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  1. 16 points again. Maybe it’s a ‘sign’ that we are destined for the sweet sixteen to finish!
  2. Blue blood I would suggest is simply a way of describing the elite cfb program of all time. There are probably 20 or so ‘blue bloods’. Certainly the top 20 winningest programs in the history of Div 1. Recency bias may distort the view by younger ‘fans’ . But young (under 30 or even 35) have a very difficult time viewing football from a historical perspective. Probably one could say the top 20 winningest team of the past 25 years would not necessarily yield a list of ‘blue bloods’. Some of the better (winning) programs of the last 25 years won’t be included by a majority perhaps. It is largely based on historical (since fb began over a hundred years ago) concept. There are some recent programs that have had successful teams this century that won’t be blue bloods.
  3. Why is it that we just get 2 of the most accurate passers in NU fb history and we need tall receivers to even have a chance for a competition. ? There are plenty of good / capable pass catchers already on the team. Adding another one or two seems like overkill. I choose speed anytime. Id take another DL or two and or DE types. Add a couple LBs. We have about 18 DBs too. Couple of those can move to WR if desperate.
  4. I suspect he and Blye Hill both have personal connections from the past at Temple / St Francis. Probably how DONU might land him. Has a great visit list in the portal.
  5. If he weren’t a legacy X2, this would rank near the top. But, until he leads the team to a 10 win regular season, minimum, he is just another great player of many the wore the N.
  6. There will be panic in the streets if Raiola doesn’t come. Especially if he drives away several other QBs in the process of flirting with one school while engaged to marry another the eve of the ceremony.
  7. QB play is THE glaring issue. There has been improvement everywhere else. Penalties used to be a big problem on the team, especially O line. Not so anymore. RBs are getting better. We miss our starters but not as much as we expected. WRs are raw and green and hit or miss. I expect good improvement next year in that room. We have NO short passing game. Not sure why but we have no chance on 3rd & 5 seemingly. Obvious tendency is throw on first downs, a lot. We don’t give our run game a chance to get ten yards on three plays cause we start 2nd & ten. Play calling seems to be what Satt wants to do not necessarily what needs to be with our roster. But, it is tough to call plays with our QBs currently. One glaring missing ingredient is the I formation and the FB gives. We can’t get outside when we have ZERO inside threat. Satt lacks the true power run game instincts. If he will yield to this it would really help an inept offense. Sadly, our QB play is the heart of our problems. Been so all season. Imo.
  8. Frankly the last four years of Devaney. All were THE game every year. Don’t remember the year but the ice bowl vs OU in Lincoln when Calvin Jones tore em up! One of my all time favorite players!
  9. Every OU game in the Osborne & Solich era. Win or lose, they were typically the de facto national championship.
  10. Actually it appears as .4%. Less than 1%. Or essentially a snowball’s chance on Miami Beach July 4th. Let’s all focus on the game each week. Our season is flying by and we need to enjoy this time. Wins are so hard to come by lately let’s just let the Huskers decide for us! GBR
  11. Lol. The lengths some people will go to find ways to rag on Nebraska football.
  12. Rhule is getting the whole team to play as a team. Synergy is the term that comes to mind. The product is greater than the sum of its parts. A sign of good coaching - assembling a team, identifying capabilities and getting the most out of them. Rhule has done very well so far - year 1. Got a ways to go but the Huskers are starting to get the respect from opponents. We are no longer laughing stock. Some teams may wish we were not on their schedule. I think this is going as Rhule has planned, maybe slightly better. First you have to earn the right to be respected. That gives you a fighting chance. Then you play harder than you ever thought you could. You work your butts off every day. The intensity is there. The focus is there. The teamwork and camaraderie is there. The effort. After just 7 games, those are clearly signs of progress. He is building depth, getting youth blended in quicker than any prior coaches, and getting a good dose of confidence with humility. There are no selfish players - it’s we, us, the room, the mutual support, etc. Frankly, there are no stars - yet - but there some rising stars all over. Not sure how much better most of the older guys can get, but the young ones are showing incredible upside potential. Years 2 and 3 can be much more like Husker football the way it should be. I am a proud run the damn ball guy and a strong believer in the option game. We see what it could be IF we have players taught to execute it well. These guys have enough to tease opponents - imagine what a well schooled team can do with serious repetition and more than four or five simple plays. It’s been the best of a not very effective offense with a variety of plays, schemes, formations etc. HH / Simms have shown they are NOT throwers. Both have decent running ability but ball handling is downright scary at times. But, the revolving doors at WR and RB have really played a part. Both QBs are struggling and frustrated - presumably- with lack of success offensively. Patience has to be paramount but at this point, both QBs want so much to help the team. I think focus on trying to succeed overshadows focus on fundamentals. Thus fumbles and INTs. Penalties are trending better but aggression and effort have continued. A very good indicator - this bunch is getting better. Yesterday, we watched plenty of things to work on and complain about but the final score looks damn good to me. An ugly win but a handsome score! Purdue is not that bad. Nobody in the Big Ten is ‘that bad’. Long way to go but in about a month, this season will tell us how far we have come. I suspect we are headed in the right direction! Be patient and cheer for the Huskers. Things are looking up. We may find that this new and improved team can make us proud fans once again! No matter how many more wins we scratch and claw our way to, our opponents are going to remember who they played! GBR!
  13. It will help as time goes on to have a sincere focus on running the ball. We have miscues and mistakes, much like the frost era, but we have a scheme and plan offensively. Players never got better under Frost on offense. He had very little to do with defense and STs. Development (guys getting better as they age up) almost never happened. Frost moved a great athlete from TE to Center and it took 2 seasons to get better just snapping the ball. The O line was always a mess. If Frost would have adopted a balanced, multiple back offense, he would have had better results - on both sides of the ball. We had lots of three &outs and six & out possessions. A revolving door at WRs and WR coaches made offense inconsistent. Frost saw his only real QB never improve and played hurt half the time. Our run defense was poor bc they never saw run game in practice. In the end, it has been BOTH coaching and players. We had athletes but failed to scheme and adapt the play to fit their talents. Big slow footed O linemen. WRs could not run routes and catch and block. D line couldn’t stop the run. STs weren’t even coached apparently. Kickers and punters - bad luck, bad choices or both. We have better staff, as a whole, but it is too early to tell on how much and where, if any, we need to adjust. We need a better QB. But HH and Simms may improve by next fall. The offense needs more tweaking. Defense is playing as well as talent can be. Over time, we can upgrade talent and play even better. Do we have ANY all conference players? As of today, I don’t think so. By season end? Maybe a couple on defense. Nobody close on offense.
  14. Every game is a challenge. We have better than 50-50 chance. But it will be tough. Play well all phases, it’s a win. But it’s been many years since that happened!
  15. No coach is going to recruit 20+ 4 & 5 star recruits to a program that is losing this many for long. It is a GRADUAL rebuild, not one class. CU did the unthinkable and chased away almost entire roster. So far, that’s not exactly working wonders. Time will tell. It is process as some like to point out. A lot has been done for future years. A fee transfers have come for this season but highly rated #s are very few. Some have done ‘ok’ but we are not getting 5 star transfers. The few we have landed are not becoming all conference. Hopefully, dome will. Simms was a big disappointment but it is still just game 5.
  16. Sadly, I don’t think we know whether Satterfield believes in a run based offense but I am not encouraged. We clearly run better than we throw. Unfortunately we don’t block well enough to do either very well. Despite the score we did move the ball a little at times. I’m just disappointed we can’t run the traditional type option plays. The passing and other runs will open up a little if they respect the outside running threat. As the game wore on, MI didn’t defend well. But we need to keep trying to build on the first three games. Forget Michigan. We had NO CHANCE Saturday. It looked ugly. Maybe worse than it was but this was a totally one-sided affair. Their defense owned us up front. On defense, their offense executed play after play to perfection. One of the better games, execution-wise, I have ever seen. We are FAR from a top 20 team but we are improving in fundamentals all over, except O line imo. We need better line play and more play action. Stay with 2 backs or 2 TEs. We can’t pull or execute complex blocking methods. O line are too slow. Imo.
  17. Frankly, nobody knew much about the team except what has been previously. The only thing we had was old film on transfers and high school highlights. Nobody actually watched the practices except a spring game. Those are staged practices with most or all the roster playing partial games with mix and match line ups etc. Minnesota was our first look. It was a funky first half (only 3 possessions and one started from our own 1 yard line to begin the season). It was Minny’s first game but not a new system or staff etc. They were favored and playing at home. They are an 8-9 win program. We are a 3-4 win program. Considering all the circumstances, I think a 3 point loss with 4 turnovers and plenty of costly penalties is a net positive. Colorado is different. It is game 2 but they have dramatically changed a half dozen key players that are BIG difference makers. Another road game with a fired up team and crowd, and plenty of questions to yet be answered. They beat us multiple times recently. Nobody respects or fears us. This Nebraska squad is still at best a major rebuild and the bumps and skips will continue. If Colorado is suddenly a top 15 team, it will be a major challenge. We have avoided major injuries to key spots but WRs are still a serious concern. Talent abounds but they are mostly freshmen. This game could be wide open (good or bad) for us. But this team will improve if they don’t get discouraged too quickly. We need 6 games or so to start gelling.
  18. I felt the offense would be slow to develop. Sat said about mid season in his recent pressers leading up to the game. If Sims holds to form, the INTs will decline and his play will improve. But he needs better play around him too. The line should be pretty much as good as it will be by game three. The RBs should settle in by the next game. WRs probably take three or four. By Michigan, I’m guessing the offense should be about as good as it can be. That won’t be good enough but we will have chances to make some progress.
  19. Nearly everyone expected Neb to lose by a TD, or more. We actually played toe to toe with a better team. We made more mistakes and nearly won the damn game. We lost on a final play FG to prevent OT. To read this board and most other reporting, Neb should suddenly have been a three TD winner? What gives? I just don’t understand the entire attitude. A last minute change of mind and all the negative naysayers become Nebraska fans for a few days only to quickly transform back into bashers. I suspect that the 3 year resurrection plan became a one game miracle failure. What head coach would ever want the job if he’s given one game? What players / recruits would even consider Big Red with a rotten egg fan base? This team and staff deserves better than this crap. Just my opinion. Constructive criticisms are one thing. Name calling and mean spirited BS spewing is outrageous. We could have won that game, despite some glaring first game errors. A win would have been a HUGE upset. Period. It almost happened. I, for maybe the only one, see a lot of positives and look forward to moving forward in the long term Husker football rebuilding plan. This season may surprise people. It may not, for those, who somehow, imagine that one game is the beginning and ending of Husker football, once again.
  20. This team has only the pressure they put on themselves basically. Most fans believe it will be an uphill battle just to make 6-6. The few ‘fans’ that will jump to bash the coaches and players after a disappointing opener will make some noise but a good share of Husker fans know full well that win or lose, the goal is to rebuild from the ground up this year and perhaps next. Nebraska is not Temple nor Baylor BUT the Big Ten of 2023 is nothing like the former teams’ conferences etc. The schedule is much tougher (from beginning to end) and will continue to improve the next five to ten years. Frost left Rhule in a tough situation. Five seasons of very few conference wins at all has left the team in a very low morale and confidence condition. Rebuilding confidence ( to the point of believing they can and will win games) is the most difficult challenge Rhule faces. He may feel we have a chance to win Thursday but the team has to actually do it. That will be tougher than the most taxing physical practices. Most (nearly all) teams struggle with mistakes in the early season. Improvement happens, over several games, sometimes all season. Minny has been winning steadily and played well for last several seasons. Nebraska has been very weak for 5+ years. Can Neb get it done? Yes! But it’s going to be very difficult out of the gate. 4-5 scrimmages and lots and drills, gassers, meetings and even Rhule pep talks will not turn things around magically. Recruiting helps. Practice helps. Team unity helps. But, ultimately the players have to play, block and tackle, throw and catch, punt, kick and get to work in every aspect. Nobody is afraid of Nebraska. We have to earn respect and build and develop and work harder and smarter. It can happen. A magical year 1 could happen but don’t count of it. Get better 1% a day adds up but it starts from a very low point. Maybe we’re half way there? Maybe not. Our opponents are also getting better.
  21. Those three words describe the Terminator. Hm? I wonder!
  22. I have been fairly hopeful that Rhule can turn and churn the roster and find some uptick in the win/loss column. I think he’s instilling a new brand of fundamentals football. I have been hoping that most players have bought in enough to endure the pain and grind away and start climbing our way back to the top tier. However, today I am struggling with this thing. What I’m most afraid of is that the new found confidence and positivity outlook is gonna be short lived. In fact it could get derailed out of the starting gate. I’m also looking at this regime as being the last of its kind. If Rhule fails, it is likely becoming a very very long term (or never) deal . It’s not fair but it is what it is. I think Trev took a long careful look and was very careful in his choosing. There is nothing guaranteed. Get the best available, and do anything he could to help. In the end, this season is probably 3-9 to 9–5. I think we should be in the middle someplace on paper but this season is more about faith, confidence, perseverance and dedication. How long will the guys play for Rhule. What if there is something along the way that changes? Can he keep them following when losses happen? Can they survive a rough start and a brutal beat down by MICH? What if they stay hot and keep it moving? If so, they can turn 2-10 into 10-2. Ultimately, I don’t see 6-6. It’ll be better or worse - in the middle is the hardest row to hoe. . I will go 8-4 cause I can bring myself to predict 4-8 (it just doesn’t seem right to pick against my beloved Huskers).
  23. I find it especially interesting that the top 9 (unless they use a 0 ), are voted on by the team as the toughest, hardest working, lead by example, dudes. The Alpha Huskers. I suppose it’s a season long deal. Four more yet to be chosen: Im thinking maybe Fidone will be in the short list. Maybe a Scott, or a Ervin or Hartzog and Newsome. Fields just a frosh but he’s a real stud and probably an all Big Ten guy in a couple years.
  24. I think some people will be surprised by the improvement in talent (athleticism mostly) of this team from even last year. I am confident that Neb is much more athletic than most of our opponents on the schedule. Speed and agility will be noticeably better in the eye test. But, football is more than just being more athletic. Scheme and execution using that athleticism is the way winning teams separate themselves and win games. The latter part takes time (coaching fundamentals and repetitions in practice) and game experience. Minny has the definite edge in the latter at this point in time. I’d feel better if Rhule had about two more weeks (10 more full pads practices and 4 full scrimmages) with full roster participation to close the gap and let the athleticism advantage have more effect. I do think it would make a difference if Husker fans and media pundits had some first hand observations instead of relying on old film and wild speculation therefrom. Sadly we don’t have that luxury. By game three the team will be rounding into something closer to what Rhule & Co have in mind. The one thing I take from reports so far is the team is really focused and working very hard. I think based of reports and limited video is this team is much more physically fit and looks to be in good football shape. I bet body fat comp% is much better, for example. Team speed is better. Mentally, the team gets a fresh start so, hopefully, past performance is NOT a good indicator of future success. There should be less ‘hangover’ effect from the past regime. New schemes, new coaching, new players at key positions (QB, center, for examples) and a whole new attitude and approach can make a big difference. But new designs usually have flaws and bugs to work out. I expect those. Minny has some key players to replace too! They’ll be hungry but Nebraska is starving and hunger is a strong motivator. I won’t be surprised if the Huskers get r done in game 1. GBR!
  25. I agree - generally - but defensive coordinators do make the calls. It’s not the scheme as much as much as the play calls and players that execute them.
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