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  1. Surprised Prime missed on this one. He also takes diamonds in the rough.
  2. If he comes, I hope he doesn’t take the offensive line recruits out for pizza.
  3. Hopefully he embraces the strength and conditioning program.
  4. Rhule and staff not impressed with the 2022 WR class?
  5. This makes me again want to compare ‘94 Nebraska to ‘94 Penn State. In the Orange Bowl I believed Nebraska beat the better team, Miami. The Hurricane had a crazy good D. Penn State’s win over Oregon wasn’t so impressive. Penn State had a great offense, but their D was average. I believe N’s D would had stopped Penn State enough in order for N to outscore them. My bias option.
  6. I think coach Prime is trying to create an entirely new team. Pretty radical. Will it work? Time will tell.
  7. Thompson surgery may set him behind Sims if anything. It may be an uphill battle depending on how Sims looks in the spring.
  8. They need to be developed. I’m optimistic this staff can achieve that versus the previous. But, yes, it’s not impossible we don’t get duped again. One guy pointed out that Carolina got better after Rhule was gone. But that may had happened if Rhule stayed. So who knows for sure.
  9. You perhaps can start a profile on him.
  10. If he does commit to N, other teams will aggressively try to flip him, and some negative recruiting will take place.
  11. Pretty clear his passion is at QB, not WR. And he may not had his whole heart into it hear. I wish him success.
  12. With Frost, we were excited because his last year at UCF he had a perfect record. But very few of us were concerned and ignored his transition from a Group of Five team to a Big 10 one. Personally if the rumors are true, alcoholism and his domestic situation may had played a big factor in his demise. And he may had lacked a Big 10 mentality in coaching and recruiting. If it is true he was drunk the night before the NW, he may had already given up. Rhule at first I felt like a lot of other fans where he was not my first choice. But after hearing is approach about being the best and the toughest in the trenches, in addition to relentless recruiting, I changed my grade me from a B- to an A. I feel like he is much better prepared for the Big 10 than Frost. I think in the worst case scenario, his win and loss records will be similar to teams like Iowa or Pelini’s. But I could be wrong and he flops like Frost, Riley and Callahan.
  13. I’m thinking they will find walk ons for the FB spot.
  14. Unless Rhule wants to take two and Chubba and Luke transfer out and Haarberg is moved to another position, leaving just Torres. Not sure what Haarberg weighs. I was thinking him as an athletic TE. But who knows.
  15. I take it he is not a speed burner, but a reliable receiver with good moves. Apparently his longest pass play was 32 yards. So perhaps more of a possession receiver?
  16. Goes to show you that Prime is not just looking at stars. If Rhule really wants him, hopefully he stays here. It may depend on Dylan Riola though.
  17. I have nothing against Fickell, but it would give me great pleasure in out-recruiting Wisconsin. Colorado, too, even though I have no issue with Prime.
  18. Heights often seem to be inflated. Rarely the other way around.
  19. It wouldn’t surprise me if Deion reaches out.
  20. He will get his opportunities trying to cover Coleman. If he can hold his own against him, he should be pretty decent. If Coleman is as good as billed, that will be a huge challenge for Nation and any other DB. But with Turner’s speed, there’s another possible handful. Hopefully the reps will make everyone better. Development. Development. Development.
  21. He has entered the transfer portal. I wonder who would be interested. Great athlete. Was he poorly coached at Nebraska or he didn’t practice hard enough?
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