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  1. IF ...if this story is true then: Nebraska's program really has become soft. Moos should be fired immediately. This would be a bigger tone deaf move than what Eichorst did with the Black Friday game with Iowa.
  2. Then the offense needs to be tweaked in the offseason to where the shotgun is not our exclusive backfield setup, especially when we're near the goal line. I actually hope the 2021 offense incorporates everything from: Shotgun or Pistol 3x1 Shotgun or Pistol 2 tight end sets Under center singleback sets And yes...some I-formation
  3. Stats don't lie. 345 yards rushing (no matter who your opponent is) is a great night on the ground. This was Nebraska football tonight. Ground & pound. And when you over commit to the running back we're going to option right off you.
  4. The physical downhill running game we saw in this game HAS TO BE what the offense is built around going forward. Get great at those downhill run schemes, add in some counters along with various read-option elements & speed option with play-action passing ...there's your 2021 Nebraska offense.
  5. The team gave all out effort and didn't quit in the 2nd half. Encouraging to see.
  6. First half was...yeesh Second half was encouraging and impressive. Finally
  7. First Half Observations: We're going to keep this short this week, because not a lot needs to be said. Our downhill running game is getting chunks...yet we go away from it...again. The cake is baked on Adrian's ball security issues and decision making when passing the ball (the INT in the end zone should have been a throw away). Loved seeing the simple Speed Option on the goalline from under center. WHERE HAS THAT BEEN FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS?!? Overall, though we too often look like we are being coached by a JV staff rather than a coaching staff of a power 5 progra
  8. You're right! That is a new excuse, and boy is it a doozy. I'll add it to the list.
  9. I feel the same way. I think the Athletic Department better hope they have enough donors come through next year to keep the sell-out streak alive, because I think this season has been terrible in adding a log on the fan apathy fire.
  10. It pains me to no end to admit it, but Frost is not the answer folks. After every loss he takes zero coaching accountability for the loss. All he has is the same old excuses, and now it just comes across as whinning, and that hurts the Nebraska brand.
  11. His post-game pressers are really cringy anymore. No coaching accountability at all.
  12. Remember Minnesota was down 33 players, and had not played in 22 Days!
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