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  1. If you really look at him as a offensive tackle he has quick feet which you love but he needs work on blocking and to of course add weight. If you look at him as a defense end then he is quick but needs help with hand placement as well but he has upside on both sides. Just whatever side is better for him and the coaches who knows
  2. Im not expecting anything from a highschool kid. Im saying by downgrading your roster it forces kids to grow up faster that's all. I'm for kids to be kids and not to grow up faster. College football is turning into pro football bc of money.
  3. If they do change the roster size doesn't that force kids to grow up faster and try to be more prepared going into college? Someone stated that college football is a development league earlier and I agree but if they do change the roster size then it forces kids to grow up faster at a accelerated rate. We gave you a scholarship so we expect that you produce instead of well give you a scholarship your not ready quite yet and in a year or two we will see where you are at. Me personally I feel like 85 is to low bc injuries and having depth but I do understand why others don't mind that number.
  4. Any new news on him? Heard it was between us and BYU but don't know if their are any new teams that are in on him? Figured since he was in the transfer portal that he would want to join a team right away to get to know his new teammates and to have a spot on a roster. Basketball rosters are very limited.
  5. If we are going up against Alabama then this is going to be a tough recruitment for us. Don't know how many times he has visited here but it seems like he has made multiple visits there. Hope we land him but I have my doubts.
  6. I don't think he will pass up DR unless he craps the bed this fall so I don't see him playing right away. But my question is if he is fully committed and stays with us through the recruiting process and signs with us does he redshirt next season or is he a immediate upgrade from DK and is the number 2 qb next season barring any injuries???
  7. Nebraska has a shot that's all you can hope for. Nebraska is one of 5 teams he choose to use a official on that's impressive. We all seen crazy things happen in recruiting so never say never.
  8. I don't know how Nebraska got in on him bc we were out of his top 6 that he first put out on X. Great job by the coaches for getting in on him and bringing him in for a visit bc he can go play anywhere in the country.
  9. Yup least he is still with the team. To sit out a whole season I can't imagine what type of injuries he played through bc it has to be way worse then what we were lead to believe.
  10. That's true also. All I ever said was he isn't a offense type big man which he isn't. Nebraska will have the length in the post but my personal belief is Morgan and Mast are better offense post players and we don't even know if Mast is coming back yet.
  11. True but I didn't say he had to be a big scorer. Just saying if your looking for the big man in the post to score to get you a couple of points in the paint it's not him.
  12. Needs a lot of work on the offensive side. Just got done watching his highlights no mid range or jumpers all alley oops highlights.
  13. I was aking bc there was no indication he was going to commit after his visit.
  14. Is Bell's injury an acl or worse? Is he out for the season? When I say worse I mean mcl injury involved on top of acl?
  15. And it also remains to be seen is are the running backs good enough to gain more then a 1,000 yards.
  16. Has anyone heard what is the exact injury he sustained?
  17. Dang that sucks. Would have been the home run hitter that we needed. Is it me or does all of our rb's look slow? Even Dante Dowdell didn't look fast on his td run. Looks like our running back may have some athleticism but overall speed it seems HH is faster then the whole room which is very telling.
  18. While I did enjoy the spring game the thing I question is how much did we actually get better? Yes you practice to not make mistakes but really it was just a glorified practice. There were multiple defensive starters held out and no blitzes and the qb's couldn't get hit or tackled so it's hard to judge how we are going to look during our first game. I understand that DR looked awesome throwing the ball and HH looked improved but we need to have the improvements show up when it matters so don't know what to take away from the spring game except thank for putting on a show for us the fans.
  19. I heard he is just as good as his brother but maybe it's the height the recruiting services are judging him by. Just thought he would be ranked as a 4 star qb bc of all the hype surrounding him.
  20. One thing I will say is that DR does care himself like Mahomes on the field.
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