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  1. Come on guys we got this
  2. Coaching

    We need to turn around lincoln it's a shame what we have become. If Scott frost doesn't want the job. Then we need to look for option b. Why waste time if he likes were he is at. Come on who wouldn't want to hang out in Florida with the dolphins offense coach.
  3. Coaching

    Nebraska is embarrassing it's own self
  4. Coaching

    I can't believe tanner lee hit ozigbo in the head at the ten yard line
  5. Coaching

    This just in mike Riley got the best highschool recruit today
  6. Coaching

    Got this insider from mike Riley staff there game plan for Ohio state
  7. Coaching

    because I'm a husker fan that turned into an alcoholic after mike Riley was hired at 64 years old
  8. Coaching

    I agree the official shouldn't be yelled at by the coaches somebody needs to yell at the team maybe they would listen and win. Not cry
  9. Coaching

    See the resemblance
  10. Coaching

    Tom Osborne watches the game he was coaching mike looks at the turf wishing for miracles. I think I can. I think I can There goes his life savings
  11. Coaching

    Wouldn't you want someone who gets mad our someone who pouts
  12. Coaching

    He still looks better than this
  13. Coaching

    there are plenty of coaches out there that have won without there own recruits
  14. Coaching

    hey at least he can win the hot dog contest. Mike Riley hasn't won anything in his life
  15. Coaching

    Winner winner chicken dinner