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  1. Judging by his film I wouldn’t call him just a track guy… He can catch and his ability to stutter step/change direction and accelerate is impressive. Doesn’t shy away from contact finding running lanes, is a great blocker, and can take a hit after the catch. Looks like an instinctual runner and should be great with some development.
  2. Looks great. The original looks like a high school kid took clip art of a skull and clip art of a helmet and just slapped it on there. The new one looks like a professionally designed logo
  3. Ok…first off you know I wasn’t calling them literal tomato cans. And then acting like what I said is dehumanizing them?? Please don’t hurt yourself when and if you get down off your high horse. It’s sports, if they suck there’s nothing mean or derogatory about saying they suck. I’ve stuck with this team through thick and thin and I love Nebraska, but until they solve the Oline woes it won’t matter if they recruit all the 4 and 5 star skill players in the world, Nebraska football will still suck.
  4. It’s in my calendar brother, I hope I’m wrong and you’re right, but they are straight up tomato cans.
  5. I appreciate your optimism and giving players the benefit of the doubt but at the end of the day Corcoran and especially Benhart are trash. They have regressed and I would agree new coaching may help but Raiola is still their coach. If either of those two are starters in 2023 we are in big trouble in little china
  6. https://access.qwikcut.com/highlights/619e45cd5fb19f0038900af6?utm_source=Player&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=Kwinten Ives&utm_content=Link
  7. I don’t disagree with you. Hopefully we are wrong
  8. Coleman just met with Rhule the other day. Said on a radio show prior to that meeting that he wants to see what Rhule has to say and is open to him re- recruiting him. For what it’s worth
  9. The first video the kid had his ankle wrapped up and then intentionally rolled his body weight into the medial part of his lower leg/knee. Total cobra Kai move. I don’t blame him for retaliating, kid was intentionally trying to injure him. Second video isn’t a good look but the film cuts out what happened prior. My guess same type of deal. Looks like opponents are intentionally trying to injure him after he pancakes him. The fact that Rhule visited with him and took pics w his family suggests that he is giving him the benefit of the doubt as should people here.
  10. Sure we had some deep rooted problems. But there were at least 3 games that were winnable games and we lost because of bad play calling and Oline play. Period.
  11. I’m delusional? Ok… did the Oline suck? Did whipple make adjustments to play to their strengths instead of exposing their weaknesses?
  12. Chins didn’t get fired for last years defense. But now that you mention it the offense last year hung that defense out to dry quite a bit as well.
  13. I’m glad I brought some humor to your day But our dismal record wasn’t because of Busch or defense. That rests squarely on the shoulders of the Oline and whipple trying to cram a square peg in a round hole.
  14. What’s puzzling? Under Busch the defense pitched shutouts for entire halves. They did better against Michigan than Ohio state did. The defense got markedly better as the season went on. In reality w out Busch we wouldn’t have even gone 4-8
  15. Was there a scandal at Baylor? Is there a scandal a Nebraska? Yes? Maybe if your reply to my post wasn’t dripping with a condescending tone I wouldn’t have said anything about your apparent lack of knowing what the word scandal means. (Do some research or use google) But that’s typical for people of your ilk, take a swipe then get butthurt when someone punches back. Have a nice day
  16. scan·dal /ˈskandl/ Learn to pronounce noun an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage. When did I mention anything about a cover up? Your vocabulary is obviously limited so i dropped a little Webster for ya. But yeah in case you are still confused, this is indeed a scandal.
  17. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Season/2023-Football/Commits/ Recruiting rank already down to 49th… hope Rhule can pull another rabbit out of his hat with a scandal ridden dumpster fire program
  18. @308_Husker, I’m more concerned about his cardiovascular health. That man looks like he is one flight of stairs away from a heart attack. Lifting all those boxes might put him in the ER
  19. Him being kinda rapey doesn’t really help his cause either
  20. I mean you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover but I was a personal trainer for 10 years and I would be embarrassed as hell if I looked like that dude and tried to act like you need to listen to me to get into shape. He may be a great programmer (not likely considering how slow and weak our lines were) but damn bro
  21. Do you work out if so, had you been training harder than usual? Did you go too long with out eating? Were you sleep deprived? Those have been the triggers for me over the years, usually a combination of all 3
  22. Oh man you’re one of those… ha. Jk Seriously though, agreed it is a Xmas movie
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