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  1. Thanks for the clarification, I had read that it was Satterfield that pushed hard to get him. Don’t remember where but yeah, the interwebs
  2. He was Satterfields hand picked guy. But you’re right Rhule should have watched some tape and said “no, bad Marcus!” And the only person that gets to tell me what to do with my fingers or thumb is my wife.
  3. The sims fiasco rest squarely on Satterfields shoulders
  4. That definitely could be the case. If the money just isn’t there, which is baffling to me, and they are doubling down on who we have already, Rhule better bring in someone that knows how to actually develop QBs. Satterfield has shown it’s not him. It would be a major lapse in judgment if he doesn’t IMO
  5. Is 2 mil not doable nil money for a decent qb for this program? Honest question. It just seems comical and ridiculous that we can scrape up half a BILLION for new facilities, but Rhule seems to get squirmy about 2 mil for the most important position for a team in the modern era. I know that he or NU have little say but damn aren’t we supposed to have some of the most NIL potential in the country? Then he doubles down with we are gonna be old school, stick with our guys and develop them?? Okay….He sure as s#!t better get someone else to work with the QBs then if that’s his plan…I don’t want to hear the Satterfield had nothing to work with deflection, all three QBs had the same problems, that’s on the qb coach.
  6. The fact that Rhule isn’t even considering firing Satterfield, his buddy, is very similar to the nepotism of the last staff. After chinander was fired the defense did a complete 180. Just think if Frost had done his job and pulled the trigger when he should have. We are seeing it all over again just on the other side of the ball. Rhule hitching his wagon to Satterfield and what he brought with him will be his downfall.
  7. I said 3-9 at the beginning of the season. Mostly because I figured we would get our asses legitimately stomped most games. This 5-7 year is even worse to me because we were in almost every game and had opportunities to be at least 8-4 prob 9-3. Yet we still find a way to lose winnable games. Rhule ain’t changing things especially since he’s blind to the nepotism that got him here.
  8. Meh, agree to disagree. We have now resorted to hoping to flip a 3 star from boise state or some such place because their coach got fired. Don’t know maybe he will be great but hearing that doesn’t scream we are killing it on the recruiting trail for that position
  9. This is actually one of the ones we HAD to get and keep. What happens if EJ gets hurt? Ervin staying healthy is unlikely. And with the QB situation we will lean more on the run than ever next year. He is going to be a star wherever he goes, sucks big time it won’t be here.
  10. I don’t disagree at all, and how sad is it we will prob lose
  11. I see where you are coming from but I will counter with; EJ came in and hit the ground running, Purdy hit the ground running except for one bad decision in the Maryland game. The left side of the line has become markedly more serviceable since Corcoran and Piper went down. My point is the replacements haven’t needed time to get better than who they were replacing and no amount of time was going to make that left side of the line better.
  12. I agree it would be a whole new world if we went 6-6. That means they overcame some adversity, I don’t really know if our starters being healthy changes that. Washington maybe our one loss that really hurt this team. Everyone else, their replacements have done just fine or better than they were Edit: you are probably right if the guys starting now had more reps in camp it may be a completely better team, which begs the question what were the coaches looking at that made these guys so low in the depth chart?
  13. Sure we are “ahead of schedule” but it still feels like business as usual when it comes to HOW we are losing these games. Too much to rehash in one post but we are still masters at shooting ourselves in the foot and that does not bode well.
  14. I will be honest. I would be eh ok with 6-6 and a bowl. That’s measurable progress… I’ll explain… that means we beat a 9-2 Iowa. That means they are able to pull themselves up from a 3 game skid and beat a team with a winning record. That means we have don’t have a losing record for the first time since Riley. Thats just off the top of my head without looking up all of the mind numbing stats from the last decade or so that make a 6-6 record feel like going to the B1G championship.
  15. Agreed, we have taken steps back in every facet except defense. We finish 5-7 and this program is in no better condition than what frost left it. I would say worse as the offense is not only boring and anemic, it’s gut wrenchingly cringe.
  16. I don’t disagree, but he should This program has become Billy bob thortons character from tombstone. Somebody needs to come in and Wyatt Earp the s#!t out of it. Looks like Rhules nepotism is keeping him from doing his job. Satterfield had ALL off season and this season to do something with the qb room. He’s hot garbage
  17. That is a really good list dude. I would add, Rhule having a sit down with Satt and saying you have the Iowa game to show me something different with HOW you call plays in certain SITUATIONS or you’re gone.
  18. Sure qb play has been out front. It’s tough to ignore how bad they’ve been. I just found it interesting with GOOD not just ok qb play we are systematically broken as a program…still. Finding a qb in the portal won’t right this ship as people have been saying. That is all.
  19. I hope I’m wrong. I really do. I’ve been watching this team for a long time. And it isn’t a stretch to say this program hasn’t been given a chance by the people running the show. Rhule has made some critical errors and they all seem to center around Satterfield, his buddy. Who else did this? nepotism and fans buying the hype hook line and sinker every regime change will be the death of this program if it’s not already dead.
  20. Yes I used some inflammatory language, but I stand by it. This team may be showing improvement in some aspects but have taken giant leaps back in others. we will more than likely, barring a miracle, end up 5-7. We are not as embarrassing as Frosts team but we just found other ways to lose close games. on a losing streak? play the Huskers. Want to put up madden like numbers and break some record? play the Huskers. Hell Allen didn’t even know if he was going to stick with football then decided after he ran all over us a couple years back that this football thing is kinda neat. We suck!! And it prob won’t change in our lifetime.
  21. This game showed me that in the end it isn’t qb play that has been hampering us. Obviously Sims and HH have not helped the situation but Purdy played a clean game with really pretty good stats and we still lost, like terribly. Go up 14 then lay an egg the rest of the game?? Like come on man! 100 percent in play calling, clock management, special teams (anyone else blocks that punt and our guy totally holds up and bails??) and of course crappy Oline play. unfortunately a portal qb is not going to save this abortion of a program
  22. Fair, I guess at this point the qbs have been so bad I’d rather take the devil we don’t know then the devil we do. when it comes to Purdy he had a really good drive. “Right up to the point he left his wingman” by trying to play hero. I’d be ok with either him or a complete unknown at this point and hope and pray the defense can bail them out yet again
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