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  1. This is not a mentally healthy person.
  2. Darrion Daniels - Piesman finalist, baby!



  3. Nebraska wasn't blocked all night. First time that's happened in more than five years.
  4. Ummm.... because he has access to information our intelligence community can provide, which is probably a little more information available to, say, a couple of reporters from Rupert Murdoch's newspaper? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. The article doesn't say it isn't the OMB number. The authors of the article don't make that claim, either in the article or in their discussions about it on Twitter. They say "could." They say "may." Why are you claiming otherwise?
  6. The implication is that it's exonerating. We're adults. Let's not pretend. It's not a manipulation, and nothing in the article you posted claims it is. Why are you using that word? Do tell all the examples of Adam Schiff being "slimy" (in a new, appropriately titled thread, please)
  7. For the love of all that is holy, can someone please get Trump a fiber bar?
  8. They're saying "doubts surface" because the number may or may not have been from the OMB. "Not necessarily" isn't exactly exonerating. Nor is it worth calling Schiff "slimy" for citing this number. Because even if Guiliani isn't talking to OMB, he's talking to someone at the White House (-1 seems to be where they're pointing) and that's... still not good.
  9. Apparently with the three guys sitting out this year, the Scout Team regularly beats the starters in practice. I don't think he was going to play much after this year, and leaving now helps him keep another semester of eligibility. Hate to see anyone go, but this probably makes the most sense for everyone involved.
  10. People don't realize how huge this injury was.
  11. @Cdog923 @teachercd @FrankWheeler @Redux Here you go. Cdog, I hate this and would gladly do another one if you choose a different avatar.
  12. This guy's playing 4D chess.
  13. I may have come across as hedging on whether they should be on the team. To be clear, they should not, ever.
  14. I'm 99.99% ready to agree with this EXCEPT for the fact that they deserve due process. It doesn't look good for them. But let's let the legal process play out. Guys twice their age flub up official testimony all the time. And these guys are athletes, not politicians. The truth will out. Let's let it come out before going too far with the torches and pitchforks.
  15. My god this clown show. Someone explain to me why Trump's personal lawyer is announcing US Foreign Policy via twitter. Anyone. Explain this.
  16. Agreed, and the characterization of the incident in the story seemed odd. Only thing I can think of is they're not calling it rape because there haven't been formal charges yet? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. But hey - some of the other guys involved in the crime said the OTHER guys involved in the crime aren't guilty. So... FACTS!
  18. The assault happened August 25th. I presume some initial investigation was done after she reported it (maybe the next day, 8/26?) and it was announced they were off the team on 8/28. That's decently quick action, I'd say.
  19. If anything I'd microplane them, give them a quick fry in some hot oil to crisp them up, then use them in place of panko on tonkatsu chicken.
  20. We don't pay anywhere near a thousand per seat "donation" but we've eaten our tickets as recently as this year. If neither of us wants to go, why force ourselves? It's supposed to be fun. I think I only went to half the games this year. We sold some tickets, and ate the Wiscy tickets. Just part of the new reality.
  21. That's how much time the woman has until she graduates. The ruling is intended to give her time to complete her studies without fear of interaction with the men. After this, they are free to try to come back to UNL. Although I can't imagine they'd be welcomed back.
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