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  1. does this mean no beer will continue? Trev is a teetotaler, right?
  2. They are just mad that they wanted Bo back, so we sent him. As a brittle version of his former self.
  3. An accountant, an endorsement agent, …. seems like a new industry was born.
  4. Actual scouting eyes will be more important than ever to find the true talent. I suspect those stars can be bought. At least a few of them.
  5. I thought about that. And do facilitates matter anymore? Give them each 10,000 and a membership to Planet Fitness. Remember when ex-players like Suh and Alex Gordon gave back after they made it? I’m guessing those days are gone.
  6. He just wants to let you know that he’s in control. Throws speculative crap out there and then presents as though it’s already happened. Does not have any insider knowledge but will pretend he does.
  7. So can you just pay guys to not take a scholarship, but still be on the roster? You could have a roster of 200, but none of your 5 stars are scholarship. Hell if you’re rich enough, you could pay players to not play just so no one else can have them. And the transfer portal is going to be like an auction house. Paid 100,000 this year, maybe your rival will pay you 200,000 next year. and just because the NCAA can’t tell players not to take money, can a college? I could see this being addressed through conferences. Like a fairness doctrine. This is not going to last like t
  8. Maybe Warren Buffet will swoop in and buy up some proven guys. Maybe NLI day should be an auction.
  9. But we can still be competitive in our conference, right? Im scared
  10. Look at dem Ragin Cajuns. So much hype for them down here, being they’re the best team in Louisiana and all. might have to go to some games. Stadiums a dump, but they don’t know that. 1st game is at Texas.
  11. I as well. high school and local sports are sounding more appealing all the time. And cheaper
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