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  1. Husker Fans at Wake game

    We wanted to take a minute to let you know how much the Wake fans appreciated the Husker fan's class, sportsmanship and general good nature at the game. My season tickets are on the "visitor" side (by choice of course, not b/c I haven't donated enough cabbage) so I get to interact w/ the visiting teams fans. I enjoyed the friendly banter with the Husker fans in section 12. The Big Red supporters came out in droves and I would say you had as big of a visiting crowd as UNC or Clemson would bring. We're quite appreciative of Nebraska coming to Winston-Salem. Also, we'll apologize for the worse than normal consessions (not that I had anything to do with them) - long lines and depleted supplies. We've already expressed our displeasure to our AD; we usually treat our "guests" better than that. We hope to get a rematch and preferably while we still have Coach Grobe - he's the best coach we've ever had! It was a decent game and we hope a good time was had by all!