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  1. I have never understood how the Rolling Stones ever became popular. It's like they had tryouts at the beginning for lead singer and the absolute worst singer was the only one that wanted the job.
  2. And yet he won 75% of his games at Nebraska and went back to winning 10 when he could have his own assistants. My opinion has always been that they should have fired Frank a year earlier....or allowed him to keep going when he changed his staff and had won 9 games at the time he was fired.
  3. Oh....I assumed Kaelin was a composite 4* and he's not.
  4. I don't know what Frank wanted at the time. But, TO made sure he kept all the old assistants claiming they were a great staff and they had always been loyal to Nebraska. Many were old and at the end of their careers. Some either didn't have the energy or just didn't like to get out and recruit hard anymore. They were used to top players just wanting to come play for Nebraska and TO. When Frank came in, he should have been able to hire who he wanted and bring in young energetic guys that could go out and recruit hard. Fast forward to Frank's last year and he cleaned house, brought in young assistants and, it appeared anyway, that recruiting was picking up.
  5. If I counted right, I think we have 8 composite 4 stars on 247 now in this class.
  6. I think they are really cool. I wonder what the maximum wind speed is that they can operate in?
  7. This is why I always just roll my eyes when I see this discussion and people complaining about this or that song being played in the stadium. You have 90,000 people of all ages and walks of life....and you expect them to find that song that everyone just loves. Relax and just enjoy it even if it's not the perfect song for you.
  8. The biggest mistake that TO made when appointing Solich as HC is not allowing him to go out and hire new young assistants that were good coaches and had the energy to go recruit.
  9. Theirs a level of respect that should be held. He shows up liking like he just mowed his lawn. It reminds me of a funeral I went to last year. I show up and this guy gets out of his car without his shirt on, walks to the front door of the church and puts on an old wrinkled white tee shirt with skirts and walks in. I know the person who we were there to pay respects to would not have thought that was ok. dressing appropriately for certain situations is not to much to ask.
  10. 23 starts 1 start There should be a difference in what they are able to do. But....one didn't make mistakes and the other one did.
  11. I'm not willing to say Sims has a higher ceiling. He's started 23 games in his career? And HH has now started one? Sims should have enough experience to handle being on the road in places like Minny and CU. With 23 starts, he should not be making the unforced errors that killed our chances to win those games. HH didn't do those mistakes in his first game. Could Sims beat HH in a foot race? Probably. But, that's not the #1 job of the QB.
  12. Yeah. Both have issues that prevent them from being accurate on long balls. They might be different issues for each player...but they both have issues.
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