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Found 83 results

  1. Player: Justin Thomas Hometown: Spanish Fort, Alabama School: Spanish Fort Position: Defensive End Height: 6-5 Weight: 255 40 time: Offers: Alabama, Iowa State, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, Troy, UAB Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #507 Overall; #20 SDE; .8656; :star Rivals: #25 WDE; :star 247: #23 SDE; :star Scout: #41 DE; :star ESPN: #49 DE; :star Hudl
  2. Player: Jake Bentley Hometown: Opelika, Alabama School: Opelika Position: Quarterback Height: 6-4 Weight: 215 40 time: Offers: Auburn, Cincinnati, Clemson, Duke, Georgia, Illinois, Louisville, Miami, Nebraska, North Carolina State, South Carolina, Southern Mississippi, Stanford, Temple, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Western Michigan Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #79 Overall; #5 ProQB; :star :star Rivals: #174 Overall; #9 ProQB; :star :star 247: #122 Overall; #6 ProQB; :star :star Scout: #71 Overall; #6 QB; :star :star ESPN: #33 Overall; #2 PPQB; :star :star Hudl
  3. Player: Kingston Davis Hometown: Prattville, AL School: Prattville Position: Running Back Height: 6’1” Weight: 242 lbs 40 time: Offers: Georgia Southern, Louisville, Michigan, Mississippi, Mississippi St, Nebraska, South Alabama, Southern Miss, Texas St, Troy Visits: 11/7/15 vs. Michigan State Twitter Rivals: #2 FB; :star 247: #1429 Overall; #3 FB; :star Scout: #91 RB; :star ESPN: #73 RB; :star Hudl
  4. Player: P.J. Blue Hometown: Jemison, Alabama School: Jemison Position: Linebacker Height: 6-4 Weight: 201 40 time: 4.60 Offers: Alabama, Clemson, Louisville, Nebraska, South Carolina Visits: Twitter Rivals: #121 Overall; #10 OLB; 247: #20 OLB; Scout: #27 OLB; ESPN: #212 Overall; #14 OLB; Hudl
  5. Player: Ben Davis Hometown: Gordo, Alabama School: Gordo Position: Linebacker Height: 6-4 Weight: 216 40 time: 4.60 Offers: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Purdue, San Diego State, Southern Mississippi, Troy, Vanderbilt, Western Kentucky Visits: Twitter Rivals: #23 Overall; #1 ILB; 247: #28 Overall; #4 OLB; Scout: #38 Overall; #4 OLB; ESPN: #41 Overall; #4 OLB; Hudl
  6. 3 Reasons why I think Husker Nation should be rooting for Georgia to win the National Championship: 1.They will deny Alabama a chance to win back-to-back championships, a feat that only Nebraska has accomplished in college football history. 2. Georgia is a respectable team led by a respectable head coach (Mark Richt), who happens to hail from Omaha and grew up a husker fan. 3. And maybe most importantly, as much as SEC dominance is annoying, the whole country loses when Notre Dame wins a national title.
  7. Great game from Alabama tonight. All year LSU had the flash, the razzle dazzle, individual talent like no other team, the funny Mad Hatter coach, and media asking if LSU could be one of the best teams ever... well they just got mauled by a unit that was far superior. Even when I look at the first game, Alabama could have easily won but were let down on special teams. Tonight LSU was freakin' shutout! The gameplan by LSU was terrible...trying to run option and screens to the edge against Alabama's speed was suicidal. They took no shots deep. Alabama's offensive gameplan was brilliant. Even in the first game you saw LSU had a defense that could stop Richardson. So they come out and play action and give their QB makeable plays rolling out and hitting the TE and talented WR's. Then punch Richardson and Lacy as well. LSU's defense was formidable but was giving up yards not knowing what Bama would do next. A great OL helped McCarron as well. Saban was far superior and really made Miles look awful tonight. LSU had no answers on offense. Yes, Alabama has some great players and great recruiting classes. But remember they went through the Mike Shula years but have now built a prototype of how to win big. I would take this same approach at Nebraska. Starts with defense...you got a great Blackshirts defense and you can beat anyone, anytime. The Bama mush rush gets TFL and creates QB panic...Jordan Jefferson was completely lost out there. We need to get players and create a defense that attracts recruits. We did this early with Pelini but not lately. Very good, smart QB who is a game manager. Bama has done this with McElroy and now McCarron. No reason we cannot do this. We are coaching TMart more into this role. Ground game...obviously Bama has had some great RB's lately but we have also been historically good at this position. OL - has been a mess for us lately. Have to fix or doesn't matter who QB is back there. After our DL, probably the worst unit right now. We are bad on both lines and we won't beat top tier teams until both lines are corrected. WR's - we have been improving. Good to see. Special teams - an area we are probably better than Bama at. We can't go south in this area but always keep it high focus. Coaching - obviously Bama has some talented coaches. The main thing I see is discipline vs. our sloppy efforts. Bama had one penalty I think tonight? Wow...that is a huge difference from what we have going on. Our program should emphasize defense, linemen, RB's, and discipline and build it from there. We have a ways to go but there is hope for us.
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