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  1. Those people were wrong. Trey Palmer and Ernest Hausman would have both started for Michigan. I'm taking about this years team though, which has even less talent in the two deep than last year. We might have some younger players that have that kind of talent, but they aren't playing for us yet, so we haven't seen it. Hopefully development under Rhule is much better than the past.
  2. We need players with more talent than we have. What they're ranked in recruiting is just a prediction.
  3. We don't have anyone on our roster that would start for Michigan. Maybe not even make Michigan's two deep. This is a giant rebuild that's going to take several recruiting classes.
  4. It's all about exposure for their crackpot conspiracies or the grift with these loons. For RFKj, I think it's about the exposure for his insane claims.
  5. Almost, except that wasn't what the ACA was intended to do. It was to reduce the rate at which they were already going up, which we'd need an alternate history to prove one way or the other. Note that the ACA was the plan the GOP and conservatives had wanted until Obama proposed it, then they were suddenly against it. Whether ACA was enacted or not ignores the reality that we need to completely overhaul the health insurance industry.
  6. It's almost like the continued infatuation with private health insurance in the US is incredibly expensive. If only the rest of the world already had a solution...
  7. Oh no, a comment taken out of context! Maybe she will do an even more horrible thing, like wearing a tan suit.
  8. Trump went to court and made arguments that his properties were less far less money than the county assessor had valued them at in order to get taxed at a lower rate, and then Trump went to the banks and claimed values much higher than the assessors had valued them. That's the basic facts that led to the judge convicting him on fraud - it's not the actual value but that Trump claimed two wildly different values.
  9. Michigan 31 Huskers 10 Rushing 140 Passing 80
  10. The clock management was fine. You don't want to leave LT with time if Haarberg doesn't get that generous spot.
  11. The FAA has a number of regulations on flying UAS. The exact requirements vary, but in general commercial and government operations are stricter than recreational. And a waiver from the standard regulations can be applied for (link).
  12. I agree with not assuming a different QB would make the same INT mistake. But it's reasonable to wonder whether a different QB would have gotten the team in a position to score in the first place.
  13. Huskers 45 LT 17 Rushing 305 Passing 170
  14. Still wallowing despite claiming the contrary, I see. Keep digging though, it amuses me how confidently wrong you are.
  15. So you're rubber and I'm glue - good one. And you keep on wallowing with responses. Here's a reminder what the point was, which literally nothing changed due to the game:
  16. It's amazing that you still don't know the point of discussion even after I spelled it out for you and then you replied that of course that's what we're talking about. Makes the attempted snarky comeback even more sad.
  17. We also beat teams like Northern Illinois 44-8, like we did in 2019. I'm not waving off HH's performance so much as saying it's just one game against a team we should beat by a few scores. I think we mostly agree here. The point though is that we don't actually know if HH gives us a better chance to win games. HH might have cost us the Minn and CU games if he had been the starter, either dramatically in fashion similar to JS or just not being able to move the ball on offense. Because we haven't seen JS and HH play against similar competition, it's just speculation what the one who wasn't playing would have done. For all we know, JS could have had a monster day against NIU and beaten them by even more. That's why I think it's difficult to know. Having said all that, I think HH does give us the better chance simply because JS fumbled not 1 but 2 snaps. But maybe some competition for the starting spot will help bring out the best in JS, we'll have to wait and see.
  18. Your point remains silly and not at all proven.
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