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  1. It's his own fault if that stupid thing has been sitting on his desk waiting to be signed.
  2. Interesting. It's odd how quickly we go from what we consider modern humanity to essentially cave-men.
  3. Mr. Baker and I are acquaintances. He's given me some of the sauces he likes, including Los Calientes, #5 of ten on the wings scale. It's fantastic. I really like Hot Ones. It's a really great twist on the interview genre.
  4. Since those kids are all here on scholarship your kids are covering the costs of those students no matter what happens.
  5. But if the schools want the kids to stay in the US and are willing to cover the costs, you have no objection to them staying, right?
  6. I said it seems to be. If that's not the case, then it's confusing that initially you objected to the schools costs, but then said the schools shouldn't have a say. Those are your words. I'm asking in good faith why the juxtaposition. It's a legit question.
  7. I'm literally using the words you used. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Your initial objection to this was that it would cost the schools too much in upkeep. Now you're objecting to their visa status. The latter objection seems to be the true sticking point if your view is also that the schools don't have a say.
  9. Sports are a society's reward for hard work. Guess which societies are more likely to have sports in the next few months?
  10. That is one of the best of all of them. Honestly, go watch that this weekend.
  11. He is the most evil one can be on an evil scale from one to two bazillion with a control point at .0003 Also he is an Ohio State fan and if you yell O-H he will seriously yell back I-O. So you do the math.
  12. Got it. So you know the truth of this matter. Please share.
  13. The issue some are having is the $600 bonus is ending July 31st, but there's still 20 million people unemployed. Once that extra money stops, people aren't going to be able to pay their bills.
  14. "Both sides" is always an excuse for the worst side. You're wringing your hands this much over a debate-stage jab. When do you dig into the other actual factual racist things that current politicians have actually factually done? Start with Trump.
  15. Clearly not, which is proof Kamala Harris doesn't think Joe Biden is racist.
  16. And let's not even dig into the vitriol between Reagan and Bush in the 1980 primaries. But sure, one comment by Harris and anyone who votes for Biden supports racists, but completely ignore decades of evidence Trump is actually racist because... reasons.
  17. I don't support racists, but good effort.
  18. You sure defend Trump a lot for someone who doesn't support him.
  19. What exactly are you pushing back on here? The word "unachievable," the Spanish study, the Lancet, or CNN?
  20. What if... and this is a crazy, crazy thought but bear with me... what if you stopped supporting a guy who is a known racist?
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