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  1. @ZRod After all....she had to sign something saying she'd go to prison if she lied.
  2. Maybe this is a crime that should send someone to prison.
  3. @Archy1221 Correct. Crime rates have increased the last couple of years. So...starting before the "defund police" push started. I would be interested in seeing some data on what types of crime are starting to rise and why?
  4. It's amazing to me to see this combination of comments. But, we see it all over in society. Players miss lifting and are late to practice....but are mad when they don't play. Students that don't study then get mad when they flunk out. Employees who are mad when they don't get the promotion when they don't do what is necessary to get it....etc.
  5. @ndobney well, it’s good to be a little tight.
  6. @Decoy73 that is a pretty stupid reason. Let’s not go after good receivers because our offense sucks too. Btw....how long has it been since he played?
  7. Let’s remember, this is a guy who b CB pains to be o e of the richest men in the world....asking for this amount of donations from normal people.
  8. I haven't been able to read all of this, but it is an interesting article on the subject. 16 theories for why crime plummeted in the US
  9. Not being able to quote someone is being a PI the A. @Archy1221 Well, interestingly, as frustrating as this all is, crime has gone down steadily since around 1993. LINK So...maybe something we are doing IS deterring all kinds of crime. However, this is interesting. Obviously, crime has hit home with you and that is not a pleasant experience to be taken lightly. However, when making these decisions, we need to look at trends and what is working and not working.
  10. Why do I get the feeling that 98.3% of them are going to refuse to answer these questions?
  11. @Archy1221 I understand what you're saying and that's frustrating. However, Nebraska is a fairly low crime state the way it is. It's not like we are Chicago or NYC and our prisons are still way over crowded. So, there's only two options. Figure out how we can sentence fewer people to prison, or build more. Building more is extremely expensive AND, housing those prisoners are extremely expensive. As a fiscal conservative, I believe we need to be thinking hard about how we can change our sentencing so that criminals are punished, but we aren't spending so much dang money (in a low populati
  12. Question on a situation like this. Is a program able (within the rules) be able to bring him in, work him out and see how the injury has affected him? I'm assuming if not, Frost has a good enough relationship with him that they could meet somewhere and do the same thing. Just wondering what the rules are on that.
  13. @B.B. Hemingway I know someone thought your question was funny. But, it's actually an appropriate question. Obviously, he was better when he was healthy. We really don't know what level he would be at post injury.
  14. @suh_fan93 I watched that this morning and am embarrassed that this is America and where we are at with the President and his conspiracy theories.
  15. Obviously, Milton knows the offense and is a good QB. But, what does that do to the QB room for a one and done player? Let's say Milton is the starter next year, is Luke willing to permanently switch to WR? Is 2AM willing to sit at QB #2? Is Logan willing to sit at #3 for another year? I know you can't use this as your sole reason to take or not take him. But, I think it needs to be considered. Without Milton, I see next year as (hopefully) 2AM starter and Logan at #2 with Luke at WR. Maybe Logan can push 2AM like Luke did this year and actually show that he's better aft
  16. The O line issues are so encompassing of all of our other issues at QB, RB or WR. Yes, individual players on the line could be playing better. But, when we don't have a down field threat or a group of WRs that can create space to get the ball to and the defense can stack the line of scrimmage....the line's job becomes exponentially more difficult. If we could have the offense with everyone else running like Frost wants, the line's job becomes all of a sudden a lot easier. And, our O line should be playing better. But, I have little faith in these types of rankings.
  17. Well, he’s from Florida and only has UCF on the list. Maybe he has friends who want him to go to a different Florida school.
  18. I’m getting a sick feeling that this isn’t going to end well. Merry Christmas everyone.
  19. f#&%ing jacka$$. This baby is not going to leave office without force.
  20. I guess I must not watch much of the press conferences. But, the ones I have watched of pretty much all the coaches, I hear them saying the coaches need to do a better job. But, when specifically asked about something like Jurgen's snap issues, he has stated that Cam needs to do a better job. I don't see that as throwing Cam under the bus. It's a fact that we all see. Not sure what else they are supposed to say.
  21. I've always viewed these plays as doing the same thing our old option plays did in the 80s and 90s. Try to get the ball quickly to the outside and make the defense defend from side line to side line. If we run one on 1st down and it only goes for 6-8 yards, it accomplished something good. Sometimes they are broken for big gains.
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