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  1. Welcome to HuskerNation.com's custom thread!! An N-trospective into the greatest fans in all of sports.. The purpose of this is to share and learn about your fellow members of Husker Nation. We know it sounds kinda cheesy - but it will be pretty cool to get an up close look at the heartbeat of Husker Nation - the fans. Feel free to copy and paste the questions below in your reply - & only answer as many as you would like. We are still looking for ideas for other questions to include, so feel free to include any other info you would like. 1) How long have you been a member of Husker Nation? 2) What/who led you to The Nation? 3) Where are you from originally? 4) Where do you live now? 5) Favorite Husker memory? 6) Worst Husker memory? 7) Number of home games attended? 8) Number of away games attended? 9) Favorite Husker memorabilia/apparel? 10) Favorite place to watch a Husker game? (section in Memorial, bar, friends house etc.) 11) Favorite all time player? 12) Spread Offense or Pro Style? 13) Big Ten or Big XII? 14) Lil Red or Herbie Husker? 15) Favorite Husker play? 16) Favorite game-day beverage? 17) How did you find HuskerBoard? (referral source) And any pictures you would like to share (upload via the browse button below). Thanks for sharing your Husker Heritage!! GBR!!
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