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  1. If the Boy Scouts had to get rid of the "Boy" part of their name, why do the Girl Scouts still have "Girl" as part of their name?
  2. The more things that you have in a car, the more things that can break down and cost me a wad of money
  3. huKSer

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    All this is why when I go on a date, our first stop is a notary public. I have a legal document that states that any possible sexual encounters are consensual that we both sign before continuing on with the date. Always better safe than sorry. This is also why I don't get many second dates.
  4. I don't like shoe string, crunchy fries. I do like steak fries - almost like mini baked potatoes
  5. OK, I'll bite the bullet and volunteer to spend months recruiting football player in Polynesia
  6. Really? Memphis Federal Express Really?
  7. AAF mikes the QB during the game - I would love to hear Patrick Mahommes miked up!

  8. Stanford and Ohio St comes to mind as far as fielding a lot of sports. Both men's and women's. How do they do it? Economics comes into play as well. At Nebraska and many other universities football is the cash cow that funds the women's sports. I know it won't happen but maybe some allowance for this should be made?
  9. huKSer

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    1982 Oklahoma bounce rooski game: Final TO beat Oklahoma, rushed the field with my future wife on my shoulders. "Hey, they're tearing down the goal post, go closer" "Oh, the goal post is coming down, get away from it"
  10. TEQUILLA last night, headache this morning
  11. huKSer

    Husker Fans Favorite MLB Team

    Nope - I'm a Boomer and can't stand baseball.
  12. huKSer

    Husker Fans Favorite MLB Team

    What is this baseball you speak of?
  13. huKSer

    ***Official 2019 College Football Thread***

    So America needs to get 10 "under cover" tutors into Alabama. Each one gives improper benefits to 12 "student"-athletes. Based on Missouri precedent: Sanctions What will actually happen: Alabama will get awarded additional scholarships due to the hassle of the investigation