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  1. huKSer

    tOSU Gametime

    Personally, I like N
  2. Did anyone find out why Milton sat out the game last week against East Carolina?
  3. huKSer


    Third down
  4. huKSer

    Purdue 49 Ohio State 20

    Bethune-Cookman is a trap game?
  5. Does anyone feel sorry for Colorado and Washington fans?
  6. huKSer

    The best hit ever

    Where in Linclon?
  7. If WHEN we win the chair - IT WILL MAKE OUR SEASON
  8. huKSer

    Just To Be Clear...

    Just going to post this
  9. huKSer

    What did we learn today

    I will not watch another Nebraska game this year. I watched the first 5 games. This week I had stuff to do so I missed the first 58 minutes of game time. This year is all on me. I hope you all forgive me.
  10. Since I changed the title of the thread from drunk to under the influence - Don't go to work after accidentally taking NIGHT TIME cold and flu medicine instead of DAY TIME cold and flu medicine.
  11. huKSer

    When will the penalties stop?

    How many penalties and penalty yards did Nebraska have after the first quarter against Wisconsin when the score was 6 - 3?
  12. huKSer

    *** Official Wisconsin Game Thread ***

    Drinking game: Take a shot for every Nebraska penalty
  13. huKSer

    Who has a big day today

    You mean the punting team?