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  1. no one will be able to go buy groceries if they have to have a mask on to do it. there are no masks to be found
  2. i did have 2 masks. donated them. the nurse who has her kids at my wifes daycare said that they had 5 masks at the office after i donated those 2.
  3. if the hospitals cant find any masks....how are americans suppose to find them? scarves and bandanas for everyone?
  4. trump is taking the ultimate challenge. can he bankrupt this? during a pandemic?
  5. psst.....we are still laughing. but seriously...if you have any masks or gloves that the hospitals can use and are sitting on that hoard....you are not being patriotic if you don't donate them. keep the tp and canned goods...we will do fine without them. but please help the doctors and nurses if you can.
  6. i think you are optimistic if you think he will say we couldn't do anything about it. he will throw blame around like he always does IMO. there can be no trace of any blame that can stick with him...it is someone else.....always he did all he could...it's all the democrats fault. they derailed all his efforts.
  7. trump is going to save the economy on easter
  8. wait a minute...did donnie tell a truth? i agree...he can barely speak.
  9. pops in...compares the very beginning of a pandemic to the full course of a previous pandemic. proclaims everyone is overreacting because the current pandemic in 2 weeks hasn't killed as many as the entire course of time in the previous stated pandemic.. then runs away scared that someone might point out how wrong he is . .
  10. isn't it impressive the way he can blow himself every chance he gets?
  11. hmmm...i would get a bonus if it worked that way.
  12. is everyone getting a check from the government? i saw $1200 per adult and $500 per child. but are there income limits? only under $100,000 income or something like that?
  13. trump should hold his rallys. let his true believers prove how this is all fake news.
  14. the progressives are going to vote for trump because he isn't biden...aren't they?
  15. but he is the god king and thus immune from this
  16. business as usual by easter basically means trump has given up on the elderly for lent.
  17. vps are suppose to help carry their home state. it's always been a consideration when choosing vps
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