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  1. and you won't see that guy here changing either
  2. maybe if russia stopped invading it's neighbors and annexing their territory NATO wouldn't be flooded with countries wanting to join.
  3. trump isn't going easy on desantis. and as far as i can tell.....i think this might be a first. it is mostly truthful.
  4. it seems that he has failed in doing that so far. matter of fact i think he has figured out how to cut profits very well.
  5. i think she is telling people that they can claim they lost the banned pistol braces in a boating accident rather than reporting them....at least that is what google translate maga to english is telling me.
  6. so when donny said he was going to be arrested on tuesday.....he just might have been a little bit dishonest.
  7. Rand Paul has been anti american long before trump arrived on the scene
  8. that last part translated from Trump to english reads "places filled with oligarchs who love me"
  9. it's the same people who were chanting "lock her up" without a trial or evidence. amazing how that works
  10. and there are idiots who say he isn't calling for violence.
  11. amazing...Trump was lying...again. and his base believes him...again.
  12. it would take a special kind of stupid to go noodling for these fish
  13. FWIW...i don't think F-16s by themselves would give ukraine much more capability. and it would take valuable pilots and ground support teams away from ukraine right now to train them how to use and maintain these planes. keep giving them mig-29 and SU-25 until the war is over then integrate the F-16's seems like a logical step right now. maybe someone who knows more about f-16 vs mig 29 as stand alone systems can tell me i am full of s#!t but it seems that right now the priority is to keep them supplied with what they know how to use now.
  14. wow.....went to google translate and asked it to translate "the base" from english to arabic https://translate.google.com/;?sl=en&tl=ar&text=the base&op=translate if you don't want to follow the link....it translates to alqaeida
  15. but I've been told it's not an ongoing insurrection
  16. in the longer video he is catching a bunch of them on that lure. that is the monster though. wiki says those things can get 10 feet long
  17. FWIW...if they are doing interviews tomorrow there is no way he is arrested this week. they are still reviewing evidence. also...remember that trump is the person who reported he was going to be arrested tuesday. since he always lies i don't believe he will be arrested tuesday.
  18. i think i would rather fish for them than go swimming there
  19. he was raised there....but he identifies as something else. something apparently more god fearing and patriotic than florida
  20. trump said he could shoot someone and not lose any of his supporters and it seems he was right. matter of fact...i think he might gain supporters if he shot someone on 5th avenue. that is how f#&%ed up the right is now
  21. i wonder if any of them will really do this? it is so pathetically stupid. but i guess that means some will
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