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  1. So guys that left the program they committed to? I think we’re going to see how devoid the portal is of talent. 1600+ and counting, all disgruntled in some way. reminds me of a garage sale. The leftovers just go to the dump.
  2. So are Juco’s still Jucos? Or do they they go to the portal too except for some fairly uncommon situations. I’d rather take a chance on a Juco
  3. Khalil Davis is 308 and runs a 4.75. That’s a lot of mass running at TE speed. 

  4. Maybe Frost is seeing a bit of himself in LMc? And he’s going to need a pretty strong supporting cast around him to run an effective offense. Just like Frost did; whose arm or ability alone would never have won the important games. And that vaunted Flea Kicker of 97 pass looks like something LMc threw this year on almost every attempt. Or play in an FCS conference.
  5. I want Carl on special teams. Snorting a line of coke before kick offs does a body good!
  6. How could anyone hate on WR? Nothing but the best from me. Same with JD. I’m starting to get more players to watch on other teams then I have for us.
  7. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJ3U9JEs/ always shower after breastfeeding.
  8. Then why doesn’t he stay anywhere long?
  9. No Billy C. Blindsided again. although I like Bill C. I think he did a good job. And I don’t care what the popular opinion is of him. The football landscape was changing rapidly. Who knows how Frank would have fared. This was fun to read. And a few of the OGs were prophetic about Pederson
  10. I have no idea what that is ^
  11. I agree with you. I think he didn’t like being the center piece of the offense (too painful). For him to flourish, he needs a team with a legit deep ball threat and solid run threat. He plays the “oops, I forgot about him” slot. he’s not fast enough to be the deep threat guy and built too slightly to be a RB.
  12. Calm down. Purdue is likely 4-5 hours for him.
  13. Had we not played this season, I bet Wandale would still be a Husker. Does he have to enroll this spring or can he sit out a semester and still play the fall?
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