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  1. I GOT 9……I GOT 9…….. ain’t ever getting anything higher. We suck.
  2. I’m not talking about what you teach now. I’m talking about some people think you should be teaching. Brlieve it or not, some of us that have had multiple kids go through the system and have good friends as teachers, know some of what goes on.
  3. Some are trying to change that.
  4. Can you imagine if someone tried making the movie Roots today?
  5. yep, I recited it every day. I know I still probably wasn’t taught all the truths, but in history class, I remember being taught some bad things from our history that didn’t paint America in the brightest light. Now, it’s like we can not teach anything negative towards ‘Merica.
  6. Who would have thought, a drug made for one thing and taken against the manufacturers recommendation……
  7. Oh….so local governments shouldn’t have control of there own property and interests. This idiot just keeps digging his hole deeper.
  8. Governments should teach their students reality.
  9. I was thinking about this today. I bought a new driver (which I love). I know a number of guys that bought new clubs. It would be interesting to have a tournament where everyone has to play clubs from 20-30 years ago, before all the over sized drivers and cavity backed irons and specialized shafts…etc were a thing. I was very late to this and played steal heads (small heads) up until just 10 years ago. I got new irons just two years ago that made a big difference. Heck, I’d love to go try to play with hickory sticks.
  10. So, everyone else at the NCAA wanted it one way but he was too stubborn?
  11. Headline tomorrow: Defense Columnist Dies From Mysterious Causes.
  12. It’s almost like they want college sports to fail so they can prove that rules are needed and they can build it back up. Idiotic.
  13. For the life of me, I don’t understand why all of a sudden there can’t be any rules.
  14. So…..Republicans are now FOR censorship…..as long as it’s on video games?
  15. I honestly don’t understand how thoughts like this are some how considered conservative now by so many people who claim they are good conservatives/republicans.
  16. At this point, they have proven that’s the real definition of RNO. One who has an actual moral thought go through their head every once in a while.
  17. Oh, that would be awesome ….for no other reason than to see MAGA heads explode.
  18. I’ve never understood the draw to this.
  19. I’m surprised at how many we have added here. Somewhere, we should be able to find st least 4 good ones.
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