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  1. huKSer

    Game Day Parking

    State employees parking lot south of the capitol building - free
  2. I know several people who are big exceptions to this
  3. huKSer

    2 QBs on the field?

    Do you know what his doctoral thesis was?
  4. huKSer

    Husker player safety and targeting

    I have always said that targeting (or your attempted targeting) penalize during the game but have a set committee review these on a Monday to dish out any suspensions. Like Gerry getting suspended and then the following year having his tackle being shown to officials in film study as what a good tackle should look like.
  5. huKSer

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    High school athletes know each other for 4 years and some go to OU and some go to little brother to continue said rivalry developed in HS
  6. When I am drinking I try to stay off of social media - you know, self censorship. However, this afternoon I have entered a 0.5 km underachiever's run bar crawl in KC - let you know later about that.
  7. huKSer

    The Running Back Room

    Go back 12 months and think about what people were saying about Ozigbo
  8. huKSer

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    Shoe salesman and you got Al Bundy
  9. huKSer

    Beto and the press

    Tittle of the thread: Beto and the press What I heard: Bennie and the Jets
  10. But can we stop any other team?