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  1. Assistant to the Coaching Staff Elaine Anderson Calypso
  2. I wonder if this was published in Russia. The Moscow Times is a bit analogous to USAToday.
  3. Bobo +7 to Bobo +2 is a pretty decent swing. But I agree, she's still likely to win.
  4. That's a big swing after one debate. How many more are scheduled, and does LoBo even do it?
  5. They're both wearing red ties. It's an accoutrement reference.
  6. Nebraska invades Piscataway riding a one-game win streak under IHCMJ. It's a short week, so roll up your sleeves and get your funny jokes in before the horde of Rutgers fan invades the board. Noah Vedral Noah Vedral
  7. Apparently women aren't supposed to play sports in the Republican Utopia. They're not outright banning the sport, they're just making it so hellish to qualify that girls will simply opt out.
  8. Agent has a lackluster client in need of a boost. Agent has their (unpaid) interns post anonymously on message boards and the twitter saying his client would be a good fit for job X. Agent gets a blogger to blog some bloggy stuff about how people are talking about coach Y for job X. Local and national beat writers, who are contractually obligated to produce a Top 5/7/10 list of targets for each job opening, cite the blogger citing the interns. Now that the agent has attention for his client as a Candidate, he can negotiate a higher salary at their current stop or at whatever new school ends up desperate enough to hire him. It's a seamless, bulletproof method of promotion.
  9. These numbskulls keep falling for the furries in high school story.
  10. Yeah. Sad. State Police identify victims of fatal crash on Toll Road Indiana State Police have identified the victims who died in a crash on the Indiana Toll Road Sunday evening. Both the driver and passenger of a white 2017 Ford SUV were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was identified as 31-year-old Mark Pelini of Canfield, Ohio, and the front seat passenger was identified as 31-year-old Jillian Marian of Youngstown, Ohio. The front seat passenger of the second vehicle involved, a black 2017 Ford pickup truck, was also pronounced dead at the scene. She was identified as 57-year-old Jane Beecher of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The driver and backseat passenger of the pickup were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
  11. Anyone know how Mark Pelini passed?
  12. We may not win another game this year. But hot damn that was great for the guys, for Mickey and for Trev.
  13. No, just like the poster who claimed they never saw any Republicans supporting Putin, then when showed proof they dished up a word salad trying to explain it all away.
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