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  1. Well this is pretty big news. Why was this left out of the report?
  2. Don’t really want them focusing on gas stoves. side note….what the f is going on with this constant mobile refresh here again. So annoying now and it had been great for months prior to the last week or so.
  3. Since Desantis is your guy, I gotta ask, what do you think of him proposing no sales tax on gas stoves while taxing electrics? I think it’s dumb.
  4. His comments come from the CJR article posted yesterday
  5. I know right. I thought you were the one that gets to post filidorski tweets (just a joke)
  6. Ahhh, didn’t realize we can’t post obvious takes. Man this board is gonna get quiet.
  7. I know, I wrote it. So anyways…who want to choke every immigrant? NVMD….I know you were just having a funny.
  8. Psst, you can get an interesting tweet that someone likes or retweeted to show up in a timeline. That means it didn’t come from what Twitter thinks my opinion is. And truth be told, I get as many left leaning or wing sources as right leaning or wing sources on The Who to follow section. So there is that.
  9. Maybe a retraction is in order here https://www.mediaite.com/opinion/reporter-falsely-accuses-republicans-of-heartlessly-trying-to-force-cancer-patient-rep-jamie-raskin-to-take-off-hat/ And yet there is no evidence to suggest that such Republican efforts exist. As Raskin explained to Raw Story, “he was kidding around with that comment.” In fact, Raskin celebrated the fact that his Congressional colleagues “have been uniformly supportive, Democrats and Republicans, you know, that means a lot to me,” as he said to HuffPost. Republican Oversight Committee chair Rep. James Comer, when yielding to Raskin, took the moment Wednesday to say “we’re all rooting for you, we know that you’re going to win this battle,” before adding that Raskin was in the entire committee’s “thoughts and prayers.” “It’s good to see you here today,” said Comer.
  10. There really isn’t one which is the point. He seems to only want to criticize others for what they are doing, doesn’t understand how physical barriers can prevent the masses from coming over all at once and instead would funnel them into manageable choke points. What do you like about him
  11. Thank you DeSanctamonious will be even better!!
  12. I read your post. It didn’t go over my little noggin. If you don’t understand by now that Trump would repost/retweet practically anything that praises him, you haven’t been paying attention.
  13. I’m not just talking about the transition class. The previous staff did a horrible job getting much production from any of their classes and were constantly recruiting over their misses from the previous year players that couldn’t contribute.
  14. I agree with Larry, and unfortunately for him he ain’t it either.
  15. Peter Strzok talking about a “well functioning democracy is precious. Bless his heart. FreeTX1776 sounds like a buffoon btw.
  16. Seems like you still don’t know how Twitter works. Prob best if you figure it out before making silly comments like this. And no, not a “right wing wacko” LOL.
  17. This class including transfers shaped up better than I thought. That said, the coaching staff needs to do a way better job getting production out of the recruits vs what the previous staff did.
  18. Just imagine your response if I posted from the person who retweeted.
  19. Can I identify as a 65 yr old so I can start collecting my social security??
  20. Forgive me for the poor chose of words…slapped down by a jury of his peers. Everything else stands.
  21. Good lord Lincoln Project. Have you no shame
  22. @ScarletWSJ, Miami Herald, Columbia just an fyi.
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