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    I have been following Nebraska football for over two decades. There is absolutely nothing like the passion, the tradition, and the family aspect of Nebraska Cornhusker football.

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  1. There is just something so right about a Nebraska QB wearing #7 running the option.
  2. Nebraska fans watching the rest of this game.
  3. Matt Waldoch is just racking up the career points for himself today.
  4. First Half Obeservations FINALLY. The entire Nebraska program needed a game like this. Maryland must have their calendar wrong, because they were giving out Christmas gifts left and right in that first half. Great to see the younger players (Rhamir Johnson, McCaffery, Henrick) getting game time experience. There might be a QB competition next year. Some people disagree, and that's fine. My opinioin is I don't care who you are playing...you just can't allow your starting QB to give up multiple turnovers when you're in the red zone, and Adrian has done that today unfortunately. Things I'd Like To See in the Second Half Put the game away early, and get a lot of the 2nd and 3rd string game experience. Use the big lead to work on on our running game. FINAL THOUGHTS : Next week against Iowa is a winnable game. GET. BOWL. ELIGABLE.
  5. Rhamir Johnson is going to be a good one. You can easily see the burst he has in his first three steps. He just needs one more offseason.
  6. I would slightly disagree. I think it's more of a discussion as what/who is holding us back from being a better more efficient team.
  7. Ha ha! I was going for the diplomatic route...but you're right. This game should easily be 31-0 if it wasn't for Adrian's miscues.
  8. If they give us this fumble recovery I would let Luke have this series at QB. You have a comfortable lead. Let the kid continue his development.
  9. I'm calling it now: There absolutely should be an open QB competition next year between Adrian and Luke.
  10. Frost is going to have some fun with this game. Not to mention we might actually get a lot of our younger guys some much needed experience in the 2nd half.
  11. One Thing To Add To The Offense During The Off-Season: An Under Center, Short Yardage Package.
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