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  1. Loving this Chaos. If an SEC team gets in, I’m uninterested in anything CFP 2003. Also loving the FSU defense. They easily handled the Heismen winner.
  2. This year was more boring than last year- so that’s good. discipline and team resiliency appeared markedly improved. Still can’t win in the final two minutes, but I think that gets fixed next year when the team gets more confident with much improved QB play. I think us fans got a little ahead of ourselves when we went on our little win streak- like a recovered addict getting heroin we just kinda binged on the good feelings.
  3. I get you, but for me it was not. It was more like” ok, that’s where it goes off track this time” There is a certain expectation of doom. However, the last second meltdowns are starting to affect my fandom. I’m still traveling to games and still watching them when I’m not there, but the gusto is gone.
  4. He also be wrong as he refused to source it. He quits talking with extra questions.
  5. That’s what he said. Saw it somewhere on Twitter, so I’m sure it’s true. lol edit- realize it might be how I said it. 3rd in line of the five win teams to get a bowl. Of course that might change of Florida or others win.
  6. My teenager says we’re 3rd in line for a bowl for 5 winners.
  7. I learned that there is a need for Sidetrack’s like band to go a parody of “50 ways to leave your lover”.
  8. No one at the game seemed surprised or upset. A self fulling prophecy.
  9. Has Satterfield ever developed a QB? We have a TE and WRs coach and no QB coach with three project level QBs.
  10. Rhule and co seem to be regressing to Frost-like clock management. Early in the season I appreciated Rhule for being the adult in the room and making sound in-game decisions. Now he cost us at least one game, maybe two. but I enjoyed the game- I thought we played well against a team that is our mirror twin.
  11. I learned that there was a football game. Most of things that went wrong were just football. The coaching at the end of both halves was abysmal. Frost-like unawareness of the situation. What happened to”if we die, we die”? This game was ours to win, and the staff safetied-up. There is a time to be aggressive, and it wasn’t it against Maryland- but going for the win on the road was. I was at the game, home field played a huge part of the win in OT any info on 93? He was helped off the field after what appeared to be a concussion in the 2nd half. Looked scary to me, he was trying to walk forward but could only stagger sideways. Madison is a great CFB town. I haven’t been to many road games at BIG schools, but I imagine there are so much better than SEC towns. For football anyway.
  12. I dreamt Tuesday that we win an ugly game at Wisconsin. Odd score, something like 13-5 or 11-4 or 11-5. Just posting in advance so my power can be posted in advance and then revered.
  13. Maybe Doogie Howser hasn’t taught them receivers nothin and no one is where they should be.
  14. Sims is the only QB that lead a scoring drive today. And he lead two. I don’t know what happens to him when the turnovers start, but then they come in clusters and seem so unforced.
  15. But if the receivers csnt get open, or catch, maybe we should go with the 9 OL scheme
  16. Maybe we’ll start Purdy and call it the battle of the lesser bros
  17. I’ll keep the qb and take 2 new OLs
  18. We should have never have won this game. Just being in it for a low percentage win possibility as the clock expired is pure coaching magic.
  19. This offense is not going to get better this year. Period. No need to feel sad about it. No need to complain about it. It is what it is. Bad reffing really screws with our offensive strategy-which is to occasionally take advantage of what the defense gives us. We cannot overcome bad reffing, so we lost. I think it’s amazing coaching that we’re even in these games as the talent is clearly not there. Fought to the end
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