in the conference rather than against the conference. he’s just straight up looking boneheaded right now. Sometimes you have to concede
  8. And we’re not currently paying any coaches to not coach. At least not yet! Maybe Moos is planning on firing Frost and thought he could recoup some of the buyout.
  9. This just doesn’t make sense? Did Moos just think he could silently swap out the games without any reaction from the fan base? Pelini’s media revenge?
  10. And I’m going to feel sorry for the poor person that calls me to update my alumni status and asks for money. And when I say “win some effin games and then we’ll talk” they will reply, “ with, your donation is for academics and not athletics” and then I will re-reply, “then our deal is done. I way overpaid you for a bunch of crappy classes, that were disguised as graduate level but weren’t, and you gave me a piece of paper”
  11. I feel like I just walked into your fantasyland!
  12. About the shot- WTF! Did you get yours at a cattle call too? Was it a spring loaded syringe? She didn’t even make a polite conversation, she just stabbed me. In my car while it was in drive. Her face will haunt me. I’m pretty sure she’s a school librarian in her real job. Probably just stabbing people for fun. I’ve been the recipient of several medical biopsies over the past few months, each more invasive and weird than the last, and I swear I’d take any of them over getting that mother again.
  13. I had a really tough time after the JJ. During my departure instructions, I was told that if I were to experience any response, it would be at the post 8-10 hour mark. And sure enough at the 8 hour mark, fever, chills, and the extremely achy joints. Lasted for about 12-18 hours. turns out that all four of us in my office that got the shot Monday, missed Tuesday with some degree of illness. The others had headaches.
  14. I’m signed up for my JJ shot on Monday. Any talk about unusual side affects from the single dose? I was diagnosed with cancer in January and I don’t think I’ll be able to get I touch with my doctor by my appointment time. And I don’t necessarily trust Googling the question anymore. Maybe I’ll try Reddit
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