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  1. Because every other state that has a high football profile has a JUCO football program in it that serves the same purpose. Nebraska doesn't so that is how the rest of the big 12 "punished" Nebraska.
  2. Darn it Green Bay - the State Farm Super Bowl can't happen

  3. I do root AGAINST a certain southeastern conference
  4. Holiday Bowl has a lot of Democratic political ads - Oh, Iowa primaries. Carry on

  5. I would like Frost to put some general performance goals on the OC and DC. "You have to be ranked in the top X in Y" or improve in 4 of these 5 categories or some such. Hold their feet to the fire. This is what is expected of them. (Then allow for injuries, jail time, etc)
  6. Son: "Daddy, I'm hungry!" Father: "Go make yourself a sandwich"
  7. I could be wrong but I thought that if a scholarship player from another sport also played football it counts against the football as well (in stead?). Otherwise wide receivers would have track schollies, linemen would be wrestlers, kickers would be soccer players, etc. and free up scholarships for QBs and defensive backs
  8. Thank you Mo Washington for opening a spot on the roster for a kicker
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