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  1. In 2022 there are still plenty of NFL teams giving second chances to domestic abusers and serial gropers. There is typically some fan protest and media heat on ownership, but as long as the players deliver on the field it all kinda fades away.
  2. Yes and no. Standards have evolved but victim shaming hasn't exactly gone away. There was no deafening roar from social media back then demanding accountability, but there was a lot of public judgement and Tom Osborne most definitely took heat for mishandling the situation. Tom Osborne was never very gregarious, but I'm guessing you meant egregious.
  3. You write some pretty tortured posts, hunnit. Definitely pulled a hamstring on this one.
  4. Just to be fair, can we break out a separate thread to house every poster who was willing to give Urban Meyer a lap dance if he'd just glance our way?
  5. Well at least it opens room back up for all the Kevin Wilson to Tulsa chatter.
  6. If you're in the middle on this, like I am, the only thing funnier than watching Husker fans fellate Deion Sanders is watching other Husker fans s#!t their pants at the mere thought of him coming to Lincoln. If the decision was up to me I would have gone the Trev route, too. Rhule and Fickle probably the top choices, Deion not in serious consideration. But if my top choices turn me down and I'm looking at a pool of Campbell and O'Brien and Leipold and Mickey Joseph and even Lane Kiffin, I'm suddenly thinking Deion Sanders brings a better chance of change and hope. No great coach succeeded at the D1 level until he did. As noted in an earlier post, 75% of the hottest coaching hires in the 2014 and 2018 cycle that got us Riley and Frost are no longer head coaches. Nobody knows how any coach is going to do until the games are played. If you listen to the folks who follow college football closely, Deion Sanders has earned the consideration, probably over-hyped but in no way a foolish choice.
  7. Wait, isn't this the Coaching Carousel thread, and didn't Deion Sanders just get hired by longtime rival and upcoming opponent Colorado? Is there really a problem with HuskerBoard getting too lively?
  8. But Grant didn't really disappear. He continued to get the bulk of the carries and still had a couple 100+ yard games post-Frost. The next rushers after Grant's 218 carries are Ajay Allen with 33 and Gabe Ervin with 20. It was a bad year for rushing the ball: 3.5 yards a carry as a team. I think on some level Frost considered Grant, Palmer and Thompson portal guys who were covering for the poor recruiting and development in Year 5. I think he even wondered aloud to the media why Rahmir Johnson wasn't getting more touches, as if Frost wasn't in direct communication with his own OC.
  9. If I remember my ancient history, a sizable portion of HB posters were unaware that Deion Sanders had become a legitimate P5 HC candidate. They thought a couple HB posters had just pulled him out of their a$$.
  10. Point is, you will never know until they play the games. That's why the history of high risk hires and "sure-thing" hires isn't always clear cut.
  11. Well now that he's going to CU, we need a thread where the Deion haters admit they underestimated him. If you like excitement and recruits and a fundamental program change, Boulder might have the edge. If you had to lay money on that Nebraska vs, Colorado game next September......
  12. Congrats to Tim Beck, taking over a new stepping stone program https://theathletic.com/3967337/2022/12/04/coastal-carolina-tim-beck-nc-state/
  13. Eh, I was a grown adult at the time, and the national standards weren't so different. Osborne and the Husker Football program were judged by the standards at the time, and they were pretty harsh and well documented. We didn't like the national media judging our program, but we had no problem when it was Oklahoma and Miami getting in trouble for the entire decade of the 80s. We loved casting them as thugs and criminals, and the coaches and donors as enablers. I don't disagree with Dr. Tom that it might be better to keep a troubled young man in a regimented system rather than totally cutting him loose, but it did appear that a star football player could cross almost any line and the University would have his back.
  14. When you start a sentence: "What Mickey Joseph did was really bad, but......" it suggests you're about to offer some evidence to the contrary, as opposed to laughing at people who don't have your awesome inside sources.
  15. And for a few games there it looked like he had Nebraska's first 1,000 yard rusher in years, too.
  16. By any chance does "more to the story" suggest that while what Mickey did was really bad, his wife was kinda......you know......asking for trouble? Since you're laughing, maybe it was something more comical. Anyway, you have the proof. We don't. You win. Congrats.
  17. If you put together a dozen clips of my favorite offensive plays from Nebraska this year, I'd declare Whipple a genius.
  18. Apple and Apple customers have had several years to register their unwillingness to support Apple/China's reprehensible working conditions. It was never a secret.
  19. The whole "surely THIS is the last straw for Trump defenders" has been going on for seven years now.
  20. How many "elite" coaches are there? The most elite coaches are obviously already employed, operating dynasties, and not coming here. Urban Meyer and Chris Petersen? I mean, it's worth asking but it looks like they're not open for business either, regardless of the school. So that leaves the pool of coaches everyone was circling around for this cycle of college HC hires; various guys with HC experience at smaller schools, Coordinator experience at bigger schools, and 6-6 records at schools who consider that a breakthrough. You'd have to say Rhule was among the elite of those available, and I think the mere fact that Trev Alberts got and paid for him is a step in the direction of restoring respectability. Don't know what happens next, but I didn't consider anyone a slam dunk hire, not even Urban Meyer. I also think a hungry if less experienced coach could have turned things around. You never know. Lotsa folks here mocked the early Deion Sanders chatter as ludicrous, but the people in Boulder have every reason to be excited, too. That should be an interesting early season match-up next year.
  21. Hey, I thought we were talking about all the disadvantages Nebraska has. Other than nice facilities and a loyal but increasingly prickly fanbase, I've been seeing almost nothing about Nebraska's advantages on HB. Utah, Kansas State and others simply suggest we stop whining about our disadvantages because they clearly can be overcome.
  22. Salt Lake City is as far away from Los Angeles as Lincoln Nebraska is from Dallas, as far away from Las Vegas as Lincoln is from Chicago. Whether it's culture or physical distance, you don't look at Salt Lake City and envy it as a recruiting hotbed. Every disadvantage we lay at the feet of Lincoln Nebraska could be made for the University of Utah (ever buy alcohol in Salt Lake City?) which has managed to turn low-ranked recruiting classes into a respected NFL pipeline while beating up on Pac 12 schools that have the recruiting advantages we actually do envy. If I went too far declaring Utah's recruiting radius as "worse" I apologize. The spirit of the post is that Utah is similar enough to draw inspiration and hope. Why you go hatin' on hope, TheSker?
  23. Yeah, I just heard about the TCU game and realized Manhattan, Kansas isn't making any excuses either
  24. USC has supposedly every advantage a football program could want. Utah is at least as cold as Nebraska, Salt Lake City is actually less hip than Lincoln, the recruiting radius is worse for the Utes, and the facilities and fanbase aren't even close. So yeah, Utah is a perfect example of what good coaches can do instead of making excuses.
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