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  1. I think it's really tough to takeaway much of anything from the last few years of running backs, or to project out how things will look for 2023. Grant seemed to have the most potential last year at times, but inconsistent running back play was part of the poor mixed cocktail that included poor o-line play and big coaching challenges. I think we've all beat this horse for years, but it'd be nice to have a really good o-line again, if not for the sole purpose of being a bit of an equalizer to help determine where the RB's need to improve.
  2. Just FYI - I hid a few posts on here because they appeared to come from exclusive membership/paid content from a Husker sports content provider. Our rules currently prohibit copying & pasting that kind of info.
  3. Hoping whatever they do shows positive results on Saturdays six months from now.
  4. According to The Athletic, CU's AD was calling recruits and telling them that their scholarship was going to be honored regardless of who the new coach ended up being. Then Sanders gets hired, and shortly thereafter, an associate AD called several recruits and told them their scholarship was being redacted. At least 13 prior commits are no longer a part of their commitment list now. What a s#!t show.
  5. Yeah IDK either to be honest. Usually contracts are different. I think the overall point though is, more or less, how silly the conversation became surrounding whether or not this would lead to his dismissal/departure. This was always going to be the likely outcome.
  6. I imagine those folks would argue they didn't say he couldn't be fired without a conviction, but that he couldn't be fired without 'cause.' Which, Nebraska is an employment at will state. Either way, you're right. The likely outcome was always going to be him leaving the university long before the full legal process played out. Just how these things often go.
  7. I agree, although I think any philosophy or approach is ultimately capable of being exposed and often comes down to how physical you are at the point of attack. That's one thing I'm seeing in those clips from M.A. above (particularly the ones with PSU's line "quitting.") Temple had PSU's o-line all sorts of confused schematically and then they were really getting after them at the point of attack. And it's something that has me hopeful for the future. It's been awhile since we've seen offensive and defensive lines at Nebraska do those things consistently.
  8. I started with #2 but the first one we personally owned in in my house was #6.
  9. This thread has also unfortunately re-established something we've all seen before - there are pockets of the fan base that would rather be right than to see Nebraska succeed. Or, at the very least, they act like this is how they feel. I've said the following several times in recent months, but I think it's worth repeating - this is why we play the games. Fans have a habit of either overly celebrating, or being devastated by, things that happen in the off-season. And many Nebraska fans have latched on this and become exceptionally good at competing for offseason national championships in the last couple decades. I'm continuously amazed at how people let something like Deion Sanders going to Colorado get under their skin, while less sexy/dramatic programs like friggin Purdue are competing for conference titles.
  10. If you can't see the cognitive dissonance in wanting a coach to fail while still 'supporting the team by watching them,' then I can't help you. You're effectively claiming to be their friend while stabbing them in the back. Regardless, you're done with this conversation in this thread. So is everyone else. We're not going to debate Rhule's chances of success or swoon over Deion Sanders in this thread. This thread is about coaching news/changes, and the direction you've taken it goes beyond the intended scope, so we're going to break it out separately. You're welcome to contribute in there.
  11. Who made that argument? I certainly didn't. You couldn't have proved my point any better. This is perhaps the most cognitively dissonant thing I've read in awhile, and that's saying something.
  12. Look, until Deion does something on the field, he's as much as hype as any other newly hired coach. There's a lot to like about him and some things to be concerned about. But I don't think next year's game is going to tell us much of anything about either Sanders or Rhule. I'll tell you one thing though, I can't WAIT for all faux Husker fans who will come out of the woodwork if Colorado wins. There will be a lot of s#!tposting here. They'd rather be right about Rhule and/or the program than actually support the program.
  13. If you don't like and/or are uninterested in the content of a thread... No one is forcing you to be here.
  14. Frankly there was never much comparison between Mickey and a significant portion of the head coaching options discussed on this board. He had zero FBS head coaching experience. His one realistic opportunity to try and earn the job would've come in the form of wins. I think a lot of beleaguered fans convinced themselves Mickey was a good option primarily because he was Trev's antithesis to Frost. Him being a former player also didn't hurt. Realistically, he was always underqualified fighting an uphill battle.
  15. Exactly. It's the same business with all the people who think Nebraska is 'cursed.' No, they're not. Just like the Cubs weren't cursed for 100 years. Get the right people in place and a lot of good things can happen fast.
  16. This thread is going way too far for some of you. A moderator already dropped a verbal warning in this thread to stop with the personal attacks. I just handed out two separate warnings due to failures to heed that guidance (alongside existing board rules). Let's drop the personal attacks and keep things civil, please.
  17. Why does this bother you so much? A couple people shared your view, quite a few people understood exactly the point I was getting across. How about we just move on, better and more well-rounded people for it?
  18. Agreed. I think it's more impactful for the players than anything. It's never easy when a coach/mentor figure in your law has a run-in with the law
  19. Seems like the majority of people reading and responding to it understood what I was saying just fine. But yeah obviously an everybody else problem.
  20. It was never my intent to suggest that the singular act of being arrested was going to result in him being fired. That's a ridiculous notion to be caught up on. It has been clearly implied (and directly stated) multiple times that he could be fired because of the situation. And the police obviously have evidence/probable cause or else there likely wouldn't have been an arrest. The university doesn't need to wait for full due process (i.e. a trial, verdicts) to make an employment determination.
  21. For those of you who have been outspoken regarding due process and wrongful terminations... as I posited, coaches frequently get fired following arrests, long before due process and the legal system plays itself out. We'll see what happens with Mickey, but the notion that firing him for his arrest (and the charges) is a 'wrongful termination lawsuit waiting to happen' is pure imagination. If this was such a concern, you'd think termination would be an unlikely result. https://www.wbtv.com/2022/05/18/lake-norman-hs-softball-coach-arrested-fired-after-inappropriate-conduct-with-minor/ https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35090073/cardinals-assistant-coach-sean-kugler-fired-groping-woman-sources-say https://www.wrtv.com/news/local-news/crime/hamilton-southeastern-coach-arrested-fired-after-stalking-wisconsin-woman-through-onlyfans-court-doc https://www.krqe.com/news/crime/espanola-basketball-coach-fired-after-allegedly-pointing-gun-at-former-player/ https://www.kron4.com/news/california/uc-davis-water-polo-coach-arrested-on-child-porn-charges/ https://www.kvue.com/article/news/longhorns-tennis-coach-fired/269-38210be5-171a-4229-b3fd-7677f9d00929
  22. Did you see the victim? Did you talk to the victim? Did you document any potential injuries? Did you see the accused attacker? Did he sustain injuries from the alleged assault? How do you know this is just an 'accusation?' Do you know there's ow evidence? For someone who likely has no idea what happened outside of what's being reported, or who I've worked for based off my intentionally generic post, you sure like to state a lot of absolutes and make quite a few assumptions. I've at no point made any guarantees. Just stating (likely) possibilities. If whatever bizarro world you work in operates like you described in this post, it is fundamentally at odds with everything I've ever experienced in my professional career. Probably best we both drop it at this point.
  23. Yes, some hidden. Some moved. A few people are taking this opportunity to share some thoughts that are probably best left unsaid.
  24. Exactly. Not to mention the fact that Nebraska is an employment at will state. I don't know the intricacies of Nebraska state employment law, but generally speaking, "at will" means you can be fired really at any time for any reason so long as no other law is being violated (i.e. retaliation, discrimination). I don't know if that gets complicated by contractual employment, though. It very well might. But, if I had to bet, I have very little doubt that the university would be worried about firing someone for being arrested for domestic assault. Call it a hunch. Maybe I'm wrong. I recently misplaced my copy of MJ's contract.
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