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  1. Probably the Hulu + Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN+
  2. Don't know how involved we are with him, but looks like Hales and some other staff members are following him.
  3. He was behind arguably the two best TEs in the country. Would have been nice to see some production, but can understand the lack of opportunities.
  4. TE from Martin high school where Wager came from
  5. Have you heard of a guy named Ben Scott.
  6. Probably the only team that guaranteed him a shot at QB
  7. Two crabs maybe in reference to Maryland. Both Rouse and Mazzccua are from Maryland
  8. Sounds like we are hosting Baylor OL transfer Micah Mazzccua and Virginia WR transfer Billy Kemp this weekend as well.
  9. Top of the ladder for the #1 target
  10. Rhule said he was going to have a young staff. He has proven to have a good eye for young coaches in the past. Would have liked to have someone with more experience, but just going to trust Rhule on this one.
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