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  1. ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    Fleck is acting like they are whipping Alabama
  2. ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    POB in to give the defense a jolt?
  3. ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    So everyone gets fired today?
  4. ***Official Ohio State Game Discussion Thread***

    Thank you Robert Smith
  5. ***Official Ohio State Game Discussion Thread***

    I love how the announcers are so far Ohio State's rear end saying they are serving notice to the rest of the country....OSU already pissed down their leg at home against OK and will get worked by Penn State. This has as much to do with if not more with how bad NU is. Fire everyone!
  6. ***Official Ohio State Game Discussion Thread***

    What is Barry talking trash for he tackles a guy after he gets a first down...good job!
  7. ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    I picked a bad week to quit drinking
  8. ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    Lee needs to go away
  9. ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    This team has no business being favored against anyone this is going to be a brutal season of beat downs.
  10. ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    Wow this is painful to watch already.
  11. ***Official Iowa Game Discussion Thread***

    A time out???