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  1. That's just a number based on social media following, has no actual relevance.
  2. Brosmer to Minnesota. That's one QB to scratch off the list
  3. Emmett Johnson has come along and we still have Ervin if he can stay healthy. Definitely need to keep up at the position so still a loss but we can afford it this time around
  4. Only a matter of time before he commits. This is now our TE room: NATL. #1 TE | Arik Gilbert (2020) NATL. #1 TE | Thomas Fidone (2021) NATL. #2 TE | Carter Nelson (2024)
  5. As long as this helps us land Hall and McMorris than that'd be nice
  6. Okay now I kind of believe its over. Raiola to UGA. He edited it but said something along the lines of "most talented player at his position since Stafford"
  7. There's smoke that he's planning to schedule another OV here. We aint out of this thing
  8. Wow! love this commit. Hopefully more to come by the end of today that'd be nice
  9. Really really hope we can land this dude to pair with Raiola. A WR Trio of Betts, Coleman, and Bair would be deadly
  10. Raiola will be at the baseball game tomorrow. So if you are keeping count, he has attended a basketball game, baseball game, and visited here 3 times since spring alone. If you still don't believe he's N you are just fooling yourselves. It's been done since October imo he's just doing his due diligence (and probably using USC and UGA to try and peer recruit as is evident from the massive number of big time visitors lately)
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