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  1. Wow must not have had a qualifying offer or maybe a better opportunity to play faster either way I didn't see that coming. Thought he was Nebraska's to lose.
  2. Nebraska will probably find another dual threat qb who can't throw and is turnover prone. I hope for the better but Nebraska seems to not like to get new nice things. We tend to shoot ourselves in the foot a lot. I really wish they stop going after a dual threat qb and go get a pock passing qb. The last qb that didn't have wheels to run was Zach Taylor and look how we did. Yes different time and conference but same concept.
  3. https://www.ketv.com/article/nebraska-husker-nick-henrich-retirement-football/45989420 Nick Heinrich retired!!! Multiple knee injuries
  4. I'll take the second choice bc Creighton is more established then Nebraska. Yes Creighton can be beat look at the loss to Colorado State but when they are on they are a top 10 team. I feel like Nebraska most definitely has benefited from a weak non conference schedule. Hopefully even if Nebraska loses to Creighton that doesn't turn into a downward spiral of losses after that. Fred Hoiberg is coaching for his job this year that's my belief.
  5. The writing on the wall was that he was ready to visit Ohio State. I think if he was going to do that while being committed to us then we would be sitting ducks just waiting to see if he decommits later or wants to stay on. I want kids that want to be here to help the program turn around. Im surprised we are still hanging on to Barney from Florida. Nothing from this past seasons offense tells me that he could make a difference for change not with who was doing the playcalling at the helm.
  6. Better then what we got this season. 3 qb's and a inconsistent offense that was slow.
  7. Be nice already if he just commits to us it would give us some type of positivity going into next season.
  8. That's true but coaches got to pick the right players not to fumble. I don't know if Jeff Sims got intimidated by being here or if it was to big of a stage for him but turnovers have always came with him making plays before he got here. Hopefully the coaches can pick a qb that isn't a turnover machine and is smart with the football and can actually throw the ball accurately.
  9. If your going to go with 2 then how many qb's are we actually going to keep on the roster and which ones would you get rid of? Obviously Sims has to go but I'd keep Purdy over Haarberg.
  10. Nobody would try and go with Purdy as our qb? I feel like our run game didn't help matters and the wrs didn't either, just can't be all on the qb's when it came to the offense not succeeding. Yes Purdy made his fair share of mistakes but the team as a whole was sloppy. Our offense is slow, and I don't get the idea that we are going to wear down the other team in the fourth quarter. Not with our crappy playcalling. Sims on the other hand should probably go down a division or switch positions bc the year he had it be hard pressed to keep him on just to ride the pine, he is strictly a running qb. Haarberg needs to develop more as a passer.
  11. I'd like to understand how this football team sucks. I'd like to understand why in crucial parts in the game we screw ourselves. We pay a coach to improve the team yet we aren't improved just squeezing bye. I don't think that HC Matt Rhule will get rid of the OC MS at the end of the year which in return will bring more disappointment. That was one of SF biggest flaws is that he didn't get rid of EC and look how that turned out. I get that you try to keep the same coaches on the team to bring cohesiveness to the team but I believe that will be one of HC MR biggest downfall being a coach year.
  12. Thanks and somehow he ends up on this team smh.
  13. Trash coaches, trash playcalling, trash of a football team!!! Nothing new learned.
  14. You know the worst part in all of this is that ESPN didn't even have a story on the game, pathetic if you ask me. All Nebraska got from them(ESPN) was a tweet after the win which doesn't give both teams the respect that they earned for being the very best in the sport rn. They should have and could have done way better in covering the best game the sport had to offer all season.
  15. Please don't bring these back ever again.
  16. As long as he has his acted cleaned up I would take him. I don't think he needs to be watched or be reminded that he is on his last straw to be apart of a program.
  17. I think the other juco wr would be a good get as well bc it seems like he has his act cleaned up and needs a fresh start and also bc he was a former 5 star talent.
  18. So no new updates on him? Does this mean that he probably will make his decision after the season now so he can just focus on playing?
  19. I mean Suh is still out there as well. I thought for sure he would be on a team and not bounce around through out the league. 5 teams to play for is alot.
  20. Oops my bad I actually thought you were being serious.
  21. Doesn't help if the staff is a dumpster fire as well.
  22. The fans of college football yes but the media no. Would hope they stop showing football games of us to give us national exposure. We have to earn that.
  23. If Michigan wanted to score more then 70 points then I wouldn't blame them teaches us and the nation that we are trash.
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