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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Huskers - Getting ready for what's going to be a GREAT weekend in Lincoln, and would love some local advice. I'll bring you all some of Oregon's finest micro-brews and macro-weed - as long as you share some of your BBQ with us! Here's a few questions for your trolling pleasures... Night before Festivities - rolling into town around 11pm. Drop our stuff and head to which bar? Where are the drinks the strongest, the girls the prettiest and the music the loudest on a night before gameday? Bars close at 2am? Any after hours joints (pun intended)? Best place to get a late night second dinner? Morning of Golf - we've got two, duplicate tee times scheduled, Pioneer and Highland. Which of these to have a threesome do nine holes at 8am? Any pairs out there that want to play with us? Tailgate - we're on foot from our hotel to the stadium after the AM golf. I hear that under the overpass is where the true locals roam. What's a 'can't miss' tailgate experience? Did Nebraska invent the corn hole game? Want to invite us to come to your tailgate and talk about the speed in our secondary and how Mike Reilly has been and always will be, Oregon's #1 ladyfriend. We'd love to talk with you! DM me and we'll stumble your way. Champions Club - spent some money on these seats, and I understand they're behind glass. Do you know if these seats get us into anything special in the tailgate? Is there free booze to compensate for spending our children's junior college tuition to attend a football game? If we want to yell, and blaze green - are we going to get ostracized, or is there a more engaged crowd other than the corporate alumns? Post-Game - where do you head for dinner on your way back to KC? We're thinking of catching some of the Sprint Nationals at the US 36 raceway that evening. Got any advice for gettin' real country and sleeping in the mud? Them Missous love them some racin'. Thanks for your reply, looking forward to being that tiny speck of green in the sea of red. Puddles the Duck.
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