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  1. I'd support those ideas. If we're going to have a payroll tax, then maybe we should remove the salary cap that exempts higher income and make the tax progressive. I disagree. There's nuance to what the article is saying. But at the end of the day, if the defense of companies not paying taxes is "But they pay 7.6% payroll tax!", then I think that's still a pretty big issue.
  2. No, I'm not. I'm saying a payroll tax is passed onto employees instead of coming from company profits because of the asymmetries of the employer-employee hiring relationship. I'm not claiming that rising company profits will raise wages, which is what trickle down economics claims.
  3. I'm guessing you didn't read the article.
  4. It doesn't matter if it's on purpose or not, payroll taxes drive down employee wages by roughly the amount of the tax. Read the article.
  5. Ok, I'll try one more time then I'll let it go: https://taxfoundation.org/what-are-payroll-taxes-and-who-pays-them/
  6. This is one of the more hilarious spins I've seen after a candidate loses by 20+ points:
  7. Bloomberg lied about Bernie's supporters being mean - I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you. And another:
  8. Again, there's a difference between who's collecting and who's paying. The link above shows that almost all of the payroll tax comes out of the employee income and very little from the company. Thought experiment: My company deducts my income and pays it the government every paycheck. So is my income tax being paid by the company or by me?
  9. I heard that no candidate (excluding incumbents) has ever won the popular vote in the first 3 primaries in either the Dem or Repub parties. (Note that while Bernie won the popular vote in Iowa, somehow Buttigieg ended up with more assigned delegates. Also note that all Iowa results are pretty suspect as there are known math errors in lots of the delegate math.)
  10. If he's trying to say that, then I'll concede the point to him on technicalities, but it doesn't make the original tweet I posted dishonest which is what he said.
  11. Does anybody else keep reading his name as Nutmasher?
  12. What I'm saying is that if the taxes aren't coming out of the company's bottom line, then the company isn't really "paying" even if they are technically handing over the money. This articles explains what I'm trying to say better than I have: https://taxfoundation.org/what-are-payroll-taxes-and-who-pays-them/
  13. You're confusing who's collecting the tax versus who's paying the tax. Here's a thought experiment: Does the payroll tax increase if the company makes more money or if the workers make more money?
  14. The payroll tax is not a tax on the company but on the workers. The company is just collecting the tax. And the post you responded to was about company profits, which again aren't a factor in the payroll tax.
  15. Go back and watch a debate Bloomberg was in when running for NYC mayor and let me know how he was. I've seen one and he was just as bad as he was in the recent Dem debate. Trump is actually pretty good in debates, just go back and watch him destroy everyone in the Repub field, but not because he's a good debater. He doesn't have the handicap of logical consistency or the truth, and he attacks his opponents on personality and hypocrisy. He'll just attack Bloomberg repeatedly as being as bad as himself or worse on issues like sexism and racism, and then reduce Dem voter turnout by saying there's no point in electing a different devil who doesn't even agree with the Dem base on these issues. It's the same playbook he used successfully against Hillary, and Bloomberg might even be the only candidate with less charisma than Hillary.
  16. Really? Have you seen Bloomberg or Biden in the debates? Biden used to be good but is clearly struggling with putting together coherent thoughts. Bloomberg is flat out terrible.
  17. Biden or especially Bloomberg will get absolutely mauled by Trump in every debate. Bloomberg was smug while getting his a$$ kicked in that debate. Poor Biden is having trouble just getting to the points he's trying to make - I feel bad for him.
  18. While it's logical to think that voters are in ideological "lanes", such that Warren voters would go to Bernie and vice versa, that's just not how people actually vote. Look at the 2nd choice candidate for voters and you'll see that Biden voters mostly have Bernie 2nd, and Warren voters mostly have Buttigieg 2nd. This head-to-head data shows that it's not as simple as voters moving to another candidate as an ideological block:
  19. It's going to be just as hard to get M4A as to add a public option or any of the other plans, so it's not like there's an easier path. But to get any of that passed is going to take putting real political pressure on politicians by going and telling their constituents that the reason their own families and friends are going bankrupt or dying is because Senator Sitsonhands is voting against M4A. And the voters in those places are going to have to turn up the heat. There's no guarantee it will work, but the popularity of M4A is slowly going up even among Republican voters.
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