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Found 2 results

  1. So there I was getting my lyft on thinking about the program, university, what not, and I started wondering, what next? IN THIS THREAD I'M NOT CALLING FOR RILEY TO BE FIRED OR WHO SHOULD BE OUR COACH. IF THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT PLEASE TAKE IT TO ONE OF THE NUMBER OF THREADS TAKING ABOUT IT. thank you. Hypothetically, say things take a turn for the worst. The staff continues to manufacture defeats. They lose the team. The losses get more lopsided. Riley turns his dumpster fire into a full blown nuclear wasteland and the team finishes 4 and 8 or worse. Fans stop coming, and start voicing displeasure to their regents. Lincoln business owners are losing out on revenue and start bitching to the regents. Big money speaks up, etc and change is needed. So what happens? Obviously since Harvey is a lame duck ( in more than one way) and he has proven that at the least he is incompetent and doesn't value a winning football program, and at worst willfully sabotaged the program. You don't want him having any say in the next step. I could be wrong but I think we still have and interim system president. So what next? Does the new president have a say in who the next chancellor is? If the BOR decides that the whole program needs to be purged and started over, can they usurp the chancellor and president and make all of the moves in the Athletic Department? I'm assuming that searches are under way for both the president and chancellor, but I don't know the power of the BOR. Edit: i hope they turn it around and it doesn't come to this. anyhow, thanks.
  2. Over the past 2 weeks Dirk has done a profile of Mr. Shawn Eichorst, NU's new AD. IMO it's a great write up that gives great information on where Eichorst has been and also shedding light on what he's done at each stop. Part 1 - http://omaha.com/art...SKERS/701129841 Part 2 - http://www.omaha.com...-t-duck-a-fight
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