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  1. wtf? this guy might be softer in the brain than sheriff walker.
  2. she really stands out as within minutes of the power going out she was posting she knew why the grid was down and she posted pics of the theater where the show was supposed to be. and many far right people were celebrating online. apparently they all knew ahead of time to have their generators ready at that time.
  3. biggest win of freds tenure so far?
  4. saw gas for $2.99 today i put a "i did that" sticker with a picture of joe on the pump
  5. the far right is in a tizzy over twitter not publishing stolen d!(k pics but don't give a f#&% about Don the con calling to overthrow the constitution. same as it ever was...same as it ever was
  6. Donald still being the same traitor he always was.
  7. she didn't post a fat elon pic.
  8. she is a typical MAGA. nothing new there.
  9. so the far right is all excited about hunters d!(k pics? don't say gay!
  10. he would take it as long as there is a good buyout for him. he really likes those buyout $$$
  11. kind of like someone else we all know.....being treated with kid gloves by 1 political party
  12. FWIW....the swastika wasn't ye's last post. Ye was banned right after he posted a fat Elon picture
  13. whoever leaves..leaves. we will cheer for the players who are here next year.
  14. ketchup bottles at Mart-a-Lago are in imminent danger
  15. but what about the caravan of hunters laptops smuggling fentanyl while they invade our borders?
  16. yeah...the rumors and speculation are running rampant and some people think they are facts.
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