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  1. https://deadspin.com/welcome-to-the-pressure-cooker-matt-rhule-1849824495
  2. Hate to ask but why would Elijah Robinson leave his current position at Texas A&M if he is already getting good money to come here? How would making the move benefit him?
  3. True just feel like Wisconsin copy's alot of the things we do that's all.
  4. Like I said one doesn't know but you would think he would at least consider us
  5. I wonder why we never tried to get Luke Fickell ourselves? I mean it always seems like Wisconsin is always one step ahead of Nebraska. Barry Alvarez was the best thing to happen to Wisconsin bc he literally showed them our blueprint for success. Pound the rock and play a physical defense. If they get Luke, then I will be more upset with the fact that we didn't try ourselves or if we did and he saw the writing on the wall and said nope this place is a dumpster fire not for me but who knows
  6. We are all so excited for Matt Rhule that he alone has three topics started named Matt Rhule. I think that's a first on Huskerboard.
  7. Yeah no problem I thought it was a awesome read myself and wanted to share it with you guys. Sharing is caring
  8. https://portal.rivals.com/news/five-players-in-the-portal-nebraska-should-target
  9. Well my brother said he was listening to 1620 and Mike 'L Severe this morning and said that our assistant pool money is also going to be around 9 million as well. If that is the case then I'm excited who the coaches Matt Rhule brings in. Nebraska isn't screwing around I like it. Also Matt Rhule is the third highest coach in the Big 10 now. Ryan Day and Mel Tucker make 9.5 million.
  10. https://fremonttribune.com/sports/college/chatelain-a-letter-to-matt-rhule/article_8414570b-4484-5463-b389-9665e7559ae3.html A letter to Matt Rhule
  11. https://www.ketv.com/article/huskers-fans-give-thoughts-on-nebraskas-new-football-coach/42074930 Husker Fans give their thoughts on the hire
  12. So if Matt Rhule does decide to try to bring Phil Snow to Nebraska fun fact about all of this is he was the defensive coordinator at Arizona State in 1996 that stopped our offense and number one ranking after that day. Just thought that was interesting to find out about. https://youtu.be/YLsz3coPhQ8
  13. I hope that whoever Matt Rhule hires as the defense coordinator he instills discipline like if your defense is sucking and losing and they make a good play please don't celebrate. It makes whoever does it look dumb. You should be celebrating making great plays for the defense if the team isn't losing that's my thought on that. That's one thing I hated with SF staff.
  14. Don't think so we can't afford to not hit on this hire. For the money and length of the contract it better be legitimate coaches or if not then we like getting in our own way over and over again.
  15. I tried to tell him Matt Rhule isn't as bad as Matt Campbell but he didn't want to listen. Lmao
  16. Yeah that's too much calm down bro its not that serious
  17. True Bo is out of football right now. The screaming and berating players is the thing of the past and that's why schools don't want to deal with that headache.
  18. Ok Im glad you understand it. I should have explained why I took it that way just thought Husker Fans understood what I meant. My fault.
  19. Im not going to fight or argue you can take it how you want to take it. All I'm saying is the program is trying to move forward with the hire and she comes out with that twitter response at that time knowing MJ didn't get hired. When she said the truth shall set you free to me it sounds like she feels MJ got shafted in the whole process of the head coaching job and bc I took it that way and I said as a program we are trying to move forward we don't need any type of distractions just positivity.
  20. Do Northwestern fans feel the same way right now?
  21. So have both on the roster or just one in particular? Going to have to pay top dollar for a great S&C coach.
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