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  1. 2 hours ago, Undone said:


    Is this some kind of well-known or documented thing? It's relatively obvious that upon the formation of the Big 12, the divisions were marked geographically, not according to some historical wishes based on the OU/Texas rivalry.

    TO wanted to have the conference schedule to have one protected crossover game. 


    Along with every other Nebraska proposal it was voted down 11-1

  2. 2 hours ago, 84HuskerLaw said:

    Why not add about 25 more female players to the football team as walk ons ?    I am sure that would grab the headlines across the country and certainly shift the 'balance' of Title IX numbers dramatically.   


    Who knows?   Maybe we find a few that can actually contribute and no doubt it will make recruiting the males a lot easier too.   LOL  And these days, with the lunacy of the transgender rules, it may be that there really isn't any male or female athletes or sports for that matter - or in other words, not sure if Title IX is even applicable anymore since there really isn't a male or female - just whatever you feel like you want to be that day.


    Or have half of the football players "identify as female".  Problem solved


    EDIT: Just in case anyone needed this: :sarcasm

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  3. 1 hour ago, BaytownHusker said:

    I am defiantly looking to drop my tv service at the beginning of the year. Right now I have Comcast and our package is roughly 240$. Problem is with them when I drop them I am going to need a GREAT internet provider.  I have to been looking at YOUTUBE tv as well. A great internet probably gonna run me what 100$


    att has internet for $30 - I don't know what constitutes great to you but it works for me


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