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  1. You don't know if he's practicing up to his otherwise or if he's a leader on the depth chart. You're jumping to conclusions. Again, it's only a few seconds from a practice. In the spring. It's interesting but ultimately meaningless.
  2. I would have hoped the last decade taught Husker fans that is most definitely NOT "the worst thing". It's video of spring practice. That's all.
  3. Yep. We ended up freezing parts of a cow or pig when we find a good deal. I'm sure you'll find uses for it.
  4. There are some amazing psychologist on this board that can diagnose the dynamics of a player's attitude based on a few seconds of a practice video.
  5. I got a beer fridge years ago. It was a wine fridge but with flat shelves. It broke after 4 years and I ended up replacing it with a regular fridge (on the smaller size) that ended up being about the same price. Got it at Lowe's. It's still working 10 years later.
  6. Always abusing when the supporters of getting rid of regulations criticize Biden for vetoing a regulation.
  7. Barney Frank Pushed to Ease Financial Regulations After Joining Signature Bank Board
  8. I'm not sure a 4 day work week is a good idea. But government has previously forced private companies to have a 5 day work week. It's the reason we have a weekend, so it's not unheard of for that kind of government action. (The government wasn't the only reason for that but did make 44 hour and then 40 hour weeks into law.)
  9. I can't afford to live in Boulder, but I work there and like to think I'm a pretty good person.
  10. If we're "blindly allowing millions of people", then Novak should have absolutely no issue getting in. But we're not.
  11. A fine seems reasonable to me. If cops in this dept do it again, then suspension or termination is more reasonable. If we're going to fire cops, then let it be for egregious violence or violations of citizen's rights, not political infractions.
  12. Investigation from the Tesla crash back in Nov. that we talked about here reveals it was driver error:
  13. Eh, I think the star wars program and US spending in general is given WAY too much credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  14. https://calmatters.org/environment/2022/03/wildfires-california-utilities-prevention/
  15. Yeah, the thing the GOP has been trying to do for 40 years is totally not a thing. Brought to us by the same people that claimed Roe v Wade wouldn't get overturned and then that state GOP wouldn't enact draconian anti-abortion laws.
  16. If this were the second or third year in a row California lost power due to cold weather (and it had happened periodically over the last 40 years), then I sure would criticize the CA gov as much as the Texas gov. On the other hand, CA gov deserves a lot criticism for the wildfire power losses and the brownouts, which happen even more frequently than the Texas power outages. Both states can solve these issues and deserve a lot of criticism for choosing not to.
  17. You're trying to deflect from the GOP lying about cutting SS/Medicare.
  18. Man, you carry a lot of water for the GOP. Must get tiring. And then the classic Archy switch to something other than the thing the GOP is being criticized for:
  19. A loose wire makes sense. Might be worth unplugging it and checking all the connections and wiring harnesses are tight. I can't find anything definitive on the internet, but I seem to remember 10-12 minutes as the min time for a compressor to run. If it's running longer than that (and my memory is not failing me), it should be fine.
  20. Just a random guess, but that conversion looks pretty cheaply made, so I'd put my money on that thing failing. But the way your compressor could fail is by short-cycling. A compressor draws the most current during startup, which is what puts the most wear on the system. If you use a different temp range that causes it to short-cycle a lot, it can wear out the components more quickly.
  21. Thanks for the link, but that's just a summary of the study. You have to order the full report, without which they don't give the actual methodology and underlying numbers used to get the final costs. I own an EV and those numbers for EV at-home charging are WAY too high. I set a trip meter on Jan 1, 2022 to keep track of my miles and my home charger can keep track of energy used. To date (almost 14 months) I've driven 9719 miles and charged 2766 kWh. My electricity rate is a flat $0.13/kWh, which means I spent $360 over that time. That works out to $0.037/mile or $3.70 for 100 miles. The study does include road taxes and costs of a home charger, so let's include those in my costs. My home charger cost $1200 to install ($500 for the charger but an electrician had to run 220V wiring both the length and width of the house to the garage and install a 50A breaker). The study uses 5 years to amortized the cost of the home charger, so for me that would be $1200/(12*5) = $16.67/month or $233 for 14 months, which works out to $0.024/mile or $2.40 for 100 miles. That raises my total cost to $6.40 for 100 miles. (After 5 years my costs would be reduced by that amount. Also, note that if you already have a 220V outlet near your car, the costs could be zero.) Here in Colorado there's a $50/year fee for EV's (link for states that charge EV taxes/fees). (I'm ignoring the tax breaks I get in Colorado for an EV, which are more than $50, because this post is getting long.) In my case that works out to $58.33 for 14 months, which is $0.006/mile or $0.60 for 100 miles. That raises my total to $7 for 100 miles. Of course, this is just my own case, but it illustrates a real world example that's significantly less than the $11 for 100 miles claimed in the "study". Unsurprisingly, it turns out Anderson Economic Group has a history of misrepresenting EV costs. Here's an article looking at a similar "study" they did in 2021: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a38043667/study-electric-cars-higher-cost-questions/
  22. I notice they don't actually link to the study in that article. But regardless, it's easy to debunk with some simple math since it's a classic case of cherrypicking the data to get a shocking headline. Let's start with the claims made in the article: Note the $3.85 for 50 miles ($7.70 for 100 miles) for the EV, which is already 1/3 cheaper than their ICE comparison at $11.29 per 100 miles for gas (they appear to be assuming $4/gallon for gas). But the way they are claiming ICE cars are cheaper is by looking at cars that get 35 miles/gallon (the US average is 26 miles per gallon but if you look at only mid-sized sedans then it's 34 miles/gallon), picking one of the most expensive areas for electricity in the country (while using national averages for gas price), and then using the most expensive time of use daily rate (maybe the article writers don't know you can set the time of day your EV charges). So yeah, if you lived in southern California and charged during the most expensive time of day, you'd spend more than a very fuel efficient gas car. Let's instead compare average to averages. The average price of residential electricity in the US is $0.175/kWh. The average EV consumes 0.35 kWh/mile. The average cost is then $0.06/mile or $6 for 100 miles, which is almost half the cost of a 35 mpg gas vehicle. Using the average of 25 mpg for US gas vehicles and using the gas prices from the article, the average cost is $15.81 for 100 miles ($11.29/100 miles*(35 mpg/25 mpg)). Of course if we look at a more energy efficient EV like a Tesla Model 3, which consumes about 0.25 kWh/mile, the EV looks even better at $4.38 for 100 miles. Here's a simple chart showing that EV's beat gas vehicles in cost per mile except in EXTREME cases of expensive electricity and moderate to low gas prices: https://avt.inl.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/fsev/costs.pdf
  23. Ok. This applies to all the Dem Senators as well as Bernie. That would suggest she's 7% less popular than Biden. She beat the center left candidate by 31% in the primary. There's too many variable to draw ideological conclusions like this from a single election. The individual candidates matter a lot. That doesn't mean progressive policies or politicians are less popular than the center-right Dems. GOP being terrible is independent of the policies of the left.
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