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  1. we went from the recognized worst program in the nation to the pinnacle of it with the principles and systems instilled by LHCBS. The total housecleaning of everything that was a part of that system still irks me to this day. And to see it all replaced with less effective, but more grandiose pompousness is sad.

    that was taken from a KSU board, but what makes me laugh is the fact that they thought they were ever at the pinnacle, and i pointed it out, that the pinnacle is winning national titles, and asked how many they had and remarked that i'd go down and look at the 5 trophies nebraska have. and all they could come back with was "that i was a fan and haven't won anything for the U" sad and pitiful mildcat fans.

    What is "LHCBS"? Loser Head Coach Bill Snyder? :dunno

  2. Wasn't Evans one of the 1st guys to develop the "sport's hernia" (not medical name)....deep abdominal injury, which caused him to miss a ton of time (almost the season)........then, after he returned, he was injured again, saw that he was never gonna be at the DI level again, so went to a smaller school.....


    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think that I may be correct (doesn't happen much :) )


    So, again, IMO you can not put Evans into this category.


    Would anyone consider Bobby Newcombe as a "minor" bust? He was very highly touted at QB, and then couldn't win the starting job and played a fairly prominant role at WR. I like Bobby, and he was important to our Big 12 Title, but he never panned out as the next Tommie.

    I believe he was one of the first. Another that never recovered from the same injury was Lanny Hopkins. He had so much promise. At that time I was wondering what the heck the strength staff was doing to those guys.

    IMO injured players should be exempt from the overhyped category. The player had no control over bad luck (outside of carrying a TV :bang ). Half exempt would being screwed up by Cally's miscoaching - a good athlete would "have been excellent in every area" and overcome that obsticle, if permited to be on the field.


    Players that should be on this list should be the lazy and the stupid decision makers.


    What about the morons at the recruiting services that can't judge talent?

  3. Missouri-Nebraska 1997


    Frost throws to Wiggins, Wiggins gets hit by Julian Jones. Wiggins kicks ball into air, davidson dives and catches it. No call on kicking the ball.

    Go to

    , it gives you a different angle and better picture quality. The play is at 1:21 into the video.


    Like you said, Wiggins was hit right? Well in the video it shows him falling over after the hit. It cant be a kick if Wiggins was hit and as you should see, after his body hits the ground is when he hits the football, and hes not even looking at the football. His legs bounce of the ground (which im sure yours would do in that situation) and hit the ball. Hows the first way you get up after you get hit over in pads? Well if you want toget straight up you lift your legs in some way Im sure. Bottom line, it wasnt an illegal kick.

    Wiggins admitted in an interview afterwards that he did indeed intend to keep the ball alive by kicking it, but like previous posts, refs can't read minds and unless it was a clear penalty, let the players determine the outcome of the game.


    Worst call - K-State "doesn't the face-mask come out of the back of the helmet?" call. Kind of obvious.

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