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  1. This guy has a visit set up here for next week
  2. Dylan Edwards leaving Colorado. Apparently we are in play
  3. Lakers have to feel hopeless. They couldn't have played much better DLo was hitting 3s. Lebron and AD had great games and they still couldn't beat Denver.
  4. If you can't beat 'em, join em.
  5. Getting Willam Kyle would be big cause he is an athletic big and a pretty good defender. Would fit nice next to Mast if he does come back.
  6. Have not seen anything on Biliew in quite some time.
  7. Maybe it is just me, but the site only works like maybe 1 out of every 5 times I open it. It crashes and have to leave and come back until he finally works.
  8. Started his career at Virginia. Spent the last 2 seasons at Charlotte. Averaged just under 13 points 9 rebounds and 2 assists this year. 49% from the field 38% from 3.
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