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  1. OK. But your lawn looks like sh!! anyway.
  2. My wife says Wilcher is cute. I said he's kinda hot.
  3. If the weinerschlinger stops working. I'm on my way to Pender.
  4. I thought everyone already did this.
  5. skers83


    I just hope Coleman doesn't enter the portal over this. I'm kidding.
  6. Snapped this picture at Lincoln airport a couple hours ago.
  7. ya, I have been to pender a few times, Not much there but the man made s#tty creek.
  8. We all need to drive to Pender and jump in the dredge or take the plunge...Whatever that one guy used to post about.
  9. Skers-6 Iowa-3 Rush-128 pass-110
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