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  1. Thanks for the link… First off, in my defense, I’ve pretty much been pushing back at the idea of people saying life of the mother is going to be an issue if Roe goes away. This article doesn’t address that either. that said, my personal belief is 6 weeks is too early for a law. And a rape/incest component should exist in my opinion.
  2. Being happy they have a chance of being adopted instead of being medical waste is not weird. But it’s cool that you don’t care about someone being honest when you post their thoughts.
  3. You might not have clicked on the twitter link to read where he Jackhole got the info for his tweet. Those would be stats in there.
  4. Why, it’s not mandated to agree with everything someone says.
  5. Those were CDC statistics being used. Jackhole is conflating a bit with his word choices.
  6. I said it in the Covid thread in September and was chastised by a few folks here for it.
  7. I bet he makes a mean sandwich though.
  8. I think it depends on how you feel that day and what you identify as on whether you can conceive or not. It may change a week later though.
  9. I was thinking the same about Elon but wasn’t he born in SA?
  10. Maybe. She should prob wear sunscreen though.
  11. If you prefer to go by some non-existent text in a non-existent proposed law, that’s a you issue.
  12. I’m Just going by the text of the proposed bills
  13. It’s funny when posters don’t understand the conversation being had. I was literally just pointing out why the funding case was being made vs the original poster equating it to US citizen funding for school. It wasn’t being discussed in that context. I made no judgment on kids learning or not learning or whether I agrees or not with what Texas is maybe going to try and do. I was putting the correct context to the story so people didn’t get the wrong impression provided by the original poster. But you went ahead with your ill-informed comment of “you’d rather kids not learn” to try and conflate things. What a joke.
  14. Cute. Thank you for admitting your argument was baseless.
  15. Of course it’s a possibility. Very very remote possibility…maybe what a .<1% possibility as anyone with two brain cells to rub together realizes.
  16. And what makes you think it will be a crime going forward to have a miscarriage cares for in a hospital going forward? Please link to that pending state law.
  17. Oh f#&% off. His story is sad and it sucks for his family. My wife and I know exactly how he feels as we lost a child to miscarriage between #3 and #4 in 2012. My wife still brings it up at times. My sister had to deliver a known would be stillborn. His story is sad but not unique and pointing out other sad situations that can be resolved through adoption is not being a d!(k. The heartache couples that can’t have children is really and long lasting too. Pointing out adoption resolves some of that heartache isn’t being a d!(k. if @funhuskertook offense to the way it came across I would apologize for that but not the content.
  18. That’s a perfectly respectful position to have. Everyone has different things they care about.
  19. To say people would like to adopt?? Weird but ok.
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