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  1. Spot on! I don't know how it will happen, but I honestly believe somehow the Great Plains schools, specifically the old Big 8 teams will find their way back into some kind of conference together. College football conferences will change dramatically again in the next 10 years, and definitely in the next 25 years. The money has been great for the schools that left their century old conferences, but the fans of many of those teams are beyond disgusted with the actual results on the football field. Nebraska should never, ever be in a "conference game" with the likes of Maryland or Rutgers. I don't know how it will happen but I don't see Nebraska staying in the Big Ten, and I think eventually Oklahoma will tire of being in the SEC.
  2. Riley jumping ship before having to coach Oklahoma in the SEC. I honestly think Oklahoma's & Texas' move to the SEC will be similar to Nebraska's current outcome in the Big Ten. Great monetary increase for the school, but a huge step down when it comes to having success on the football field.
  3. I do think, or at least I would hope this game and the way it was lost would at least have Alberts pause to reconsider his options.
  4. Frost just said in his post-game press conference something to the effect that the program will do better when it gets new blood in the program and new coaching. I couldn't agree with him more. Start with the HC.
  5. I learned that Scott Frost has done nothing to earn the extra year. Close is just that - close. You either win or lose. Trev Alberts needs to do the right thing for the program, and END THIS! End it this year.
  6. Nebraska had (-8) rushing yards in the 4th quarter.
  7. I wouldn't second guess it all. Everyone can see who and what the problem is and has been. What has he done to earn the extra year?
  8. Frost has proven he is unable to stick with what works. It has cost us for 4 seasons. He's not as smart as he thinks he is. He needs to be fired.
  9. After what we all just witnessed I honestly don't think a new Offensive Coordinator, Offensive Line Coach, Running Back Coach, and Receiver Coach are going to make that much of a difference next year. The problem is with the head coach.
  11. I'm sorry everyone. The damn bird escaped! More like someone let it go.
  12. Again another short yardage situation where we try a deep pass.
  13. I think if Nebraska scores a TD here Frost just might go for 2 instead of OT.
  14. I guess that's what Nebraska's program is over the last 15-20 years. Piss away all of our good records and establish new hideous ones that no program wants.
  15. Frost has not done anything to deserve another year. Close games are just that...close. You either win or you lose, and Frost has lost more than he's won while head coach at Nebraska. He had his chance. It's time to turn the page.
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