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  1. that loop hole has always been there and the main reason that the back ground checks rules don't catch so many of the loony toons out there who shoot so many people up.
  2. waiting for the "how this is bad for Biden" posts
  3. i am more worried about being electrocuted by a sinking boat and being eaten by a shark than i am about that sub.
  4. that account is always posting fear mongering type posts
  5. WTF? doesn't everyone slam Budweiser from a flag draped birds a$$ anyways?
  6. russians really should be more careful where they smoke
  7. there is shrapnel damage according to the russian military blogger "fighterbomber" he is a good source of info about damage to the russian air force.
  8. that is 1 hell of a washout. wonder if there is room to the right in that video to put a new lane if the ground is stable enough.
  9. it seems that the entire right wing got punked by that guy. lol
  10. lol....the guy who posted that has this to say
  11. i said there are other osint guys. not that there are different guys posting on that account. i usually read osint technical and the intel crab. mainly because they post in english and don't post a lot of the gristle. the dead district is a little more unsafe for work in that regard.
  12. the missiles and drones that are reeking havoc in russia are not powerful enough to knock down the bridge. a tiny drone can set an oil refinery on fire pretty easy but it would hardly scratch the bridge. HIMARS might punch some holes but the warhead won't knock it out. a semi laden with explosives did the trick last time. a navel drone might have enough to do some damage but those are a bit easier to defend against.
  13. there are a lot of osint guys out there. they are all pretty much reporting the same info. if you don't like this guy find another.
  14. ISINT is open source intelligence. they scan the web for everything posted then repost on their sights. many of the drone units record everything and post them. to me it isn't so much what is posted but noticing where the acton is. seeing the refineries and convoys being hit inside russia now and never seeing that for the forst year of the war says a lot to me.
  15. i imagine they parked the trucks then ran for cover
  16. chrome-extension://fheoggkfdfchfphceeifdbepaooicaho/html/site_status_block_page.html
  17. russia trying to find a way to defend the oil refineries
  18. now Ukraine is hitting every Russian oi refinery within 1500 miles of the border, 1/3 of the Russian black see fleet has been sunk, approximately 500,000 Russian casualties so far, 1/3 of the territory Russia conquered at the start of the war is now back in Ukrainian hands, Russia is having to resort to north korean and iranian ammunition, and after all that the extremist in america still insist that Ukraine should capitulate .
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