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  1. lot of people go to college for seven years.
  2. Watced this kid play the last two years. Seems to be alot more aggressive and physical this year. That was only seeing him play once this year though and I'm definitely no scout.
  3. They only seat about 57,000 so enough husker fans need to go and make their stadium ours, before we make their team our bit€%£s.
  4. Huskers-35 Bronzed Paladins-17 Rushing-210 Passing-285
  5. You are most likely right. When that happens, we'll just have to out score them.
  6. OK I'll say it. We're gonna beat Michigan.
  7. Bugeaters-38 Indiana Boys-31 Rush-215 Pass-295
  8. I'm thinking Mario was lighting up everyday..all day. Dude got lost at Woodstock and never left
  9. Oh yea. I didnt look up his total record. Just trying to be funny. Dont know where his numbers came from.
  10. Yea I knew what he was trying to say. Didnt really think they played 24 games a year
  11. Harbaugh has been at Michigan 7 seasons. Why the f*€k do they get to play over 24 games a year.
  12. Anyway, to get back to topic. Coaches. Doesn't this guy have some HC expeience.
  13. All Good. Yours looks alot better anyway.
  14. . This thread was missing something
  15. I'm thinking most high school programs are ran better( way better) than what we've been seeing in Lincoln.
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