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  1. I respect the hell out of U2 but they've got no business making it to the Final Four. Queen was a no brainer for me. I love Rush but Queen just hits different.
  2. I think this may end up being a bit of a test towards the criticism or observation that Pelini's system needs a certain level of athlete to be successful. We heard that a lot around here. I was probably one of the people who made that observation, as well. Once they lost Suh and some of that top tier talent along the d-line, the system just didn't seem to work that well consistently. And his staff was never able to develop something close to that level again.
  3. LOL... is that real? Please tell me it's real.
  4. These sound amazing. I haven't made this specific type before but the ones I normally do include fresh dill and olive oil. @DevoHusker how long do you smoke it for and at what temp?
  5. Several posts have been moved out of here and into the general Tangent Thread in the Woodshed. This thread is about schedules. We don't need to rehash certain COVID debates over and over in different football forum threads, but if you would like to, there are more appropriate places including the COVID thread in the Big Red Lounge or this more politically themed variant in the P&R forum. Please stay on topic or take your post to a more appropriate thread and tag the person you're responding to.
  6. I'm the same age and share the same woes . I didn't really start to care about the Huskers until about 1997. I "cared" before that, but I remember playing with Hot Wheels during the '95 title game. I was 6 or 7. Attention span just wasn't there. I worry more for anybody born basically around 2000 or even the late 90's. That's a group of young fans that have never personally shared in Nebraska success, but I'd actually love to hear more of their perspectives. On the surface it seems that a lot of them view Husker football as more of a social experience... more so than at any point in the last four or five decades. They don't appear to collectively have the same level of interest or passion as previous generations but I don't blame them at all for that.
  7. Sometimes I imagine just an entire staff of relatively unknown, incognito folks in the White House whose entire job description is to stay in touch with nationally relevant topics that the president could in any way tie back to being responsible for... even if it's in a modest to virtually non-existent capacity. Oh wait yeah sorry that's just how pr/communications works in the White House these days my bad. Real leaders don't treat these types of morsels as steak dinners for their own selfless promotion.
  8. I vote yes particularly since much of the conversation has shifted to newer threads. RIP to this thread.
  9. Closest thing I can think of would've been late in '07, early '08 after BP got hired. Don't remember a lot of boo birds at that time. It is nice to see everyone from top down pulling the same direction, though.
  10. I think it largely goes to show the value of local news/reporting over what you get from national people. Are the national guys going to be intimately aware of the economic and social impacts of not having a Husker football season in Nebraska? Probably not. So they're going to latch onto low-hanging fruit stuff like 'this must all be about how good their team is' or about 'making a statement as a young head coach with a team struggling to get over .500.'
  11. Funnily enough, I did catch him on ESPN as I was making dinner last night and at one point in the interview he said 'you know another team that played a big role in this is a 5-win Nebraska team. I think they must feel they have a sneaky good team this season to have pushed so hard so they're a team worth keeping an eye out for...' blah blah blah. Felt like classic Desmond - backtracking while trying to get a little dig in, while also completely missing the point; it is almost as if not being a pre-season championship contender makes your interest in having a football season more surprising.
  12. I hope it's as good as this video makes it out to be. I've hoped for more than a decade now for some sort of open world, Harry Potter RPG, and it looks like we're finally getting one.
  13. You technically need to have some sort of pass to park there, regardless. If memory serves, there are signs at each entrance to every campus lot identifying what type of parking pass you need to park there. I'm guessing this ends up becoming a non-issue and their tickets won't be enforced, but it does make me wonder where they normally park. Tons of the players live off campus so they must have some sort of designated parking area at or near the stadium...?
  14. Dylan McCaffrey (Luke's brother) is transferring from Michigan. 


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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      He could play right away here at Northern Colo....

    3. ColoradoHusk


      Dylan is a redshirt Junior, so would have 2 years of eligibility remaining.

    4. Xmas32


      Appreciate the clarification.  The UM website lists him as a Senior.

  15. I like it (so long as it's not a bunch of rematches, but even then I will still watch it). May serve as a de facto bowl game, too, particularly if some or all of them don't end up happening this year.
  16. They're going to try to sell this as some positive result based on new details, information, access to testing, etc., but I can't help but feel that MOST of this could've been managed and determined over the summer. There really isn't much else that has changed in the last several weeks since they decided to cancel the season, at least not in regards to what they could've organized to have as safe of a season as possible. I'm not going to whine too much now that football is back on track, but this whole thing has been fairly bungled and does not infuse a lot of confidence with Kevin Warren or the rest of B1G leadership.
  17. Yes and yes. I'm 99% certain the latter will happen regardless since I think a lot of those tailgating areas are privately managed and don't have to comply with a lot of the indoor health measures of restaurants and bars right?
  18. @ford your post has been moved to the tangent P&R thread in the Woodshed. We do not allow political commentary in the Husker football forum. Those opinions either need to be shared in the Politics & Religion forum or the Woodshed.
  19. Might be a better home for this, but this is really good news IMO. Apparently they were able to gather quite a bit of incriminating evidence from Gardner himself.
  20. Rule #1 of PR/communications/broadcasting/journalism: always operate under the impression that a microphone is on and recording, particularly in a public setting and even if you don't see one. I hope this is all true either way.
  21. Unsure if this is the best home for this, but the wildfires have had me thinking about this for several days now. The world becoming hotter and drier is certainly not helping to prevent massive wildfires, but our persistent attempts (as people) to completely prevent forest fires from happening is causing as much harm as anything else. Forest fires are a natural and even healthy action in an eco system. They help replenish nutrients and clear out dead material, making way for new life and new growth. We obviously don't want to start walking around the world tossing matches on forest floors, but there has to be some sort of controlled method of managing 'good fires' to try and stave off of what we see with these mega fires.
  22. Politics are not allowed in the football forum @Lawson. Your post and responses to it have been moved to the Tangent P&R thread in the Woodshed. Please continue those conversations there or continue the discussion in the P&R forum.
  23. Please keep this thread on topic and avoid negatively charged commentary directed at a poster rather than the content of their post(s). The Ignore function is also another option.
  24. Lewis Hamilton is the main reason I got into F1 a little more than a decade ago. He takes a lot of flak for wearing his heart on his sleeve, particularly from the crowd of 'stick to racing and don't use the race/podium as a platform' folks, but I've always appreciated his willingness to do this kind of stuff. He did post-race interviews in a Breonna Taylor shirt yesterday and even spoke about her in part of his post-race commentary. F1 is not an overly popular American sport, but it's hugely popular in other countries that may not be acutely aware of the BLM movement or some of the racial challenges happening in other countries. The entire F1 season has been dedicated to the #EndRacism movement with banners all over every single race. Lewis has a BLM logo on his crash helmet. So, I think it's fairly special/important to see things like this being talked about on an international platform.
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