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  1. Honestly, I've been a bigger fan of Frost's playcalling than most. It can be a very fun offense to watch. But it's hard to get around the persistent red zone issues, fourth quarter and overtime decisions, and some of that bleeds over to the defense, too. All four mental issues suggest the same problem: inability to handle pressure and step up in the big moment. And that typically points to coaching and culture.
  2. Nebraska has had one of its toughest schedules in years and is currently the #3 Rushing Offense and the #2 Total Offense in the Big 10. Let's stop pretending we don't have the talent. This team can put together outstanding drives, quarters, halves, and one time they dominated an entire game. Consistency, discipline, killer instinct and clutch playcalling problems stretch across every unit.
  3. We've already decided you're not a lifelong fan at all, but as a trolling outsider you should know that the vast majority of Husker fans don''t think Scott Frost has done a good job of winning games. Expectations were high and Frost got some passes no other coach would get, but the next step is firing Frost and hiring another coach -- our fourth in 8 years. Not firing Frost mid-season is not the same as saying you're satisfied with Frost. Some stubborn fans even want to see how the next four games play out.
  4. What was he hired to do, and how did that work out? Got that vibe, too.
  5. I love cinnamon rolls and chili. But I think I'd love cinnamon rolls with anything.
  6. I am joking. But that's a perfectly valid takeaway from the game, too. We're closer to Illinois than we are Penn State right now. And we're actually looking up at Illinois. Why can't Nebraska be Illinois?
  7. What if we go 1 and 3, but the 1 is a huge upset of Ohio State. Whoa.
  8. Don't be so hard on yourself. You added self-pity. That's something.
  9. Yes, a crappy Illinois team can close out against ranked teams and Nebraska can't. We get it. You want Frost fired.
  10. Bo's certainly right about the hypocrisy with W/L expectations at Nebraska, but his successor barely got three years, and the golden boy himself is on the hot seat at season 3.5. Both Youngstown State and LSU showed less patience with Bo than Nebraska. "Burning crosses in my yard" is also the kind of tone-deaf analogy that explains why Pelini remains a PR liability.
  11. Read these two sentences again. Slowly. Then get back to me about incoherent.
  12. Well you beat teams of lesser talent because you have better talent. You're expected to beat teams when everyone knows you're a good team. And Frank Solich's 1999, 2000, and 2001 teams spent most of their time in the Top 5. The worst of those three teams played for the National Championship. The best of those teams was 12-1 and finished #3, having beaten the #5, #6, #12, #18 and #21 teams in the country. The P5 game may have started to pass Solich by, but my saying three out of Frank's five seasons would have fit near the top of Tom Osborne's resume is a stone cold fact. No revisionist history required. It's also likely that by 2002, college football itself had caught up with Nebraska, and the team no longer enjoyed the advantages that made our 40 year run possible and incredibly hard to duplicate. Maybe this isn't the curse of Solich, just the odds catching up. Some of our younger posters may not remember how Husker fans totally s#!t the bed over Frank Solich's 7-7 recored in 2002.
  13. We will beat Wisconsin. Not sure about the others.
  14. Two of Frank Solich's seasons were below Husker standards at the time. Three of Frank Solich's seasons would have ranked in the Top 10 of Tom Osborne's career. Just to be clear. Recruiting. Coeds. Alcohol. New AD looking to modernize. Take your pick. But Frank did some good coaching with relatively modest Husker rosters.
  15. Do you honestly believe people thinking for themselves can't arrive at a variety of conclusions? 45% is a pretty large number. No doubt a lot of the 55% remain concerned. I'm among the latter. Some people claim they've seen all they need to see. Most still have questions that may or may not be answered in the next four games. Won't know who's right for awhile, if ever. I'd say it's been a pretty valid discussion all around. If we took a poll about whether ndobney adds to or detracts from every discussion, you might not like those numbers.
  16. I think he's sincere, too. If you've chosen college football coach out of all the careers in the world, you understand the pressure on young athletes, especially when they lose. Having just game-planned for Adrian Martinez, I think Fleck totally respects how good he can be. I'll take enthusiasm on the sidelines any day of the week.
  17. Well you're currently ranked #46 in public education, Alabama. So the reading and writing ain't working.
  18. Really, this should be the only story in America right now. We're either cool with treason or we're not.
  19. When you realize that better special teams play could have won you a game, and a better offensive line could have won you a game, and a more sure-handed QB could have won you a game, and a better pass rush could have won you a game, and better red zone and fourth quarter playcalling could have won you a game, you realize it's not just a couple things keeping you from winning games. I have no idea how close we are, and can't imagine Scott Frost or any head coach saying his team's not close in front of a microphone. Reference point: I thought we were close only two weeks ago. Happy to readjust after the final four (or five) games are played. Pretty sure some changes will be in order either way.
  20. We hired a carpenter for a bathroom remodel, and he turned out to be more of a handyman. But he charged the carpenter's rate. His name was Jesus. Jesus Hernandez. I'm 100% sure this amusing anecdote is correct.
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