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  1. WR Chris Hilton - LSU Mavric,Young Grand Island Husker,HS_Coach_C,obert1,sho,seaofred92,r06ue1,runningblind
  2. Word is Jaiden Francois and Daniel Cerni are the only two scholarship players not on campus. Francois is expected as early as Sunday. Cerni is being delayed by international travel bans. Hoping to be here later this month.
  3. ILB Christopher Paul - Arkansas Mavric,HS_Coach_C,seaofred92,Snowbird,CMorSkers,SouthLincoln Husker,Head Coach Scott Frost,husker_fan_from_sweden,The Murphinator,Treand3,LumberJackSker,Young Grand Island Husker,Vince R.,runningblind,Branno,Ziebol
  4. CB Tony Grimes - North Carolina Young Grand Island Husker,HS_Coach_C,runningblind,Mavric,husker_fan_from_sweden
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