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  1. They need 60 votes in the Senate. They may not get 50.
  2. The cop's life is being immediately threatened in the second scenario.
  3. What if they'd have switched careers? Harrison Ford plays a gruff but lovable Outback Guide (can he do an Australian accent?) and Paul Hogan plays Indiana Jones & Han Solo. I think it'd work!
  4. He was a common laborer. Blue-collar guy. Kinda like Harrison Ford before American Graffiti.
  5. I was walking to my hotel with my girlfriend one night in New York when this guy pulled a knife on me & demanded my wallet. My girlfriend said I'd better give it to him and I asked why? She said, "He's got a knife," and I just chuckled and said, "Aww, that's not a knife," then I reached back and pulled out my knife and held it up and said, "Now THAT'S a knife!" and it was as long as that punk's arm. The would-be robber just ran away as I went about my evening.
  6. The Rittenhouse tweet just came along for the ride thanks to twitter. The main tweet, in which the guy swings his knife inches from the cop, is the one I'm asking about. Sure, lots of things are different. But that knife is less than a foot from the cop, swung with intent, and there's no bullet. It's a fair question to ask why.
  7. Remember how right wingers are always complaining that big tech is against them? Weird how that's so demonstrably false.
  8. Why doesn't the cop shoot this guy when he swings the knife at him?
  9. WTF? I'm surprised no parents are doing anything about this.
  10. Yes, which is why I said in the post you quoted, and one shortly thereafter:
  11. Isn't MGT the one who said they'd filed articles of impeachment against President Biden right after his inauguration? Whatever happened to that?
  12. That would be interesting to know, wouldn't it?
  13. It is to be hoped those who banded together to win the 2020 election have learned a lesson about complacency but here we are.
  14. I agree it was a good shoot, and that the cop had barely any time to react. It was a life-and-death situation, or *at best* a severe maiming, so he did what he was trained to do.
  15. That's to presume the cop doesn't miss with the bullet, and you get stabbed anyway. Or the cop doesn't miss with the bullet and hits someone else. This isn't the answer. It's *an* answer. But not *the* answer.
  16. If you're pretending the ONLY thing we're trying to prevent with bad policing is people getting shot, sure.
  17. Why are you deliberately attempting to misunderstand his story of empathy?
  18. You know what's fun? Voting for the Huskers in polls.






  19. I don't recall any instances where cops were blamed for attempting to use a taser in such a situation. Regardless, from a PBS article: I'm guessing this will go down as a tragic yet acceptable use of deadly force. The whole thing took less than ten seconds. Tough situation for the cop to be in.
  20. Why couldn't she have been tased?
  21. It won't, and @BigRedBuster gave a perfect example of why.
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