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  1. Obviously all from Nebraska are chicken s#!t.
  2. And none of my three kids, who are all conservative, have come home complaining about liberal professors. Just another farce promoted by Republicans.
  3. Why not? im asking because everyone says the next coach needs to be a home run that is a proven winner. Well…here he is….and now someone like that won’t come to Nebraska?
  4. Yes….it is. unless you’re a Trump supporter that just can’t stand him being investigated and criticized by a fellow republican.
  5. Interesting. So, you obviously just gloss over this from the same link you copy and pasted from: Again. There isn't any need to exaggerate to make your point.
  6. Why do you need to exaggerate and ignore what he did before that?
  7. Why do you need to exaggerate to make your point that Frost needs gone? Lubick was not just a banker.
  8. Big understatement as to who Lubick is.
  9. Boone, NC is not a mile high. It's 3,333.
  10. Yep. Gaetz and Jordan have proven they are asses to other people. I'm SHOCKED this hasn't been thrown back at them sooner than this and more often.
  11. That's funny, because you know that's not who he's talking about. I guess I own a bank because I have a 401K. You know what? I really don't care about them b!^@hing about having to report something to the IRS.
  12. Why should I care about this? Why should I care about knowing it before hand?
  13. Special teams coach is interesting. When Dawson was hired and given those duties, I had thought he had been a successful ST coach in the past. Looking at his history, he was only a special teams coach at Boston College in 2009-2011. So, when you know your special teams have sucked for several years, why do you hire a guy to give him those duties when he really doesn't have much experience doing it? Also, this isn't something new. Other coaches have done it in the past. But, when it's done, who actually coaches the kickers? Kicking is very specialized. It seems like kickers are just supposed to be able to get it done on their own....or possibly be coached by some expert not on staff?
  14. It is a red herring because there's no logical answer to your question and that's why you asked it. To have a logical answer, you need to answer my questions. What's wrong with $600. And....if that's wrong, what is the right number? If you can't answer both of those questions, your argument is a red herring used only to deflect away from the actual goal.
  15. OK, had my timeline messed up.
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