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HuskerBoard.com Rules

Use of the board represents your agreement with the below rules. Any breach of these rules may result in account suspension.

#1 - No Flaming/Trolling/Defamatory posts
Strong opinions are encouraged, and debate is not only welcomed – it's the main reason the board exists. If what you are considering posting doesn’t advance the issue being discussed – if it’s just taking a “shot” at someone – then either don’t post it, or phrase it in a way that meets the rules. There is absolutely no reason to verbally attack another user (aka flaming), and/or posting a message for the express purpose of generating a negative response (trolling). Any defamatory posts made against HuskerBoard, its representatives, or any other member may result in an immediate ban or temporary account disablement.Posts outside of the general theme of the topic which you are posting within will be moved or deleted.

#2 - No Threats
Do not threaten another member in any manner.

#3 - No VULGAR Profanity
This board has a relaxed attitude toward censorship. However, that does not mean that any and all languages or statements are permissible. Since registration is not required to view the posts, it is conceivable that minors could be reading posts. We want all posters to feel welcome, and to foster an environment that is pleasant for all. Because of this, while there are no “hard and fast” rules as to what language is acceptable, we ask that posters use good discretion in posting. You should have a good idea of what is “over the line” and what is in good taste. If you have any question, DON’T post it – contact the administrators or moderators and run it by them. In the event that matters get out of hand, the board will set specific rules and those rules will be enforced. So, please – don’t ruin a good thing for everyone. In the end, please just remember you are representing the Great State of Nebraska – be classy.

#4 - No Porn or Strong Sexual Content
This includes links to adult web sites and/or posting content that may not be suitable for younger viewers.

#5 - No Racist Comments or Materials
This includes both statements/comments and media (pictures, video, etc.), whether directed at a Huskerboard member or in general. Huskerboard welcomes any and every member that would like to discuss the Huskers. To do that, we expect members to adhere to behavior that does not offend based on race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation or other discriminatory or racial basis. If you have any question as whether what you are posting would violate this rule, don't post it. Alternatively, contact a Moderator or Administrator and run it past them.

#6 – Do NOT Copy & Paste Original Content from Other Sites
At no times should content be copied and pasted on HuskerBoard without citing the source or linking directly to the content. Exclusive content provided by services such as Rivals and Scout should NEVER be copied and posted on HuskerBoard, even if you own a membership. Material on these sites that is NOT in the membership section can be posted only if you cite the source - or you may link directly to the content.

#7 - No Spamming
HuskerBoard is not to be used as a marketing tool for your websites or products. This applies not only to individuals but also to commercial spamming. Ticket and merchandise ads are limited to the 'Classifieds' forum. You can include your website name or company in your profile and signature, but any excessive promotion will result in suspension.
If your very first post is to peddle a product which isn't relevant in any form to this site, the post will be deleted and you will be banned.

#8 - No Piracy or Copyright Violations
No forms of piracy or posting of material to circumvent a copyright will be tolerated. This includes links to streaming sites of copyrighted material, actual copyrighted material, cracks, warez, whatever. Emulators may be fully discussed as they are not illegal. You may discuss roms, but if you provide any information on obtaining them, it is a bannable offense. Likewise, posting copyrighted material or links to sites that illegally post copyrighted material will result in a suspension or ban.

#9 - No Cracking/Using Another Member's Account
Using another member's account without their permission will result in an immediate, permanent ban. No exceptions.

#10 - No Circumventing a Suspension or Ban
If you are suspended or banned, there is a reason. If you want to inquire as to why you were suspended or banned, please send an “unsuspened or unban request”. Creating another username to circumvent the suspension or ban or to ask about a suspension or ban will cause your 'alternate' name to be permanently banned and your 'main' name's suspension time to be doubled.

#11 - Moderators
Please respect the moderators. They offer their services free of charge, and work hard to keep the board clean and organized. The mods reserve the right to enforce the rules in any manner they see fit. If you see offensive content that has not been addressed please use the report button beside the post or notify the Mods at mods@huskerboard.com.

#12 – Revisions to the Rules or Contests
HuskerBoard reserves the right to modify these rules at any time and for any reason. Posters are bound by the rules at all times, and are required to be familiar with the rules at all times. Any modifications to the rules are effective immediately, and are applicable to all posters the moment the rules are amended. The Board reserves the right to ban posters in the board’s sole discretion.  Huskerboard also reserves the right to amend any board contest at any time. Neither Huskerboard.com nor College Sports, Inc. are obligated to fulfill any contest or offer which may be listed within the board forums.

#13 – Multiple Memberships not Allowed
Only one account is allowed. Creating multiple accounts is not permissible and will result in the closing of all accounts.

#14 – Outbound Links in Signatures & Elsewhere
Links to general Husker sites are acceptable, as long as the site does not offer a discussion forum.  Why? Plain and simple, Target doesn't allow Wal-Mart to advertise in their store for a reason.  Links to non-Husker related sites are not permitted unless authorized by the board Moderators. Please send a request to mods@huskerboard.com before doing so, or you will risk being banned. If you would like to discuss our advertising rates, please contact admin@huskerboard.com.  This also includes usernames - a member cannot register a username that references another site.  An example would include, but not be limited to, MYWEBSITEdotcom as a username.

#15 – Doxxing
Do not publish personal information about or 'dox' another member. This is an anonymous message board which means we have a responsibility to ensure the privacy and trust of its members. Sharing another member's name, address, phone number or other personal information on the forums without the express permission of that member will not be tolerated.

If you are not comfortable with any of these rules, please discontinue using the board. Direct any questions or comments about these rules to mods@huskerboard.com.

Thanks for keeping HuskerBoard a great place for Husker fans to discuss the greatest team on earth!

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