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    The Republican Utopia

    tl;dr: The Republicans want to make it: Easier to get guns Harder to report government ethics violations Easier for companies to pollute and harder to report it or get information about it Harder to understand the relationships between businesses and government officials vis a vis the fees they pay to get mineral exploration rights In short, the Republicans are using simple majority measures to expand corruption, pollution and malfeasance and at the same time make it much harder for the citizens to learn what they're doing.
  2. knapplc

    Trumping up a war?

    Trump needs distractions, and Hillary's emails! is going to lose traction before the mid-term primaries. Voters have notoriously short attention spans, and Hillary doesn't move the needle like she did two years ago. So what's a president beleaguered by low popularity to do? Well, everyone rallies around the flag during a time of crisis, right? And if there's no crisis, it's time to manufacture one. Especially since so many bad things are happening for Donald right now. Enter Iran and the JCPOA, one of Obama's signature diplomatic moments. Easy target. So, Tuesday... Trump Abandons Iran Nuclear Deal He Long Scorned And Wednesday... So, the Israelis hit Iranian targets in Syria because - allegedly - Iran suddenly, for the first time in the conflict despite being in those positions for months, decided to attack Israel. That gives Israel all the legitimacy it needs to defend itself, right? Those dastardly Iranians and their vicious, unprovoked attack on Israel. It was just self-defense. Right? But self-defense from what? From that NY Times article: So, to recap: Iran has been following the tenets of the JCPOA Despite this, Trump withdraws from the JCPOA, saying "it was a bad deal" and providing next to no explanation how or why, and zero explanation how to fix it Within a day of Trump's withdrawal, the Iranians suddenly get it into their head to attack Israeli positions, when they've had that opportunity for months before this, but haven't Israel, using the provocation of perhaps the least-effective rocket attack in modern warfare history, launches a reciprocal strike against Iranian forces Sure sounds like the kind of thing that could start a war, doesn't it? A war that would only benefit Trump, defense contractors, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has domestic troubles of his own he needs distractions from.
  3. Moos has now hired the head coach in four of Nebraska's 22 sports.
  4. You know it's official because of the asterisks. Friends, it's time once again to celebrate America's dominance over the rest of the planet in volleyball. The 2019 VNL Roster has been announced, and it features three Huskers - Jordan Larson, Kelsey Robinson and Mikaela Foecke. Team USA played their first match, a three-game sweep against Belgium. Robinson and Larson didn't play - like most of the roster regulars, they just finished Club Ball (in Europe, where they actually value women's athletics), so head coach Karch Kiraly is giving them some time off to R&R. This week's travel roster features a LOT of Big Ten players. Expect the Big Guns (Bartschy, Larson, Robinson, et al) to return for other matches once they've rested up, and for Karch to mix in the youths as the season progresses.
  5. Trump tells cops they should rough people up more during arrests Donald Trump Says He May Pay Legal Fees of Accused Attacker From Rally Donald Trump encourages violence at his propaganda rallies Source Two Source Three Pro-Trump father and son kill sherrif's deputy in Missoula, Montana James Alex Fields kills one and injures dozens in Charlottesville Republican candidate charged with assault after 'body-slamming' Guardian reporter The Radical Right is responsible for nearly as many deaths as Islamists in America Trump’s Attacks on the Media Are Reaching Dangerous New Levels Man charged over threats against reporters who criticised Trump Florida man arrested for threats to kill Democrats Democrats face death threats and vandalism over healthcare reform bill
  6. With all of the Fake News running rampant through the world, Dear Leader has kindly provided us with a way to know which sources are not fake: campaign-style press clippings from Team Trump show where Real News comes from: Your Trump-endorsed Real News sources: ABC News (specifically, Jonathan Karl) Fox News (specifically, Sean Hannity) Chicago Tribune The Wall Street Journal USA Today The Atlantic Detroit News Rasmussen Reports Reuters Washington Examiner The Daily Signal Politico The (failing) New York Times * We'll update this as the endorsements roll in. What a time to be alive! * based on Trump's interview of 7/20/17
  7. Just watched that. That was awesome!
  8. knapplc

    Trumping up a war?

    Trump supporters are insane.
  9. Le'Veon Bell learns love isn't easy.





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      Would this be the Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" type of girlfriend?

    2. Moiraine
  10. Husker Fans are familiar with the slogan "All Gas, No Brakes." We've been using it since at least 2016 when John Parella coached the D Line. We continue to use it this year in the Frost Era, as this quote from Coach Fisher shows: It's a good phrase. I couldn't tell you who coined it, whether that was Coach Parrella or someone else. But it's caught on in the football world. I noticed it today in an Ole Miss video: South Carolina has used it: And so has Valparaiso Football: It's even made its way into the NFL, as evidenced by the Detroit Lions' Lineman Ricky Jean Francois last season: I've dug into it a little and found references to songs by several hip-hop artists, including P.A.T and Krizz Kaliko, and I ran across another reference to the phrase from a child psychologist's paper referencing an article written in 2005. So where did this phrase come from? Anyone know its origins?
  11. Urbs is 54 years old. There is zero chance he stays retired. Also, half suspect this was all negotiated as part of the Zach Smith saga. It's why his suspension was so short.
  12. Time to re-recruit Isaiah Roby!! A couple of salient quotes from the article:
  13. knapplc

    The Republican Utopia

    I wonder if he has a chance at even winning the primary. With quotes like this... I hope not.
  14. knapplc

    Trumping up a war?

    This idiot right here.
  15. knapplc

    Get with The Program

  16. This is awful news. It seems like he did everything right, and still died. I've liked his storm photography for years. His Instagram Page
  17. The poor Thai women have to be having nightmares about facing the Americans after the last couple of weeks! Here are some match highlights.
  18. Less than 24 hours after their last match, Team USA makes quick work of Thailand, sweeping them 25-13, 25-20, 25-17. America outblocked the Thai 15-2 and held a 48-35 advantage in attacks. Karsta Lowe (UCLA) led the Americans with 20 kills, followed by a trio of players with 12 kills, Lauren Gibbemeyer (Minnesota), Haleigh Washington (Penn State) and Kelsey Robinson (Nebraska). Karch continues to mess with his lineup, as Mikaela Foecke played the match at Libero. The US finished the preliminary round of 15 matches with a 12-3 record.
  19. knapplc

    Trump and the Press

    I know about that woman - I first posted that article here on HuskerBoard. That woman is not watching ABC or any other "MSM" outlet. That's why she and others like her have no idea what's actually going on with Trump.
  20. knapplc

    Trump and the Press

    I'm as well aware of the ins and outs of social media megacompanies as you.
  21. knapplc

    Trump and the Press

    Sorry, I thought the analogy was obvious. You're banned from the mall, that's being "shut down." You're not banned from purchasing things at Target or KMart or Walmart, you just can't go to the mall anymore. In the same way, if you're banned from Facebook or Twitter, fine, go to Reddit, go to 4Chan, go to Snapchat, go to any one of 1,000 other places to voice your opinion. Your speech is not stifled, you just have to choose another venue to voice it. This is perfectly legal and has been happening since this country was founded. And if you're going to make the argument that Facebook is so ubiquitous that banning someone from it amounts to stifling their speech that's also a non-argument. MySpace was Facebook before Facebook was Facebook, and then Facebook came along. When Facebook is long gone the people banned from Facebook will still have their voice, and if they get banned from the next big iteration of social media, that's probably a them problem. This is all very dramatic, but people are who they are. Getting banned from Facebook isn't easy, just like getting banned from HuskerBoard isn't easy. You earn it, and if you've earned that ban in multiple places, the common denominator is you.