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  1. Perhpas it's Sir Yacht? But I saw the original post and thought it was a great way to make an announcement saying nothing. Which usually doesn't lend credibility in my book. Doing it a second time doesn't help either. But it was retweeted by some pretty well-known people like Damon Benning and Nate Clouse so perhaps??? Of course, I don't know why they were retweeting it - because they think it might be legit or just because they thought it might be interesting.
  2. I believe the rule of thumb is the fumble is charged to the last player who possessed it. So it wouldn't be charged to a QB on a bad snap unless they caught it then fumbled it, which I don't recall happening much. Likewise, a fumble on a handoff is charged to the QB because the RB never really had control of it.
  3. I don't have an issue with legitimate conversation. There are things that need to get better. But I think the we-suck-at-everything and I'm-only-going-to-look-at-the-stats-I-want-to-look-at from some is ridiculous. His claim was stupid. I simply pointed that out. But I still don't believe it's a foregone conclusion that we are lacking in QB development. We failed to recruit an entire offensive unit of players over a combined four straight recruiting cycles. We only recruited two contributing WRs over a five year period and neither completed their eligibility here. It looks p
  4. So you keep chastizing people for putting words in your mouth and then you turn around and do the same thing. Seems legit. I'm asking straight-forward questions. The part where you refuse to even attempt to answer them say a lot about the validity of your claims.
  5. Dawson is in charge of the whole thing but I believe there are several assistants who also are assigned to a specific group.
  6. Martinez's completion percentage went up 12 points from 2019 to 2020. His TD:INT ratio improved from 2019 to 2020. His QB rating improved from 2019 to 2020. QED
  7. HOL said this morning that he would be a take at WR (if we had a spot) but is a stretch at DB (where we were possibly considering him). So my guess would be he's not a take for us right now.
  8. I'm not. I don't know the answers. That's why I'm asking you. But you don't seem interested in explaining your reasoning.
  9. Ah, yep. I saw it retweeted today, didn't notice the date. Thanks.
  10. JoJo claims the fastest three guys on the team are Oliver Martin, Samori Toure, Deontai Williams and CTB. Yes, when asked for the fastest three he listed four. But I like that list.
  11. Ervin also getting a shout out from JoJo when asked to pick a "breakout" player on offense this year.
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