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  1. I'm surprised he couldn't make the trip with all the other high profile recruits. I wonder how his recruiting is going.
  2. Apparently deleted the tweet and is staying put.
  3. Then we fire Matt Rhule and hire Prime right ???? That should get us to winning. Jk
  4. Im saying there is no way Ajay Allen could be the lead guy in that room rn bc of the effort. Yes it's only 15 seconds but it doesn't help his cause to be the clear number one rb that husker fans want him to be. I understand what your saying by saying its meaningless or it means nothing but when Nebraska hasn't been to a bowl game in 6 years all practices count or should matter. You think its meaningless I think it matters we will see who is the starter by the Minnesota game is. Just different of opinions.
  5. Who is they? I know your talking about Jacob Smith but who is the other guy your referencing to?
  6. You would think Miami would have the inside track with him especially being a legacy recuit.
  7. When I say the worst thing I mean is having a player of his statue not practice up to his potential to be the leader on the depth chart.
  8. I didn't jump to conclusions. It was his lack of effort regardless if it was for that drill or any other that you or I didn't see. Coaches don't care that you make a mistake in practice that is correctable the lack of effort coaches won't tolerate and my whole point to all this is you and I don't expect one of most talented guys on the roster to not care regardless if it was for 15 seconds or not.
  9. Well its not pleasant to see when your leading running back is suspended and the guy you think in line to take his place doesn't show enough effort to get a drill done. The worst thing is watching a player like him not playing or practicing up to the standards the coaches want out of him.
  10. What to expect from Dylan Raiola and other high profile recruits visiting this weekend.
  11. Hasn't he been injured before coming into spring ball? Hate to know that he is out.
  12. That's my point he knows the expectation of effort coming into the season bc the lack of team success and individualism. You don't need to teach kids that lesson to hustle. The harsher punishment in the end is falling behind on the depth chart and or not playing and being part of the teams success. Like I said it could be that he doesn't like the coaching style of EB. I hope not. But seeing that clip kinda reminds me of a certain player we have on the team now that is back who didn't mesh well with a certain position coach or you can say 2 players returning.
  13. I wonder if Nebraska would be willing to go back after him or say nope were good with the guys we have.
  14. I understand but it looked like he had other things on his mind then learning today.
  15. So you don't think that Ajay Allen got kicked out of practice bc of lack of effort but just the drill? If your not going to bring effort then get out of practice and not just the drill. Imho i hoped for that to happen(kids getting kicked out of practice)so it teaches kids here that its a honor and privilege to play here.
  16. Well one doesn't know that if the coaches are going to even let players finish practicing if they aren't going to bring maximum effort to a certain drill or do what the coaches ask the players to do. If your not going to bring maximum effort to practice why practice at all? That's the most important part of making a team better is having the team bring maximum effort to every play. If you can't bring it someone else will and will get rewarded for it.
  17. The Arik Gilbert get during the off-season was huge bc he has all-american written all over him. 270 rn is huge for a tight end. I know the coaches wanted him to slim down but maybe he is as strong as a ox and runs like a race horse playing at that weight.
  18. That's the problem Ajay Allen knew this culture of losing wasn't going to be tolerated coming into the season. Its not a positive or good sign seeing him not give maximum effort during practice. Could be nothing could be something hopefully he picks up his effort and we see him contribute.
  19. Yeah I should have clarified it by when I said losing.
  20. Well hopefully if the team is losing and he makes a play he doesn't celebrate and he moves on. I would say that mentality has to change from years past. Your team is losing so you shouldn't celebrate. Move on to the next play and work towards taking the lead.
  21. Oh no he got taken out of the drill. This can't be a good sign. Maybe he isn't all in to the new coaches and is having a hard time buying in. Im hoping he doesn't transfer out.
  22. I was really impressed with Malcolm Hartzog before he even stepped foot on our football field. Just by watching his film you could see that dog mentality. Since he has played and shown that I've been nothing but impressed by him. Eric Fields has that dog mentality too. That kid will be special for us.
  23. I'd love to say Grant is number one bc he is in my book but bc he is behind the eight ball and Gabe Ervin has all this kool aid flowing around him right now you would probably say he in the coaches view is the number one running back.
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