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  1. If Rhule is going to continue to start HH the rest of the season, then HH absolutely needed to stay out there to get as many reps as possible. The more game time he gets, hopefully the slower the game will become for him and the decision making gets faster. He also needs to figure out how to throw through throwing lanes with is low arm slot instead of just over their helmets.
  2. Expelling people like that or other idiots like MTG unfortunately just makes martyr’s out of them. They need voted out via primary or general which also unfortunately doesn’t happen often enough.
  3. Does this guy think he’s still back in HS doing the old pull the fire alarm to avoid a test trick!?!? https://www.mediaite.com/news/members-of-congress-media-perplexed-and-outraged-over-rep-bowman-pulling-fire-alarm-before-house-cr-vote/
  4. Colorado getting curb stomped again. Darn.
  5. You see it just how I do. I’m hoping for a clean competitive defensive game where the offense can do enough to put up 10 points and Michigan stays under 20. In my mind that would show continued progress from the Minnesota game.
  6. I knew I made her happy back then, just didn’t realize I made her THAT happy to still be talking about me all these years later. Makes my heart full that she still has that twinkle in her eye.
  7. https://www.wsj.com/us-news/law/how-joe-bidens-kin-profited-off-the-family-name-the-big-guy-is-calling-me-547220ab
  8. Sounds like a pretty fun trip. Hopefully some funding agreement works out and it doesn’t impact your vacation.
  9. No. You have to also take into account the large increase in HDHP’s in ESI’s. The cost just shifts from premium to deductible which has also been steadily increasing the past 10 years.
  10. You mean like what the graph shows with employer group plans?
  11. This does sound about right for the majority of the blue pillers.
  12. It’s almost as if we were told Obamacare was the solution and our premiums would go down not up.
  13. Agree with your first sentence. As to your last sentence, I don’t believe Congress members can be charged for what is said/shown while in session.
  14. Harvey founded TMZ. All he gives a s#!t about is celebrity. Howard has really only cared about being an A List celebrity without the TMZ component since probably 2005. He’s infatuated with movie stars.
  15. Played QB 3rd grade through end of college. 2yrs if Varsity in HS. First team all state and a Super 11 selection for both major newspapers but too skinny to play Division 1. Went to JUCO in Jayhawk League, had a top 5 team in nation until we lost in our bowl game, made all conference and set passing records (some since broken) but never gained any weight and still too skinny and honestly probably not strong enough of an arm to play D1. Played with and against many future NFL players in JUCO including Corey Dillon who was probably the best of the bunch. Ended up playing at D2 school in Ohio for a couple years, had fun met my wife and called it a career after.
  16. Full context and not a selectively edited clip
  17. Donald may only be behind Howard Stern, Harvey Levin and the Kardashians in that department.
  18. She’d probably look good in a tan suit so I don’t know why that would look horrible? The white one she had, well ya that wasn’t her best. But no one’s perfect. It’s a shame she couldn’t find a Union made vehicle though the past 2 1/2yrs. Must be hard to come by…………….especially if the rhetoric doesn’t match the want to.
  19. I don’t believe Republicans should be going down an impeachment route either just as Democrats obviously shouldn’t have. But you didn’t play what Turley said in addition to that statement.
  20. Palm Beach Federal Correction Facility………….and golf and racquet club.
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