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  1. I don't know why people even care what the commissioner or anyone from the conference says about expansion. It means nothing. They can change their mind tomorrow, as we've seen multiple times.
  2. So a contest designed to write essays about life after death produced results that the judges thought were convincing? NO WAY! In other news, flat earthers held a contest and were convinced "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the Earth is flat.
  3. My prediction: Kamala gets a boost in the polls now, but her numbers fade the more she talks. I hope I'm wrong, but I have absolutely no faith in the incompetent Dems.
  4. Well, good luck to the Dems. I think this is nearly a guaranteed win for Trump now.
  5. I'm a fan of Law's Whiskey House, particularly their 4 grain straight bourbon. Not sure how easy it is to find outside Colorado though.
  6. The article fantasizes about a mini-primary before the Dem convention and doesn't present anyone to replace Biden. It's interesting but just wishful thinking.
  7. It's pure fantasy to think that any name is going to do better than Biden.
  8. Who are the Dems going to throw that Hail Mary to then? People want to replace Biden, but I have yet to hear a candidate that stands a better chance against Trump, nor why that candidate didn't run in the primary.
  9. An excellent reminder that the polls are not what's going to happen, just an attempt to give some educated guesses. Everyone needs to remember that as we debate whether Biden should step down.
  10. It's possible but everything else we thought was done by gods or God turned out not to be. We can explain the wind and the waves, nuclear fusion and how the stars work, etc. Jumping to the conclusion that a God is the first cause seems as likely as it having been a council of wizards.
  11. Doesn't matter that Dems either in the circle or outside of it think Biden should drop out. It only matters if he gives a better chance of beating Trump than another candidate. If the party leaders didn't want Biden because he's old, they should have ran a primary. They stupidly didn't, so there's no one to blame but themselves. There's no simple fix because there's no better Dem candidates. They are all pretty meh. If they want to lose for sure, try running one of them. Their numbers will drop as soon as they become the nominee and have to go out on the campaign trail.
  12. Nope. I'd say Trump retains a slight edge due to the EC, but it's still basically a coin flip. Anyone that says Biden needs to be replaced, need to propose his replacement. And I'd bet none of them are polling better against Trump than Biden. This continues to be classic breaking news by the politicos and media to get viewers/clicks, which is causing this overreaction to suddenly replace Biden.
  13. The irony is comical but sums up religion pretty well honestly.
  14. 100% The time to replace Biden was to have an actual primary with multiple candidates. That time has passed and Dems need to live with their choices.
  15. I'm amazed that anyone thinks Kamala Harris has even a snowballs chance in hell against Trump. Biden at least has a shot. People seem to forget that the #1 quality of every winning candidate for decades now is charisma, and Harris is uncharismatic. Also, polling is not voting. Neither candidate can be winning or losing because the voting hasn't started. Polls are more like pre-season Vegas odds - like firing your coach just before the season based on the Vegas lines.
  16. Mods, can we get these posts moved to a tangent thread, so we can discuss the new hire?
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