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  1. I'm just a Cincy student coming to the game at Nebraska in September looking for tips and askin questions
  2. For a beginner I would say one slice of bread not 2, put a lil butter on it and toast it, and I mean a light buttering and then spread vegemite lightly on top, like this ... This one is comedic (so the first video isn't helpful but funny and the second video is helpful This video is accurate and what to do \/
  3. I had a pet wallaby back home in the outback. We had a wallaby that would come up to the veranda and I would feed him, we also had a few emus that would run amuck around the drive
  4. It has a stronger game type taste and flavour than Cattle or Lamb, but it is a fairly tender and lean meat imo.
  5. G'Day so the title kinda says it all I am a 2nd year Cincy Uni student flying to Nebraska by myself for the Bearcats match in Nebraska and as someone who is new to the States and the game of footy I have some questions, please be fair dinkum: 1. Where is a good lively hotel area to stay preferably near some Frothy pubs(oh and preferably a hotel that has comp brekky)? 2. Is it a dry campus as far as pregaming? If so, wheres a good pub or Bottle-O near the Uni? 3. Cool stuff to sightsee in Lincoln? (for reference I like hiking and outdoors) 4. Any Ice hockey rinks near the U
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