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  1. It just really passes way over your head that the bill that was passed, wasn't the bill we were talking about. And, you obviously didn't listen to his comments that were posted.
  2. Fact is, they are forced to go on a hunger strike because they found they have to boycott pretty much everywhere.
  3. Yeah....I really don't care. If bikers want to ride without helmets, fine. The only part I don't like is if they get in an accident, and because they didn't have a helmet on they end up in a condition where we end up paying for their care the rest of their lives. But, that's fairly rare. Typically, they are just dead.
  4. Yeah. 1) Republicans pass a bill that simply states to cut all spending other than defense. 2) Dems push back because it would cut Medicare, Veterans benefits and SS. 3) We are told the bill doesn't do that because it's not specifically stated in the bill. 4) A completely different bill is negotiated, written up and passed that doesn't cut those things. 5) We are told, see, it wasn't in the bill. (umm. the bill that was passed wasn't the one being discussed previously) 6) The head Republican comes out after and says, since we didn't get it in this bill, I'm still pledging to fight to cut Medicare and SS.
  5. Yeah...I typed it wrong the first time. That's pretty bad. I'm not sure I would say we "spend too much time" there. We are recruiting Baker. Don't think we are spending much time on anyone else and he's good enough to at least try. I do agree, that I've always felt that linemen is a position we should be able to get the majority of from much closer to home. Create the culture that Raiola needs. Start having success. Get the big beefy guys from the midwest that will really want to come be a part of that culture. I'm fine then, every once in a while going after a kid like this that shows interest.
  6. Somewhere in those four choices is the answer. My total guess is that it's mostly culture and coaching. That, then greatly affects "want to". Guys like this might have been a little overrated. But, let's say he was rated .8900. He still wouldn't be considered as living up to the rating. I don't believe he would have been overrated that much. Raiola has to change the culture of the O line. And, without being in practice and in that room, none of us know really what the problem with the culture is. Hopefully, he gets it done. He's been places where the culture is completely different, like Wisconsin.
  7. Well, back in the day when there were only a few games televised per year, it was awesome listening to them on the radio. You could be out doing whatever you wanted and everyone was listening. Heck, even go to Walmart? It would be over the PA system...etc.
  8. I wish I knew the inside scoop on why he hasn't come anywhere close to living up to that rating.
  9. Yeah....I would probably do the same thing.
  10. So, with Tominaga coming back, I think this changes a lot on this team. We lose Walker and Griesel. I think we have players that can replace Griesel with Grace, Lawrence, or Lloyd. The big thing is, can we replace Walker. Hopefully, Keita can do that. I think he has the potential. He just needs to put his whole game together. Sam Hoiberg is going to be interesting to watch. He really came on towards the end of the season as a role player and his defense added a spark. Hopefully, Wilcher is still coming off the bench....every once in a while....when there isn't anyone else. The team caught some fire at the end of the season when things really started clicking between Walker and Tominaga. That chemistry was fun to watch. How Fred replaces that is key.
  11. If it were a home game, it actually would suck because it's virtually impossible to bring in recruits for the game. I dislike Friday games because that's for HS football. They really sucked when I had a kid playing HS and couldn't watch the games.
  12. If we start winning more and Raiola proves he can develop really good linemen, that's when we could get guys like this. And, it helps if they are from closer to Lincoln.
  13. What??? I thought he was a stable genius and that he knew all the bigly words.
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