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  1. Not true. It required Frost throwing a horrible pass and Shevin Wiggins shoe to give him the opportunity
  2. SF’s bestie, party pal, and reportedly all around douche.
  3. I’m starting not to think about other coaches. There’s something inherit-ably likable about the three misfits in charge. the gratitude and selflessness is refreshing. And if Trev walks in one day and relieves them of their duties, not one of them will have regrets.
  4. OT- where did Damon go? Not that I miss the droning on about how one processes information, but I never heard why he left.
  5. Sipple mentioned on a show today that whip is done and knows he’s done.
  6. But you wanted him HC through 2023. No?
  7. If you’re not willing to give them 5 years you’re not really invested in them. One extra year to try out? Nah. I trust in whatever decision Trev makes.
  8. Hire Chryst as an analyst right now!
  9. They’ve won a whole lot of nothing, but for a long time and with the same coach. Keep being you Iowa!
  10. Jim/Lance pretty much the same person. Lol.
  11. I think this bag of mixed donuts will run through a brick wall for Coach Joseph
  12. I get you! This board is terrible about saying “you’re right” Winning is fun!!!
  13. Vance has some serious allegations in his past. True? I don’t know, but I doubt he will ever see a college campus as a coach
  14. Only saw it once in replay- but yes- he took some sort of swipe- punch or head slap?- while the guy was down. Very cheap
  15. I’m still numb. I’m glad they won, but I didn’t get that warm endorphin drop that I used to get. I wasn’t even sure what time the game started. I did get warmish watching the guys smile and laugh after. It’s also fun watching Coach M have a pulse during and after the game. He’s a refreshing interview penalties sucked, but most were right. Hope Corcoran gets it bad-bad in practice. Nice watching an aggressive D. that’s all I got- it was nice and different. I felt like with a two TD lead and 4 plus minutes left we were in good hands and no one was going to snatch the W from us.
  16. They pulled a Frost! Things are looking good
  17. We’ve been riding it for two decades
  18. It must feel like being put in a blender!
  19. And it’s illinois ! Not Purdue, Not Northwestern- illinois
  20. That’s the important piece- everyone doing the right things at the right times. That is the part of coaching that Frost never improved on. an orchestra needs a conductor to make beautiful music. No conductor = lots of hot air and no symmetry
  21. I think we’ll learn a lot in the next few months, and after the season, about what being “coached” by SF was really like.
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