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  1. Source: Today of all days too... Scott just can't catch a break. This is terrible news man I feel so bad EDIT: Ronald Delancy III reaction:
  2. Late to the party but hell yeah I'm hyped. GBMFR. Wish we started on the 10th or 17th though, but I'll take what I can get
  3. For those who haven't seen... this dude is YOLKED. Would make for a great power back complimenting our speedy/versatile backs.
  4. Pretty much my take. Don't get me wrong, I like to follow Huskers in the NFL who get drafted as a Husker but otherwise my attitude to these transfers is: so be it, next man up. The people crying and acting like this is some sort of catastrophe give me a headache. Doing all this complaining isn't going to make the team better or fix anything. Just let the cards play out.
  5. Looks like it's going to be some sort of video not an "announcement" the sound coming from the teaser is definitely in the video so it's geared towards recruiting I'm guessing
  6. Sooo is the announcement in 2 parts then? hmmm I hope this is as good as they are hyping it up to be
  7. "Having watched every Westside home football game the past two seasons, I’m not upset about this Minnesota commitment at all and I recommend that you not be either. " what other assumption is there to make from this comment? lmao
  8. Every time a target of ours doesn't commit (or any team) someone has to say how they weren't really that good. Edit: Also to add to that, he might not of been that impressive when you watched him but he probably has a high rating due to his speed, athleticism, and size that would make him an amazing college corner after getting into the system and being coached up on how to use that size, speed, and athleticism.
  9. It wasn't a twitter edit it was just a normal tweet he sent out.
  10. I saw him tweet earlier this month "I already know what school I'm going to" and now they are saying Nebraska and Texas A&M are his top 2. Hmmmm.... seems N to me
  11. Huge for recruiting imo. When will this company go public I'm tryna buy stocks
  12. I honestly don't think we stand a chance with Bollers. Could be wrong but the good thing is we are targeting a ton of OLB's and we are close with a lot of good ones other than Bollers.
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