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  1. Back when oil was at $18 a barrel? Is that the timeframe Aaron is trying to tie to the 2022 midterms?
  2. Huh? Sorry but not following. Trumps tweet was from 2020. How does that affect this years Midterms?
  3. Quite the Fact check Politifact.
  4. Ahhh, wonder if there will be some hit piece shoe stories on Jill soon from Vanity Fair, NYT, Vogue, and Buzzfeed. Oh who am I kidding, most likely not.
  5. I remember when tan suits was a thing. Good thing we moved onto the white storm boots after a hurricane thing. Both are stupid.
  6. Economy is just about always front and center during an election. About time to
  7. The stories being written post storm sure seem to make him correct about the latter part of his comments.
  8. You all say stuff like this all the time and in many different threads, yet it’s the side you support that had a Senate leader that literally killed someone and tried to wash it away. That same person almost won the Pres nomination.
  9. Do we know the allegation to be true yet? Last I heard, it was an anonymous accuser with no receipts for the procedure? not defending any alleged actions, just wondering if someone saw a confirmation and could link to it.
  10. That’s a good catch and I guess I never looked at it that way before.
  11. I think Tim sounds reasonable in this interview and I would agree with his current view of student debt. There is nothing wrong with him concluding he originally was wrong in 2020 and changed his position. Would just be nice for him or ant politician changing positions to state he was incorrect and figured it out.
  12. This is a nice adjustment by CT. He’s been under throwing his wideouts most of the year. Glad to see him correct.
  13. That’s actually not a hard rule in most offenses. It all depends on the line call. Many times the RB is assigned the inside blitzed in pass coverage and if no one comes, he helps on the outside or a break free rusher. Someone missed an assignment for sure, we just don’t know who it was. And the tackle absolutely could have blocked the edge rusher if he star lt the play with cement feet.
  14. Maybe just blame it on nature being nature as hurricanes tend to happen and FL tends to be a landfall state
  15. Oz has to be a truly un-relatable candidate to lose to this, not to mention the health related reasons for not being elected.
  16. Here is the explanation from Rick Scott. https://www.rickscott.senate.gov/2022/9/sen-rick-scott-sets-record-straight-on-misleading-liberal-attacks
  17. Still within the margin of error but now multiple polls in a row showing an R wipeout in NV which is a huge change from the recent past. ore
  18. Need a lot of players like him coming on board the next two years.
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