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  1. Yea I agree with you.After today it just seems like we get worse week after week. Should change my name to Frustrated 2.
  2. I thought we had it at 21-6. Should have known better. If we were up 28-6 ,I think we still would have found a way to lose.
  3. I don't believe in the curse and all that but if we f×%k around and lose this I'm driving to Pender and taking the plunge.
  4. Faith and Honor held high
  5. So now they'll use that for an excuse after Smothers shreds them tomorrow.
  6. I'm almost sure I heard Benning was a sophomore while watching the title game the other day. That would make him 2024.
  7. I don't get this one. Are you saying Frost looks an Iowa fan?
  8. Absolutely. I think they were supposed to have a dominating defense too. We definitely beat them worse than the final score indicated.
  9. LB-Karson Sharar Buzz McCALLISTER- Home Alone
  10. Exactly. The only thing I do different at games now is not drink. But if people want to, go for it, have fun. I still yell as loud and as much as I did in 94.
  11. I was at that game. Never really understood the rushing field as we were used to winning back then. I did take an orange to the face though about the time the goalposts were coming down. I was a little wasted so didn't really care. Good memories.
  12. Yes he did and they were yelling it at their sisters.
  13. Northeast Nebraska. Did live in North Platte for a few years though.
  14. Actually had to look him up. Not up on recruiting as much as I thought I was.
  15. No. I made a joke a couple times to put Masker in. Probaly when people were complaining about Martinez.
  16. I have been calling for Masker for 2 years but Frost doesn't listen to me.
  17. Does anyone else think Smothers resembles Billy Bibbit from Cuckkos nest
  18. Excited to see what Smothers can do, but actually a little bummed if it is over for Martinez.
  19. Huskers 35 Featherless Flacons 20 Rush- 155 Pass-310
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