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  1. I'm NOT a conspiracy guy, but I would allow that the Huskers have drawn some interesting matchups from the NCAA in recent pairings. Couple of years ago getting #1 Seed Arkansas in the regional; then basketball drawing Tex A/M immediately after the Trev Arnold Saga; then getting placed in a regional that had a Florida team (that a lot of commentators thought should not even have been invited...yet certainly talented enough to win it all). Hopefully, future matchups will become more "routine".
  2. You'd like to think that would happen, but plenty of recent evidence that (for some) it doesnt have much effective sway. A LOT of native Nebraskans have spurned the Huskers..........including a surprising number who have done it twice after portaling....
  3. Stayed with Perry for a long time after showing he was inefective.... I know it's easy to 2nd guess, but that decision ended up having some game deciding impact.
  4. Especially when you force small ball and bunting on a ream that doesn't execute defense, bunting or stealing very well (outside of Silva). A good, not Great year, highlighted by the conference championship and the gritty run in Omaha.
  5. Opps, wrong thread... should have been in the NCAA baseball thread.
  6. Probably about as decent draw as we could have expected.
  7. We're going to be in the top 1/2 of the # 2 seeds .....unless a weird geography outlier changes things. That greatly enhances the opportunity to advance.
  8. Need the bats to stay hot to back up Jonny Allstaff tomorrow....
  9. One of the strangest things about baseball momentum is how it can leap from player to player to player during a rally but seemingly does not have any team carry over to the next game. I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if it carries over to Indy tomorrow morning.
  10. Lackadaisical effort all around...
  11. Terrific pitching, great crucial game saving catch by Anglim....BUT runners LOB woes continue....
  12. Still need to overcome Childress's default setting penchant for changing pitchers every nanosecond.
  13. "Supposedly one of his final five" (for whatever that's worth)
  14. Perhaps (in his FIRST start of the year), Husker coaches have accidentally swerved into finding their elusive Sunday Starter....??
  15. Now need to finish it off with Mast returning and another Juan Gary - type athletic wing who can attack the boards.
  16. Like Bolt, Fred may need a new "closer"....
  17. Wouldn't be surprised to have it shake out with HH the " mature" backup while Danny eventually red-shirts knowing it's unlikely Rayola stays all 4 years.
  18. Big time replacement for Tominaga
  19. Lots of backward "k"'s with RISP
  20. Evidently they down played it somewhat, but it was brought up recently that it impacted how many minutes he could practice.
  21. Sounds like the condition of his knee is also a contributing factor in his decision
  22. I'd offer that Morgan adds much-needed front court depth, but not quite the elite level package we're chasing to elevate the program to the proverbial "Next Level".
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