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  1. Same song, new season. Seeing is believing. Gotta have 200 plus yards on 35-40 carries. Another 250 passing. 41 pts vis 5 TDs and couple fgs per game. Defense needs to be 100 yards and 14 pts better. Good special teams & coverage. Thats a 75% win pct type team.
  2. This has been a problem for years. DONU has no sports info director SID so the media and fans are starved for good info to gather and discuss. There is a great opportunity to build the brand, recruit, publicize and so on and basically nothing. It goes way back to later Solich years when information started to be kept out (if it ain’t good dont say anything). Times have changed I guess but fans used to know a lot about players as students and personally (majors, backgrounds, etc) and the practices were open, video and reporting, interviews etc etc. Now we get snippets. Coaches were involved in community activities, events, etc. Info blackout in some ways.
  3. Not as many as you might first think as some 5 year guys are going to pass on a 6th, free or not. Also, unless conference or NCAA and title 9 and budget constraints prevent, there should be an overall increase in collegiate athlete #s too. But there could be a slight drop in the class of 21 athletes across the country. I am more concerned about the loss of walkons (current members that may be dropped off) to make room new schollies.
  4. I am no baseball fan at all but this video was intriguing. Are there rules against wearing glasses? Why not take 20-20 vision and give a hitter lens to enhance it by a bunch - assuming such ‘correction’ is scientifically possible? Just curious. No doubt it has been tried! lol
  5. It always amuses me how many critics we have for every “backup” QB on the roster, whether they have played or not. I start with the view that Frost & Co wouldnt waste scholarships on QBs or any other position really so the guys are capable. Frost’s offense is very QB focused and average or below QBs will not win games for us. The QB has to throw very well, run well and make quick, smart reads and decisions. If not, we will punt early and often. As for Luke and Adrian, imo both are capable but neither has shown enough yet. Adrian at times has done good things but rarely exhibits the difference maker stuff Frost must have to win vs top 30 teams. If we have a winning season, the QB will have played better than any of the past 5 seasons by a good margin. Stats are a good indicator but making keys plays at key times to convert third downs and move the chains, and getting points (7 or 3) on most drives is the best measure. The QB cant be a one-man team but he can’t rely on others to make him look better in this offensive scheme (assuming we dont unvail something remarkably different) which is very unlikely.
  6. I think the quote may have been Scott is a freshman inside a senior’s body - not the opposite? Wandale needs to return kicks as well unless Brown or another is better. We got to get big plays in returns and get field position edge by punts and coverages. Speed is vital.
  7. Callahan says team has been hitting a lot the past 10 days. Its only been 8 or 9 since pads came on iirc. Doubt we have hit everyday - how many practices actually since 9/30? Only one scrimmage in 10 plus months before we go to Ohio? Man, I hope the game is not a comedy of errors/penalties/miscues etc?
  8. One plus to having OSU first is we get to run our new and improved, but simplified, basic offense without their staff getting film to game prep. Future opponents may have that edge but with more time, maybe throw new/alternate basic plays weekly. ?
  9. Hm. So, is this an admission that the staff didnt know what their basic plays were before Lubick? What does this mean? I remain optimistic but it is troubling to keep reading the same sorts of simplify and pare down the schemes. Especially with third year starting QB and returning RB and O line. New receivers I get but hopefully the offense is getting improved and more difficult to defend not easier?
  10. As long as we replace a guy whose not playing well enough with one that’s better. Just a change without improvement is more of the samev. ugh
  11. If you dont increase the scholarship # by a typical 22/23 from 85 to 107/108, then you are effectively penalizing the next class (2021s) by denying them scholarships. I suppose you can automatically reduce the individual school’s total limit # when any existing scholarship athlete leaves for any reason. But it would terribly unfair to not raise the 85 limit to allow for existing plus new class to join. Attrition over time until the 5th year when 85 cap returns. I think it should go to 107 until 2026 when the 2020s expire after 5 years on scholarship. I think it would be ok to just increase the number to 130 scholarships and allow every team to have that many at any time, regardless of age or class status. Maybe cap annual limit at 40 or so. Why have a limit ? I guess to spread talent around but with unlimited transfers now, kids can leave almost at will so hoarding is tough really.
  12. So, the Big Ten is - reportedly -cutting roster size in the name of virus control of some kind. By strictly limiting schools to 170 daily test kits (includes staff and squad). Hopefully the rest of our present and future players (walkons and scholies) will be put on some kind of second squad off campus or somethjng. To be forced to jettison 30 or more or refusing a bunch of guys for the future. What possible safety reason can be given to justify denying student athletes test kits and participation when it costs Big Ten nothing? Why cant students visit campus on their own?
  13. 4 games is most likely. A slim chance we get 8 and slim chance we dont play at all. I am feeling unusually optimistic today so I will predict we play very wel vs Ohio State and keep the score within 24.
  14. Nice to actually have some real actual football talk by real actual players and coaches - finally. Some of the usual refrains that we hear annually but there is also less “working out the details” and more time to hit and show how much we’ve learned! Sounds like what I had kind of hoped back in Feb that by this fall we will field a better team. O line should be a B+ vs a D+ imo. TEs maybe a B- vs C- QBs - B vs C and WRs a B vs C- RBs a B+ vs B- That is a solid B/B+ ave. offensively. Defense probably a C+\B- maybe vs a C last year. Kicking should be a C+ or so. Last year a D- or F. That ought to be good for 5 wins with our gauntlet sched. Could a been 8 or even 9 with a bowl.
  15. I think Austin will build a better line now with better building blocks. Give him a couple years. I thot 2020 would be a good jump year before we lost 11 months to covid shutdown. O line is a slow, endurance type process and a big interruption will show - our opponents have some issues too - but defense is about strength, quickness and aggression while O line is about coordination, unity, symmetry and timing and finesse at the same time. O line is the hardest position group to form into a cohesive functioning system imo.
  16. JD was a very good player in MN and in Lincoln. Period. He will be missed but he will be replaced with another very good player(s). Until he publicly declares the reasons he had for leaving, I think it best the speculation be stopped. It is not good for any relevant parties whether accurate or not. People need some modicum of privacy and respect - its hard to find in too many places already. Wish him well and next man up!
  17. So, if anyone knows yet, how many pad / hitting practices are we allowed in our three weeks before game one? Still seems a short time to get get football ready?
  18. Based on the level of disappointment and disgust of the program generally (active response to the cancelled fall sports). With only a vague suggestion of spring ball, it had to be deflating for most players. Opponents had similar issues but we were coming off a long offseason and five years of mediocre results. It will be a big test to fire up a team to play a ohio state bunch with championship plans.
  19. Bo knows defense generally but if the schemes were relatively new, kids may not have been ready to run it well. Secondary is Bo’s strong suit but I always like his defense’s chances if he could manage to guess right a couple times and get the opponent into poor down/distance circumstances. He liked to gamble a lot. He probably has evolved some since spending so long at YSU - no pressure and less challenging offenses talent wise. A bevy of receivers and a quick release QB would be tough for Bo cause its a passing down all the time and i assume a fast tempo pace left little opportunity to adjust. He probably ran out of timeouts. Just guessing as I didnt see the game or details on stats.
  20. Blocking and tackling are critical to ANY football team’s success or failure - no matter what scheme you use. Its been an issue for decades in Lincoln. Practice. Practice. Practice. It also helps a bunch to find players who do it well fundamentally to start with, then add S&C and good schemes and athletes who can run and you get winning football. Jimmys and Joes are critical first and foremost.
  21. It seems likely the 2020 offense will show some changes as we are in year 3 and most teams modify things just to keep defenses from from being able to zero in on certain tendencies and techniques. I would tend to think that a new run game coordinator and offensive / pass game coordinator suggests other new approaches. Play calling and even QB audibles should show changes as well. How many of these changes are major vs subtle is the question. In game 1 vs a team with few if any weaknesses to attack Frost has a tough chore. Probably try to get first downs if possible with more runs vs throws but if that fails, expect plenty of passing if we can buy enough time to avoid sacks etc. Gonna be very difficult to do anything really. If we can get 300 yards total offense (200 run and 100 pass), and keep OSU under 525 we will be fortunate and can be hopeful for a decent season.
  22. Lol. Who the hell ever said we should go anywhere else? Not me certainly. The pandemic is no longer a pandemic btw. There remains no reason to hurt every member (not just NU) by depriving all of any chance to cut losses. No doubt about the losses to nearly everybody but making the losses worse is just stupid. Believe what you want. I will do the same until a rational reason is given otherwise.
  23. Good luck to you. Thanks for being a Husker!
  24. Well, based on the near unanimous disagreement with most of my comments on all the damage being done to NU by the Big Ten. Nearly all question my numbers on the losses being imposed by no fans, no tickets, schedule cuts, etc.
  25. Hm. Not surprising to me but I suppose its a shocker for a lot of posters hereon. OSU has more other revenues ($ from apparel sales etc) than DONU but Moos may have made a few more cuts already. Lets hope the Big Ten finds a few hundred extra million from misc income or lost & found accts. lol
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