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  1. commando

    Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    kim is getting sick of all those love letters from Donnie
  2. commando

    Oh by the way...

    i wish they had thrown away the keys on this guy....but he did serve 17 years. i am neither happy nor real upset about this. he did serve his time.
  3. commando

    Trump Foreign Policy

    thanks be to god for trump not throwing tariffs on this product
  4. commando

    Trump's America

    maybe trump thinks the KISS army is an actual part of the DOD?
  5. commando

    The Republican Utopia

    kiss trumps azz , get a pardon.
  6. want to bet that they don't get to ask any questions? or if they do that mitch will shut them down as fast as possible
  7. republican controlled senate = negotiations for what softball questions will be asked and the inevitable conclusion that jr is totally and completely exonerated by the senate.
  8. commando

    Healthcare Reform

    no. i believe it's either a scam to get money from lobbyist to stop him from doing it...or a lie to try to sway voters his way.
  9. commando

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

  10. commando

    Immigration Ban

    this is our president
  11. commando

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    more confetti to NRA headquarters stat!
  12. commando

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    that letter is a big slap in the face to Barr also.
  13. starbucks has been around a lot longer than i thought
  14. commando

    Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    maybe the Norks are safe....looking like Iran is in the cross hairs
  15. commando

    A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Kentuky? did we add another state? and the irony of this tweet is amazing
  16. farrakhan is a far right extremist?
  17. is this the only issue from your trainers lobotomy?
  18. commando

    Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    hours after trump and putin talk about N. Korea
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    2. ladyhawke


      R.I.P. Chewie :(

    3. ZRod


      Sad day. I actually had a star wars dream last night. It was a movie shoot with the Falcon and Han Solo, but no Chewie...

    4. BigRedN



      From 2:08 - 2:50 are my favs!

  19. commando

    JUSSIE SMOLETT: All charges DROPPED !!

    he should just admit he did wrong and if the state wants to let him off with a fine i guess it's ok with me...but i'd rather he spent some time in jail for his stunt.
  20. commando

    ESPN: First 2019 Way-Too-Early Top 25

    i assume this is why we call it the way too early top 25 ranking
  21. commando

    Injury Reports Coming to College Football?

    i don't know how...but somehow the ncaa is going to profit from this.