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  1. Yeah, I haven't gotten to changing the font color on the other forums. And I'm sure the recent post text can be changed as well but I haven't figured out how yet.
  2. Player: Nico Davillier Hometown: Maumelle, Arkansas School: Maumelle Position: Defensive End, Defensive Tackle Height: 6-5 Weight: 278 Power 5 Offers: Arkansas, Auburn, Colorado, Georgia, Kanas, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, Penn State, Purdue, Tennessee Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #359 Overall; #31 DT; .8791; Rivals: #28 DT; 247: #36 DT; ESPN: #265 Overall; #14 DT; Hudl
  3. OK. I don't think anyone was talking about the margin of victory. Just that they won. They didn't beat us with third third string. Some might have gotten a little playing time in the fourth quarter.
  4. How do you figure that? Saquan Barkley had 3TDs. McSorley threw for 325 yards and 3 TDs. Their three leading receivers all played. And that was one of the worst defenses the Huskers had ever rolled out.
  5. I mean ... they've definitely been better recently. They won the last matchup (2017) in a shootout. But we won the four games prior to that. We are 4-2 against them since the turn of the century and 9-8 overall including 8-4 against them since the late 50s. So he's being a little hyperbolic there.
  6. Also, we may pitch him on playing receiver, or at least having the option of either.
  7. Word is Minnesota media guys are seeing (hearing) some smoke as well...
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