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  1. I think we'll struggle to win 3 games next year. Year 2 under the new coach is where we'll see if we're improving or not.
  2. The next HC was extremely unlikely to keep anyone currently on the coaching staff regardless of who is hired. People need to just let go of the idea the recruiting class can somehow be saved - it can't. There might be a player or two that's starting someday but for the most part it's a write-off. It's part of the price of firing a HC.
  3. I think you're trolling, but I like math so... Carolina is on the hook for $10 miilion/year. If Nebraska offers Rhule $70 million, it will depend on how much they're paying per year. If Nebraska offers $10M/year for 7 years, then Nebraska pays $10M and Carolina pays nothing. If Nebraska offers $7M/year for 10 years, then Nebraska pays $7M/year for 10 years and Carolina pays $3M/year for 4 years.
  4. You can lead a horse to water...
  5. Ah yes, the old "we were really the victims all along" strawman.
  6. The guy who is complaining about how many check boxes there are on a form he isn't even filling out thinks everyone else is triggered? That's rich.
  7. And what if those names tell the AD no when he calls. Then what? People act like the coaches being considered don't have agency of their own. Many of them or their agents will talk to an AD with no intent to leave their current position but to get a pay raise. And that's before considering that there are other AD's looking to hire a coach as well. It's not nearly as simple as you're making it out to be.
  8. Sure, all the "border coaches" are the same. No differences at all.
  9. Have you actually done that? Maybe post a screenshot of the claimed 100+ gender options. Edit: There's no link to the application otherwise I'd look myself. But nic made the claim so he obviously went and looked and can show it to us.
  10. FIFY x1000 Watching people meltdown over a rumor about contract negotiation for a rumored coach is peak HC search.
  11. Oh, I don't care to argue with you because you're not going to change your mind no matter what. But I was amused that someone who is so invested in TO's offense didn't remember Fryar.
  12. It does matter who the next HC is because we can spend the next 2 seasons sucking and rebuilding to get better or not rebuilding and continuing to suck. We all have our wild a$$ guesses, but no one knows which HC and assists will rebuild vs continue sucking. x1000 Irving Fryar
  13. It's a nice thought but have you watched our team play the last few years? Quality starters for every position on both lines aren't just going to magically appear and play well together. It'll be a struggle to win 3 games next year.
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