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  1. I am impressed that so many people know so much about this guy that they can give an opinion on this hire. Offensive Line coaches are generally as esoteric as the players they coach. But here we are with several opinions of this hire. What a time to be alive.
  2. If he's good enough for the NFL's most popular team, he's good enough for us.
  3. The quote by Toure was super easy to get right. Sherman wasn't running out of space in the tweet. So why edit it? That's a major mistake from a guy who's been in the business as long as Mitch. Completely self-inflicted wound on Sherman's part.
  4. OR they were poking fun at the dorks who think the President directly controls gas prices...
  5. Is this correct? 22% of all P5 coaches have moved? And how bizarre is it that not one Big Ten coach moved on?
  6. I feel like Trev standing pat wasn't what a lot of people wanted, but it may have been the most shrewd move with all of the turnover. Save $12 million in buyout, don't get stuck with a "meh" coach (Riley), and you have the option to reset next year if Frost can't make it work.
  7. That's 13 P5 coaching changes this year (so far). Florida LSU Miami Notre Dame Oklahoma Oregon TCU Texas Tech USC Virginia Virginia Tech Washington Washington State
  8. Cristobal telling the Ducks his news.
  9. Is that why Tom Osborne came out with a pro-vaccine statement over the weekend?
  10. It seems to have mostly cleared up. But for ten months I really couldn't smell anything.
  11. That's a good spot for him. Although it would suck to root for Kansas State because he's there.
  12. I don't believe 2AM demanded Frost guarantee he's the starter next year. 100% out of character for the guy. If that's not true, or greatly exaggerated, what else about this "story" is not true or exaggerated?
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