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  1. bannon on jan 5th. he needs to testify. in cuffs and ankle bracelets if needed.
  2. oh....you think it's horses#!t...not bulls#!t. kk
  3. 202 Republicans just told the rest of the country they think it's ok to refuse to comply with a subpoena
  4. remember when desantis defenders said he wasn't anti-vax?
  5. i hope he didn't pick Frosty. that may not be husker related much longer.
  6. a few posts before this 1 you claimed you didn't know why. now we all know why?
  7. sounds like you want to hire a mason rather than a carpenter. lol. . . as for 60k....probably not but i don't know what area you live in and local contractors rates there.
  8. those were the same questions you asked about the other flights in question. so thought maybe your mundane questions might be answered by your mundane answers
  9. that brings up a couple questions.....why were you flying in the middle of the night? and did you land at a big airport?
  10. i don't know....why did you ask me? if you want a detailed answer about your deck i can provide some answers. if you want to know why certain vaccines are required for school i might not be the best source for answers. if i had to guess i would guess because those vaccines are lifetime vaccines....but i am not the expert on those.
  11. i don't know why. maybe ask some immunologists instead of asking a carpenter.
  12. i don't have any frikken idea what the heck you are even asking. maybe you didn't know that airplanes could fly at night?
  13. if you have no idea why you are enraged why would you be enraged?
  14. apparently trying to catch tax cheats is a dumb idea
  15. might that be why those other vaccines are not required to work right now?
  16. years ago our small town paper used to publish that mr. and mrs. anderson were dinner guest of mr. and mrs. johnson. i never thought about the MSM not reporting on all those clandestine dinner meetings between my neighbors,
  17. because faux news said it's somehow evil and cnn didn't report on it
  18. what other pandemics are currently killing hundreds of thousands of americans?
  19. nothing expresses the love of jesus more than a family doing their best ISIS impersonation
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