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  1. Fortunately, it's also hard to win without M4A:
  2. I created a thread about modern socialism a while back:
  3. RedDenver

    Why the Big Ten West has been tough for us

    While I appreciate the time that went into this analysis, it has to be taken with a large grain of salt. The issue is that this is subtracting two sets of rankings from each other, which causes non-intuitive results. The most obvious way to see this is to consider the hypothetical of two teams: one that's the best in both recruiting and season rankings (let's call them team A) and a second that's the worst in both recruiting and season rankings (let's call them team Z). Notice that the very best possible (team A) and the very worst possible (team Z) would both have the exact same score of zero on the "O/U -HL" category and would have both ranked #19 among the above teams. There's no way for team A to over-perform (take a look at where Alabama scores) or for team Z to under-perform on this metric. Just looking at the numbers, I think a better explanation of what the metric tells us is that either the recruiting rankings or the Massey ranking or both aren't good predictors of the other.
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    Rank the Alternates - 2019 edition

    Regular uniform alternates
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    The Trump Economy

    A little bit of devil's advocate here about whether a recession hurts Trump:
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    Trump-endorsed news sources

    I'm making a difference between Fox changing because they recognize that Trump is bad, and Fox changing because they recognize he's less likely to win.
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    Healthcare Reform

    I'd laugh but it's too true.
  8. Somebody tell Biden. Or better yet, we better tell Biden's supporters.
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    Fall Camp Notes

    Thanks! This actually sounds like something machine learning would be very good at predicting.
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    Healthcare Reform

    I'll say it again: Medicare for All Everybody gets the same deal. Nobody is scamming the system. People who actually need the care get it.
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    challenge for trump supporters

    That article is from 7/18/2008. That's before the Great Recession officially started in December of 2008. There was a congressional commission that looked into the causes of the GR and here's what they found:
  12. RedDenver

    Trump-endorsed news sources

    I think it's more that Trump's numbers suggest he's going to lose and they want to get out ahead of that horse.
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    Racism - It's a real thing.

    I see what you're saying, and if we're talking about what's canon in that universe, then I agree that we'd take the author's word for it. What you wrote in the last sentence is what I was thinking and trying to say in my previous posts.
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    Fall Camp Notes

  15. RedDenver

    Streaming TV advice

    I'm doing my annual process of getting TV for the Husker games. Has Hulu Live allowed fast-forwarding of recorded shows yet? I'm basically down to Hulu Live (because my wife would watch some regular Hulu shows) and YouTube TV.
  16. RedDenver

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    Of course it's my opinion, and your post is your opinion. What I'm saying/opining is that not all readers will get the same meaning from something they've read. You can argue that the writer specifically called out the race of a character, so a reader would misinterpret what the author wrote, that's a fine discussion to have. But in this case unless I am mistaken, the race of the character isn't specified, so the author left it up to the imagination of the reader whether he intended to or not.
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    Racism - It's a real thing.

    No, it's up to the reader how to interpret and imagine what they are reading, especially if the author did not specifically write about the characters' race.
  18. RedDenver

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    So what's your argument here? That readers can't disagree with the author about characters' race?
  19. RedDenver

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    I had heard something similar but rather that the reader assumed the characters matched the reader's race unless stated otherwise.
  20. RedDenver

    OT Turner Corcoran [Nebraska Commit]

    So others don't have to click the link, Corcoran dropped 7 spots to #55