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  1. Really not confident in the outcome of this game right now. Mora out coached us at halftime last year, and we still haven't gotten the ground game going.
  2. 1st down. Now, at some point, WE HAVE TO ESTABLISH THE RUN
  3. Defense played pretty much lights out until the end of the half where just decided to coast. Few stupid plays from them but made up for it. Offense looks good until beck decides to run really stupid plays and go away from what is working as he normally does. Tm throwing high at first but getting more comfy in the pocket, still very tentative during his running. Enunwa and Bell playing very well. Don't think they decided to coast. They missed that sack on Hundley, otherwise it's 21-3 right now.
  4. Even with the FG miss, really bad way to end the first half. Lost all momentum.
  5. I'd like to see us be aggressive here, but we can't sacrifice ball security and give up another score to UCLA before the half.
  6. That TD is a result of not wrapping up the QB. damnit.
  7. Need to bow up. Don't want to give up a stupid late score before the half.
  8. Ok. Need to get a stop before the half by the defense, and then punch in the first drive of the 3rd quarter.
  9. I would agree. They look flat compared to last year. I also think we're getting far better defensive play and offensive line play for the most part. That one option play where Barr came unblocked looked like last year.
  10. I don't think that was affecting them before. Hundley was fairly accurate, they were just dropping passes.
  11. man, Jake Long has made a lot of bad penalties so far this year. can't do that.
  12. seriously. it's like we're immune to starting beyond our own 10.
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