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    Electoral reforms - what is needed?

    but if we have them they should vote for who the voters choose. if they are not bound then it only matters who they want rather than the voters....rendering the election pointless.
  2. commando

    Funny vids & GIFs

    i don't remember it being this tough
  3. commando

    Trump's cabinet

    my continued boycott of that show will continue...although truth be told it isn't so much a boycott as not really giving a chit about the show and not watching anyway.
  4. commando

    Weird Time for Christians

    it is tough to quote a book you've never read
  5. commando

    Trump's cabinet

    only the best people. obviously a solid choice for this administration with those qualifications
  6. commando

    Electoral reforms - what is needed?

    that makes as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.
  7. commando

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    the blackshirts are good this year
  8. commando


    want to bet that alabama tries to switch the game in wisconsin to a neutral site between now and then?
  9. commando

    The Cult of Trump & other false loyalties

    good read http://erickarlan.com/remembranceproject.html Indeed the values and attitude of leaders throughout history are mirrored by the masses under their control. Standards of ideals and behaviors are elevated and lowered in accordance with their leadership. As students, we need to understand the precious and awesome responsibility we assume when we vote in elections. We are not just voting for individuals but often for a moral blueprint upon which a chapter of history will be written.
  10. commando

    The Cult of Trump & other false loyalties

    history does not agree with you
  11. commando

    The Cult of Trump & other false loyalties

    how many NDA's does it take to win a medal of honor?
  12. commando

    The Republican Utopia

    now is not the time to talk about gun control. the 7th sunday of a month ending with a W is the only time we can talk about gun control.
  13. commando

    The Republican Utopia

    or DC...or any of our other dozen territories.
  14. commando

    The Republican Utopia

    the lugenpresse has been firmly established...now it's time for Lebensraum
  15. Go to work tomorrow and tell a person of color you work with to "Go back to the country you came from". find a co-worker with disabilities and mock them. grab a co-worker by the pu&&y. call a less attractive co-worker a "horse face" and a "dog". see if you can make it to lunch before you get fired. if you're not willing to do this, you obviously realize this isn't acceptable behavior for adults. so why would you support a president who has done all these things on camera or heard bragging about them on tape?
  16. commando

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    2nd tweet.....he want's to change the constitution with an executive order. it doesn't work that way orange skull
  17. commando

    The Cult of Trump & other false loyalties

    you are saying that if half of what the fake news claimed was true trump will lose in a landslide. history says that's not the case. there was a german politician who referred to the lugenpresse (or fake news) constantly criticizing him and he won. if that unnamed german can beat the fake news...so can trump. they find ways to con the common people and gain influential people to their side with power and money.
  18. commando

    The Cult of Trump & other false loyalties

    you're surrender is duly noted.
  19. commando

    The Cult of Trump & other false loyalties

    well....it's all fake news to the true believers of the chosen one.
  20. commando

    Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ

    the only way we can protect our schools is to fill them to the brim with guns.
  21. commando

    The Cult of Trump & other false loyalties

    yep...part of the cult
  22. commando

    The Angry Violent Right

    a real nazi party