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  1. Are you guys using the site's upload feature? That caps you out at a certain number of images, or a certain limit. Once you hit that, you can't upload anymore. It's better to get an off-site host and just post links here. I use Imgur, and it's super easy to upload. Then you select the image(s) you want to use in your post, it generates the BB Code for sites like this, and you're good to go. No upload limits.
  2. McCaffrey lined up at RB several times, so if you're not including any of his runs you're doing it wrong.
  3. The fees we paid were reasonable, nothing compared to the mortgage. And they helped keep the community clean and the pool area nice. There's always a trade-off with HOAs. Personally, I prefer not to live in an HOA community, but I think when we were looking to buy pretty much everything in our price range was in an Association.
  4. It's housing prices, not taxes, that are driving people out. The major population centers of LA & The Bay are valleys nestled within mountains. Space is at a premium and modest homes are out of the buying range of a lot of people. This is why we moved back to Nebraska. Even though we owned a home (condo) it was FAR more expensive than our house in Nebraska, and far smaller. They aren't moving to Texas to make it another California in the sense that you're implying vis a vis taxes, they're moving because Texas has something California doesn't - space, and with that, cheaper hous
  5. Have you heard NPR talk about trump's Chinese bank account? Or trump's taxes? What about the healthcare plan trump's gonna replace Obamacare with in two weeks?
  6. The Senate Intelligence Committee - a bipartisan committee - agrees with me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. There are people who b!^@h about Saban after Alabama games. There are people who b!^@h about Dabo after Clemson games. When you realize a lot of that comes from inside, it explains a lot.
  8. This is strange, because if the GOP loses the Senate, trump's a lame duck for four years even if he wins reelection. So why wouldn't he throw everything he has into helping them?
  9. We started behind the 25 each time we attempted a return. We don't have the backups to put our skill guys back there to try returns. That's why Belt's back there all the time.
  10. You're discounting the stockpile of talent on OSU if you truly think this. We won't face another team remotely like this the rest of the year.
  11. Nah. I can see kneeling down, but he had his backups in the game and they need reps. Pretty sure Nebraska had some backups in, too. I have zero problems with that TD.
  12. Nebraska just played a team with a legit case for the #1 ranking. This is an awful take.
  13. I think we had more tackles for loss in this game than we did in the three previous games against Ohio State.
  14. Because we love football and it's better if we have some than none. Losses suck, especially blowouts, but the game is worth it all the same.
  15. Same. This is definitely not last year's team.
  16. Yeah. He didn't do us any favors. Or himself, based on how he's being used at TCU.
  17. We're moving the ball on them, we just can't get out of our own way. Imagine what this team could do with a WR threat or two.
  18. Look at that catch. That's crazy. There's about 127 teams in D1 football that are going to be outmatched by these guys. How do you stop that?
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