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  1. I might go with the Cubs winning the World Series in 2016, but that's about it.
  2. Easy to blame the politicos, but they are also meeting privately with Biden and coming away more concerned and a bit angry at Biden's inner circle for keeping him in a bubble about the realities on the ground. And it turns out many of the alternative names are polling at least couple points better than Joe. Not sure where you get your confidence that it's still a coin flip between Biden and Trump, or that voter interest in replacing Biden is just click bait. 65% of Democrats now think Biden should step aside. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/4777452-democrats-biden-drop-out-ap-poll-trump-assassination-attempt/ Just watching Joe walking and interacting these days is a red flag. I think we all have to be honest about that. The nightmare scenario is spending the next four months watching it get worse, unable to do anything about it. Some might claim the media is being unfair catching every Biden stumble and gaffe, but it's not unfair. It's an incredibly legitimate story. Perhaps we all agree that a weakened Biden is far better than a raging Donald Trump, but that weaker Biden is not going to do better than the stronger Biden who was already trailing in the swing states he carried in 2020.
  3. I promise to add this to my consideration set, Teach, but as of this moment serial poster Tristan Snell cites absolutely no source for that blurry little poll
  4. As long as science can't provide an empirical reason why the universe exists, how time began, and what exactly was happening before that, we will all ponder and marvel and entertain a greatness beyond our grasp. I get why it would be comforting to know that a benevolent God has answers and plans for everything, but I think leaving it at unknowable wonder is more accurate, and probably encourages us to do all we can to make each life matter in the moment. Good churches still do that. End of the day, each of us crafts a semblance of God in our own image. The loving and empathetic Gods are the best.
  5. If you don't know why God protected one and not the other, why do you assume He protected the one? The "dishonest" part might come from you suggesting that God wants Donald Trump to be President, while pretending that's not what you're saying.
  6. Keeping Biden now is an auto-loss. Period. Dems actually don't need a super candidate to revitalize the base and the fundraising -- just a change. I don't know if it will be enough, but it no longer seems risky. Seems like the only hope. That hope ends if enough Dems sit it out in loyalty to Biden. Joe has to be all in.
  7. Not sure how you could miss it, but Jesus is the divine teacher and Donald Trump is the false idol. Plenty of devout Christians are separating themselves from the political interpretations of the evangelical right. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/12/17/is-jen-hatmaker-the-conscious-of-evangelical-christianity-216068/ It's pretty convenient when you can claim to interpret God's will -- which happens to align with your wishes -- then refuse to continue the discussion. I don't recall seeing you on HuskerBoard prior to the assassination attempt, but I hope you'll stick around.
  8. I don't feel "better" about any of this horrific horses#!t, but I remain solid in mocking Christians who are intent on deifying a false idol who follows virtually none of the teachings of Christ. By your logic it was God's hand that elected Joe Biden, inspired millions to take to the streets for Black Lives Matter, and sent thousands of displaced migrants towards the warm bosom of His favorite country.
  9. Not sure I'd trust these folks to tamp down the angry, violent rhetoric. Merch table at the Republican National Convention:
  10. Why do you have to play the race card, Z?
  11. If Donald Trump was willing to have his ear nicked by a speeding bullet to sell the fake assassination, and some prearranged spectators thought being killed would add authenticity, my opinion of the rightwing masterminds would actually skyrocket. Their choice of assassin, though, is vexing. Illegal immigrant would have been pure gold, but even an hispanic surname would have done the trick. Registered Republican and gun fetishist was a bit of a buzzkill but obviously folks can work around it.
  12. You get rid of Mendendez because he's a corrupt crook. You ask Joe Biden to step down because he shows concerning signs that he's not up for the demands of the Presidency. Those are both ethical choices, none of which adds up to irony.
  13. I'm not amazed that something like the Pennsylvania shooting was allowed to happen. I'm amazed it doesn't happen more frequently. As long political figures appear in public, anyone with a gun and a death wish stands decent odds of changing history. There was no security breach when Ronald Reagan was shot. He was surrounded by well armed professionals as you can see below. But the most twerpy little incel you can imagine almost took down the most powerful man in the world. If he'd grabbed a .38 instead of a .22 he would have succeeded.
  14. Agnostics don't have much in the way of organization, lobbying, or promotion, but if there's one thing the world needs it's more people willing to admit they don't know s#!t.
  15. That's means you're only four years from Medicare. It's awesome!
  16. Too bad He hated that loving father and Army reservist Corey Comperatore so much.
  17. Nowhere else to go? If you're JD Vance, you can go all the way to being Trump's Vice-President, a heartbeat away from F├╝hrer!
  18. First of all, get off my lawn. Secondly, I was 4 when JFK was shot and my research on the assassination proved inconclusive at the time. Even without the internet the conspiracy theories took off, taking at least a year to come out in book form. There was a general understanding that the Warren Commission had a mandate to prove the Lone Gunman theory and save America from the dark implications of the conspiracy theories, and I think America wanted that, too. My parents, the teachers, the neighbors wanted to stick with a single bad guy, Lee Harvey Oswald, and grieve for the President and his young family. I only found years later that kids growing up in the South may have had very different experiences: the President's death was cheered in the classrooms, with comments like "the (n-word) lover is dead!" A lot of these remembrances came out during the 50th anniversary of the assassination in 2013, including teachers who were fired for reprimanding those cheering children. True stuff. https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2013/nov/21/doug-clark-cheering-at-mississippi-school-added/ As a guy who typically loathes conspiracy theories, I gotta admit JFK remains the gold standard. I don't think anyone of substance still adheres to Lee Harvey Oswald, and the smart money moves between a mob hit, a CIA sponsored action, and plausibly both. I'm a little younger than TGHusker, but as a 9 year old in 1968 I went to the RFK campaign headquarters in downtown Lincoln where I picked up a bumper sticker and a Hollywood style RFK head shot that I still have today. When RFK was assassinated, shortly after MLK, my mom burned our comic book collection --- just trying to do something to tamp down the violence that seemed to be everywhere. My little life as a 9 year old remained carefree and happy, but 1968 was pure madness. Vietnam was always playing in the background, war torn bodies every dinnertime. Given how anarchists in Portland get people's panties in a bunch today, you can't imagine what the streets of Chicago looked like during the Democratic National Convention, when the Left was protesting the Democrats because the Democrats were prosecuting the War. I did watch that live. It's pretty easy to believe Sirhan Sirhan was the lone gunman in a pre-meditated murder of RFK in an act of Palestinian protest. If you want to know how nuts RFK Jr. is, he conducted a long prison interview with Sirhan Sirhan and emerged claiming Sirhan did not kill his father, providing no new evidence and ignoring that Sirhan had always confessed to the killing. This was just the beginning of the Kennedy family distancing themselves from their conspiracy addict.
  19. I'm beginning to wonder if a Politics & Religion board is really the right place for you.
  20. And it turns out there is still some debate over this claim. A Registered Republican with a $15 donation to a Dem Pac, just to keep both sides happy/angry. You can't make this stuff up.
  21. I believe it has since come out that the $15 donation to a Democratic PAC came from an elderly Pennsylvanian with the same name as the shooter. Carry on.
  22. Maybe he heard JD Vance call Trump "America's Hitler" and realized he could be an assassin and a Republican at the same time.
  23. It reflects words that weren't in use and topics that the media typically avoided. It does not conclude that America is more prejudiced than it used to be, simply that the media began to give the topics more frequent coverage which -- interestingly enough -- has helped lead to a less prejudiced America. Now go get your shine box.
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