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  1. If he’s the first one, it’s probably because it was classified.
  2. Go back and read the conversation between Blitz and MN before my post and I think you will see where I was coming from.
  3. Maybe because I don’t support his policies? No different than other people’s feelings about various candidates.
  4. Chinander is out there on defense missing run fits?
  5. Wow...I like that. This is a clear message to the upper classmen. The last few games you haven't been cutting it. You're going to lose your job to a younger player if they show they are putting the effort in and you're not.
  6. So...shut up.....unless I agree with you. PS....I agree with you very much about their opinions shouldn't count more than the average joe. Way too often in America, we think celebrities opinions actually matter more than others....NOT.
  7. So, you don't want to talk about the oppression in China, you want to talk about how outraged you are that the NBA isn't talking about the oppression in China.
  8. We're talking about an individual player. Not the NBA as an organization. And....I'm not arguing about their response to China. I'm talking about the faux outrage about "inconsistency".
  9. There are two parts to this discussion. I don't necessarily have a problem with what you wrote here. The part I have a problem with is..."Well, if you are going to complain about some other made up oppression...you better talk about this". The oppression (racism) he talked about before was not made up and it was real and it shouldn't be looked down upon that he spoke out about it when it happened.
  10. This is typical of so many issues. a) There's a bad problem with something. b) Someone complains about it. c) Someone else doesn't react the way some people think they should. d) the story becomes how everyone should be reacting to it....instead of the original problem that needs to be addressed. Why aren't people talking about the original problem instead of how some basketball players are responding to questions about it?
  11. Consistency is very important here. If you require others to be consistent. You better be too.
  12. So...because you're speaking out about this inconsistency, you damn well better speak out about every inconsistency in the news.
  13. So....if someone personally is affected (painted graffiti on property) they need to just shut up unless they are going to speak out about oppression world wide. Really????? You're trying really hard to be critical of this. Again....they didn't ask to be a part of this.
  14. So....athletes when asked about these issues are damned if they do or damned if they don't. They're not saying anything about oppression in China...people are upset They say something about oppression in America...people are upset. Again....none of these players asked to be involved in this debate.
  15. I'm confused. Why do you bring up Labron's oppression he has experienced in the past in this subject?
  16. How do you know what types of oppression or racism he has experienced....or seen his family, friends...etc. experience? I can easily speak out about racism even though I'm a white middle aged midwesterner. I don't see a problem with a rich black man speaking out about it either.
  17. Here's the problem. None of these people asked for this to be an issue around them. It all came about because of one owner that tweeted one thing and the snowflakes over in China just couldn't handle it. So....the players started being asked about it. I'm pretty dang sure they would love to not be in the middle of this. But....the press keeps asking them about it. The press shouldn't be asking these guys about it.....they should be asking the Chinese leadership about it.
  18. And, if there isn't one who has the right attitude behind him?
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