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  1. Yes, that is correct... they have been continuously working on it, went for Kickstarter and didn't make the goal, but the project remains strong. Amazing stories and I am so excited to see the finished film. They will be headed to Lincoln in October through December to film the entire time there. Really great guy... great vision... great stuff.
  2. Oh that's super! Means they must still be going strong...
  3. I'm new to this site and thought it was interesting so thought I'd post... thanks for pointing out.
  4. Oh dear... okay I'll find out details...
  5. Sounds good... I'm talking to the Director this evening, Ryan Tweedy, to follow progress and write something up... will keep you posted!
  6. And whoops -- the video above doesn't work... maybe this will... http://vimeo.com/37821258
  7. Hello everyone, I stumbled across a former Nebraskan, living in LA, who is currently working on a Husker Documentary called "Through These Gates." Still in the works, the previews look amazing so far!!! Thought I would pass along... http://vimeo.com/user10624205 Their Twitter handle is @ThruTheseGates Hope you enjoy!
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