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  1. Hello Husker Nation, It will be hard to sleep tonight after this game. Before this season began I knew how it would end: we would start out winning the first 4 or 5 games and then we would come to the game that could catapult our ranking to the top 10 and we would lose. The loss would come at a time when a number of teams ranked ahead of us would also lose. After the first big loss we would go on to finish the season with 2-3 loses, miss out on the conference championship and then end up at a mid-December bowl with a 50% chance of winning. This season will go down that path and here is
  2. Hello Everyone, I am a 1990 grad of the school of law. We live here in So Cal and my son Sean (who is trying to break into Hollywood) is in a competition to star in a Ford commercial. He recorded an audition at a recent Ford event and now it is posted. The more votes he gets the better his chances. Here is how it works, watch his video and then vote for him. Next, you will get a chance to get 10 extra points by watching two 15 second videos and then answering the two questions. The answer is always "True." You can vote more than once and the voting ends THIS MONDAY. We will be on a p
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