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  1. Who is proposing someone pay 50-60% of their income in taxes?
  2. So, you think that people who really don’t want to have kids, should have kids. And, you think this is such a major problem that our society needs to be totally refocused in some way that you think it’s not. And you think this is such a big problem that it needs to be a political issue. Interesting.
  3. And people wonder why I can’t be a Republican.
  4. So, you do care about the laptop.
  5. So, he would have been fine if he bought it from his drug dealer.
  6. So, the polling company is trying to convince people of a certain narrative....while doing polls on that subject.
  7. I don't watch any of those news networks. Are there CNN and MSNBC commentators claiming Hunter's trial is rigged by a corrupt judge and prosecutor claiming the entire judicial system is weaponized against Democrats to interfere with the election?
  8. It's all because everyone believes Trump is going to come in and fix it. Did I do that right?
  9. Why the hell would anyone want to watch LIV other than friends and family of the players?
  10. Trump hasn't been a father his entire life. And, Biden answered the question the best way he could.
  11. You really think everyone is just saying "f#&% it" and not having kids? The vast majority of people still grow up, want to get married and have kids. And, if people don't want that, I don't want them having kids. This is just one more idiotic culture argument the right is making up for political reasons.
  12. I'm waiting for when Biden is going to tell everyone it's all a witch hunt by crooked prosecutors and judges and then his voters all stand outside praying that God unleashes his wrath on our judicial system.
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