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  1. Is this not the truth? Trust Bolton at your peril.
  2. Pelini officially announces he's heading back to LSU.



  3. Here's the official stuff.
  4. Why are all the photos I've seen of Bo in relation to this LSU news coming from his time at Nebraska?
  5. Not officially official but close.
  6. Can we talk about how everything Ken Starr says in defense of trump is a wholesale lie? Bemoans that impeachment is a weapon used against a political opponent. Says, "the Senate would do well to return to our country’s tradition when Presidential impeachment was a measure of last resort." Be sure to commit crimes in or near an election year, kids!
  7. Maybe we should just call this whole thing off. At some point we have to ask ourselves if it's worth it to make Mitch and Lindsey unhappy. This really isn't fair, you guys.
  8. So... when they work for trump they're Republicans. When they're called before the Senate, they're "Democratic witnesses."
  9. If this was happening in a political party I was associated with, I'd raise hell. I would expect Senators and Representatives to raise hell. If they thought this was wrong.
  10. "Strengthen the case for witnesses" "Increasingly likely" to call for witnesses. This is a trial. Trials involve witness testimony. It is a no-brainer that you would call witnesses in this, and every other case, where witness testimony is available. These guys aren't committing to anything. Those words are temporizing. They're desperate to find some way - any way - to not call Bolton or anyone else. Cowards. To wit:
  11. This thread gives details about the Tower-to-Pilot communications. This part, at least, is somewhat comforting. Because there's almost no chance they suffered with an impact at that speed. Death had to be near-instantaneous. The best anyone could hope for in such a tragedy.
  12. Seeing some people guessing that Bolton has resisted testifying so it helped out his book's presale numbers. What a peach.
  13. That was 25 years ago. I've changed so much in the last 25 years that I'd certainly disagree with my 1994 views today. These super-old videos of politicians expressing different political views really don't resonate with me.
  14. We're just not executing.
  15. Nebraska sports media seems to think he's coming here. These are his latest followers on the twitter.
  16. I'm not sure why you guys are asking each other that question. I see what NUance is talking about with cloned body parts used to replace broken/worn out parts. That could be done by cloning. But when you talk about "clones" without a specific definition, I think most people think of an identical copy of a human - the whole thing, from hair to toes. Probably would be a good idea to define which facet of cloning we're talking about in this thread.
  17. This guy LITERALLY wraps himself in the flag, and now he's pandering wholesale to evangelicals to keep their vote. And he doesn't believe a word of it.
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