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  1. I wonder if the Huskers will offer him too.
  2. He might need to add a little weight. I mean 20 pounds seems kinda light.
  3. Never did see that but I remember Tunnel walk of shame having some funny stuff about him. I always liked Taylor though and thought he was a pretty good QB.
  4. We just hired the pope as our next coach.
  5. Skers-21 Iowa-13 Rush-85 Pass-185
  6. We're getting this one and the next. F iowa.
  7. Casey and the boys-28 Ground Dwellers-24 air-235 ground-115
  8. I thought this was the game thread but now its the You're a bigger douche than me thread
  9. How didpurdy get pas jr high ball without a coach knowing he is not a qb.
  10. Dont know if this has been mentioned but it looks like Purdy can't pass very good
  11. Huskers-7 Michigan-94 Rush- 35 Pass-80
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