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  1. Roxy - I merged your 'Mexican' thread with the 'Entrees' thread. I realize Mexican food is its own type of cuisine, but I think we need to group things together in as few threads as possible. Otherwise, we could theoretically have a thread for Italian food, Chinese food, French food, Mexican, etc., and that's a bit extreme.
  2. Hey Roxy - similar to a few other Chatter threads, I merged your "miscellaneous" thread together with this "tips/hacks" thread and I updated the thread title to be more inclusive of all those items. I think there's potential for crossover between the high levels concepts of 'miscellaneous', 'tips' and 'hacks.' So, it makes sense to combine these threads for consolidation purposes and to limit the potential for duplication/confusion. Thanks!
  3. Hey @Roxy15 - I merged your 'pasta' thread with this 'entrees' thread. Similar to the post I made in your "Vegetables" thread, I don't think we need different threads for various types of entrees. They should all be consolidated into one thread. Otherwise, one could argue that there could be threads for entrees: pasta, entrees: steak, entrees: chicken, entrees: tacos, etc., and that would just get a little out of hand. Thanks!
  4. Hey @Roxy15 - this thread was originally labeled as "Roxy's Kitchen Chatter/Vegetables," but I reclassified it as "Sides" so that a wider variety of content could go in here. I don't think we necessarily need a unique thread for different types of meal sides. Thanks!
  5. I don't necessarily blame them either, but given your perspective and work history/background, at what point do you think it's enough? To put it differently, her whole care facility + the staff are vaccinated. We're vaccinated. Realistically speaking, we are as protected as humanly possible from transmitting COVID. What's the tipping point to when we can acknowledge that we've done everything we can? I'm not a doctor or disease specialist, of course, but I do feel like some of this has become unnecessary coddling. I don't mind proving I've been vaccinated, but a max # of guests, es
  6. This is where my mind is leaning, as well. Some of these displays are beginning to feel more like posturing than necessary safety precautions. On a personal level, I just went to see my 94-year-old grandma for the first time since Jan., 2020. She's been vaccinated since January, 2021. The care facility is only allowing up to four fully vaccinated people to visit a resident at one time. Visitors had to set up an appointment, sign a medical waiver, be escorted to and from the apartment, and were required to maintain mask usage during the visit. Was it worth it to see her?
  7. My first job as a TV reporter out of college in 2012 was about $24,000. Reporters at the competitor station were making $19k/year. Not overly relevant to the discussion other than to point out that it's absolutely asinine what types of salaries some college educated students drop into, and to my understanding, nothing much has changed in the reporting business. Think most intro employees are below $30k still.
  8. I agree - to me, the posturing is evident. I too get the whole "set an example" concept, but this seems to go over that line into the realm of a masquerade. Do I have that big of an issue with it? No. Don't really care that much. I also didn't look into the context of that video call but if it's just Biden sitting by himself on a vid call... ditch the mask. Don't be weird.
  9. I'm constantly at odds with Joe. Some stuff I agree with (like his opinions on healthy living and the fat acceptance movement) and some stuff I think he's being an idiot about. This is idiot level 1000. I get that he's sharing his opinion, but his opinion is incredibly influential, and on a topic related to a pandemic... I think he needs to be more responsible. Dude has to be better. A 21-year-old should be leaning on the advice of their doctor/family physician. Not Joe Rogan.
  10. If it wasn't for Formula 1, I'd do that very thing. But with the NFL season ending in February and the F1 season running March - November, I'm basically on for the whole year now.
  11. Might be a dumb question (and sorry if I missed it) but I wonder where the likes of Youtube TV and Hulu TV fit into the mix from a revenue standpoint. The linked article only had this to say, from what I could tell: So, kind of makes it sound like that revenue is lumped together regardless of source i.e. "cable" package or streaming service. And that may very well be the case, but from a consumer standpoint, I don't really think there's anything we can do because of the way the corporations bundle everything. I pay for YoutubeTV. I can't a la carte Fox News or really
  12. I think Santorum is an ignoramus, but without the context of what he's talking about here, I don't think I can offer a fair explanation of what he's getting at... other than he thinks that it's important America was founded upon faith and freedom. But, in classic Santorum fashion, he makes his point by literally dunking on an entire group of people. What even is "American" culture in this narrative? Because if it's faith and freedom, then we should ask Rick to explain why Native Americans culture is not a significant element of "American" culture. (Answer: past generati
  13. IMO there is some politics at play for certain groups of people who appear inclined to not want to get vaccinated. Some recent research/surveys are showing that older Republican men (particularly rural Republican men) are among the least likely to want to get the vaccine. Mitch McConnell has been fairly outspoken about the issue in recent weeks/months... somewhat admonishing them for not wanting to get vaccinated. And some minority groups are staying away from the vaccine because of misunderstandings/language barriers. One of the local TV stations in Omaha did a story about this la
  14. Not a bad idea. I've also often wondered if we shouldn't treat law enforcement like we would an associate's degree or a trade school certification. The degree/certification would largely comprise of courses centered around criminal justice, mental health, racism/discrimination, public interaction and communication, etc. Perhaps could even incorporate some of the physical training learned in the academy. It would basically lay the groundwork for a potential LEO applicant. And much like you wouldn't expect to become a full time welder without training/certification, the same would ap
  15. I generally stay as far away from the anti-vax/anti-mask/'alternative treatment' groups as I can, so although I can't answer why, I must admit that I'm thoroughly unsurprised one of the loudest voices in that community also happens to be making millions of dollars off of their 'alternatives.' The simplest answer is probably that people are going to believe what they choose to believe... like when you see a flat-earther conduct an experiment that proves the earth is NOT flat, but then they're like "oh that's interesting, back to the drawing board I guess" like it never happened. My
  16. That's why I often try really hard to not cast aspersions one way or the other on sensitive situations like this. Yeah, I'm certainly guilty of doing it, but I have no idea what it's like to be in those moments... with those those stakes... with those expectations. Training and experience would help but you never know until you're actually in that situation what you would do.
  17. Somebody said this in the Floyd Verdict thread, but it was really on point (no pun intended). This is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation as an officer. If someone gets stabbed/murdered when he could've intervened, he looks bad. If he shoots and kills the attacker, he looks bad. I 100% understand the exhaustion black Americans feel in regards to police related shootings of black people, but we have to operate in a society where facts and details matter more than gut reactions and emotional responses. That's what makes LBJ's tweet about this officer so ill-advised. I'l
  18. They taught us a catch phrase in the 90's to remember it - Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. It has to be a troll job. I've even tried screwing it up and there's no logical way to get 7, unless said person just threw logic out the window and did something random. FWIW, I don't remember my grade school or high school ever teaching me that it was PE M&D A&S. I just remembered PEMDAS and thought it HAD to go in that order. Wasn't until I got to college and took a calc course there that I learned you could do division before multiplication. So, me cir
  19. That’s a very barbarian/ancient world “rape and pillage” kinda mentality IMO... using someone’s death as an intimacy stimulant.
  20. I just learned this today: apparently, if you go back say 100 years or so, there is a historical precedent that could be used to argue the answer is 1 based on certain math concepts and applications. But, the answer among modern day mathematicians is universally 9. I think what throws people off is the PEMDAS itself... and thinking you have to literally go in order from P to S. I thought this for years until I got to college. That's when I learned it's more appropriate to look at it like PE(MD)(AS), MD and AS being interchangeable. You can do division first if there isn
  21. This has been popping up on Twitter for years, and the reaction to the answer actually being 9 cracks me up every time. A lot of people think it's 1 (which, IMO, is more of a reflection of the education/retention process than anything else).
  22. This does not really belong in this sub forum.
  23. Apparently the 3rd degree charge was initially removed by a judge, but later appealed by the prosecution and successfully added back. I'm guessing it's legal because the different degrees carry varying burdens of proof? But yeah, on the surface, seems weird to my non-lawyer mind.
  24. That's... a strange way of putting it. IMO Floyd didn't deserve to die. The court system provided justice. But, I stop short of turning Floyd into a martyr.
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