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  1. Perhaps the Patriots will let JJB announce Schiano's hiring in a couple of days.
  2. I'm thinking the 12.20.17 is referencing signing day #1. So I don't think this has to do with Cam, specifically.
  3. Nebraska beat Purdue by 1 who beat Minnesota by 14 who bean MTSU by 31 who beat Syracuse by 7 who beat Pitt by 3 who beat Duke by 7 who beat Northwestern by 24 who beat Iowa by 7. So we should win 229-135. proof
  4. Can confirm. Using ESPN FPI: NW 40.5% Minn 40.7% PSU 3.1% Iowa 35.1% Odds of each record are: 4-0 0.2% 3-1 6.5% 2-2 28.1% 1-3 43.0% 0-4 22.2% So a 34.8% chance of 2 or more wins.
  5. You're both thinking of Walker, Texas Ranger. Oh, hey, that's the recruit's name.
  6. mitchp

    Fo Fiddy

    I'm pretty sure he said it was "fiddy fiddy."
  7. A) It wouldn't be a heartbreaking loss. B) It's possible to think we'll struggle in this game, or that we could lose, without it being attributed to PTSD from past Husker teams. C) It's fine that you're not impressed by them. Let's compare their numbers to Nebraska's: Indiana @ Florida International 2-4 (Beat FAU and UTEP) - Indiana won 34-13 Ball State 4-2 (Beat FAU, NIU, Georgia St and e. Kentucky) - Indiana won 30-20 Wake Forest 5-1 (Beat Duke, Syracuse, Indiana, Delaware St and Tulane) - Indiana Lost 28-33 Michigan State 2-3 (Beat Furman and Notre Dame) - Indiana Won
  8. Good luck to you. The site was actually pretty clear in terms of showing available seating.
  9. @skersfan, thanks for the heads-up. 5 tickets (in two orders) purchased this morning. As a Bay Area husker fan, we don't have a lot of options for home games on the West Coast.
  10. It's because we're better than us. http://www.myteamisbetterthanyourteam.com/default.asp?winner=Nebraska&loser=Nebraska&year=2012&method=2
  11. Sure it does. http://www.myteamisbetterthanyourteam.com/default.asp?winner=Indiana&loser=Nebraska&year=2012&method=2
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