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  1. The QB who doesn't give it to me four times per game. And there really isn't anything that Sims has shown to do better than HH. Running or throwing. I get it. You're going to go out of your way not to give HH any credit for anything and ignore all the bad stuff that Sims does. It is what it is.
  2. I feel that the main difference in the game was that we are Adidas instead of Nike (Jordan).
  3. ... And it goes over with over 5 minutes to go.
  4. Wow! We challenged two straight points and got them both overturned to get to 24. Then Murray terminates the set to get us even.
  5. You have to compete to get people to show up. Product on the field is part of it. But a lot of it is sitting on a bench seat in the elements where it takes 20 minutes to go to the bathroom or get a snack versus sitting on your couch in front of a big-screen TV with a bunch of beer in the fridge.
  6. For as bad as we played, we only lost by two.
  7. You mean "home run threat" as in the two 70+ yard TD runs HH had last week?
  8. Still a crappy call. I'm assuming we thought we might get them to spread out a bit if we went shotgun. But not so much.
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