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  1. Is that the new Holiday Inn in the corner of 10th and O?
  2. And from the same high school as Dominic Raiola. Coincidence?
  3. World Cup or he’s bragging about winning the house ping pong tournament
  4. Must have been spicy. These Ozark-like puzzles are fun!
  5. What the heck is wrong with 1620’s app? Today of all days
  6. Rivals said he’s N. Not sure why ahead of his announcement.
  7. And they copied it from Miller and Paine. Were you there for that?
  8. Will he have a 2nd press conference? If so, I’ll spot him 45 minutes before I tune in.
  9. And once someone said that about peanut butter and jelly.
  10. Yes! I’m trying to covert people here in Louisiana, but the combo seems to disgust them. And these are people who put potato salad in their gumbo -which is awesome and the only way to eat gumbo BTW-but still
  11. You can’t just say that on a Husker board -1
  12. They love them some Vance, so I think they would welcome Mickey
  13. Whatever the board decides, but keep in mind it needs to be quick and easy to type in the heat of the moment mr2
  14. If the streak ends, it will not be because of ticket prices. I don’t know if ultimately it will be due to performance. The streak will end because people have other things to do-and most of them are at their house. Exposure to wackos, travel time and just the general hassle of effort, home tvs with surround sound with your personal toilet close by and access to all games-just to name a few. We can beautifully distracted, and even socially connected, without ever leaving the house.
  15. We’ve had a lineman move out the door. Does that count?
  16. I’m having visions of 11 players who are the same size and look exactly alike. We make the numbers minuscule, so they can’t be read from a distance. Chaos and mayhem ensue
  17. There will be no winners in this game. Air Force < Army anyway!
  18. Frost versus Houston Nutt. The Army is trying to troll us.
  19. I’m going to dream of 10 Lavonte David’s on the field. Just clone him please.
  20. The video describing the 3-3-5 scheme has several different configurations. I remember a 2DT and OLB front. It seemed the only consistent was it was inconsistent. I think being difficult and chaotic was one of the main pro’s.
  21. Yes, that was brought up by a few of the radio guys. but I wonder if everyone’s s chief, where are the Indians? What special skills does s recruiting coordinator bring, especially with other coordinators in the room?
  22. Is the 3-3-5 like the amoeba style defense Carl Pelini installed for a game or two? Versus Oklahoma State, I think. I remember thinking it was different- and good.
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