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    Comparing Recruiting Classes

    FYI...this is from what I posted in a different thread. Class Average player rating # of recruits 05 .8523 31 06 .8493 22 07 .8241 08 .7903 09 .7883 10 .7801 11 .8832 21 12 .8674 18 13 .8334 14 .8472 25 15 .8170 16 .8702 (So far) 15 So...if we end up with an average of .8743, we would have second highest rating from the last 11 years. Now, I know there is a ton more that goes into if this ends up a good class. Everything has to work right from...a) did we get players in positions of need? b) are they going to come here and work their azzes off? c) Do we have the coaches in place to make them winners. and on and on and on.... I edited to put in class size. I was looking at 247 and realized that for some reason some classes have some walk-ons listed and some don't. Not sure why
  2. True, but the money is yours and the company can not touch it.
  3. BigRedBuster

    Comparing Recruiting Classes

    I dream of a day our average is above .90.
  4. BigRedBuster

    All hail the transfer portal....

  5. Trump 1. Great - He is not 2. Real - meh 3. Leader- He is.
  6. BigRedBuster

    MLB 2019 Season

    Baseball is weird in so many ways.
  7. BigRedBuster

    MLB 2019 Season

    Wow...Heck, I'm thinking about someone like Babe Ruth wasn't unanimous? Interesting. Must have been a Redsox fan that voted against him.
  8. BigRedBuster

    MLB 2019 Season

    I had to read that about 10 times to make sure I read that right. That shocks me. Of all the great baseball players that have been voted in, not one of them was unanimous?
  9. Pardon me if I took your "real leader" label as meaning she is a great leader.
  10. The only difference is that you like AOCs policies and don't like Trump's. We don't need more hyperbole in our political discussions. If you need that, then I would say you're not being a good leader.
  11. BigRedBuster

    Trump and the Press

    This is going to be such a cozy and fun relationship over the next 4 years.
  12. So has Trump. The only difference is that you agree with her positions...and not his.
  13. BigRedBuster

    Trump and the Press

    Kellyanne does not do well with breaking apart the stereotype of blondes.
  14. BigRedBuster

    The Shutdown

    In a world of weird political messes we are having to deal with, we need to continue to find humor. I'm finding humor in this. Trump told Nancy that he WAS going to deliver the SOTU address in congress. Hmmmmm....not sure that he knows he actually needs the house to vote to allow him to do it.
  15. I guess we can proclaim Trump as a great real leader also. He was such a great leader that he was able to convince enough people to vote for him to become President. He was such a great leader that he is able to convince slightly less than 40% of America that all fo his BS is true. He's a great enough leader that he was able to push through his tax cuts. He's a great enough leader that he has people foaming at the mouth with excitement when at rallies. He just has a gaffe every once in a while when he speaks.
  16. I'm tired of politicians making "gaffes" in interviews as they are trying to be alarmist. Know the facts and stop trying to be alarmist on issues. Much of America is adult enough to actually have a conversation with the facts if the politicians actually allow it.
  17. BigRedBuster

    Comparing Recruiting Classes

    Cool....So as of right now, we have the highest average player rating of any class since sometime before 2002. Dear Lord...please allow this class to contribute to the future success of this program in a manner consistent with their player ratings and expectations of the staff they will be entrusted with to develop. PS....as a side note Lord.....Please allow this also to be one of the lowest average player rating classes of the Scott Frost era.
  18. The world is going to end in 12 years.
  19. BigRedBuster

    OLB Dylan Jordan

    I think this is a situation where a player is out in small town America and not going to camps. Nobody really knows how to rate him.
  20. Formulating policy without knowing the facts about issues and how various policies affect Americans....isn't a leader. You're saying a "real leader" is one that gets out on TV shows to talk about policy...without all the facts and uses social media to blast out stuff without any filter is a true leader. Hmmmm....I've heard this song before. Typically, I would say the jury is still out on if she is a true leader. Getting results in congress with real legislation that positively affects peoples lives is a true leader. She hasn't accomplished that yet.
  21. BigRedBuster

    The Shutdown

    I’m confused as to how hurting Americans that weren’t previously having problems.....solves a problem of immigrants. What a strange concept.
  22. That’s a strange indication of a leader to me.
  23. How exactly is she a “real leader” more so than other members of Congress?
  24. Their age has should have nothing to do with anything at this point. They are now in government making decisions that affect our lives. Now, the big difference I see is that Trump is one person that is one third of our government. AOC is one person in the House of Representatives that is a body of 435 people. My point is though, everyone's trying to make her out to be some type of rock star. She's all over the media and talk shows like she's some amazingly knowledgeable member of government. My opinion is that people need to rein in the hype around her, let her settle in and actually learn something about the issues and job. She should not be the one with major influence in policy decisions other than her vote and obviously her ability to speak up in debates on the house floor.
  25. BigRedBuster

    Huskers in 2019....

    This is a good thing.