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  1. huKSer

    Xmas Traditions

    I thought the very same thing!
  2. huKSer

    It’s cold outside

    Romantic tale of seduction
  3. huKSer

    NCAA Final Four - Huskers vs. Illinois

    Stanford vs BYU in the other
  4. huKSer

    Merry +1 MAS 2018

    Does it have to be +1? Because I'm in the mood to give out trophys
  5. huKSer

    Joke Time

    My student: "Mr HuKSer, can you tell me a joke?" Me: "Your GPA"
  6. Who is playing in the Belk Bowl, sponsored by @fauxPelini?
  7. huKSer

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    Bring back Ron Prince
  8. huKSer

    Brohm gone?

    If he's married I know who drives the good car
  9. huKSer

    Bill Snyder retires

    Kudos to Snyder And K State returns to the cellar of college football, remembering the last time Snyder tired
  10. I wonder what the "less civilized" message boards are saying about her.
  11. huKSer

    Brohm staying put...

    Hot Italian sausage And get your mind out of the gutter
  12. huKSer

    Brohm staying put...

    I had sausage and wild rice, topped with sour cream.
  13. This absolutely cannot be a real tradition 1) Traditions only exist for 1 1/2 years. 2) It is NOT internationally known. 3) Nobody waved