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  1. If Nebraska fans have learned anything over the last 20 years, especially these last 5 years - NEVER TAKE A WIN FOR GRANTED.
  2. Kleiman along with Aranda from Baylor are definitely on the list. I like what Kleiman asks of his offense when it comes to the running game.
  3. Good for Adrian. I am happy for that young man. The talent was always there. He took a lot of grief on this board over the years (including from me), but when you put his athletic talent along with a strong running game, good pass protection, and a coach who can manage a game - this kind of performance against OU is what you get. His play tonight just reveals what competant coaching looks like. I still can't believe how awful Scott Frost's coaching tenure truly was at Nebraska.
  4. I don't see the big donors letting that happen. When you really step back for a moment and think about it, we only have four home games left this season. The university has a few big donors that will not let the sellout streak die. They'll find a way to cover these next four games. Then it's on Trev to make the right hire with the head coach position. Get that right, and fans will be drinking the Kool-aid again before the spring game. Get through these next four games (covered by donors) Make the right hire at head coach. Begin the process next year to start reducing Memorial Stadium's overall capacity to help preserve the sellout streak into the future.
  5. For everything that Scott did for this program as a player, he and his family should always be welcome in Lincoln.
  6. It's the right move, at the right time for both the program - and for Frost. Scott Frost will ALWAYS be a Cornhusker. This just wasn't working anymore. Best analogy I could think of is when you have a really lame horse, you don't wait a few weeks - you put put it out of its misery immediately.
  7. He's been back since Frost has been here. He's a Senior Offensive Analyst.
  8. When you go 3-9 in the previous season, this is correct. Today was ugly. Who knows what the future holds? Just take the win and move forward.
  9. Nebraska has 216 rushing yards so far. You'll take that every week.
  10. That last drive HAS TO BE the model for this team going forward this year. Find a running game that works, and stick with it! Kudos to Palmer with the miraculous catch. Touchdown doesn't happen if not for that.
  11. I miss the days on 3rd and Long when McBride would load the line of scrimmage with 8 or 9 guys and everyone knew the all-out blitz was coming, and there was nothing the opposing team could do about it - good times!
  12. Very good point. On the other hand, Nebraska will have plenty of money coming in from the new Big Ten media rights deal, so if Trev senses that the fan base has checked out I could see him firing Frost early...especially if we get embarrased to an FCS team today.
  13. I believe its close to $15 Million, but I might be wrong. If I'm Trev Alberts for the betterment of the program I would pull the trigger after today's game. It's time for this to be over.
  14. First Half Observations We are a very poorly coached football team. Nothing else needs to be said. Things I would like to see at the end of the game (normally this where I would post things I would like to see in the 2nd half) Scott Frost.....FIRED! If we lose this game Trev should just take the $15 Million hit, and end this. Give the fans some hope for the rest of the season.
  15. I said the same thing. Clearest sign yet to me for how absolutely undisciplined and poorly coached this team is.
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