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  1. To be a contender we need 9 or 10 wins a year. We average 4. That suggests we need 5 wins a year or 25 more wins over 5 years. Winning just 2 more would make us a ‘contender’ for a bottom tier bowl but that’s about it.
  2. Helluva good strategy. Let’s just sign the top 400 players. Keep all of them away from everybody else. It’s amazing to get this many visits - unofficial mostly I believe - all during spring football. Kinda Rhule’s version of ‘rush week’. He wants to take advantage of every bit of new coach excitement and curiosity. You gotta get em to look and listen to sell em. It’s all a long shot - shoot the moon - deal we all realize ! GBR!
  3. Very interesting. A bit surprising but I’m sure all three are trying to resurrect the program in any way by any means possible. This comes as spring game tix are sluggish, don’t know about season tix renewal rates, and the massive recruiting effort next week, all following 6 consecutive ugly, losing seasons. Desperate measures. I’m glad they all can sit together and discuss amicably. I don’t believe TO has done this previously. It’s good as TO has probably not many seasons left. He maybe hopes the program gets better before he departs. He can’t do anything but help keep some fans in support. Trev knows he needs to keep the fans a few more tough years. It won’t be restored in one or two years, although if he could get about 25 high quality athletes in ‘23 class, the roster will be 3-4 wins better than it’s been lately - imo. A big IF but Rhule is hustling and bird dogging recruits like never before. Gotta sign em up and retain 125 of the best across all positions accordingly. He recognized the talent deficit.. Rhule has exceeded most expectations- thus far. I think Rhule would like to stay in Lincoln a long time. These 3 and move stints probably get old.
  4. I hope the decisions on who plays when and where are made by smart, informed coaches. Not fans. Lol. Casey T is not a great QB yet by any reasonable standard. May never be. But, I do feel he played better than any recent QB at Neb in a long while. It seems unlikely Sims will be better. He’s a former GT QB who left for a reason(s), right. He showed signs of playmaking ability, especially running. But I got too much deja vu Adrian in there. I’m sure it was mostly all the play calls (swing passes, jail break screens, picknplays, etc). In the highlights they worked a tad better than in Lincoln. But again, run in a lesser conference. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be happy with any of our QBs who can muster wins. I’ll still need to judge based on performance in Lincoln. I’d like to hope one or more of the six QBs can be adequate. But who knows. Frost recruits, before Casey at least, pretty much failed. A lot of issues were other players, play calling, execution and errors, scheme, imo. I didn’t like much about the whole Frost offense personally but I’m a run the ball guy. I hoped Frost would be too when he was first hired. Alas! Nothing but history and painful memories. The question we all want answered is what kind of team can we expect this fall? They may play hard. But recent teams seemed to do that.
  5. Nice team effort. Great coaching. Best team lost to a better coached bunch of hard working, confident young men.
  6. Wants to give Neb to final ‘bid’ opportunity $$. Likely he’ll get the best offer $ from USC and then NU will have to match it. Better get the checkbook ready. Probably $1 million.
  7. Everybody can feel the strain IF the have experienced “The Diaco”!
  8. Frost was all about fixing the culture. Looking back in hindsight, I’m not sure he truly was in touch with the program and team as a whole to assess ‘the culture’, much less fix it. Ive never read a definition of the term in a cfb context. If there is one, not sure there is a certain magical one ‘culture’ that fits all. I’m not sure that there is only one certain one the befits DONU particularly. My impression is we need a program that systematically brings in good athletes that want to play the game at its highest level, get better over time, be great teammates who care for each other deeply, get a good education to prepare for life after playing football, learn the right ways to be good citizens as adults, and in the process have some fun doing it. With NIL we’ve made the financial motive front and center as athletes are now hired guns or mercenaries in many ways. If the program was adrift and without a focus or direction, Rhule seems to have a detailed, systematic plan. But recruiting may now be more about hiring with compensation packages than selling a cultural fit. In fact, being a Husker football player may now be mostly a job, not an adventure. Are players now ‘coworkers’ and ‘temps’ as opposed to becoming lifelong members of the Husker family? Can you have that camaraderie and ‘culture’ in a 9 to 5 job? Free agents? The song Come a runnin boys is all about the essence of the culture for winning in a Husker uniform. You do it for pride and your fellow Huskers. One team and one purpose - compete for championships. A strong will to win. It’s now about $$$. Can money be used to get the recruits ‘hired’ but passion and hunger for team goals and ‘the program’ be instilled as the overriding motivation? I don’t know. Rhule has seen both the amateur and professional organizational foundations. He seems to be a driven HC who loves his job. His is a career. A consummate professional salesman. He certainly ‘gets ‘it’ in that he can talk a great game. He identifies problem areas and focuses on how to fix them. He’s a ‘fixer’. Is he an outside consultant ? Yes. Can or will he someday become a true believing Husker for life? That’s an essence of Husker culture that is missing, perhaps. Or does it even matter anymore?
  9. Not sure the overall coaching can be that much better this fall than it was in Nov. the revamped staff and MJ weren’t great, but it was much better than the Frost headed crews. We were all sort of mesmerized by what we imagined Frost could / should have been. Almost nobody expected what we got instead. It will take time to correct the problems . Enough talent returns but will they buy- in soon enough and remake themselves ? Idk.
  10. He’s not lightning fast but he runs like greased thunder. Very hard to tackle, never gets hit really hard. Kind of like B Sanders or Joe Washington. I can see the long list of offers. I’d say we got a real shot. He’s visiting. Tex ties may help too.
  11. On all of that? Rhule may sign a top 15 group in Dec ‘23. Maybe. But those don’t sign until he proves he can build something first. This fall he needs to have a winning season of some kind. He’s got most of the ingredients to start a team but the O line is very ify at this point. We needed three good transfers with starter ability. Obviously, NIL and the tremendous emphasis on recruiting (staff) is amazing. But this team is a long way from rebuilt or remade. It will be young in many respects which is promising for the out years. The track record for Rhule is year 1 is a struggle. We have a tough schedule as nobody will be intimidated by Neb until we earn that by real power football dominance. It’s been so long I don’t remember.
  12. Not moving as well as might be expected for the all new (and improved?) Huskers. But it is two months away. Hm.
  13. If you take out the WR recruits, the classes probably end up near the bottom of the conference and so the teams may have played about where the recruiting ranking would have been. His 4 star WRs were barely 2 stars in reality.
  14. I have not seen anyone argue fringe top 25 is “good enough” that I recall. I think most agree top ten is the target zone. But some of us feel you don’t go from fringe top 40 classes with bottom forty team results for five consecutive seasons to top ten with the signing of a new HC. That was only hoped for If Urban Meyer was hired. He wasn’t and obviously isn’t a HC candidate anywhere. We need to recruit better balanced, all around, classes and then play like a team with top 40 talent ((I.e. win 6-8 games at least, not 3 or 4). Show real progress with competitive games vs teams with top 40 talent and defeat the bottom half of the competition consistently. Step 1 Was finding a HC with the desire to earn his pay (at least as much of it as any HC actually does anyway). Hire him and help him recruit and coach the team up so we can actually play top 40 football. After a couple successful seasons demonstrating that Nebraska has a real HC with winning football in the works, better recruiting results are possible. Perhaps top 20 instead of top 40. Step 2 Recruit and recruit some more, with renewed vigor, restored facilities, NIL cash, continued Ath Dept support and improve the weakest areas of the team, motivate and play better football. Step 3 Over time, the natural order of things can return Neb football to its rightful place as a blue blood top tier, perennial top 10 program. But this process of restoration is a 3-5 year timeline, minimum. Even a Cinderella season in 2023 and or 2024 won’t mean the order is restored. I don’t expect 10 plus wins anytime soon but I do expect the ‘eye test’ and wins and losses and recruiting and development to indicate positive progress, team wide. One difference maker at QB or WR is fine but not a solution. Rhule needs to improve every position significantly. The Raiola obsession crowd may be quite disappointed even if he turns out to be the best QB Nebraska ever had. I’m not so hopeful I guess but he will be the most ballyhooed one. I like the things Rhule has already done in recruiting and he sure talks a good game. I’ve heard prior coaches say some good things but never follow through. He and his new staff are working harder than previous ones, per reports and observations. I had hoped for top 35 recruiting and we did better in just a few weeks. They’re still bird dogging 2024 & beyond. They’re bringing in guys by the planes, trains and automobiles! Many of them appear to be better suited to help the team get better over time. I think we can safely say Rhule has a plan and he works very hard with focus, details matter greatly, and by all accounts he is honest, sincere, frank and is appears to be happy and excited in his new job. That’s a great start, imo. Ultimately, does he know how to coach a team to win games? It appears he can assemble staff and players. Can he teach them the fundamentals and the X & Os stuff? Can he motivate, encourage and discipline young adults in 2023? Are they willing and able to play hard and smart and make the sacrifices needed to be teammates not individuals? Can Rhule judge character as well as speed and toughness? Time will tell but so far so good.
  15. of course it’s relevant. We were discussing the court delays in this case. The point is that these continuances are routine and almost automatic. The prosecutor probably didn’t object. He or she could have. 90% of cases drag along for many months into years in the courts, particularly in the larger towns/cities. In the end, a plea bargain happens and not a trial on the merits. Sometimes that results in some sort of ‘just’ result in a practical manner but often, from the view of people outside the system, the outcome looks unjust. Defendants fear they won’t get a ‘fair’ trial while prosecutors would like to get the case over with, whether or not the result is the one they believe is appropriate. Imo too many defendants plead guilty to lesser charge even though they they don’t truly feel they are guilty. What MJ believes is right or wrong may not be the outcome he receives.
  16. Sorry u didn’t understand. It is not really all that complicated. It is not about this case particularly- just the general process.
  17. Prosecutors do stall the proceedings to get time served before a conviction too! This is unjust. The right to speedy fair trial and right to counsel are abused (almost ignored) imo. The bail rules need to be adjusted to assure a speedy process (6 months from arrest day) or release pending trial. 12 months is too long but some cases go years.
  18. Not all #25 rated classes are equally talented. There are some 4 star guys who are much better than others. Imo, the recruit ratings are at best only a good start in selecting recruits for your program. They may be helpful or may not be. And as I’ve mentioned several times, the class ranks need to be based on all positions proportionately. 25 - four star WR, QB and RB recruits would get you a top ten rank but a bottom ten team. Imo, this was Frost’s downfall or mistake in recruiting. Too many WRs, RBs, DBs etc and not nearly enough linemen and LBs. Although he recruited plenty of QBs, it appeared he never really believed he needed more than one. If you don’t intend to ever play someone, why recruit them?
  19. Likely another ho hum season. Not sure why but baseball seems to be that kind of game. It takes great pitching and decent hitting and good fielding play to be a better than average team, record wise. It’s hard to recruit locally and compete regionally, let alone nationally. Very few guys within the area. Without some way to attract better players, this is the plight of NU baseball. It’s a pastime like many other activities. Hard to get too passionate about a pastime. It’s just baseball.
  20. When we had a decent run game complement, our passing was better. The bottom line was the mix of plays couple with weak blocking led to mediocre offense. Game management was not good either. Essentially weak coaching, especially under Frost. Top 40 talent, overall, but bottom 40 team results. Let’s hope we get top 25 talent and results. That would help. A few years of that and maybe we get to top 15 on both. It takes time to claw your way up to top ten. Better program. Better outcomes. Championships are the goal but competitive teams can happen in the meantime.
  21. Who’s the most loved? There is only one. Big Red!
  22. That’s a true ‘I-back’. Thumbs up.
  23. Kirk F coaching many many years. At Iowa. Rhule is a new hire at a struggling school two months after being fired for poor coaching. Getting 80 or 90% of what he was is, imo, amazingly high. Many coaches who have more winning seasons and better schools/teams on their resumes get less. I think Carolina is lucky Neb was there. A handful of college jobs might be somewhat comparable to an NFL job but darn few. Bama. USC, ND, MI, GA ? Neb maybe 20 years ago would have been a top tier - maybe. Imo. Most coaches would say NFL jobs are a couple steps up from the best colleges.
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