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  1. You guys realize that's how links come from the website, right?
  2. This week in, "Hey, let's slam our hand in the car door again and see if it still hurts..." Democrats are just stupid.
  3. Yeah. We've covered this. You're just talking in circles now. We're going to have to agree to think each other is being disingenuous. Because this seems pretty clear to me, yet you see it different. So it goes.
  4. He never mentions McVeigh by name, and never draws any disparities between McVeigh and other militia members.
  5. Someone knitted this within a few days of the inauguration. That's incredibly fast.
  6. I do not get why you're trying to whitewash what he wrote. He's defending people in these militias, in the immediate aftermath of McVeigh's bombing which killed 168 people.
  7. So why do you think he wrote an article painting militias in a favorable light days after a guy from a militia killed 168 people? Just coincidence?
  8. He's saying there are good people in militias. Just after Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Federal Building. I mean... OK. I get that you interpret that to not be apologetic toward McVeigh. But you see how other people can read it that way, yes?
  9. I know I would have voted for Bernie if he'd have been the Dem candidate.
  10. What "whole story" do you think this is telling us? Obviously nowhere. It's just another of Archy's personal attacks.
  11. Other than polls which showed Biden leading Bernie pretty much the entire time, and the fact that Bernie has run multiple times without ever getting out of the primaries.
  12. Literally wrote that in the wake of McVeigh's bombing. What do you think he was writing about? Why that message, then? He just happened to be speaking favorably about militias just after a militia guy killed 168 people? C'mon, man.
  13. Newsom issued the stay-at-home order on November 19. I get that everyone wants to be outraged over this, but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Extreme candidates don't drive the center. Bernie is pretty far left, we can all agree. He never polled remotely as high as Biden. There's no solid evidence to support that he would have won by a larger margin than the guy we have now.
  15. Sure. Anti-Biden conspiracy claims US escalating role in Syria The US has several hundred personnel in eastern Syria where it works with the Syrian Democratic Forces to continue to stabilize the area and fight ISIS. The SDF control a large swatch of Syria east of the Euphrates. Trump vowed to leave Syria in 2017, 2018 and again in 2019. In 2019 he withdrew forces from new Tel Abyad and enabled a Turkish invasion that caused some 200,000 people to flee. Kurdish allies of the US in Syria were concerned the US would betray them after they had fought against ISIS alongside
  16. Do you think a newspaper would have published overt praise of Timothy McVeigh in 1995 after he killed 168 people? A sober read of that article, defending militants in the wake of that bombing... I just don't know how a rational person looks at that and says that's not tacit support. I mean, you're on record as giving Hawley a pass for this so... great?
  17. Dude. Read what he wrote, and the context in which he wrote it. It's plain to see. That he didn't name a dude BY NAME who had killed 168 people shouldn't be a surprise.
  18. First scoop of the day done. Snow is still pretty light, but there's a lot of it. Cheers to whichever neighbor did my sidewalk with their snowblower!

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    2. knapplc


      Got done with the second scoop, and probably last of the day. Also dug out the neighbor's driveway. She would have been out there for hours doing it alone.


      By the time I redid my sidewalk it already had 12 more inches of snow after the neighbor used their snowblower. Crazy.


    3. teachercd


      Ended up doing it 3 times.  I am done.

    4. PaulCrewe


      Four trips for this guy starting at 6, had the boys do two.  A little easier clearing off 3 inches at a time than 6+

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