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  1. any word on what is wrong with Reimer?
  2. now THAT is a late dirty hit. i wonder if he will be suspended for that?
  3. i don't expect a win...but it would sure change the mood around nebraska football if it were to happen.
  4. can you imagine what a win today would mean for nebraska?
  5. no lies detected. but i think he underestimated the numbers a little
  6. i expect nebraska to lose by a few scores....but i'm hoping that michigan has 8 turnovers and we win Nebraska 9 Michigan 7 rush 125 pass 90
  7. republicans are going to defund the military
  8. i am hoping our crowd will have a reason to make some excessive noise this weekend.
  9. it's not the first time a court has called him a fraud
  10. i guess we do have a chance....but i wouldn't say it's a good chance. handing that minnesota game away really hurt our chances.
  11. i've been here 13 years.....i joined 2 years after this thread was started.
  12. well....there is a callahan thread on the first page . this thread is much more current than that thread
  13. sounds like Oregon may have taken that Colorado smack talk a little personal.
  14. if democrats had a MAGA movement....those senators would be called Dinos
  15. not sure on the regulations for that money....but does it have to be spent on covid relief? if so.....can it be used to pay teacher salaries, buy books, etc, etc....
  16. that banned guy sure held on to that grudge for a long time.
  17. if trump wins i expect opposition parties will be banned.
  18. pretty sure i saw 3 dead whales by the lincoln windmills.
  19. those nebraska coaches helping oregon sure are sneaky devils.
  20. has to be fake news...trump never pays for anything.
  21. that defense might get him elected president.
  22. the iowa nebraska game will end up either a 0-0 tie after 24 hours of overtimes....or 1 team will score a safety to win the game 2-0
  23. Gods gift to coaching gave colorado an atrocious defense? that's crazy talk
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