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  1. LOL….I’m sure she’s advising him on world trade. I love the term “Instagram influencer”.
  2. I call BS. If this were true, this would be the biggest sports candle since the white Sox threw the World Series and people would be going to prison.
  3. Omg….she’s no longer being loyal. Nikki….maybe you never should have been.
  4. And, in other news.....more idiots are found.
  5. What the actual f#&%? Wouldn't it be nice if we had presidential candidates that don't get sucked into friggen idiotic conspiracy theories and try to fix those with policy?
  6. Well....that's probably where MAGAts aren't going to be happy.
  7. Hahaha..... Yes, that's what I was asking.
  8. Interesting. https://www.larryhogan.com/news/governor-hogan-joins-governor-s-border-strike-force-to-target-criminal-cartels/ Oh.....I see why you don't like him. He criticized Trumpity for his pathetic policies. Maybe that's part of why I like him. He opposed Trump when Trump ended the DACA program. I agree with Hogan. https://www.wbaltv.com/article/marylands-congressional-delegation-weighs-in-on-decision-to-rescind-daca/12173906 He was willing to put stronger gun regulations in and when the NRA tried to endorse him, he openly refused the endorsement. https://apnews.com/article/shootings-gun-politics-larry-hogan-maryland-national-rifle-association-c5c0e0458cbfed126eb11044225f1491 He actively has tried to end the gerrymandering problem in his state by creating a non partisan redistricting commission. https://redistricting.maryland.gov/Pages/default.aspx Reading just a little on his abortion stance. Like me, he's against abortion. However, he has said as Governor, he wouldn't seek to outlaw it. That's pretty much where I'm at. We need to work to reduce the need for abortion. But, I'm not for banning the practice. I'd love for him to jump in and hear more of his issue stances. He has to be better than Trump and Desantis. The word "moderate" comes to mind....which is a hell of a lot better than the wacko other two.
  9. I'm so tired of Republicans preaching to everyone that they are so much more patriotic than anyone else.
  10. So, Desantis is a RINO. Trump said it....must be true. One big happy family.
  11. Pardon me for asking, but I have no clue on this. Can someone divide these up by WR position?
  12. That's the exact same reasoning the NFL limits active roster spots. It levels the playing field. Sure, some guy that could be starting for New Orleans could choose to be on the Chief's practice squad in hopes to be a part of the SB and maybe get called up. That's no different than some guy who could be starting at Kansas could agree to be a walk-on at Georgia hoping to have his glory moment and be a part of a championship. All that is different than the NFL being able to pay 130 guys 5 million a year to be on the sidelines......or colleges being able to give 130 guys scholarships to sit on the side lines. Like I said very early in this conversation. The courts might very well not agree with me. I believe that will just speed up the demise of college football. It's sad.
  13. I'm assuming his lawyer isn't the one advising him to do this.
  14. Yeah...his story is really interesting. I hope he keeps growing as a human and a player so he can keep giving back to the community like he wants to.
  15. Still a little surprised we took this one with how many DBs we already have. Oh well...hope he turns out to be a stud.
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