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Found 2 results

  1. Okay so I'm watching the NFL Network most notably the show "Path To The Draft" and I keep hearing about Oklahoma State and Texas A&M QBs Brandon Weedon and Ryan Tannehill. Based on how these guys played in college I simply can not believe that anyone in the NFL is thinking about drafting these two turds. Both are marginal QBs who were able to put up the numbers they did because the vast majority of teams they faced never blitzed them. Teams that blitzed Tannehill and Weedon ate them for lunch. I simply do not understand why these guys are even getting looks because the game tape doesn't lie. Are there any other players you guys are hearing about being drafted and saying wtf? Or do you have any other commentary on the draft?
  2. 1. This team is, actually, extremely talented. This team could have beaten Ohio State. I believe it. The talent is there. 2. This team is an emotional team, and they live and die by passion. When there's a dark cloud, it pours, and nobody functions right. When it's sunny, people look like angels. 3. (by way of 1 and 2) The players on this team are not disciplined. And I put this one on the coaches. The kids are talented, and I saw them actually come alive and 'want' this game - which I wanted to see. But I officially move my take on this team to not being sure about coaches vs players being more to 'blame', to shifting towards the coaches. I think these kids want to win, I think they have heart, and I think they have talent. 3a. This includes controversial TMart - I think if he was better utilized (as in, a passing and running game built round him rather than some other system), the offense would be closer to unstoppable. Actually using him in 'the run game' in a direct fashion this week was nice to see. But where was that all year long? I've been dying for it. He's talented. And the play-action off of the QB-lead / counter play was what lead to one talent. (I was close to changing my stance on Tmart last game, but, at least I know he really has the heart of a champion inside him). It pains me to say that I don't think he's been adequately developed over the last 3 years. And my respect for him has actually grown, considering the effort he put in on the offseason. 4. This team will not be dominant until someone can teach them how to dominate. I think especially in this college setting, there is a critical leadership/attitude role that does come top down. But these kids are not taught how to dominate, how to impose, how to lord over opponents. They don't have the killer instinct, the don't have the "I'm going to come out and beat you down" attitude. They, IMO, have the talent (Rex is out and we still had an awesome run game). But they don't have the leadership. The leadership isn't there. And to go back to Tmart, I don't think anyone's taught him or helped him how to lead, which I suppose furthers my 3a sentiments. So what does this lead to? I don't know what coaching changes need to happen. I could draw a line to Bo Pelini and say that the "temperamental"ness of the team / offense trickles down from him. (But his defense played well today, so, maybe that's not fair). Still, I had an observation... Bo out there in his hoodie.... I'll make a comparison to coaches I've ((removed - don't like much)), but respect for their success - Jim Tressell (sp?), That USC coach who I'm glad I can't remember his name now, Pete Carol, and even Joe Pa. They had a certain poised-ness, and I won't just say 'not wearing hoodies'. And I think that relates to the team, or, at least what I'm feeling here. I would like to cite Dr Tom, but, I confess I wasn't around to see him on the sidelines - I'd have to watch more film on him, or how he handled different situations. However, from the various interviews I've seen from the last 5+ years since I've started seriously following the CORNHUSKERS, I will say he had what I'm talking about - the poised, almost professional, killer instinct. From what I can tell, TO was about being prepared and excellence, execution, etc. That's where championship dominance comes form - the attitude that is interdependent with being prepared - fire, not just flash. Channeled fire, that can forge un-breakable spirit, and the will to dominate. That's what this team doesn't have -- at the very least, it's completely absent on offense. It seems to show up at times on defense. But as a whole "attitude" - I believe the kind that led to past respect for Nebraska - isn't there. I want to see that. But, I don't know where its going to come from. Someone needs to teach this team how to do that, and I think if they did we'd have a much different feeling about the season. Until that is returned, and until there is a solid identity on offense (especially), and the tradition of Blackshirts are upheld, Nebraska will remain ... as they were today, playing relatively undisciplined and disorganized for most of the game, except when there are favorable emotional circumstances.
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