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  1. It's sad that I believe we have absolutely no chance here. I will be very shocked and very happy if proven wrong.
  2. If we walked into a restaurant and they told us we needed to sit at two tables, we would do so without making even a comment. My attitude through all of this has been to, listen to the experts and follow rules that are in place and we will all get through it quicker. My comments were based on the practicality of it. It's an example of a situation where a rule would be in place and it would really not be doing the intended purpose. On the flip side, (taking the restaurant's side) they wouldn't know we were all from the same family and that we have spent a lot of time together already.
  3. You do realize that pretty much everything you just wrote is a lie, right?
  4. Whose taking your rights? So....your right to drive down a street trumps their right to free speech. ummmm....have you ever read the Bill Of Rights or the Constitution? ....or have any knowledge of American history?
  5. Wish they would expose exactly who these people are.
  6. Fixed it for you. Don't act like you haven't heard Republicans rant about how stupid people need to be to vote for a Democrat. And Trump?
  7. I'm more than happy to try him instead of four more years of the f#&%up that's in the WH how. And, anyone who argues differently needs their head examined. OH....and can you point to when Obama or Biden needed to gas peaceful protesters so they could have a f#&%ing photo op?
  8. That's very possible. It's pretty clear the officer standing beside the one holding the gun is not looking at the man holding the child....and, they are both looking at the same thing.
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