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  1. Hey waitaminnit. What are the chances that Newsmax and OAN parroted the exact same disinformation about Dominion in their many, many Big Lie segments? Obviously lawyers would go after Fox's deeper pockets, but by precedent those two should be culpable and bankruptable, too. There are, of course, conservative voices who did not engage in these deliberate falsehoods and I welcome their elevation in the discourse, though they don't appear to have a broadcasting source at the moment.
  2. I've been burned too often to get hopeful about anything, but some are suggesting the depths of the Dominion lawsuit, and everything Fox is doing wrong to combat it, could legitimately bankrupt the entire organization. Great news, Newsmax!
  3. The cult thing. We laugh about it and I'm sure a MAGA person would take offense to the term, but at this point it's demonstrably true. If you read about straight up cults, or simply charismatic dictators directing their people to violent and disastrous action, you find followers who describe the experience as being in a spell. You didn't question it and you were rewarded by feeling empowered by a special destiny. The cult followers who describe it that way are people who eventually came out the other side, where the spell was broken and they were able to look at their actions and cult leaders in rational terms. I'm sure someone has already studied the subject with our current situation in mind. I know there's a whole psychological strategy to deprogramming. I don't think anyone is going to be able to clap their hands and break the spell, but I gotta think there will be a time -- maybe soon -- where the fire simply fades and the same people will be able to look back at themselves in 2023 with better clarity and hopefully regret.
  4. If anything, the stay loose, have fun, and "play with your players" vibe they say Frost & staff cultivated at UCF seems to have more in common with the Riley era than against it. Is the article implying that the more disciplined UCF coach who passed along an 0-12 team gave Frost more disciplined players at UCF than he found at Nebraska? Are they hinting that the expectations at UCF came with less pressure than they did at Nebraska? No s#!t? How could you look at the Nebraska situation in 2017 and not know what to expect coming in? Wasn't the whole Scott Frost insurance policy the fact that he knew Nebraska football and Nebraska expectations like nobody else?
  5. I am sure Donald Trump approved that message, but I can guarantee he didn't write it.
  6. Sorry. Turns out I was looking at posts from 21 hours ago.
  7. What do you think about the same analytics folks buttering up Deion Sanders?
  8. The summer before I moved to San Francisco I had my bike stolen and my car broken into in Lincoln, Nebraska, and my buddy threatened with a gun in a small town Nebraska bar. 15 years of living in San Francisco never replicated that experience.
  9. It's increasingly clear that both sides want Donald Trump to be the referendum on America: are you for him or against him? I think a lot of Republicans didn't want it to be that way, but now that it is they will not risk supporting alternative candidates. Trump going to jail for Stormy Daniels doesn't change a thing, and may actually rally the troops. Literally.
  10. Google dịch đôi khi khá hữu ích phải không.
  11. Extra points for the Thich Quang Duc reference and culturally sensitive spell-check
  12. At the same time, do you want to go to a bargain basement provider for colonoscopies? On the other hand.....Jiffy Lube does have a proven model of efficiency.
  13. Hmmm. I remembered those numbers from an article on the subject about 7 years ago. Gonna see if I can find it. They were talking about the piece of equipment, not the surgery itself. As I recall, it was the wild west pricing of medical equipment that set the tone for out-of-control healthcare costs, as insurance companies never lifted a finger to negotiate costs, just spread them around.
  14. The ACA relies heavily on economies of scale to bring the whole world of medical costs down, making it more in step with capitalist strategy than socialist strategy. The government would simply come to the private medical industry with a huge cache of potential customers and ask private industry to compete for their business. This is how $4,000 hip joints turn into $900 hip joints. Just as it does elsewhere in the free enterprise system. But the GOP was so deep in denying Obama they sabotaged the ACA, bled out the economy of scale, and happily declared it a failure. And socialism. In a simpler world, the same GOP could have taken credit for steering Obama and America away from Single Payer and into the ACA, which had essentially been authored and endorsed by Republicans since the Nixon administration.
  15. Man, you really have been out of the country. I do agree that Democrats have been really bad at messaging on issues. One of the reasons is that things like healthcare and immigration are complex and nuanced, and we've been tuned to like our messaging simple and angry.
  16. Well the main way Republicans play identify politics is to pin "socialist" on whatever the Dems propose, implying it's both un-American and anti-business when it's often the very formula of federal business incentives, big government infrastructure, public education and social safety nets that have long served this great nation of ours -- the Capitalists as well as the people who make up their employees, customers, and fellow citizens. Everybody hates some regulation, but most support most regulations. We seem to appreciate clean air and water, safe food, and protected parkland. Most of us don't care what other people do in their personal lives. Identity politics lets you label all of this an unhinged liberal agenda, and encourages you to vote at the behest of a shockingly small number of people who will benefit from making the world a s#!ttier place.
  17. I really think it's a mistake if Donald Trump's first perp walk is for paying hush money to a porn star rather than his ongoing attempt to overthrow democracy. The racketeering angle does have a nice ring to it, though.
  18. This was a pretty contentious HB argument a couple years ago, but I think the NBA is probably playing better defense across the board today. There were legendary enforcers and brawlers back in the day, but there were also a lot of pure scorers who barely lifted a finger on defense. These days a coach will bench a scorer who's consistently getting burned on defense. If you've got just one guy on the court who can't play d, everyone on the opposing team will run through him. It was almost comical a few years ago when Sacramento tried to play BYU wonder kid Jimmer Freddette. New rules make it harder to play the old-style defense. That doesn't mean less defense -- just different strategy and technique. There are still some pretty good brawls these days, too. Saw a clip this week of a hands-on-throat fight. Even Devin Booker is getting chippy. Whether you thought the 1980s was the era of defense depends on which Division you watched. The East was slow and brutal. The West was fast-break, matador-defense, scorefests, even without the 3 pointer. A 1980s Nuggets/Spurs game could go 163-155 in regulation. Don't know if you noticed, but the league finally cracked down on the traveling (pivot feet and quasi-Euro steps) and what we used to call "palming" which they now call "discontinuation." I know this because I'm a Warriors fan and Jordan Poole, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson have gotten more of those calls this season than in their entire careers.
  19. I don't think it's possible for an NCAA Tournament bracket to get more decimated than mine within the first 48 hours. I have no reason to even check it anymore.
  20. I'm sure Minnesota will get savaged for wokeness, but food insecurity among American children is a much bigger problem than most folks know, and poor nutrition is rampant in all economic classes. At our kids school, Free Breakfast marked you as a poor kid and I'm guessing they want to avoid that stigma. Guessing there are no teachers who would protest every student starting the school day well fed.
  21. I don't think people with contradictory theories should automatically get shouted down --- especially in the public square -- but the evidence continues to suggest the scientific community handled this the right way, a world of probabilities and uncertainties that don't translate well to angry partisan discourse.
  22. The number of "right people" Trump put into government and then turned on as feckless and incompetent is pretty impressive. His biggest loyalists remain among the most stupid and shallow people ever given power.
  23. Yeah, and I'm worried the Democrats will be paralyzed. If it's not Biden, they almost have to turn to Harris, having invested this much in her as the sitting VP. I think the GOP would be thrilled to pivot to Harris and she would be a huge risk for 2024. In order to get better quality candidates, the DNC can't scare away open primary competition by circling the wagons around Kamala. At this point, Anybody But the Fascist Enablers is going to get a solid 35% of the electorate, but that next 16% is going to be a catfight.
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