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  1. We learned we still can't conquer the easiest West since Mae
  2. We learned that Rhule, (while great at culture building and a bunch of really important foundational installation), is ill-equipped at time-out utilization and basic clock management.
  3. Comish


    Regardless of their individual skills or lack of, they shouldn't be asked to execute plays utilizing skills they don't possess. I put a lot of this on Satterfield.
  4. I eventually justified it because of the 3 addional basketball games. (By the way, is there any rationale for why the Husker radio call on BOTH football and basketball and the various TV providers can't synchronize the call?) Probably have to be accomplished on the Husker end by the crack in-house wizardry, but I'm almost sure that was accomplished years ago, way before quantum leaps in technology. I really enjoy the inside knowledge of local talent vs. the limited imports that butcher names and FACTS. Who you conna call?
  5. You are probably correct but a caveat worth noting is that his favorite target is almost always Fedoni and scouts surely will know that as well. It's almost as predictable as always keeping on the option. Seems like some serious self-scouting would be beneficial.
  6. Hearing rumblings that Keita still not healthy yet
  7. Comish

    B1G Week 6

    Maybe the Fighting Cosells have Game.....
  8. To be honest, it's very difficult to change someone's "natural" throwing motion. Even with hundreds of reps, at crunch time, it invariably reverts back into it's natural position. Suggesting that coaches are actively teaching someone to intentionally throw sidearm is probably incorrect.
  9. Interesting that our 3 remaining top targets all reside in the killer "B" alphabetical category. (Baker, Brix, Benning). Landing all 3 would seem destined to forever group them together in a remembered Cadre for better or worse. I'd love to land all three, but with all the surrounding uncertainties, I'd happily settle for 2 out of 3. Realistic shot or Wishful thinking?
  10. I wouldn't sleep on Emmett just yet. Very talented, just unproven. Hopefully he will surprise us.
  11. Is he verbally committed to Notre Dame? Or is that his brother?
  12. You make some interesting points, but the larger question remains..........how do you clone Dion? (IF you agree with my premise that HE would NOT come here)
  13. I would submit that the Dion versus Rhule argument is incongruous simply because there is only one Deon. Deon would never come to an "uncool" place like Nebraska because it doesn't fit his persona. I'm not judging whether that's correct or not, or even fair or not; but the reality is that Colorado is a perfect FIT for the elitist bandwaggoners who don't historically have much passion for college football. This hire at Boulder is a rare golden junction of opportunity. There just aren't very many Deons out there. To roughly quote Bum Phillips, "I don't know if he is the best of all time, but it don't take long to call the roll". Most believed it would take Coach Rhule a few years to establish his culture and methods and recruits and accepted that over the last 8 months. Now, after two games, a few are suggesting it can't be done. Really? After two games on the road vs. 2 power 5 opponents? (and leading the nation in turnovers); I'm more that willing to continue to trust in the process and then see if development can even the field. GBR
  14. And Leoipold is the coach Nebraska wished they had for the last six years
  15. Thought I read today that the Oregon State coach's salary is $5 million a year; and the Pac 12 payout is also $5 million a year. Something is wrong with this picture.
  16. With a couple of inane questions like this after ONE GAME, I'm starting to understand some of the national derision being lobbed our way. Good Grief !!
  17. You can add to the list swing passes and almost any manner of screens.
  18. One game into the season and we get this thread title ?? The team is not a joke topic this early in the season, but can't say the same for the thread.
  19. Not to mention the pre-fumble series where we were obviously tiring their run D out, and we (despite all the off-season blather about the importance of the physical 4th quarter 4 minute offense) throw it on all 3 downs, not only going counter to our preferred style, but taking virtually no time off the clock? Baffling.
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