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  1. Don't tell Thurston or he'll be dredge jumping again or driving to Lincoln to do a sacrifice.
  2. I think Vedral chose UCF because he was offered a scholarship there and only a walkon here. I could be wrong on that. Plus that was during Riley's term so he gets a pass there either way. Not sure he was an injury away from starting as he might have ended up 4th this year. Agree that kids used to pay their own way and were even happy to wait 3-4 years to play as scholarship guys. School costs so much more now and most kids seem to want to play early now. Different time and era.
  3. If Solich had not been fired, the program would not have turned into a shambles. We would have a few more conference championships and maybe even a couple more Nattys.
  4. Could someone tell me what game this was? Kidding.
  5. Ya...No reason to get greedy. Most of us would probably be happy with one at this point.
  6. Only 3-4 NC.? I thought we were all supposed to be Husker fans.
  7. Grant WIstrom and Irving Fryar. I would have picked Joel Mackovicka but no fullbacks now.
  8. So.... You're saying you don't like the Snyders.
  9. Absolutely. Both my boys wrestle and have on multiple occasions cut someone (let them up) or let them out of a hold just so they can work on other things. Do this when you assume there is no way the other kid can beat you. They have also had it happen to them when at a large national tourney where the competition is at a very high level.
  10. Especially if he moved to Mitchell, South Dakota.
  11. I've heard smoking some gotdamn weed will f##@in help too. Gotdamit
  12. Absolutely. And I would guess some don't really enjoy coaching but sure enjoy the pay and benefits. Especially those high school coaches.
  13. 2 million a year for a DC job. Maybe I don't keep up but that seems really high. Isn't Chinander like at only $800,000. Either way I should have went into coaching after school.
  14. If we're doing the match thing how about throwing in Thurston and Roundball. Just for fun. Bo doing commentary.
  15. If we lose to Diaco I am driving to Pender and taking the plunge into the dredge or burning some statues and sh#&.
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