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  1. Huge for recruiting imo. When will this company go public I'm tryna buy stocks
  2. I honestly don't think we stand a chance with Bollers. Could be wrong but the good thing is we are targeting a ton of OLB's and we are close with a lot of good ones other than Bollers.
  3. You can come up with that conclusion but for me, we wouldn't be in situations to call poor 4th quarter management when we already have a 3+ possession lead on them. That and I think he'll learn from that bad management after having gone through it
  4. I think people who are starting to dry up on Frost don't realize the amount of unlucky s#!t he's gone through and the fact that literally 9 of our losses under him have been by one possession. 9 with terrible roster depth. You flip those all to wins and he's bo pelini 2.0 with 8-9 wins a season but recruiting momentum
  5. I said I don't care if you believe me or not. Many other people have been banned from /r/cfb with similar complaints. The one I got perma banned for a few days ago I deleted hoping they'd unban me if I did, but it was basically the dude saying Frost has no morals because he played a child rapist (maurice washington) and I told him that "you are ignorant of the details of the case and clearly maurice is not a child rapist." They banned me for rule #2 aka personal attacks. I didn't realize some people think ignorant means the same thing as calling someone idiotic or stupid
  6. This is definitely a tough blow. Lets pray Frost can land 2 or 3 WR transfers... I know there are a few good ones out there right now. Also, if you saw JD's twitter posts over the offseason and now his most recent instagram post, he's definitely going through a state of depression. Hope he can figure that out before the summer but if not, it is what it is.
  7. I mean you don't have to agree I really don't care I'm just telling you what it was, and when I got unbanned I got rebanned a day later because I called someone ignorant about the mo washington situation. I guess ignorant is a personal attack these days instead of a descriptive word for not knowing the full details. And it was a perma ban at that
  8. Looks like Henry Gray is back on the crootin' trail peer recruiting for the 2021 class
  9. I see your point but Khalil basically got an invite for his performance in the 4-3 defense at the senior bowl. Darrion and Lamar were going to get invited regardless because of their frames for their respective positions. Khalil and Carlos were playing out of their natural position. Don't know if Carlos necessarily deserved an invite but we'll see what happens.
  10. Just imagine how much salt will be flowing if Bollers AND Fidone commit. Sweet, sweet hawkeye tears
  11. I saw an interview recently with huskeronline and fidone or something like that and he said he wants to commit before his senior season starts (didn't say its guaranteed but that's what he wants to do)
  12. Frost did say we are finally caught up and where we need to be for this recruiting class. It's showing here early.
  13. Every time my friends from other states ask me why the Huskers have been so bad I direct them right to the 2016 and 2017 classes who would of been juniors/seniors this past year.
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