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  1. There are millions of things going on in the country right now that I don't know about. It doesn't mean people are hiding information from me.
  2. But the public does know what's going on. We are literally talking about it right now.
  3. Yes. And many conservative professors as well. I don’t mean to pry, but have you ever attended college?
  4. I usually prefer to travel with my kids either late at night are very early in the morning. They tend sleep in the car rather than drive me insane!
  5. For a nation that doesn't read, we sure do sell a lot of stupid books!
  6. First of all, He's just as much my president as he is yours. I thought we went through that a lot the past 5.5 years. If the choice is keeping them in overcrowded cages, but albeit "close" to parents even though they don't see each other and sending them to family members or "sponsor" groups that can offer adequate food, healthcare, and housing, it seems pretty easy to choose the humane option. And again, none of this appeared to be hidden from the public. I have my same gripe with anti-Biden folks as I did with anti-Trump folks. With all the truly stupid s#!t that goes on, why do you all insist on reaching?
  7. I really didn't know where to put this and the last thing we need is another thread talking about Frost and his job. But I've seen this come up in several threads and just wanted to address it with my thoughts. SCOTT FROST WAS A GREAT HIRE! : he was one of the hottest names out there the year the Huskers crumbled under Riley. He was wanted by SEC teams and every media outlet drooled at the idea of Frost bringing NU back. Recruits were more than willing to hear him out and give NU a chance. We can all acknowledge that the scenario in 2017 was handled perfectly. NU got the coach everyone that was looking wanted! also... SCOTT FROST HASN'T WORKED OUT: there could be a ton of discussion of why or where the blame lies. But the current situation is a mess. NU is "close" yet so "far away". The current situation doesn't make fans wrong for celebrating the hire 4 years ago. It was awesome and we were all expecting great things! Unfortunately, Frost's history has shown us little. Actually, It's shown us a lot as far as game, roster, and administrative management goes. I don't believe fans were "duped", but I do believe many of us were counting eggs before they were hatched. Is Jamal Lord coaching anywhere? Maybe Crouch will move up from youth football...?
  8. That's where I'm at too. But I was also "okay" with giving him another year even if he only got one more win against Purdue and kept the others respectable. But after seeing the "Frost vs. Peers" thread and looking closer at the past 4 years, I'd be okay with the decision to let him go. Afterall, in year one, the Huskers were "close" when they played OSU. I don't think they are any closer a few years later than they were that day. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks when OSU comes to town with playoffs on their minds.
  9. I was "indifferent" 72 hours ago. Hedley, you won me over. I'm officially on the side of "it's time to move on". This s#!t is bad!
  10. I was curious when those losing seasons were. Wish I hadn't looked... 1999: 1-10 2000: 3-9 2001: 7-5 2002: 11-2 with a loss in the Orange Bowl First 4 years: 22-26 I flipping hate Iowa!
  11. So your beef is that they didn't get better flight times....Or is there a point outside of "fake outrage"? These were charted flights to public airports. We aren't smuggling them in with stealth military planes. My point stands.
  12. $10 says Trump would say Ben Franklin was a President if asked....
  13. Maybe the left media like CNN and MSNBC should cover this story to show how hard the Biden administration is working to save money on flights and support a struggling industry. We should also laugh at that on its face!
  14. This is just f#&%ing stupid. I'm sorry. Obviously this isn't all a "big secret". If they were flying them at noon, the headline would be "Missed your business meeting: Biden Admin giving preferred flights to migrants." Americans are dumb! The fact that enough Americans aren't insulted by "stories" like this and turn away from these outlets causing the media to change course just proves my point. If you see this clip and think it's a big deal, you're a moron.
  15. I picked Huskers by more than 14 just because it seems like something the Husker roller coaster would do. I also picked 2 more wins (counting Purdue). I envision the team beating the crap out of Purdue, getting crushed by OSU, losing in a frustrating fashion at Wisconsin, and then playing inspired ball in a win against Iowa. This just seems like the NU we are all used to... This team desperately needs an "us against the world" attitude that Pelini was often chastised for.
  16. Maybe I read too much into it. I figured you were comparing these people to the people who invaded the Capital on Jan. 6th. Those people are traitors, IMO.
  17. It did for me. I knew things were bad. But this bad?? Oof....
  18. I haven't checked, but I saw it somewhere: Frost has yet to win a game following a bye week at NU. We'll see... Edit: just checked, albeit quickly so I could be wrong. In 2018, there was no bye because Bethune Cookman was scheduled after Akron was cancelled. But Nebraska lost to OSU the next week. If we were to count the Akron week as a bye, the Huskers lost to CU the next week. In 2019, NU lost to Indiana at home coming off the bye. In 2020, there was no bye week unless you count the cancelled Wisconsin game. Then NU lost on the road to Northwestern the following week. The sample size is small, but it doesn't give me confidence. It also illustrates just how f'ed up Frost's first few years have been with scheduling. Not an excuse, but the team hasn't been given any favors...
  19. I was wondering how much refs are allowed to "infer" from the videos. From one angle you can clearly see that the ball contacts #22's shoulder. From another view, you could clearly see #22's shoulder was in the end zone but the ball was covered up by his helmet. One could deduce that this means the ball was past the goal line, but you couldn't actually see the ball...
  20. Anyone that assaulted a police officer or vandalized the buildings (looking at the lady pumping oil all over the place) should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I would stop short of calling them traitors though.
  21. Not that it changes anything, but Minnesota is 4-2.
  22. Disney World and Belt buckle factories???
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