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  1. Sure he has never played a down of college ball. But when compared to what other B1G teams are working with at Qb it’s not outrageous to rank him towards the top. Considering what we saw in the spring game and the fact he has been practicing against the returning #15 defense in the nation, I like what I’m seeing. I haven’t been this excited for football season in over a decade. G.B.freaking.R!
  2. How frustrating will it be to get a guy like Dana working with our QBs and having Marcus out there playing checkers with them.
  3. You are right in saying things change. some teams get better and some worse. And Nebraska has a habit of improving one facet while another decides to take a break. Imo everything is looking better except offense. The defense is highly unlikely to take any steps back and the Oline saw gradual improvement. But with the recruiting moves this staff has made the offense should take off looking at the schedule for next year, we have a real chance to beat every team on our schedule especially how Ohio State and USC played toward the end of the year. Just an optimistic take from a pessimist
  4. Dude, we are a good Qb coach and a good Qb away from being a really good team. Looks like we will have both very soon. lol people like you act like we are getting blown out. We are in every game we lose except for Michigan. And with a competent offense that may change too.
  5. I can’t believe some of the comments on here. And some of y’all think im pessimistic?? Maybe… probably closer to a realist though, but anyway… Here is some objective truth for ya: we just landed the number one recruit in 5 different states. We landed the number one qb in the country. We have filled out the spots of weakness on our offense. We have young talented WRs. We are finally starting to develop players. Our defense is the best it has been in years. If a team like Washington can go to the Championship so can Nebraska. Will it happen next year?Probably not. But to say it will never happen again is just defeatist and actual pessimism. Go Big f#&%ing Red!
  6. Why is this even a thread? Even the talking heads that hate on Nebraska every chance they get call the program a blue blood program. Go stomp around someone else’s bridge.
  7. I’m willing to wait on any indictment of our YOUNG wide outs considering who was throwing/ not throwing the ball to them last year. With the exception of IGC and Bullock I think we have some really good potential at the position. If you build it they will come. With DR and DK tossing it around we will see that room get filled out. im more concerned about the RB position. Dowdell is a must get.
  8. I don’t know about you guys but I personally love that there are no SEC teams in the natty. Fluke or parity?
  9. We also hardly ever threw the ball and when we did it was to the other team. Coleman, loyd and fidone were wide open the majority of the time. I’m not worried about them being able to contribute in the least.
  10. 100 percent. If he stays healthy he will surpass Tom Brady. he’d be a star wherever he went.
  11. I’m confident they are not far off. They were open, not just open but wide open, it’s unfortunate for them that we didn’t have anyone that could get them the ball consistently. Sure Coleman had a dropped pass here or there but I think I only counted two maybe? Needs to get more physical in his route running but he will get there. Loyd was solid, Fidone ironically had the most drops. Needs to work on his blocking too. Doss has potential. Cant wait for #15 to spin it to ‘em. This offense could be trouble for the new B1G. add on: speaking of WR anyone know where Washington’s waiver stands? Coming back or no?
  12. So this thread has a lot to unbox. I like the original intention and thought behind it…seems like it got off the rails a bit there. But in all I like what is being said about how we can use what we have. I’m not enough of an x’s an o’s guy to contribute greatly to what’s been already said but I love the idea of running heavy sets and making defenders load the box. hit ‘‘em in the teeth a bit w the run game and then catch them w their pants down with some quick slants to a guy like loyd and some wheel routes w fidone/ Nelson. Maybe a bubble screen here or there. Then go for the jugular with some deep playaction passing. I haven’t been this excited for our offense since AMs freshman year. That said Satterfield better be doing his home work and if I were him, I’d be recording every niners game and learning how to translate that into our own version of it. Obvious from Rhules comments that is what he wants to emulate. Go.Big.Freaking.Red
  13. Bro, I know it’s signing day and all, but it’s way too early to be drinking at this pace. Take a breath and enjoy what’s happening.
  14. To be sure. They did get better after Corcoran and Piper went down. If Raiola wants to protect his nephew they shouldn’t sniff the field. Yeah his track record is not good. Terrible in fact. But an offense led by DR and the running game we have going for us might just bail him out. I honestly think the run game will get even better with DR and these young WRs keeping the defenses honest.
  15. As a QB coach absolutely. I’m willing to wait and see how his play calling pans out with a decent QB.
  16. Agreed 100% Basically what I was saying there. Someone had posted about concerns about our lowly 3 star lineman getting butt hurt about not making a bunch of money to block for our new messiah (paraphrasing here but that was the jist)
  17. Not here to say it’s dumb, but is it productive to stir the pot about it? I mean do OTs in the NFL get butt hurt about how much the star player on their team is making? I may be comparing apples to oranges here as good OT get paid pretty well. But honest question here
  18. Judging by the response on IG and FB I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if we start seeing Georgia trolls on here to go with our buddies from CO and IA. It’s a great day to be a Husker fan
  19. If you’re trying to be ironic that’s actually pretty funny. If not, pot, meet kettle.
  20. This is a non productive thought line. Even if this were to crop up which is very unlikely if you have met any of these guys, I’m thinking the coaching staff would nip that in the bud real quick
  21. Uh oh he is already referring to himself in the 3rd person. If he really wrote this, this is both cringe and awesome at the same time
  22. So crazy what this staff has done on the recruiting trail in general. Absolutely amazing job. As for DR obviously amazing get, I’m really looking forward to all the blue chip croots he will draw here. GBR!
  23. Me trying to be an optimistic husker fan. The battle damage is accurate.
  24. Oh my mistake, your comment followed one of my comments. And yeah… that tracks. I’ll own that. Ill try to be less of a downer
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