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  1. Son: "Daddy, I'm hungry!" Father: "Go make yourself a sandwich"
  2. I could be wrong but I thought that if a scholarship player from another sport also played football it counts against the football as well (in stead?). Otherwise wide receivers would have track schollies, linemen would be wrestlers, kickers would be soccer players, etc. and free up scholarships for QBs and defensive backs
  3. Thank you Mo Washington for opening a spot on the roster for a kicker
  4. Treat your employees like dirt So, I've heard
  5. Which is another thing gone wrong this football season.
  6. Be nice to Cy He knows what he is talking about His team has one more win than Nebraska has (and is #3 in the Big 12)
  7. Also interesting with picking Illinois - the most hated color in Ireland is ORANGE As in William of Orange, the conqueror of Ireland for the British.
  8. Alternate channel? Fox Business News again?

  9. Welcome to the board. And kudos for using NW for the purple kitties and not NU
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