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Found 1 result

  1. For the past few months I've been pondering this: Why doesn’t life on earth collapse and end? I mean, if you think of the earth as a self sustaining structure, have you ever considered the odds of it continuing to self sustain? By way of example, compare the biological systems of life on earth to any other reasonably complex structure, like say, Neuschwanstein castle. In fact, let’s just assume that there was a Neuschwanstein castle on a planet devoid of life out there somewhere in the vast universe and it existed in pristine condition exactly 1,000 years ago (which is about 850 years before Germany’s Neuschwanstein castle was built). If you’d gone back to the Neuschwanstein castle planet 100 years after its creation you would have found a few broken windows, mold in the basement and the wood would have started to rot. Checking back 500 years later you wouldn’t have found any windows left, most of the wood would have been rotted away and quite a few of the stones would have fallen or been displaced. After 1,000 years the castle would be little more than a pile of rubble and broken stones. And the hypothetical Neuschwanstein castle is far, far less complex than the intricate codependant biological systems of life on earth. Heck, Neuschwanstein castle is less complex than a flying cockroach. So my question is, Why doesn’t life on earth collapse and end? A Neuschwanstein castle left alone for a few hundred years would eventually collapse and disintegrate into a pile of rubble. And yet life on earth just seems to keep chugging along. How can this be? btw, I'm not saying that life on earth is going to end. It's not. I'm asking for the logic of why it doesn't.
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