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  1. Have also heard he possesses a really acute sense of football knowledge and understanding of the game
  2. Bolts infatuation with Shanamon when he has struggled so badly is quite remarkable
  3. Walking the 8 and 9 hitters definitely a recipe for disaster
  4. 3 homers tie single season record at 93 ???
  5. Be nice to go after that North Dakota State 6'11 Center who played with Greisal, but have no clue if there is any interest by either side
  6. Now get Tominaga back and find another shooter, and you'd have to call the portal season successfull...
  7. It's not a must that he shoots threes and drives. I will be happy if he facilitates the offense, gets the ball to the right people, and doesn't turn it over! Theoretically we have other shooters, especially if Tomanaga comes back; but Fred has never had a true point guard in his Husker tenure.
  8. Optics are better to label 3 co-#2s
  9. Don't seem mentally focused yet tonight. Got picked off, failed to throw back to first to double off the runner on a line drive, lackadaisical swings, etc. Need to lock in, or winning the series will be especially difficult.
  10. Would like another BIG (if the scuttlebutt about Keita's lingering ankle has any merit).
  11. Any idea on the name of the punch thrower?
  12. Have you paid attention to any of the feeble impotence of the NCAA recently?
  13. You are making the fatal and erroneous assumption that the NCAA knows what it's doing, AND has the capacity to enforce anything....
  14. I'm always surprised the pitching coach has such a long leash with his starters. Especially when it's obvious when a guy doesn't have his stuff early. Case in point (again) when yesterday's starter begins with a walk and a hbp, why wait until your deeply behind.....especially with a roster of 19 or 20 arms.....??
  15. I think they've played it so close to the vest that no one can be considered a favorite.
  16. Wasn't the rumor today that Fred was flying out there for an in-person visit today...?
  17. We've had good luck with Brice's before...
  18. I understand that bashing and rehashing last year is pointless and frustrating; but MAN, there were some curious decisions...
  19. I wonder if they gave any thought to playing another one tonight, since the forecast for severe weather and snow tomorrow is not promising.....
  20. I believe I read it's only on espn plus......
  21. Understand the frustration, but honestly I've had the Plus for years and it's not a bad deal. It's like 80 bucks a year if you only want Nebraska content, and around 120 for everybody in the Big Ten; but when I count all of the women's basketball, some wrestling, and a TON of baseball, I figure it's a decent bargin for the content. ( of course a lot of the announcers are students from respecting universities so it's not a great quality broadcast but at least it's visually available. Just a thought...
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