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  1. If he comes here, hopefully he has a lot of fight in him.
  2. You aint cool if you dont pee your pants.
  3. A lot of people go to college for 7 years.
  4. He hasn't been back for awhile. Pretty sure he took the plunge.
  5. Well, color me surprised.
  6. If this still open I'll take the Yankees. No reason
  7. 9th place is the 8th loser.
  8. You're right. Crazy but I'm in second in our pool at work too. I have Duke all the way. Fist place person has Kansas. At least that one pays $. Go Blue Devils
  9. Didn't we get 3-4 guys from this school a few years back. None of them worked out. If I remember right, one was a wide reciever, got busted for weed his first day here and coulndn't out run Lincoln PD
  10. Did he have a lot of potential?
  11. Thanks. Don't know what I was thinking.
  12. #1-Gonzaga (1) #2-#4-Duke (2) #2-#4-Villonava (2) #5-#8St Marys (5) #5-#8-Alabama (6) #9-#12-New Mexico State(12) #9-#2-San Francisco (10) #13-#16- South Dakota State (13) #13-#16- Colgate(14)
  13. Watched this kid at state wrestling. Very impressive for a freshman. Didn't look like the biggest kid in his division either, but definitely big enough.
  14. Grub Hub should be offering this guy now.
  15. So he is good at football and probably an upstanding citizen too.
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