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    Trump Foreign Policy

    I thought this is worth it's own thread. His foreign policy is going to have huge ramifications on many Americans and America in general for many years to come. Here is the first public relations bomb thrown by terrorists. It's going to be interesting to see how he responds. If he pulls out now, it's going to appear that he was told what to do by a guy living in a cave in Afghanistan somewhere. Will his ego be so big that he sends more troops in to go after this guy?
  2. BigRedBuster

    Trump is Racist

  3. BigRedBuster

    **2019 Nebraska Season Predictions: Call Your Shot**

    08/31 - South Alabama W 09/07 - @ Colorado W 09/14 - Northern Illinois W 09/21 - @ Illinois W 09/28 - Ohio State L 10/05 - Northwestern W 10/12 - @ Minnesota W 10/26 - Indiana W 11/02 - @ Purdue W 11/16 - Wisconsin ?? 11/23 - @ Maryland W 11/29 - Iowa ?? Two question marks only because those two teams for some reason have give us absolute fits since we joined the conference. We would be equal or better than them. But, it all depends on the mental make up of the team on that day and how healthy we are going in. I say we drop one and win one. That gives us a 10-2 record.
  4. BigRedBuster

    2020 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Millard North should easily win the state title if they are this talented.
  5. BigRedBuster

    The Republican Utopia

    I wonder how partisan this vote will be.
  6. BigRedBuster

    The 1st TD - The 1st D game changer

    I don't think we will score till about the third drive and that is not a negative indication of how the offense will be. I think we score by a simple run up the middle for a couple yards, but it's after a big play from either 2AM or Speilman to get us to that point. Our pass defense will be pretty salty. If someone is going to score a lot and rack up yards, it's going to be on the ground. I think we will hawk quite a few interceptions this year.
  7. BigRedBuster

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    So true. It's guaranteed that Trump will never live up to what Carter has done since leaving office.
  8. BigRedBuster

    Trump is Racist

    Trump is NOT going to be happy with Italian officials taking his friend's toys away.
  9. BigRedBuster

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    I honestly can not imagine a President that's a bigger failure.
  10. BigRedBuster

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    So....so....so....much winning....I just can't handle all the winning!!!!
  11. BigRedBuster

    Trump is Racist

    Wait.....Is this the same Lindsay Graham that is out now with undying support for this racist idiot?
  12. BigRedBuster

    Trump's America

    So much respect from around the world.
  13. BigRedBuster

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    If part of your job was over site on the most powerful man in the world and a report was put out that the tax payers spent millions to produce and that report is needed to formulate what should be your opinion of future action against him.....it’s pathetic that you just think you’re too busy to read it. Totally unacceptable.
  14. BigRedBuster

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    I would say it’s bad coaching too.....the previous 10+ years.
  15. BigRedBuster

    Dismuke & Stovall cited by police

    This sounds like a cheech and Chong movie. Didn't Stoval get in trouble before?
  16. BigRedBuster

    Trump is Racist

    Yeah.....the white supremacists.
  17. BigRedBuster

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    If it's the way Big Ern put it....that's life. Decisions like this happen all the time in life.....admittedly most are not this significant and public. But, people need to make decisions and move forward.
  18. That is an interesting twist. I'll say that if there is any misunderstanding, it's their own mistake on that. I watched most of the WC and quite a few of their (and other's) interviews where this issue was discussed and this is the first I've heard of the issue being about the money put into supporting the sport and not about how much the players were making.
  19. BigRedBuster

    Trump's America

    And we are so respected around the world.
  20. Ok...no outrage. But yet, you post about this in the thread you use to try to prove how whacko liberal people are.....for which you clearly don’t like. So, it’s pretty clear you don’t like that people are discussing this issue and you’ve tried to convince everyone it’s a faux issue.....even though you contradict yourself on that.
  21. BigRedBuster

    Trump's America

    In true Evan form.....nailed it.