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Found 6 results

  1. Michigan Recap/Wisconsin Preview (YouTube) Spotify Eric Crouch, Johnny "the Jet" Rodgers, and Sam Casaccio unpack the Husker's brutal loss to Michigan, examine the state of the program, and discuss how the Husker's should approach their last two games against Wisconsin and Iowa.
  2. Thinking about this the other day. As much as I don't like the SEC, when I broke it down into it's respective parts there are very few schools in the league that I don't like. Actively Dislike: (Yep only two) Missouri - some good old fashioned left over Big 8 hate here South Carolina - The hail mary before half time/(somewhat recent) loss to them coupled with the images of dbags in college wearing "c$%ks" hats and thinking they were the funniest thing ever,.... caused me to root against them. A silly reason perhaps but it's a free county. Change The Channel: (Teams I don't necessarily hate but aren't interested in watching them. If they're in a bowl game or something I'd probably root against them) Arkansas Texas A&M - not going to watch them but I like what they did to Texas by leaving the 12. Now they can tell all those Texas kids "come play in the best conference in the country and stay in your home state." I really think it's effected Texas recruiting, hats off to them. Ole Miss MSU Alabama: (Yes, they are their own category) Alabama - If they are playing anyone with a heartbeat it's a big game. Also they kind of remind me of us in our hayday, we were awesome and everyone hated us. I do not like them but I respect their brand of football. Saban on the otherhand,....unless you're a Bammer who doesn't hate the guy? On The Fence: (might tune in, might not) Kentucky Vandy - feel bad for these guys, in a non-con setting or a bowl game *smirk* I might check them out, even root for them. Auburn - Actually prefer them to Alabama (I'm told you have to pick a side) Teams I Actually Like LSU - Not sure why but always kind of dug them. Tennessee - Reminds me of us now, a storied program with past success trying to get rolling again. Plus the beat down in 97 helps their cause. Florida - Father-in-laws alma mater, Wife is from Florida, her 2nd favorite team, watched a lot of their games, also it was always fun watching Spurrier's antic's coupled with them being at the receiving end of the pinnacle of our own awesomeness. Georgia - Our victory against them recently helps. I also liked the story of Richt (yes I realize he isn't there anymore) getting in trouble for paying his assistants out of his own pocket, probably the most honorable broken rule in SEC history. So what about you guys? Break down your SEC by team.
  3. Here is a video preview by the ES, the oldest college FB blog in the Big Ten. It's from the most popular bar in East Lansing of the upcoming stint at Nebraska. We interview locals about their thoughts on the Spartans vs Corn, review the Spartans whipping of Indiana and the terrible reffing in the Big Ten... plus, video footage of the stumble into Spartan Stadium. Check it out and enjoy! Go GREEN. http://enlightenedspartan.blogspot.com/2015/11/enlightened-spartan-preview-6-mich.html
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but lurked here in the past and have been a lifetime follower of the Huskers. Grew up in York and been to plenty of NU games through the years. This is mostly a shameless plug for my company. We are launching a new multiplayer college football game next month called Bobblehead College Football. We've had some early success on our kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...llege-football We built the game in a lighthearted style, but the football simulation is actually very accurate. In the game you level up your campus by playing against better competition, as you build your team and campus you can compete for better recruits and against better teams on the football field. We are in the process of requesting licensing for team names, logos and stadiums but we can only pursue teams that we can demonstrate have backers, so please back us and comment on the kickstarter that you want Nebraska in the game. And, help us spread the word and share our Facebook page or Tweet us @playlongshot with #AddMySchool @Huskers and when we get enough support we will request the University of Nebraska license. Give me any feedback or ask questions right here and I'll do my best to respond to everyone. Thank you!
  5. In order for the 'Huskers to win on Saturday at MSU they have to be very consisent on both offense and defense. MSU is a good team, much better than their record indicates. Look what they did to the Wisonsin ground game on the road last week. This game is much bigger to the 'Huskers than it is for MSU. NU needs to protect the ball and get a good flow on offense. This would be a huge win on the road for Pelini and Big Red Nation. If we win this one we are almost a lock to play Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game. Lets get er done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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