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  1. I have had a feeling for awhile that this will be our 2021 QB. We always have one QB commit each year and since Garcia and Dematrius Davis are no longer in consideration, this is our only other option (although still a good option)
  2. Lamar Jackson is 100% a lock to be drafted this year at some point somewhere. Anyone else being picked up will be a surprise. Khalil Davis, Darrion Daniels, and Mo Barry will all get looks and might get lucky going in round 6 or 7
  3. Ehh I wouldn't say that. First off, this is a 2003 ranking which obviously recruiting services are much more advanced in the scouting stages than in 2003. Most of the highly rated recruits only don't pan out because of disciplinary reasons or academics, not always because of skill (maybe QB's more so then any other position). There are still hidden gems that fly under the radar but that's because there are players in states not heavily scouted that also don't attend camps to get evaluated leading to these types of players
  4. Well we have that club soccer guy and one other dude who we just got so maybe he ends up getting passed up on the depth chart. Unlikely though
  5. Any guesses on the last player who will be processed/transfer? McQuitty and Pickering come to mind for me
  6. Am I on Twitter right now?
  7. I'll take all of the Miami players please. Even if they don't pan out we get to see Hurricanes boards melting down and it's great stuff
  8. All I know is, as long as we aren't losing Fisher or Held I'm pretty much okay with it as long as we get solid hires. Beckton was probably our 3rd best recruiter though helping us get deeper into Florida and Georgia recruiting but I think we'll be fine without him now that we have pipelines into Miami and Grayson, Georgia.
  9. This was unexpected so soon. A pleasant surprise none the less, one of my early top prospects on my personal 2021 big board. Next up on my watch list: Fidone, Dickerson, and Bollers
  10. To be fair no one can stop Chase Young no matter how good of an oline you have unless you double/triple team
  11. Did you like just completely remove Cam Jurgens from the equation lol
  12. https://olemisssports.com/news/2019/12/21/ole-miss-tabs-kayla-banwarth-volleyball-head-coach.aspx
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