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  1. Wasn’t Colorado interested? Coach Prime would not look at anyone.
  2. Especially if Sims Haarberg are developed and have great success. I just hope the OL gets much better.
  3. I’m more hopeful now than I would be with Sims, especially if the OL makes some noticeable improvements. Instead of Dylan this could be the one who jump starts the program if the whole offense could put it together. But if he gets hit as often as AM and CT, no. But talent seems to be there. I tend to think Rhule has better talent than when he started at Temple and at Baylor. And if Haarberg follows, that would give N a better reputation of developing QBs, among other positions. This season is critical. If N far exceeds expectations— I’m thinking 6-7 wins — we may get some decommitments, including maybe even a top QB.
  4. If N can get both Bellevue WRs, that would be a successful 2024 WR recruiting class.
  5. Not necessarily talking about Dylan, but it’s a long way to December. While it probably won’t be Dylan, there will be decommitments. Thus some we don’t expect to come may still end up here. On the other hand there will probably be around three who decommits from N. One way or the other it’s far from over. But I do believe Dylan will be at Georgia for at least on year if not more.
  6. Either him or Kewan Lacy. Lacy may not be as fast but appears more shifting.
  7. Obviously the OL will have to show something in the future to get some more top guns. Also it would help if Sims has a great season. Sims could help jump start the program if the OL improves.
  8. I rather have the fastest player in the country versus the fattest in the world.
  9. I agree with that. Of course I have no idea, but perhaps he wants to wait and see a few Husker games early in the season? It would not surprise me if he would visit N during their first home game. That would be three games for him to get a good look at Nebraska.
  10. Or he may wait into the early season to see how N does if he is pretty sure Georgia will wait. And see the new facilities. Or after June 2 he commits to Georgia, which at this point may the most likely occurrence.
  11. The longer he doesn’t commit, the more uncertain this is. At this point we seem out of it. But Satterfield visited a couple a weeks ago. If he does schedule an official for here, then we know we are back in as little chance N may have.
  12. Could also be real good in the slot.
  13. Did Rhule once say the offense will be designed around the OL?
  14. No problem. I deserved that one. Cheers!
  15. Ok, I get it that I screwed up the context. Hopefully you know what I meant.
  16. What this means I don’t know, but Steve Sipple said Satterfield visited him about a week ago.
  17. It will depend probably on how the Ds play against us. Maybe one game they throw it 20 times and in another 38 times. ???
  18. I just hope he can catch the ball, and he had a bad day.
  19. The longer this drags on without a commitment could be an indication Georgia is not a guarantee. At this point I would be surprised if he commits to Nebraska, but going to USC wouldn’t be. Perhaps USC is closer than some think? I just wish it was N.
  20. I want to add that M Coleman in this article is also mentioned as the fifth top freshman prospect.
  21. Could it be that Dylan doesn’t want to be a runner in Nebraska’s offense and just wants to just throw the ball? He didn’t run much unless he had to in HC. Could this be a possible deal breaker since Rhule wants duel threats running the offense?
  22. I wonder what the issue with Wynn is. Wasn’t he considered part of the rotation? Could it be he wasn’t fully onboard being a Husker, and Rhule suggested he move on?
  23. Which TE made that long catch for the white?
  24. True. In the NFL, he did start some games, but he wasn’t very successful with the Packers. His lack of arm strength was part of the problem. However, he was a star in the CFL.
  25. Will we see a triple option or two? I don’t recall him running any at Temple. Baylor? I don’t know.
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