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  1. I think I like an offense that sets the tone much better than a passive one.
  2. Did you watch the video clip with Coach Osborne? It’s a few posts back.
  3. And an unintended consequence is gassing the defense- mentally and physically. Do not give them time to think or recover.
  4. You mean you don’t have to take a delay of game/false start/procedure every time you audible? The hell you say! but he sure sounds fantastic.
  5. And I’m worried about publicly spending a fortune and then winning eight games over then next three years. we all have our fears.
  6. Wasn’t there a deadline of May 1st for portal players who want to play this year? Or was that just a deadline to enter the portal?
  7. At least no one is going steal Frost from us. Silver lining.
  8. But that can’t be. He’s a 4⭐️
  9. I felt every moment in real time of the trailer and it’s like every hype video produced in the last 5 years. I am looking forward to some of the warts being revealed. I didn’t specifically now about the racism, but it’s logical for the time. I wonder if they’ll talk about Shevin Wiggins.? Abdul Mohammed been talked about ad naseum, as well as Lawerence Phillips. Will be particularly interesting to me to see if they cover Frosts defection to Stanford and his return. I guess for me I want more than 90 minute hype video.
  10. That’s some subliminal suggestion right there.
  11. What’s easier to flip- basketball or football? basketball obviously. And what is success for Nebraska basketball? No one can answer this because we’ve never had a taste. But Frost will endure because he’s the golden boy and has assembled a fine stable of assistants so he doesn’t actually have to coach or recruit.
  12. Because I watched the games. We’re ><this close in football.
  13. Me thinks Trev is prolonging the inevitable and 2023 will see new coaches in two sports. but…. If I had to chose, I think Frost has the better chance to see the fall 2023 season as a Husker.
  14. Why does one sport have to influence the other. There is no fairness doctrine with these over paid coaches.
  15. 100% agree I think the shines going to wear off this. Once the pride is gone and the boosters die off, who’s going to pay up outside a top few programs? And for some programs, football pays the bill for other sports. And if we’re only looking at paying athletes from revenue producing sports, does that mean athletes from non revenue sports should pay in? and are we looking at a reduction of total athletic programs. Could a college only have football and women’s rowing? This will right itself. But probably at the expense of CFB
  16. Row 20, 50 yard line for the Iowa game. Had the worst seat in Memorial stadium and justify improved my situation. Toured the Ranger’s stadium in Arlington. When the group when left, I went right-right into the locker room with a very angry Adrian Beltre. I resisted touching his head. Many moons ago in my young adulthood stage, i amateur rodeoed , mostly around the Midwest. We had to pay entry fees and participation fees, but the group I traveled drew the line at paying to also get into the rodeos-that’s like paying the elephant to get into the circus- so about a mile from the check in gate, whoever was not driving would get into the horse trailer and squat down at the horse’s feet, until we cleared the gate. There may be 5-7 of us back there. One time the line was long and we started to argue. We got busted. That was super funny even at the time.
  17. Are we officially the Cornhuskers or just the Huskers? because I could see corn becoming offended. Particularly by going 3-9 last season. So very offensive.
  18. The area between rows will need to increase or our fat fannies won’t be able to sidestep to our middle row seats
  19. I know who makes the least- the unfortunate suckers that buy tickets in rows 40-46, under the east side overhang. Selling those should be illegal. should at the very least be called obstructed.
  20. I thought tomorrow’s morning semester started after yesterday? wrong again, as usual.
  21. He doesn’t have to enrolled somewhere give this semester?
  22. Ok, I’m going to pretend to know who these guys are.
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