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  1. ILB Andrew Harris - UCF HS_Coach_C,HuskerInLostWages
  2. ILB Michael Harris - Maryland Mavric,The Murphinator,GSG,HuskermanMike,PattyG
  3. OT Chimdy Onoh - Penn State Mavric,The Murphinator,HS_Coach_C,THROW_DEM_BONES,chamrocck,PattyG,Kayvan,sho
  4. They didn't and there are a ton of examples of it. But it gets exaggerated because they weren't allowed to for a year and a half during COVID. And it's fun to tell stories with a bad guy.
  5. Wait. So all these exorbitant numbers we've been seeing are likely excessively inflated? Color me shocked.
  6. Well, we might as well start freaking out now...
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