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  1. What a month for SS. Masters, baby, jail #whatsnext?
  2. Scottie wears it best.
  3. Us too. We have dragged my then young son to one game a year since around 2014. Last year we went to three. Has yet to see a win. He asking to go to the CU game for a combined birthday/Christmas gift. It’s a first world dilemma
  4. And the show brags that’s it’s a live roast. AI sure changes the definition of “live”
  5. I think the part where she was booed was removed. According to Reddit anyway. People have mentioned that Netflix is pulling things left and right so watch it now.
  6. It’s still there I just watched it this morning. She looked at the teleprompter the entire time, but the material was pretty funny. he’s definitely doing her. Or is it the other way around.
  7. It was uncomfortably hilarious. Very rough though. Must be some serious cash flow to endure that length of cruelty. And I’m only half way through it.
  8. I don’t think it will result in better competition at the D1 level, and may actually reduce it. I think lower division teams may benefit more. I guess it would end the walk-on program. It might even cause some programs to drop baseball. Walk-ons add more to the success of a team outside of playing time.
  9. Not sure how I feel about this. Sucks for the 8 out. Less roster spots means less baseball opportunities. Even if you’re not on a full scholarship, there are plenty of other perks-and some involve money.
  10. These are baseball’s most beautiful stories that are beyond the box score.
  11. I think he’s saying not this coming Sunday, but the following. at least that’s what I hope he’s saying. This Sunday would be criminal.
  12. Is it over? Trying to pick up radio feed, but only get baseball.
  13. So, it’s the fans fault? If people really cared they quit watching. Geesh.
  14. krc1995

    NFL 2023

    You are a prophet
  15. krc1995

    NFL 2023

    Taylor better get that left hand ready.
  16. krc1995

    NFL 2023

    Dang… chill
  17. Last thing from me-don’t want to jinx anything. He is so excited! https://x.com/evanblandowh/status/1752756606222131264?s=46&t=jaR8cul8nYKGpBMMJqB0qw
  18. krc1995

    NFL 2023

    Will he get a ring if they win?
  19. krc1995

    NFL 2023

    To keep the Husker in a superbowl streak alive San Fran has to win, right?
  20. I cannot imagine we can play a worse game then that- on with the next
  21. 220,000ish 2006 Honda Pilot. Nothing wrong with it, just felt it was time in 2015 or 2016. Bought a Durango that inexplicably caught on fire at 80,000 300,000-400,000 on a Dodge Diesel. Nothing wrong with it either, just didn’t needed a truck anymore. I loved the pur of that thing Have a friend who drove a Chevy Silverado to at least 300,000. He would call my husband for every milestone the truck made-husband’s a ford guy. He was elected as a house representative and felt like he needed to trade up for image. Although I don’t think he bought new and it actually kinda of looks like his old blue one
  22. This clan is coming home! Son just committed to the baseball program 

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    2. krc1995


      Seems silly to leave 70 degree weather to play baseball, not to mention the year round golf scene, but the boy wants to be a Husker. 

    3. ladyhawke


      Congratulations! GBR! :bigredn:

    4. TonyStalloni


      That is a great accomplishment on his part and wonderful for you as you can be at the games. Congrats!

  23. Lots of recruits at the game today. So many that it caused a mild crowd disruption while they were being seated. Nice win against a good team.
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