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  1. Why would Republicans not want to help Americans at the gas pump? Surely that couldn't be to screw over President Biden/the Democrats during the midterms, could it?
  2. It would appear as if Mr. Cawthorn's future does not include a career in copy-editing.
  3. Sam Koch announces his retirement after 87 16 seasons in the NFL.
  4. And hard on the heels of that news, there's this: What this letter does not say - and which would be critically important - is whether anyone on the "tours" were involved in the attempted coup.
  5. I missed that conservatives have moved their convention to Hungary this year. Why in the world would an American political party hold their convention in a foreign country? Well, you see...
  6. America was founded on the principle that all persons are created equal. It's right there in the Declaration of Independence. A woman should not have different rights to her body in one state over another. This is a woman's rights issue, not a state's rights issue. Abortion should be safe and legal for all who need it in every state. It should be codified into the Constitution.
  7. It's too bad no one here watches Tucker so we can't get a first-hand account of how he talks about Hunter. But apparently they have a closer relationship (per Hunter's laptop) than I knew.
  8. I wouldn't think so. She's not a popular figure at all.
  9. Has anyone seen the actual Title IX complaint? Sexual harassment is a different thing than sex-based harassment, and the distinction would be important. Sexual harassment has a distinct sexual component. Unwanted touching, groping, comments about sexual acts, etc. Sex-based harassment can be something like treating women differently than treating men, or giving women preferential job status or giving men a higher salary because of their gender. Sex-based harassment sounds like what's going on here. What the charge should be (I don't think there should be a Title IX charge here, based on the minimal information I've seen, mind you) is that the kids harassed a student based on their sex. Not "sexual harassment." It sounds pedantic but it's an important distinction. If the charge is sex-based harassment and not sexual harassment, it's no surprise that the parent would read sex harassment as sexual harassment. It would also not surprise me if the Title IX complaint was created by the school staff that they may mistakenly accuse them of the wrong thing. People conflate these two things all the time.
  10. It's like watching Tucker, isn't it? Right-wing media is killing this country.
  11. Elon Musk is not going to jail over the twitter deal no matter how it turns out.
  12. Note - this article Do we have a thread discussing congress' stock shenanigans? This is actually a "both sides" issue. Congress should not be allowed to profit from their insider knowledge. I think a majority of voters, no matter their political affiliation, would agree with that. And yet we have this: Members of Congress Who Beat $SPY in 2021 Congressman Austin Scott is catching the eyes of investors today following a report on how well politicians’ stocks did compared to SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:SPY) in 2021. The list highlights 35 members of Congress that outpaced SPY last year with Austin Scott leading it with his stocks. The Congressman represents Georgia’s 8th congressional district and has been doing so since 2011. Of the 35 members of Congress on the list, 19 of them are Democrats and 16 of them are Republicans. While not as many Republicans beat out SPY last year, they make up for it with the top five performers all being from the conservative party. Unusual Whales, the account behind the Austin Scott stocks trend, calls out trades made by politicians in 2021 as unusually timed. “Big legislative events (such as the Infrastructure Bill getting passed by the Senate) were often preceded by politicians trading in the sectors affected. There were tons of unusual trades where politicians made millions of dollars.” It’ll be interesting to see how investors react to this list in the coming year. Some may take to following politicians, such as Austin Scott or Nancy Pelosi, when picking stocks to invest in considering how many beat out SPY last year. This article stems from a tweet by unusual_whales on the twitter, an account that follows the markets.
  13. So now the Republicans are stealing an election? I'd say it doesn't bode well that you're claiming your own party is dishonest with elections, but the MAGA voters won't care that the accusation flip-flops. They just want their daily dose of orange rage. It's like their opium.
  14. That's the plot of a CHILDREN'S BOOK written by Kash Patel. It's a real thing.
  15. Has anyone ever explained how America has been harmed by any of these migrant caravans? There have been hundreds in the last couple of decades, but I don't remember any reports on the havoc they wreak when they arrive. As much as the Tuckers of the right-wing media squawk and scream about them, you'd think they were the end of life as we know it.
  16. The continuing misunderstanding of what "freedom of speech" is or means is just mind-boggling.
  17. Oh... my god. OMG. Are you telling me George Washington didn't cross the Delaware to bring presents to the British soldiers so far away from their families on Christmas night? HAS MY WHOLE LIFE BEEN A LIE?!??!?
  18. It's like you forget we all went through school. We know how you teachers are. We know what you're about. But it could be worse. I was taught that firefighters are the bane of taxpayers everywhere. Imagine if those hose nozzles were in charge of our education!!!!!!! Gahh!!!
  19. And demon-infested board games that will turn your children into Satan-worshipers.
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