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  1. That was people that were dead.
  2. Ummm...I didn't even think this was in question.
  3. What Ukraine needs to do is treat these guys very well. Then, make videos of them being treated well and start broadcasting it to other Russian troops. But, somehow they would have to do it in a way that protects their identity, or Putin would have people show their families how to jump out of windows.
  4. I am absolutely not a defensive guru. So, I'm wondering since they simplified the defense and they were able to play more freely, is it simplified enough that now OCs can scheme against it easier now that they've seen it in one game?
  5. Holy Crap...you're right. Their defense scored 14 of those points.
  6. Yeah...this is the same defense that allowed Iowa to score 27. Yes...the same Iowa that this was the maximum they have scored all year. The same Iowa that's averaging 16 points per game.
  7. US can increase production and I'm all fine with that. But, this is a global market and we will NEVER get away from OPEC being able to affect prices like this. They just produce way too much of the global demand. We have a lot of oil. But, no where close to enough to take away their influence.
  8. I think he means by someone who anyone cares about what they say.
  9. It doesn't. But, all the MAGAt crying about Biden's oil prices....here it shows Trump was actually happy Opec was cutting production to raise prices because.....it's great for the oil industry.
  10. So....all the hand wringing from MAGAts about oil prices during Biden's term......was always Trump's goal?
  11. IF our defense plays like they did last week or slightly improved, I don't see Rutgers scoring more than 10-14 points. Then, it's a decision on if I believe our offense can score more than that. We are averaging 31.4 points per game. I think we win this game by at least 7 points.
  12. This is so weird. What is their fixation over this issue?
  13. I saw something on this the other day. I roll my eyes when reading that he was fired "because his class was too hard". That can mean a lot of things. Maybe, he was trying to teach too high of level of Chemistry and that made it too hard for the class he was teaching. However, it could be that he just sucked as a teacher and students had a hard time understanding the subject under him. OR....maybe his testing method purposely made the subject much harder to earn a good grade than it needed to be. In college, I experienced all of those types of professors. My niece told me about a Chemistry professor at Michigan when she was in undergrad. Her advisor was actually a long time tenured professor on the subject. The new professor sucked and her advisor started giving tutoring sessions on Friday nights. By the second week, there was standing room only in the room as she basically was teaching the class. Now, if she hadn't done that, some of those students would have failed. That's not because the other professor was challenging them more academically. It's because the other professor sucked and needed to be fired.
  14. This isn't surprising. I've never understood the hatred for him with some fans. He helped bring back the coach that 99% of the fans wanted. Then, almost instantly, fans didn't like him.
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