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  1. Henderson could probably make more than what he could get in the draft next year. So he could maybe come back.
  2. Was nice when we were beating the cupcakes early in the season. Team just isn't that good.
  3. Will Howard is definitely better than what we had in the qb room this year.
  4. And let's be real if it was Alabama's QB who got hurt and Alabama won a couple ugly games they would be talking about how resilient they were not that they were a different team without him.
  5. Ready for the portal to get even more crazy tomorrow
  6. I agree. Think 6 would be plenty, but you know people always want to go big.
  7. Yeah this game is over. Creighton way better
  8. Also would be a good idea to guard Scheirman
  9. Pretty simple if you can't make the 3 ball you will lose.
  10. I think USC could get someone better than Howard. Like a Cam Ward if they want a stop gap. They have some good young Qbs. Interesting it seems they are going after a portal QB.
  11. Not sure on the Callahan thing. Just saw this tweet
  12. Even if Alabama wins Georgia will still make it. FSU should make it if they win. If they lose then Texas should be in. So Michigan, Washington, Georgia, FSU/Texas is my thinking. Hard to see Bama jump Texas considering Texas beat them
  13. Should have known he wouldn't go to USC when Callahan was saying to watch out for it.
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