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  1. 8 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


    Outside of bringing back nationally recognized Husker heroes as Athletic Director and Head Coach and throwing s#!tloads of money at them, where did this administration go wrong? 


    I wasn't specifically referring to Green. Were you? I haven't heard much negative about Green's tenure in respect to the football program or sports as a whole. 

  2. 10 hours ago, VeloHusker said:

    What are your expectations when you’re not trying to keep them in check? 


    Okay. Maybe "expectation" was the wrong word choice. Maybe "excitement" or "hopes" would've been better terms.


    But I'll own it, and throw it back... We've read about and seen Rhule's program development (Temple and Baylor) , and based on the players he's so far landed in a month on the job, why would you not have an expectation that he can resurrect this program in short order? 


    short order = before season 4

    resurrection = 9+ wins

  3. 2 hours ago, Mavric said:



    This was me 40 years ago.


    While I was glad Alberts hired Rhule, I didn't have the same level of excitement like when Frost was hired. 

    However, after reading and listening to the sound bites, and now seeing how his recruiting class panned out (plus the transfers), I'm probably more convinced than I should be at this point that we are going to see a legit resurrection of this program. I just need to keep my expectations in check for next season; would not be surprised if this is a playoff team in year 3 (maybe 2?).

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  4. 17 hours ago, Red Five said:

    People b!^@h and moan that the “regular season doesn’t matter” with an expanded playoff.


    Well giving conference champs a 1st round bye makes the regular season matter.


    "Doesn't matter" is hyperbole, yet it will dramatically reduce any drama for most early and midseason games, and only add back some of that drama in some additional later season games.


    The conversation changes from "Holy s#!t! Alabama is going to miss the playoff" after losing to Tennessee, to "Eh. I guess Alabama wont get a first round bye".

  5. 3 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

    1620 stating that Fickell interviewed with Wisconsin the Saturday which Wisconsin played at Iowa and Nebraska was playing at Michigan.  This was a week after NU hosted Minnesota, and rumors are that Rhule and his wife were in Lincoln for that NU-Minnesota game(or the couple days after)


    I believe it. Heck, there was speculation that Rhule was a top choice for Huskers before he was even fired.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

    Really just depends how Mickey handled the locker room before and what type of person he really is.  If he stays and just tries to undermine Rhule then yeah that could divide the locker room.  But how lame do these kids have to be to say "I'm not gonna try hard for the new coach because I like Mickey"?  It's not Rhule's fault Mickey didn't get the job. If he keeps Mickey and it was his decision to keep him then you would think the players would appreciate that.  


    And it would also be up to Mickey to be a professional and lead instead of divide. Mickey seems like a pro.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Bigred_inSD said:

    How so?  If Fickel would go to Wisconsin he could probably be sold on Nebraska.  If Fickel is going to beat Rhule on a regular basis theres no reason for either to be around.  Winning the west is fairly easy, if you cant do it move on 


    1. If Fickel's results turn out to be better, doesn't mean Trev should be fired (even if Rhule does't work out).

    2. Why even "worry" about this? Its one thing to pose a discussion. Quite the other to gaslight.

    3. The West means nothing after next season.

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