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  1. Huskers Announce 2019 Volleyball Schedule The Nebraska volleyball team announced its 2019 schedule on Thursday. The Huskers will play 15 matches against 2018 NCAA Tournament teams, including a national championship rematch against Stanford at the Devaney Center in September. Seventeen of Nebraska's 29 scheduled regular-season matches will be held at the Devaney Center. The Huskers will open the regular season on Friday, Aug. 30 against Creighton at the Devaney Center and will play UCLA the following night. NU's only non-conference road trip will be the second weekend of the season when it goes to San Diego to play the Toreros and Arizona. San Diego was a Sweet 16 team last season, and Arizona also made the NCAA Tournament and played its first-round match in Lincoln. The Ameritas Players Challenge will feature matches against High Point, Denver and Loyola Marymount - all NCAA Tournament teams last season. The Huskers will then play a rare midweek non-conference match against Stanford on Wednesday, Sept. 18 in Lincoln. NU fell three points short of repeating as national champions in 2018 against the Cardinal, who return six starters from that squad. NU's final non-conference match will be at home against Wichita State on Saturday, Sept. 21. Once again, Nebraska will play seven Big Ten opponents both home and away. The six single-play opponents this season will be: Illinois (away), Michigan (home), Indiana (away), Penn State (home), Minnesota (away) and Ohio State (home). The annual Red-White Scrimmage will be held on Saturday, Aug. 24 at the Devaney Center. The start time will be determined at a later date. All Big Ten conference matches are subject to change based on television selections that will be announced this summer. 2019 Nebraska Volleyball Schedule Aug. 24 Red-White Scrimmage Devaney Center Aug. 30 Creighton Devaney Center Aug. 31 UCLA Devaney Center Sept. 6 vs. Arizona San Diego, Calif. Sept. 7 at San Diego San Diego, Calif. Sept. 13 High Point Devaney Center Sept. 13 Denver Devaney Center Sept. 14 Loyola Marymount Devaney Center Sept. 18 Stanford Devaney Center Sept. 21 Wichita State Devaney Center Sept. 27 at Illinois Champaign, Ill. Sept. 28 at Northwestern Evanston, Ill. Oct. 2 at Rutgers New Brunswick, N.J. Oct. 5 Wisconsin Devaney Center Oct. 11 Michigan State Devaney Center Oct. 12 Michigan Devaney Center Oct. 16 Purdue Devaney Center Oct. 19 at Maryland College Park, Md. Oct. 25 at Indiana Bloomington, Ind. Oct. 26 at Purdue West Lafayette, Ind. Nov. 1 Rutgers Devaney Center Nov. 2 Penn State Devaney Center Nov. 6 Northwestern Devaney Center Nov. 9 at Iowa Iowa City, Iowa Nov. 13 at Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. Nov. 16 Iowa Devaney Center Nov. 22 at Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. Nov. 23 at Wisconsin Madison, Wis. Nov. 29 Maryland Devaney Center Nov. 30 Ohio State Devaney Center
  2. knapplc

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Those seem like "good mood" tweets. Interesting.
  3. knapplc

    The Republican Utopia

    tl;dr: The Republicans want to make it: Easier to get guns Harder to report government ethics violations Easier for companies to pollute and harder to report it or get information about it Harder to understand the relationships between businesses and government officials vis a vis the fees they pay to get mineral exploration rights In short, the Republicans are using simple majority measures to expand corruption, pollution and malfeasance and at the same time make it much harder for the citizens to learn what they're doing.
  4. Trump tells cops they should rough people up more during arrests Donald Trump Says He May Pay Legal Fees of Accused Attacker From Rally Donald Trump encourages violence at his propaganda rallies Source Two Source Three Pro-Trump father and son kill sherrif's deputy in Missoula, Montana James Alex Fields kills one and injures dozens in Charlottesville Republican candidate charged with assault after 'body-slamming' Guardian reporter The Radical Right is responsible for nearly as many deaths as Islamists in America Trump’s Attacks on the Media Are Reaching Dangerous New Levels Man charged over threats against reporters who criticised Trump Florida man arrested for threats to kill Democrats Democrats face death threats and vandalism over healthcare reform bill
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    The Angry Violent Right

  6. knapplc

    Huskers Announce 2019 Volleyball Schedule

    Good analysis, Undertow. Nebraska's Big Ten run last year showed the difficulty of breaking in a new Setter in a tough conference. With Hames being a year into the system, and essentially a vet now, I think Nebraska has the best shot at taking the conference this year with Minnesota, Illinois and Penn State replacing Setters. Wisconsin will be the toughest out. It just depends on their conference schedule (not released yet) and if either team blinks in a match.
  7. AT THE MOMENT my "favorite" (not necessarily who I'd vote for) is Buttigieg. He seems like a pretty decent fellow. The kind of guy I'd have a beer with. I have such a hard time taking a candidate named Hickenlooper seriously. And Beto just seems like too much of a hippy to me.
  8. knapplc

    Trump-endorsed news sources

    It's so hard to keep the lies straight! Cut her some slack!
  9. With all of the Fake News running rampant through the world, Dear Leader has kindly provided us with a way to know which sources are not fake: campaign-style press clippings from Team Trump show where Real News comes from: Your Trump-endorsed Real News sources: ABC News (specifically, Jonathan Karl) Fox News (specifically, Sean Hannity) Chicago Tribune The Wall Street Journal USA Today The Atlantic Detroit News Rasmussen Reports Reuters Washington Examiner The Daily Signal Politico The (failing) New York Times * We'll update this as the endorsements roll in. What a time to be alive! * based on Trump's interview of 7/20/17
  10. Time to re-recruit Isaiah Roby!! A couple of salient quotes from the article:
  11. For that kind of money you should get a genuine dragon tooth, too.
  12. knapplc

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I am just guessing it's part of the Dem's strategy to retake the White House in 2020. They're going to unleash a barrage of criminal evidence against Trump and hope it sinks him. I think that's a self-serving and potentially damaging strategy, but it makes the most sense
  13. The Right-Wing coup of America continues. Republicans are lining up to defend Russia's puppet, Trump, and forgetting to, you know, defend America. A hostile foreign power sought to influence an American election and, rather than disclose that to the FBI, Trump's campaign kept meeting with them. The American intelligence arm (rightly) investigated, and rather than focusing their rage against the enemy who attacked us (Russia), the Republicans are going after other Americans.
  14. knapplc

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    We won! Hip Hip HOOR-- wait. I forgot we don't do that anymore. Mountain Dews for everyone!
  15. You know what's funny? Nobody ever talks about what's in the emails. I imagine if they were to be found & read, they would amount to the minutiae of running a political organization. The mundane things you see every day, with some scheduling and policy discussions smattered throughout. Basically, the normal internal workings of any organization. What's also funny is that the dog whistle "her emails" makes Trumpists jump, but they care not one whit about Bannon's & Smith's missing encrypted messages discussing (possibly) coordinating with a hostile foreign power. If you're going to be concerned with Clinton's emails, you should show equal concern about Bannon's & Smith's missing messages. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. knapplc

    A man you can bait with a Tweet

    I don't know who called the meeting. But Trump bitched and bitched and bitched about petty gripes the whole time. So the toddler in chief had to be consoled for losing followers. This is what MAGA means, apparently.
  17. knapplc

    A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Uh oh. Trump getting called to the principal's office?
  18. Good episode! After binging the whole series start-to-finish over the past three months, it's excruciating having to wait a week between episodes now.
  19. knapplc

    Trump's America

    Our allies' confidence has eroded dramatically. Our enemy's has increased. Telling.
  20. knapplc

    The Republican Utopia

    It's not just congress. It's every person who continues to support Trump to this day without the full knowledge of his financial dealings with foreign powers. You simply cannot trust a person who will not be transparent with you. That people continue to do so is crazy to me.