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  1. Nobody posts things here unless they agree with the messenger.
  2. This may explain the focus on furries...
  3. Congressional Kardashian Matt Gaetz' Pledge of Allegiance stunt is just grist for the frothy right mill. Every session of Congress is opened every day with the Pledge. Gaetz proposed saying it AGAIN, knowing it would get pushback from Democrats who aren't interested in performative time-wasting and just want to get on with the business of the American people.
  4. Can someone give a quick rundown of our WR room?
  5. There was an active shooter situation at a west Omaha Target store today. The shooter is dead, and there are (apparently?) no others wounded. But read how the employees describe their reactions. And how they knew how to do this. This is not the kind of country I want to live in.
  6. The cruelty is the point. Says a lot about the kind of person who continues to vote for this party.
  7. I understand that sentiment, and some of them very much deserve that description. For others, they truly believe that abortion kills a living human, and is thus murder. If - and the word "if" is doing a lot of heavy lifting here - IF they only ask the woman to reconsider and tell her about alternatives, that always felt to me like the least obnoxious way of trying to prevent a murder. Having said that, no one is getting an abortion happily, and for many (personal anecdotal evidence included) it's one of the most harrowing experiences in their lives. Having made that very difficult decision, the last thing they want is to be approached on their way into the clinic at all, let alone verbally attacked or worse. Some of the protesters have good intentions, and don't do anything worse than hold up a sign. Others are despicable jackwads who just about torture the PP clients.
  8. I just finished this over the weekend. Really good, well-made show. I'm glad they're doing more seasons. They need to have more screen time for Catherine Zeta-Jones. She kills it as Morticia.
  9. Some people use the laughing emoji as their +1, just like some use the or the I wouldn't take it too much to heart.
  10. Eh. I think @NM11046 pretty clearly leans left.
  11. That's what sucks about "school choice." They take reasonable opinions like yours (and mine, honestly) and manipulate that into their political agenda. I think everyone is fine with parents choosing where to send their kids. I think everyone is fine with opting into another school, or district, or even a private school. Where I think most people are reasonably iffy is when private schools with no oversight are gifted tax money to push an unregulated agenda. That's not how regular people want their taxes spent.
  12. You can opt your kid out of their current school district by simply filling out a form with the DOE. You've been able to do that for years, without what right-wingers call "school choice." What "school choice" bills do - like the one Iowa just passed - is take taxpayer money and divide it into vouchers allocated for each student. Students that opt to go to private schools, which are overwhelmingly religious, take their taxpayer money out of the general budget. That means less money for public schools that are already cutting budgets. On top of that, those private schools have zero obligation to explain how they're using taxpayer money. So your taxes are paying for religious indoctrination by private schools without oversight. As the Iowa State Auditor said: There's a reason these bills are being pushed by the religious right. And there's a reason they're written to be vague and place little oversight on how your taxes are spent. The lie is that it's to benefit any kid who wants to move from their crappy school district to another.
  13. "School Choice" or vouchers are a grift by the religious right to fund their schools through public tax dollars.
  14. He has Atchaforya. One eye's lookin' atcha, one eye's lookin' forya.
  15. Jimmy Carter is looking better and better every day.
  16. This poll should be public, and there should be shaming for anyone who votes for Georgia.
  17. I've never seen the original Roadhouse.
  18. Whoa. That's not where I thought he'd end up.
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