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  1. File this under "What the heck!??!??" And now I want to know what else has ESPN paid for at other schools, or at Nebraska? This is weird!
  2. 1. Look at these pics 2. Pick a favorite 3. Vote 4. Profit 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2009 EDIT - Just for fun, here's last year's results:
  3. They updated the buses.



  4. knapplc

    The Republican Utopia

    tl;dr: The Republicans want to make it: Easier to get guns Harder to report government ethics violations Easier for companies to pollute and harder to report it or get information about it Harder to understand the relationships between businesses and government officials vis a vis the fees they pay to get mineral exploration rights In short, the Republicans are using simple majority measures to expand corruption, pollution and malfeasance and at the same time make it much harder for the citizens to learn what they're doing.
  5. Courtesy of Brett McMurphy. This would put Nebraska at the top of the West.
  6. knapplc

    Trump Foreign Policy

    I am the chosen one. OK.
  7. knapplc

    challenge for trump supporters

    It's an answer, it's just not a good answer. Lots of people supported Hitler, too. Influential ones at that.
  8. Looks like the ball is already rolling on one potential impeachment. It'll be interesting to see if Congress actually tries to impeach him, or if they don't think enough of their policies have gotten rammed through yet and they need to keep Trump as a distraction.
  9. knapplc

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    I think the point is to trigger Trump. And he responds by getting more and more unhinged in his distraction attempts, including his latest "buy Greenland" thing. Oops, sorry. Edit. Greenland isn't his latest thing. It's this "chosen one" nonsense.
  10. Trump tells cops they should rough people up more during arrests Donald Trump Says He May Pay Legal Fees of Accused Attacker From Rally Donald Trump encourages violence at his propaganda rallies Source Two Source Three Pro-Trump father and son kill sherrif's deputy in Missoula, Montana James Alex Fields kills one and injures dozens in Charlottesville Republican candidate charged with assault after 'body-slamming' Guardian reporter The Radical Right is responsible for nearly as many deaths as Islamists in America Trump’s Attacks on the Media Are Reaching Dangerous New Levels Man charged over threats against reporters who criticised Trump Florida man arrested for threats to kill Democrats Democrats face death threats and vandalism over healthcare reform bill
  11. Well, whatta ya know? Apparently some other folks like our new threads, too.
  12. Interesting to see if Trump will participate in a typical primary process. I expect he would refuse to debate anyone, possibly even the Democrat nominee.
  13. Interesting look at everyone's second choice. This is a good thing for Warren & Harris. Bernie is fifth on this list, and Beto is basically not on this list. Corey Booker isn't even one of the poll questions and he's higher than Booker! Basically, I'm coming around to supporting a Warren presidency. I have no major objections to her, and I'd like to see a progressive get some time in the office for once. Biden, at a distant third in this, should start to read the tea leaves and make the right choice. It's just not going to happen for him.
  14. knapplc

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    I swear the Democrats have a plan. Partly it's to mess with Trump, partly it's the timing of the thing. This slow trickle of Democrats who - just today - decide to impeach Trump is not a coincidence.
  15. Really great analysis of recruiting and production by Reddit user hythloday1 Nebraska rolls in here at #34. But notice who is ahead of us - Wisconsin #1, Iowa #4, Northwestern #8, Minnesota at #30. All teams in our division, all of whom we've lost to at least twice since joining the Big Ten. For good measure, frequent conference opponent Michigan State is #9, and Ohio State is #15. We're a combined 18-25 against these teams, and frankly, Ohio State is the only one we should be losing to with any kind of frequency, but we have a losing record against three of these guys, and we're tied with Northwestern (4-4). Our opponents have been overachieving, we've been underachieving, and by and large, that sucks.
  16. knapplc

    2019 AP Preseason Top 25

    We're Ranked!!! This is the first time Nebraska has been ranked in the Preseason Top 25 since 2014. https://www.apnews.com/APTop25CollegeFootballPoll EDIT - let's try this again...
  17. knapplc

    Trump Foreign Policy

    This man has such a fragile ego.
  18. Well, this is unexpected.
  19. With all of the Fake News running rampant through the world, Dear Leader has kindly provided us with a way to know which sources are not fake: campaign-style press clippings from Team Trump show where Real News comes from: Your Trump-endorsed Real News sources: ABC News (specifically, Jonathan Karl) Fox News (specifically, Sean Hannity) Chicago Tribune The Wall Street Journal USA Today The Atlantic Detroit News Rasmussen Reports Reuters Washington Examiner The Daily Signal Politico The (failing) New York Times * We'll update this as the endorsements roll in. What a time to be alive! * based on Trump's interview of 7/20/17
  20. What if, in the middle of the last two years of 4-8 seasons, Nebraska had offered to buy South Dakota State. Do you think that would have distracted people from how bad those seasons were?

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    2. Toe


      Well, I mean, Frost was hired 'in the middle of those two years' - isn't that distraction enough?

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      We kind of had that occur but rather than the distraction being buying Greenl...err SDSU, we went out and got Bob "best coach on campus" Diaco. The distraction was extremely short lived and the HMFIC still got replaced.

    4. Enhance


      This would have a better home in the Politics & Religion forum.

  21. knapplc

    Fall Camp Notes

  22. knapplc

    Martinez for Heisman

    All over the country teams are announcing their starting quarterbacks for week one. The longer Frost waits to announce ours, the more worried I get that Adrian Martinez has had a serious regression.
  23. knapplc

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    Patches? We don't need no stinking patches!