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  1. “Liberal world order” doesn’t mean what most Americans will think it means…
  2. Yeah..my wife wants desperately to have another child….
  3. Not that it will do any good in a matter of months: but I do have a camper in my driveway in Omaha if someone wants a camping experience.
  4. How so? Should Coach have been fired? No (what I said) Would Coach be fired if he didn’t lead a prayer? Absolutely not (what I said) That’s really all I said. You said the idea of the coach never saying a prayer at all and not getting fired was a reason to sue. There are a TON of coaches that don’t do this. Maybe you misunderstood my posts.
  5. To continue, it started as sarcasm, but I like where it’s going. if I know my neighbor has a shotgun only to be used between October and January for hunting, I can raise a “red flag” when he is pacing around the yard with it in May. This actually sounds like a great idea!
  6. In regards to the 14th amendment, I agree 100%. Unfortunately we lost that protection a few days ago. At least gun owners get to keep their guns. ps: I think a lot of women would welcome the chance to share why they had “abortions”. My wife would! I also think most gun owners could easily justify what guns they have and what they use them for.
  7. Accident or not, I think it’s a great idea! Could be a great compromise. You can own whatever you wish, but your neighbors also know how big your penis is And SCOTUS just ruled that “reproductive privacy” is a States issue, so..,
  8. Think of it this way: If you own a 12 gauge shotgun that you use for hunting and keep it in your basement except when in use, no worries. If you walk into Target with an AR 15 on your shoulder and get arrested, you most likely have the right to carry that weapon but you better be prepared to answer some questions.
  9. So you agree with me then Prayer is between him and God and he could have saved himself a lot of headache by keeping it that way. At the same time, it’s his 1st Amendment right to bring on headaches if he wants to.
  10. What happened to the posters that railed on social media for silencing people?!?!?
  11. Yes. He’s failed and still thinks he can fix it. His ego gave him the nuts to take that deal. No one with a straight face can say there wasn’t some sort of “come to Jesus” talk between Alberts and Frost. Hopefully they both come out on top. That’s the ingenuity of TA’s proposition. Everyone (most everyone…) is rooting for the same thing. But if/when reality hits; Alberts looks like a genius!
  12. Agree 100% There is a reason Frosts buyout drops astronomically after the first month of the season. TA used Frosts ego against him to make firing him cheaper. Now, I’m sure TA is 100% rooting for SF to win, I don’t believe he wants to fire him. BUT, he definitely hedged his bet…
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/29/politics/breyer-supreme-court/index.html Looks like more fun is on the way!
  14. I’m still confused by this. How on earth do you guys think the coach would have been fired if he wasn’t leading a prayer at midfield? I mean, assuming he was meeting all other expectations. What would he have been fired for?
  15. This. And a Trump arrest would cause a huge schism in the GOP. There will be the MAGA crazies that will keep on being crazy. And there will be the adults in the party that will be forced to walk away but will refuse to vote Dem and I don’t blame them. But they will find it hard to go without the crazy cancer that has ran GOP politics for the last six years.
  16. I don’t see Sasse as a good speaker. He always seems awkward and robotic. it’s like they put a 90s frat boy wig on Romney and uploaded some cheesy one liners.
  17. Is this dude real? Is he being sarcastic?
  18. Moonfish and Juice??? Sounds like names from “Hot Shots”! Okay, whoever/whatever pulling the strings of the universe is just f#&%ing with us at this point, right?
  19. Moos in a gold dress and mascara is an image I didn’t need today…
  20. I’m in Nebraska and vote Republican. My POV, the Dems aren’t going to win in November so the primary is my “general”. Sucks.,
  21. Yeah I had my number of years off of TO being AD. I edited my post, but you’re right. Pelini continued to do what he did. His attitude just got really sour because I’m sure he just felt disrespected.
  22. You mean like going to a Championship game 3 out of the 5 years? In 2 different conferences? And a tie for first in the division a 4th time but a really good Missouri team owning tie breaker? Youre right, no excuse for any of that…
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